Who Turned Out The Lights?


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Summary: Seattle is plunged into the Stone Age.

Date: May 26, 2009

Who Turned Out The Lights?

Rating: PG-13

Union Park

Union park is yet another well-developed and pleasant entertainment place within town for one to go to and spend time in. The park itself is rather large and housing several attractions for an individual to browse themselves with. It holds a large playground for kids as well as benches for parents to watch them play in. Also within the park is a long jogging trail as well as a pond and several picnic areas to sit oneself down at. There's also a couple of barbecue and fire pits in which a person, or group of people can hold a party at in the outdoors.

The area is lush green and full of life. Various trees, shrubbery and flowers litter the area as they add to the attractiveness of the place. A couple of shady spots can be found to hide away from the heat of the sun, or to bask under the silvery glow of the moon and starlight at night. There's also an abundance of wildlife here, varying from squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and even opossums. It's not all too uncommon to see people lounging about the area, either having a picnic, party or simply taking the pleasure to exercise on the jogging trails. The area is rather active not only in the daytime, but also at night as well and is monitored by some few security and is kept fairly litter free.

Marcus smiles and says, "Well, at least you've got others in mind in regards to your power, Kera." He tilts his head and says, "Your daddy sounds like a very wise guy to ask you to mind what you do with your powers… my mum and dad… I've not told them and really don't want to, don't really know what they'll think about it." He frowns a moment, before he wipes it away and asks, "So what brings you out to the park today, Kera?"

Marcus and Kera are standing in the parking lot next to her pink automobile, just chatting it up, so it seems. The park has some people present, mostly kids and parents taking advantage of the afternoon to play and have fun outside.

Tyler is out today, not to jog as he usually is at the park, but rather just out enjoying the day. He has his hands stuffed into his pants pocket as he moves through the park.

Standing, talking with Marcus, Kera is leaning against an extremely pink car that is so obviously hers. There doesn't appear to be too much going on, other than some children playing on the playground equipment that Marcus just left from. "Yeah!" she gives him a bright smile, "He's a scientist. An astrophysicist, so he knows about these things." she pushes herself off of the car, "You haven't told them what?" the girl questions, with a slight tilt of her head, "It's very important to talk to your parents. I'm sure if you just try, you'll find that you can talk to your parents about anything." she sounds like an after school special, and from the looks on her face, she actually believes in it. "Well, I came to pick up my car from last night, but I just came to the park for a little break.. I just finished the final touches on my album! It hits the stores tomorrow, I'm REALLY excited."

A group of four burly men start to walk across the park in Kera's general direction, nudging each other as they move along. Two are holding different alcoholic bottles, one being a cheap bottle of Whiskey, the other some sort of Russian vodka- said bottles changing hands often with swings and spills of dribbled alcohol, missing their mouths sometimes entirely in their stupor.

They stumble, they jive, they spill perfectly good alcohol, trip over their own feet… but. They spot Kera and start snickering and pointing at her- talking amongst themselves.

Marcus smiles and says, "I'll try… I'm just waiting for the right time to tell them, they aren't for or against it, and while I have a place to go, I dunno about leaving my sisters with people that would kick their eldest son out on the street, although I'm not saying they'd do that. But you have an album coming out? I'll stop by the stores tomorrow and pick it up." He honestly had no clue that Kera was a singer, even less that she's a pop star and he's talking to a very famous girl. However, he has more important things to think about… the four large men that are approaching are spotted out the corner of his eye, and that they're giving Kera some potentially undesirable attention makes him a little nervous. Tyler remains unspotted… yet.

Tyler continues to move through the park, not having spotted Marcus or Kera yet, but does see the group of men, an eyebrow raising slightly as he slows in his pace. His eyes watching the group while trying to remain inconspicuous.

Unlike Kera however, usually clueless, and now is no exception. She does notice the drunken guys, however she doesn't get a dinging danger sensation like Marcus does. "You will? Oh that's great! Thank you!" a sunny smile, a few bounces on her feet would indicate that she is.. not your usual girl. After catching sight of the group of guys, Kera gets Tyler in her view, "Oh hey, I know him.." she says and starts jumping a little waving her hands, "Hey! Over here! Um.. Tyler?"

