Zachary Bryant
Portrayed By Chris Klein
Theme Song "Crazy" by Dave Matthews Band
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 8, 1983
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases None
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Banker
Known Relatives Eve Bryant (Mother), Thomas Bryant (Father), Hailey Bryant (Daughter), Elisa Masterson (Ex-Wife), Alicia Bryant (Sister)
Significant Other None
Powers Electrokinesis
First Appearance N/A


  • Humor: Zach loves to have a good time, and is known to have a good sense of humor. At times he can be crass and rude. He tells obscene jokes in mixed company, he plays practical jokes, and is known to be the life of the party. Think of a frat boy working his way into grown up life.
  • Educated: Zack managed pretty well in school; he had a solid A/B average. After school, he made his way to a four year university, and received a degree in finance. As for street smarts, Zack has a healthy dose of them as well. While he hasn’t had to live in poverty and scrounge the mean streets to survive, he has a few friends in the shady part of the world, and has an appropriate knowledge of how to act, and who to not mess with.
  • Sexuality: Zack could be classified as a pervert. He wears his sexuality on his sleeve, and then mixes it with his sense of humor. He is a big flirt, and will hit on nearly anyone. In reality though, this is just a front. He is used to being a frat boy, and hasn’t grown up. He would rather talk about sex, and make jokes, than put forth an effort and have a real relationship. While he might get lucky and get an occasional one night hookup, he inevitably pushes the person away.
  • Confidence: Zack feels he sure of himself. He is logical, and knows that if he puts his mind to it, he can accomplish anything. Now whether this is true or not is to be determined, but it does a lot for his own self-image, and even makes him a little arrogant at times.
  • Secretive: Since he has been noticing his growing powers, there is a part of his life that Zack has been hiding back. Nearly no one knows that he is a mutant, and that he has this gift. It is a bit difficult for someone who is so outgoing to hide such an important aspect of his life. As his active power grows, its harder for him to keep this hidden.


  • Electrokinesis: Zack has the ability to manipulate electricity to a certain degree. He can sense the electrical current in the air, feel its power around him almost at all times. If he is around electrical equipment, anywhere from a toaster to an electrical power plant, he can cause the power to strengthen or lessen, pull the current from live wires, outlets, and even static electricity, and flow it through his body and out his hands, forming lightning from his fingertips.
  • Flaw: As of right now, Zack cannot control the output of the power he harnesses. If he takes power from a source, he cannot control the rate at which it comes out, it just comes out at full blast. In the same manner, he cannot control the voltage or the current. If he only uses static electricity, than that is the force he can send out, if he pulls power from a generator, that is the force he zaps back out.


  • Computer: Zack has a basic understanding of how computers work. The internet, programs, games, adding software, interacting with other people, are all within his scope. Program writing, hacking, and the like are not.
  • Driving: Zack has the basic knowledge of driving and car maintenance. He can drive a car with an automatic transmission, and can do all the basics with his car. Any real repair work would require a mechanic.
  • Swimming: Zack has always been a good swimmer. As a child he took to it well, and in high school he joined the swimming team. He did well, and progressed enough to get a scholarship to college. While he isn’t an Olympic grade swimmer, he is still pretty darn good at it.
  • Cooking: Living alone for a couple years now, he is capable of taking care of his basic cooking needs. If he has a recipe, he can pretty much cook it, though he isn’t very creative. He has simple tastes, and sticks to them, unless he is trying to impress someone.
  • Finances: Zack majored in finance in college, so he has a pretty good understanding of how to manage them well. He has a pretty good understanding of the banking world, and has a bit of financial influence under his belt. He handles business finances well, and has the knowledge to actually manage a business if he had the desire to.


  • Apartment: Zack has an pretty decent bachelor pad, in a rather nice neighborhood. His apartment has a balcony with a four person hot tub, a rather expensive entertainment system, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and is in very good condition.
  • Car: Zack's car is in good condition. It is a blue 2007 Ford Taurus.
  • Money: Zack's job pays him in the range of $55,000 a year, without bonuses. He has accumulated a rather nice security net in the bank, of around $20,000. He has an excellent credit rating, but doesn't use credit. His car is nearly paid off, and has reasonable payments of under $200 a month.


