William Wyatt
William Wyatt
Portrayed By Harrison Ford
Theme Song "Presto" by Rush
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 24, 1984
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Will
Place of Birth Chicago, IL, USA
Occupation Paramedic, Seattle FD
Known Relatives Jennifer (Mother), Steve (Father) Andrew (Step Brother)
Significant Other None
Powers Asterokinesis
First Appearance N/A



A manic person is difficult to deal with, but William takes this to another level due to how profoundly, Earth-shatteringly strong his spirit is. He feels joy in the simple act of breathing. Thoughts pour from his energized, empowered mind far faster than he could ever hope to articulate or act on them. Energy runs through his veins. He is alive. Impulsive. Fueled by emotions and may very well do things he will later come to regret. These feelings become like a drug to him and at times his eyes seem nearly otherworldly… bright and brimming. His creativity hits a frantic high and, quite frankly, he's prone to seeming as though he should be medicated…

…And he is medicated, but the pills aren't working so well anymore these days.


A depressive person is difficult to deal with, but William takes this to another level due to how profoundly, Earth-shatteringly strong his spirit is. Deeply introspective, he is pain and sorrow and grief personified. He is lethargic and plodding. His mind voyages.. it has to. The mellowness and sadness are too strong, the weight too crushing. He is fueled by emotions and may very well do things he will later come to regret. These feelings become like a drug to him and at times his eyes seem nearly otherworldly… dim and brooding. He often wants to be alone and exhibits severe sleep disorder, which he simply MUST take pills for, or else he's likely to miss work and become unemployed. His creativity hits a dismal high and, quite frankly, he's prone to seeming as though he should be medicated…

…And he is medicated, but the pills aren't working so well anymore these days.


His mind is often somewhere else. It should come as no surprise that William is a very abstract thinker. His mind drifts from one bizarre association to another. The man is living proof that pot and LSD are pushovers to what a human mind can generate on its own.


Telling this man that something can't be done only makes him try harder. He's an EMT by trade and is always the one who has to be pulled off of a dead victim because he just won't give up. He has a defiant, heroic spark that drives him to prove that this world is the place he imagines it to be…. the place he wants it to be. His force of will is profound, both a blessing and a curse. William is the sort of man who might not notice his own death if he was preoccupied.


William is, no matter what his state of mind, a remarkably intense man with eyes that are almost frightening for all the quiet energy they exude. He means everything he says and everything he does. He really, really means them. He'll seem abnormal no matter what he's doing. Some people will find him uncomfortable. Others can deal with it, but his emotional state is somewhat catchy. He is simultaneously inspirational and a source of discomfort. He'd be a terrific leader if he weren't so ruled by his soul.


Will is a case study in 'Gives a shit'. It's his defining quality. He's us when we ache inside for our inability to make things right. He's every parent's rage for a murdered child and he's love that few will ever know. He's us when we want something so deeply that we wish our sheer conviction could convince the universe to do what we want. Except it actually works for him.



Will's power is the ultimate expression of inhumanly potent, but deeply human emotions. As such, the magnitude (or operation at all!) of his powers depends on the strength of his emotional state. At present, the only thing he can do is can amplify, diminish, and control the brightness of sunlight and moonlight enough to temporarily blind a person.



Will is a paramedic with emergency medical training.


Will is extremely good at reading people. He can tell when a person is happy, sad, when they're lying, when they're hurting, and so on.


William turns out to be an artist out of necessity. If he lacked an outlet for the intense feelings that populate his mind, he certainly would have killed himself by now. He works with oil paints and with clay. Predictably, his work often takes abstract forms and shapes (sometimes -very- abstract). While the art usually feels profound and expressive to him while he's creating them, most of what he makes is missing the emotional context which fueled it. A sort of 'what were you thinking?' kind of product which, sooner or later, he inevitably destroys in a fit of rage. But at times he produces something which captures some fraction of his intense mind. These are really quite impressive. Very few people are invited to see the things he creates, and those lucky few seldom receive these invitations at all. This is a deeply personal domain.


Bill's had a rough childhood, as you can imagine. His choices were to learn to defend himself, or learn to live with fat lips, black eyes, and broken skin. Don't let the emotional stuff fool you: William knows how to fight, and he is not afraid to do so. He earned his fifteen minutes of fame when he lived in Chicago last year, intervening to stop a blade point mugging on a stranger's behalf.


A childhood spent camping, away from the city so he could think, has left William a very capable outdoors man. While he left the boy scouts at sixteen, he continued to camp, often totally alone, until recently, when he started to care for his stepbrother. He can camp, fish, find food and water, kyack, and has even mountain climbed.


Both through curiosity and the fact that time spent in the wilds has meant unfettered access to the sky, William has learned all about the stars, and the constellations, and the planets. He's no astrophysicist, but he could point to any star in the sky and tell you a good deal about it, including the folklore surrounding it.



Will owns a ten speed bike, which he often uses to get around.


William shares a three room apartment with his stepbrother, Andrew. It's not much, but it works. Two rooms functions as bedrooms, with a smaller common area doubling as a kitchen (a sink, plus a hotplate supported on a plank of wood and cinder blocks) and a living area (an old couch and a television set, plus video games for Andrew).