"Yeah?" The four of them snicker before they stumble closer and point at the girl. "Hey! Aren't you like… that singer chick?" "Yeah, your so fuckin' hot, dude. I would totally screw you." "Your an ass, Tark, be a littler nicer." "Oh come on, Buzz kill. LOOK AT HER. Tell me you aren't day dreaming about it right now?" Are they being stared at? .. Likely.

Marcus frowns as soon as one mentions screwing Kera. "Dammit… I did not come to the park today to put up with this shit." He mumbles that under his breath, hopefully out of Kera's hearing. However, when Kera calls for Tyler, his eyes search out the guy and find him, "Hey Tyler! What's up?" He waves Tyler on over, wanting the older guy with them, he looks back to the men and says, "Hey fellas, you may not notice it, but you guys are drunk. Why not go home and sleep it off, eh? You'll feel better in the morning."

Well first Marcus keeps an eye on the group, and then Tyler's is looking at them. Well curious as to what all the fuss is about, Kera decides to look too. At the same time that she actually decides to look, the group of guys snags her full attention with their comments. "Well, thank you." Kera smiles, "That's very flattering. Maybe you guys should cut back on the alcohol now? I think you might have had a bit too much. Here, let me bring you some wings on the hou— Oh.. wait second. That's not right.." Kera is used to dealing with drunken guys shouting off obsenities at her, she DOES work at Hooters after all. She isn't at work now though, so that won't work will it. So now what? Well, she just thinks for several moments, and then just.. smiles.

Tyler sighs as the two others call him out, possibly letting the four men know of his presence. He changes course and starts to make his way towards Kera and Marcus, offering a nod in greeting to the two as soon as he is close enough. "Hey guys. What's up?" He asks the two before he looks to the four men. "Are you four lost? Need directions to the Aberzombie and Bitch?"

The four men snort in a random order, though instant snickering and muttering amongst themselves starts to go on again. The two with the bottles of alcohol (mostly empty anyway), toss said bottles behind them and crack their knuckles as they approach slowly, and pause again after crossing a couple of feet.

"And what the hell you gonna do, punk? Huh? You think your speeecial or something?" They all snicker.

"Step the fuck back and stay out of our way. You too, jerkoff." This said to Tyler. "She's ours and you little twerps aren't going to stop us."

"Look, boyscout, go screw your prom queen or something. Shove off."

Marcus eyes the men with something akin to disgust and looks at Tyler with a 'aww shit' sort of look before he digs a coin out of his pocket and smiles rather dangerously, winking at Kera. He makes sure he has the drunk guys attention before he flicks the coin off his thumb, and smirks, "Heads you live, Tails you die." The strange part? The coin just keeps going up. And hoping he has their attention, he moves to kick the nearest one in the crotch. He's not as burly as them, but he has enough muscle for it to hurt. Alot.

Sloooowly, Kera's head tilts off to one side. "Deja vu.." she remarks distantly. And then, everything just starts to happen in slow motion to her. Marcus' sudden movement and assult on one of the group goes like a frame by moment action, and the drunken agression of the guys in general. Twice within 48 hours with this, it brings back the events of the previous night, causing her to freeze right there. "Not again.." she blinks twice, and there is a twitch. Something slipping away from her that she doesn't even realize. "Wait! Don't start doing this again!" she cries out, reaching out to try and catch Marcus, but she is certainly too late. "This isn't supposed to happen." The air around her extends, starting to feel different. Almost like ionization, but not quite.

Tyler watches as Marcus kicks one of the guys and Tyler's fist clinch tightly and his arms ignite in flames, bits of fire can be seen coming though his clothes around his shoulders as he starts to charge one of the other kids in an attempt to tackle them to the ground.

This poor catboy is just walking up through the part, minding his own business. He wanted some fresh air, some sunshine, and if nobody was around and conditions were right he might have considered rolling in the dirt… but right now Leon is walking up on the scene of a brawl and… who knows what else. He isn't happy. What has him even less happy is the sensations he's starting to feel the closer he gets to the group. His cell phone is secured in a pocket and his nerve is steeled and he decides to walk up, "HEY! Break it UP!" He'll try to moderate this mess.

