William Marks
Theme Song 3 Doors Down - Here Without You
Gender Male
Age 32
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Beach bum
Known Relatives Barbara Marks (Wife), Cindy Marks (Daughter)
Significant Other Barbara
Powers Fugly reptile man
First Appearance Alkai Beach - April

William was a good honest man who worked a good honest job. He had a wife and a daughter until one day there was an accident at the site and a man became trapped under knocked over equipment. While everyone was trying to lift it off of the guy at least enough to pull him out William's mutation took the opportunity to express itself. He does not have the ability to turn this off so he has been living, literally, underground for several years. Now that the public knows about mutants he is trying to get his life back, one small step at a time.


William is a conflicted person. He misses his wife and child more than anything but he knows he can never go back to them. She thinks he is a monster and.. Maybe she is right. She has remarried now, he was legally dead because he vanished for so long and he lost it all. He had everything; family, a wife, a wonderful little girl and this damn monster inside him took it all away. He sees being a mutant as a curse but it is a curse he isn't going to escape. Now that people know, now that it's all out in the public, maybe he can get on with his life. No more living in the sewers and darkness.
He wants to have a normal life. To find a place he can feel at home. He worked construction his entire life and he wants to go back to it. Who would hire a freak like him? Still, you gotta try right?

He's not a violent man but he is at times an angry man at. Angry at life for making him like he is, for making him more beast than man. It's hard for him not to lose himself in the animal some times. No pun intended but his reptile brain has a great influence on him. The primitive instincts tug at him constantly. The drives demand he eat, sleep, warm himself in the sun and he postures when challenged like a reptile. He doesn’t take threats well.

It's so tempting just to walk away forget humanity and look for a nice warm desert to live in. Still, he doesn't quit. He never quits. Quitting is for fools. If there is one thing thirty odd years have taught him it's that you never, ever break. You never ever give in. Not on the important stuff. So he is stubborn as a mule with a glare that could peel paint (not litterally) %tHe has seen the best and worst of humanity living on the streets and he wants to be better than that. He wants to get his life back. If only there was a cure

As big and scary as the lug is he is still, waaaay deep down inside, a good person. He doesn’t hurt children and he would help old ladies across the street except for the screaming in fear thing. Once you get past the ugly, hard outer layers you’ll find.. yeah.. more hard, ugly layers then under /that/ he is a good person.

Being as strong as he is he has to be careful all the time to the point of isolating himself from people. He is, deep down, still the gentle, caring, simple man he was before his mutation changed him. Even though his instincts are stronger now his willpower is unyielding which makes him into a quiet, gentle, giant. He is angry inside but not at any person other than his damn traitorous flesh. He will do –everything- in his power to avoid fighting. He will fight to defend the life of an innocent but not his own. After all, if someone did kill him at least it would be over then, right?

He doesn’t speak much. Not because he doesn’t have a lot to say but because it is hard for him to vocalize and he has been alone for so long that he is just not use to talking at all. So getting him to open up is hard. He has a lot of emotional walls. Like an ogre, he has layers.


His physical size and his extremely dense cellular bonds make him very strong. He is able to lift up to 2 tons. It also makes him prone to breaking things, as most objects are not suited for being gripped by someone his size. He can bend metal with his bare hands or toss people into the air. So this has made him afraid to touch people at all. He is afraid that if he gets to close to someone he might hurt them.

Superhuman Endurance:
The very cells of his body are so densely packed that he is nigh indestructible against the day to day things of life. It also gives him great strength. Part of his mutation is a bio-energy field generated by his body that helps protect him from harm. He is bullet proof. He could take a shot to the chest from a high-powered rifle but a larger weapon like a bazooka or a rocket launcher would send him flying and most likely knock him out. The irony is, he is the person least likely to get into a fight. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He wants to be left in peace and have a semi-normal life.

He has three semi-retractable talons that tip his fingers. They are just claws not metal or anything. With them he can carve wood, even climb up brick buildings by clawing into the walls. He can’t however cut steel with them. It’s not like this is marvel ;)

He has a reptilian like tail that he can use to bludgeon people with. It is mainly a tool for balance and he isn’t very good with the tail whip. He mostly just tends to break things with it when he turns in small areas. Because of his lack of skill and practice with it the tail is a clumsy but powerful weapon. He could, should he be so inclined and somehow in the position to, knock down a normal wooden door with it. He could easily floor a person with it and knock the wind out of them. When it comes to fighting he doesn’t believe in it and he mostly just considers the tail just another thing he has to deal with. On the bright side, he never needs a chair…

Enhanced Sense, Taste:
Like most reptiles if he opens his mouth he can ‘taste’ things in the air with more accuracy than most humans can smell. Yet another reason he rarely ever talks. Tasting Seattle is not pleasant. He can taste strange substances in his food or even identify people in the dark by their taste lingering in the air.