William has a noteworthy collection of pharmaceuticals his psychiatrist has prescribed to him to help keep him normal and regular. Typically he'll be issued a medication, which will work for a few months, and then lose effectiveness. The leftovers stay in his medicine cabinet while he starts on a different medication to begin the cycle anew.


He's a paramedic, and his dedication to the job is both obvious and commendable. He makes a so-so salary working for the Seattle Fire Department. It's enough to buy the things he and his stepbrother need to live, and when he saves a life, it makes him feel better about himself and the world.


William keeps himself well supplied in art supplies ranging from clay to paint.


William owns a tent, a fishing pole, a 'serious' backpack, snow skis, a kyack, and other assorted things of this nature. He keeps them in his room, though there is some spillover to the living area of his apartment.



William's emotions are, as noted numerous times already, powerful. They're Earth shatteringly potent and while his will is sufficiently powerful enough to contain them, he is still prone to drifting off into his own little world, a problem which has plagued him since he was old enough to remember. Though mentally abnormal, William is not clueless… he doesn't want to drift the way he does. A lifelong goal of his has been to avoid letting his own mind control him. Given the powers about to be unleashed from his heart… this may prove impossible.


William's dad is out there, somewhere. The last words they traded were anything but civil, with William's rage driving him to take swing at his old man. On some level, he feels responsible for his father leaving him. The man is out there somewhere, and while he is the source of great sorrow, William wants… no, needs to find him and reconcile, or at least apologize. The problem is that nobody knows where to find him. With his first wife in an insane asylum and his second wife dead of cancer, Steve Wyatt has mysteriously dropped off the grid.


William's mother, Jennifer Wyatt, is locked away in a mental institution. First is was a facility in Chicago, where he lived. They've recently moved her to Seattle, which is why he's moved to Seattle, as well. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, it was the gradual onset of her insanity which ultimately drove her husband to found a second family in secret. William visits her when he can. Crazy as she is, she is one of the few people who understands him, as his emotional potency is clearly a curse that was gifted unto him from her. It's what drove her to insanity and as William's powers develop, he may just start to wonder if she has powers as well. He wants to cure her and make her whole again… something not even Asterokinesis will do.


William's heart is boundless. This is why he's a paramedic. From his ambulance he can save lives and prevent suffering, something he knows a good deal about. If he has a capability, he will use it to help people even if it puts him at risk or comes with a cost.

Step Brother

Andrew Wyatt is a twelve year old without a family. His mother (and William's stepmother) has died of cancer. His (and William's) father has vanished without a trace. William is his legal guardian now and will do anything to make sure his stepbrother is safe.



Will has serious trouble backing down. If it was worth getting worked up over, it's worth seeing to the end. If he's sad about something he'll DAMN WELL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If he's angry, he'll do something about that too. If he's depressed, he'll damn well BE DEPRESSED THANK YOU VERY MUCH. His momentum makes him difficult. It also makes him predictable.


This power is fueled by Will's unbridled capacity for emotion and works better the more worked up he is. It doesn't work at all when he's even keeled.


William's powerful heart is ruled by the ravages of an extreme bipolar disorder. When he is up, he is up. When he is down, he is DOWN. While this is his strength (and one which will become quite important as his powers grow), it is also a serious weakness which defines who he is. William is a tortured artist.


William knows he's different. He knows nothing about superpowers, but he still knows there is a very wide gap between he and most everyone he's ever met. Most people know this as well. He has real trouble fitting in with people, who often consider him too intense to just sit down and have a good time with. This often just leads to even more intense emotions. Loneliness, depression, and abstract thoughts about the nature of his solitude. He's not autistic, but he is, to use a phrase, badly misunderstood.


Thanks to his stepbrother, William's personal life is restricted by the burden of having a kid to raise, while lacking any of the benefits (or former benefits) of being married. This doesn't make a social life impossible. His stepbrother is indeed something of a latch key kid and is thankfully old enough to be left on his own, but it does put a cramp in his style, as it were. William is responsible for the well being and upbringing of a twelve year old boy.


No, William can't walk away from someone in trouble. He's not stupid, mind you. He walks right past most beggars (and doesn't have a dime to spare anyway), but most people in need of help will get it from him.

William Wyatt's Journal

If I could wave my magic wand…

I am made from the dust of the stars
And the oceans flow in my veins
Here I hide in the heart of the city
Like a stranger coming out of the rain

The evening plane rises up from the runway
Over constellations of light
I look down into a million houses
And wonder what you're doing tonight

If I could wave my magic wand
I'd make everything all right

My name is William Wyatt. I guess this is my journal. I'm moving from Chicago to Seattle, and in my final session with my psychologist, he suggested I start this thing to help me organize my thoughts. Thoughts. I get a lot of those. Too many. I suppose I'm a tortured soul. Writing down things I already know is supposed to help me sort things out, but it never does. I'm humoring him by even doing this. What's there to say, though? My mom's crazy, my dad's missing, my stepmother's dead, and I'm taking care of a stepbrother, now. I have a neurological disorder… I have a lot of them. Nobody understands me, least of all me? How's that for a summary? I suppose it'll do. I'll try this again next week.


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