Coin? Ooooh, shiny. One of them looks up, and watches the coin, almost falling backwards in the process- but he also happens to be the one closest to Marcus. "FUCK!" He barks as he crumples to the ground. Severe pain. Is he crying? Yes he is. "Oh your going to pay for that…" He whimpers.

"Oh you just fucked with the wrong people, kid. Tark, get 'em!"

One of the two medium sized men, desert, dusty skin, black hair. Possibly latino or just exotic, the man steps forward and grins darkly. "We're gonna have fun with you. And make them watch." The ground starts to tremor and shake as mother earth is envoked- and violently out of the ground a large number of vines and tendrils of twisted roots sprout up- all aiming to entangle and hold those present.

Of course, one is down holding his nuts, one is pulling the rapture of roots on everyone in the vicinity to entrap them… One is being tackled by Tyler, and the fourth? He gets hit in the head by the coin.

Tyler's victim slams into the ground, only before his body starts to give off some kind of vapor? Steam? Weird little air squigglies? Either way… Tyler is hit with a returning burst of gusting winds.

.. And the one who got hit in the head is trying to figure out who to hit. he's just standing there!

Marcus turns to face Tark when his right leg is suddenly grabbed by the vines. "What the f…" But he is quick to pick out the source of the power and he smirks, "Tark, your gonna miss your flight… let me help with that." And for poor Tark, gravity decides to reverse itself, picking the poor man up and pulling him into the sky. Marcus sets about trying to pull his leg free from the vines, however he calls to Kera, "Kera, just stay back… we'll take care of this." Well, they do seem to be doing a good job.

This.. is different. These people aren't broken, and they're using their abilitites to hurt people? For no reason? Why? Kera just stands there wide eyed for several moment before the ground starts to shake underneath her. This happened lastnight too! But this time, roots are reaching up from the Earth. She gasps and jumps back, bumping into her car which sets off the alarm, sending a loud, shrill siren to sound out, further startling her and adding to the chaotic mass that is going on around her. "Stop it.." she brings her hands up to her ears, but not because the sound is too loud. Actually, the sound is providing a further catalyst for what is going on. Absorbed into her body, the high vibrations of the car's alarm are converted over into energy. Her poor, new psyche can't handle this type of thing. "Stop it.." she shakes her head, starting to frown and writhe uncomfortably. And then, it happens, one of the roots wraps it's way around her ankle and she freaks, "STOP IT!!" Kera's thrusts her hands outward, her eyes narrowing in concentration and her hands begin to glow with a shimmering starlight. About 20 feet behind the group of drunken guys, the fabric of space starts to distort and twist. Something manifests, no smaller than a pea, but it is more than enough of a disaster. A gravitational singularity begins, and thus a black hole is created upon the earth. This is not good.

Tyler tackles the kid to the ground and makes an attempt to punch him in the face, but is caught off guard by the sudden gust of wind and gets blown back, landing on the ground with a loud thud and an oomph. He starts to get up, but starts to get tangled by vines that appear out of the ground. He tries to burn his way through the vines.

Leon was starting to get closer to the group of people, perhaps planning to brawl himself, but he is stopped by the car alarm. His hands are covering his ears tightly and he whimpers as he looks to the source of the painful sound. When the singularity forms? He doesn't know what it is beyond something not good and he does his best to get to a tree that he can hang onto.

As soon as that pea forms, it is as if the very air trembles and shrinks- cowering in fear. That small pea glowing black essence explodes and stretches into a full grown (about the size of a medium house) black hole right there in the park! Trees, grass, dogs, fences, benches… and the four guys? Being the closest to the anomaly… they start getting pulled backwards.

Vines start to snap and weaken, some tremble and shrink back into the earth, but the Black Hole is hungry. One man slips, being sucked in and disappearing instantly. The one holding his crotch? Yeah, he's gone too. The third clings to a more thickly rooted tree- using his ability to keep it firmly rooted, or at least try. For the moment, it seems to be working. The fourth clings to him to try and save himself, but the one hanging on the tree kicks him off. Poor, abandoned mate flies into the void.