  • Equality: With the anti-mutant sentiment the way it is, Zack is angry. He feels that the mutants are gifted, and the next natural step in human evolution. Why should he be afraid to be himself? Right now he hides his powers, hides who he truly is from the world. But he dreams of a day when man and mutant are equal, and he has even heard word of some sort of mutant underground. Perhaps one day, his dreams will be a reality.
  • Custody: Zack has lost custody of his daughter to his ex-wife. While there is no chance of a reunion with his former other, he wants to have his little daughter back. Since his wife left him due to his mutation, he believes that his daughter might also be at risk, should she show any signs of powers. He wants he back both as a father, but also to protect her from the hate that her mother has shown.
  • Revenge: Zack’s ex-wife, Elisa, has caused him great pain, by showing hate at the fact that he is a mutant. She left him hurt and anger, as well as taken his child from him. He hasn’t seen either in some time, but the anger has festered in him, like a rotting disease, and he hates the woman that he once loved, and he wants her to pay.
  • Wealth: Zack is middle of the road on his career, and he would like to move up on the chain. This is just a mundane goal; moving up in the bank, getting rich, living a normal life. (Like that’s going to happen!)
  • Power: Zack has these mutant abilities, and as much as he would like to live a normal, average life with a wife, kids, and a house, he would much rather grow the powers inside of him, to become stronger and more powerful. It is almost like an addiction, the more he uses his power, the more he wants to use it.


  • Self-Centered: Zack frequently only thinks about himself. He fails to think about other peoples needs, about other people’s fears, dreams, desires, and wants. He knows they have them. But he doesn’t care. He has to fight for what he wants, and no one makes it easy for him, so why should he make it any easier for them? Fuck them.
  • Over-Confident: Zack is special. He has special abilities, and he has faith in them. He has the air and attitude about him that he can do everything. He would rather do it himself than have to rely on someone else to help him, and is very vocal about it. If you can do it, he can do it better, faster, and easier.
  • Greedy: Zack wants. That is the basic of this flaw. He always wants more. More money, more clothes, more cars, more friends, more power. This desire is strong in him. He wants what he cannot have, and whether or not it is in his best interest, if he wants something bad enough, he goes for it.


Zack was born to his parents, Thomas and Eve Bryant on June 8th of 1983. Thomas was a public defender, and Eve was a nurse at a local hospital, through out Zack’s childhood. The boy was an average youth by all standards. He did well in school, played well with others, got in trouble with the girls, all the normal kid things.

His sister Alicia his mother’s pride and joy. She was a darling little angel, and he was a spoiled little brat. As the two kids grew older, they began a little bit of a sibling rivalry. While Zack excelled at sports, Alicia’s talent was school. It was almost as if she was a prodigy, but their parents didn’t want to rush her, or cause her to miss her childhood. Instead, they chose to keep her in advanced classes.

By the time they got in high school, Alicia was the classic nerd. But she lorded her good grades over her jock of a brother. Zack on the other hand was good at school, but his sister over shadowed everything that he did. He got straight A’s, she won the science fair; he joined the swim team, she led the National Honors Society, he was homecoming prince, she was President of the Class. %R%RWhile both of the kids ended up in college, Alicia ended up with a fully educational scholarship, while he ended up with a lowly athletic scholarship.

Over the next few years, Zack’s powers began to manifest in stranger ways. When he would get angry, he’d focus on something, and it would fry, like it had some sort of electrical current running through it. He didn’t know it was him at first, but the more it happened the more he began to notice the coincidences.

During college here in Seattle, he met a lovely woman, Elisa Masterson. The couple dated for a year, before Zack proposed. A few months later, they married, and less than a year later, their daughter Hailey was born. After graduation, Zack got a job with JP Morgan Chase, as a loan officer for the bank. While it is a good paying job, it is tedious and boring, not an exciting career choice.

Before Hailey turned two, Zack’s powers manifested themselves again, this time in front of his new wife. They had had a fight, and Zack was furious. Elisa had spent way too much money on a new outfit, and had caused them to miss one of his car payments. While he was angry, he felt the energy in the room, almost like a buzzing sound from all the electricity flowing through the appliances. That’s when he pointed at her, his anger apparent. Almost instantly, the energy manifested itself visually, sparks of hot energy shooting into his back, before they were released out of his finger and just past her head, shattering a glass window.

Elisa freaked, as did Zack. She took their child and left. Over the past two years, Zack has been trying to get back in contact with Elisa, to fix their broken marriage, to get his daughter back. Elisa, and Zack too, figured that he was a mutant, and said she wanted nothing to do with him. She would keep it secret, because somewhere she still loved him, but she would never let their daughter be near him again, which brings him to where he is now. Living alone, trying to figure out his powers, get his life back, and figure out what is to come next, knowing that his future as a mutant is uncertain in the world today.


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