Low Light vision:
He can see in almost, but not complete darkness as a human can see in normal light the trade off is being colorblind.


He was able to live a normal life for a very long time before his mutation got out of control so he was able to get a normal education. He is not overly smart in any given area. He knows a little geology, metallurgy, electronics, wiring and of course he has picked up architecture skills over the years of working construction but he is not amazing at any of them.

He can drive. Not that he could fit in a car. But should he ever find a GIGANTIC car he will be able to drive it.

Street Survival:
It’s important when you are homeless to know where to get food to live on. Dumpsters behind restaurants are often jackpots for a homeless freak. Camp sights are also a gold mine of free food if he is desperate enough. The winters in Seattle are harsh for him so he has to learn to steal things to help him survive. He has had to cut the power to small businesses and steal heaters, blankets and food for himself though he feels bad for doing it. He feels really bad about it and it is one of his greatest regrets that he had to steal to survive but he is fairly smart about it. He kills the power so they don’t get him on camera then does as little damage as he must to get what he needs.

He had a daughter 5 years before the cursed mutation overtook him. So he knows a thing or two about raising babies. Not that he would ever dare touch one for fear of hurting it. He can however, instruct on the finer arts of the diaper change, the 3am dead walk into the crying babies room just to let her know you are there and how you should pad, cover and lock –everything- the kid can reach.

Being a monstrous mutant eventually he is going to get into a brawl and he can hold his own against street punks pretty well but he really doesn’t know a thing about fighting out side of how to swing a fist. Even that he doesn’t usually do. The only nice thing about being a huge indestructible monster is you can just walk away from most fights without even throwing a punch. Besides, those punk kids are someone’s kids too and he wouldn’t want some one hitting his kid. He would be pissed! Violence just doesn’t solve anything.


Not a monster:
William, figuring he is not the only one in his situation, plans on ‘coming out’ to the people of the city by walking around the street in daylight. He wants to show people that mutants are not monsters. He also wants to prove that to himself. To this end he has things he wants to do. First and for most he needs a job, a stable, nice place to live then to make contact with his wife and get his family back together. The ideal may sound noble but he is doing it mostly for himself. He wants to be a leader in the mutant community so his wife will see past the monster he is and see the man inside.


Being as large, strong and having so many limbs he tends to break things. Not on purpose but lets face it. He’s a big mutant in a little world. His tail alone has claimed 5 car doors, two birdbaths and a dazed lama this year. Not to mention his weight. If he sits on something to fast he can crush it. He has to be careful everywhere he goes and with everything he touches.

Permanent mutation:
He is in his 30’s and his mutation has reached it’s maximum potential. He is stuck as a reptile and he isn’t changing back to human, ever. He will never be able to will himself human again. He is stuck this way and trying to make the best of it.

Light Sensitive:
Because of the mutation that allows him to see in the dark he is very sensitive to sudden flashes of light. Where as a camera flash will make a red spot in the eyes of a human it will completely blind him for almost a minute. Needless to say things that are meant to blind him –really- blind him for extended periods of time. If he is allowed to adjust to light normally it is not so bad but sudden flashes devastate his optic cluster.

Temperature dependent:
While still warm blooded the primitive part of his brain that controls his biological functions slows him down when he is cold. If stuck in a room with air conditioning he will have trouble staying awake. If stuck in a freezer he will slip into a hibernation state where his body functions slow almost to the point of shutting down. He is unable to wake from this state until he is warmed to at least normal room temperature for a human. On the other hand he loves the sun! He can lay in the sun unmoving for hours and feel wonderful. It creates a euphoric feeling for him as his body refuels itself with the solar energy. If he does not sun himself for a few hours at least once a week he gets lethargic and grumpy.

Reptilian Appearance:
Well, just look at him! He’s a giant lizard with a maw full of so many teeth he puts a shark to shame! No matter how peaceful you are inside when people first see him they tend to be rightfully afraid.

Having a non-human mouth he is less than eloquent when he speaks. Short words are easier and he can do longer words with difficulty but usually his communication is done with grunts and pointing.

When faced with any large amount of fire a dreadful fear overtakes him. He can’t actually be hurt by the fire but still his instincts scream for him to run from it. Unless someone is in danger and he needs to save them he isn’t going near any fire, anyway, any how, ever, screw that!

He wears a loincloth because, well, he’s a freaking monster they don’t have “lizard man” size in stock at the gap. Not that he would have any money to pay for it anyway.

He has, over the years he has been in hiding, broken a few laws here and there. He tried to be gentle and smart about it but when he did break them it was a matter of survival. Stealing food from the upstate pick nick grounds, stealing electric heaters from houses, blankets and sleeping backs off of clothes lines. He’s fractured more than a few laws.. He just hopes no one ever caught him on tape or this whole “Coming out” thing could go horribly wrong.

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