As soon as the third humanoid is eaten, the black hole makes a large suckling sound as it starts to close… and in an instant- the whole duration no longer than five minutes… it closes and disappears with a POP!.

Everything falls deathly still- no sound. No movement. As if the world had been made to simply exist in still frame. Such eerie peace isn't to last, however. From the center of where the black hole disappears, there is a sudden large, and rather strong, shockwave that rings out from the park- knocking everyone back and away a good four feet no matter their hold on whatever they grabbed on to. It is violent.

In the distance almost instantly- lights start going out in a ripple effect, the sounds of vehicles crashing, shouts, screams. A horrible mix of terror and shock as the whole of Seattle goes dead. Watches stop working. There are no street lights. No trains.

But the new chaos is to be joined with yet another. A large jet coming in to the nearby airport starts to tremble as the sounds of engines failing take over the the strange solace of the new age that Seattle has been put under. The nose tips downward, and soon there is no sound but the plane's descent… into the airport strip in the distance. BOOM!

There are no electrical lights- only glimmers marked by burning vehicles, buildings or the large bonfire that the plane has created. No electricty. No batteries. Nothing works. Seattle has effectively been thrust back into the stone age.

Marcus stops messing with the vines as they retreat… and when he feels the black hole, and -sees- it, his eyes stare in some abject horror, but his mind is present enough to negate the gravity of the black hole on himself as he watches the three guys get pulled in and then when the shockwave occurs, he is blown backwards, hitting Kera's car, probably denting the hood. He groans, looking back at where the black hole was… and then to the only person he knows could have caused this… "Kera?"

Very quickly, Kera loses control over the black hole. To be completly honest, she never had control the instant she made the singularity. It takes her full concentration as the pea becomes as big as a house, a responsive jerk of her body as the black hole extends, as if she were physically affected by it. Her eyes grown wide, while she fights to shrink it back, realizing that she has lost her grip on reality, and therefore control of her powers. "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry.." she whispers, her consiousness starting to wain. This is something that goes beyond the scope of anything else she has ever done, and it has used up just about everything she has stored for energy. And then all of a sudden, she just crumples to the ground as the black hole shrinks with a poof, as if it released HER, the girl quite drained of vital energies.

Tyler stops struggling as soon as the black hole appears, his eyes widen. "Holy mother fucking shit, god damn, fuck me sideways running, son of a bitch!" He says as he starts to look for something to cling to as the black hole starts to suck in things and the vines that were entangling him let go of their grasp. He finds a bench to hold onto, clinging on for his life. As soon as the black hole vanishes he looks around and lets go. He stands up slowly and looks around for a moment then back to the spot where the black hole had been. He breathes heavily for a few seconds before he points to the spot where the hole had just been. "I can't believe that just fucking happened."

Leon is one to simply be terrified in utter silence, occasionally letting out a whimper or two as hope starts to fade. He's not sure what this is, but he has a good guess. His claws leave raking marks on the trunk of the tree as he is pulled towards the beast and is amost about to let go when it stops. Then the shockwave simply knocks him several feet away from the tree in an unhealthy position, probably at least a broken rib is present and he isn't moving.

Marcus glances down at Kera as she hits the dirt, him getting off her car to check on the poor girl. "Kera?" He calls again, checking her to see if she's unconcious… yep… unconcious. He even gives her a light slap on the cheek to be sure of it. Not to be mean! Honest. He sighs, glancing over to where the black hole was. "Hey Tyler! You still alive man?"

Tyler looks around and nods as he blinks a few times. "Yeah. I'm fine. But I think I'm going to get out of here before the heat and shit comes down on here. You guys need a place to hide?"

Leon's tail twitches once, that's about all ther response he gives.

Marcus sighs, getting no response, and picks up Kera, holding her bridal-style and glances to Tyler, "I think so man. And we'll need to take her with us." He carries Kera over to Tyler and says, "What a fucking mess, believe you me."

Tyler looks around once more before looking to Marcus. "Use the warehouse if you need it. I'll be there." He says as he helps Marcus carry Kera out.

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