Portrayed By Yul Brynner
Theme Song "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" by The Beatles
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 12, 1975
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Blank
Place of Birth Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Occupation Soldier of Fortune
Known Relatives Terry Day (father), Barbara Day (mother)
Significant Other None
Powers Negation
First Appearance N/A


Detached: It's not that Wesley's evil. But he's certainly no saint, and has no inclination to try and be one in the future. Unless personal reasons are involved, he's not likely to be out saving the innocent - well, unless there's a useful (read: fiscal) incentive to be gained from it. If the world looked up and yelled 'Save us!', guess what he'd whisper back?

Faithless: It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. And with recent world events being what they are, the stakes are going to be high - and no matter what anyone tries to do about it, there are going to be winners and losers to the battles that ensue. If being on the winning side means selling out a few people here and there to keep himself alive and in the game, Wesley has no qualms about it. That's just the nature of the universe - and more importantly, of Wesley - and trying to rebel against one's own nature is a fool's game.

Thorough: A job isn't worth doing unless you plan on doing it correctly. Spending a third of his life in a mercenary company has instilled Wesley with a subconscious compulsion to make certain that whatever he does can't be done half-assed or half-way. When he sets his mind to a task, he tends to pour a good deal of effort into researching, planning, and rehearsing it until the chances of failure are as minimal as possible.

Pragmatist: Wesley isn't interested in spiritual beliefs. He isn't interested in luck, or superstition, God, or the devil. He isn't interested in untested theory. He's interested in practical, working solutions - and frankly, he considers anyone who relies on anything else to survive to be - well - an idiot.


Negation: Wesley is able to temporarily disable the powers of other mutants within his immediate vicinity; this currently applies to anyone within one-hundred meters of him and whose specific location he knows. He can completely negate the powers of one mutant, or attempt to negate the powers of mutliple mutants - but the latter becomes exponentially more difficult as the number of targets climbs, and quickly begins to drain his mental and physical faculties (and may simply fail completely depending on the situation).


Driving: Wesley isn't exactly a get-away driver, but he's driven enough military-issue vehicles on foreign soil to the know the ins and outs of how to handle a vehicle in an emergency situation. If pressed, he knows how to burn rubber and pull a few tricks to get himself out of tight spots. He knows how to operate both automatic and manual shift.

Combat: Wesley is trained in several areas of combat expertise; his primary job with Def-Corp was as a point-man, and because of this he is most effective with pistols, shotguns, and other short-range firearms. As point-man, he also got very good at remaining unnoticed. He's not likely to defeat Bruce Lee in unarmed combat in the near future, but he possesses a knowledge of standard military hand-to-hand fighting tactics, and is good at using the knife he carries. Considering his size, he can pack quite a punch (in terms of normal human fighting prowess, anyhow).

Computers: Wesley isn't any techhead or hacker, but he's been exposed to enough computers to understand them and use them with proficiency. Considering that the majority of his use of computers have been in military situations, he also has a firm understanding of how such programs tend to be designed and work.

Stealth: Years of avoiding death as the first likely target in combat situations have taught Wesley how to remain unseen, unheard, and generally unobserved - at least when he's dealing with those who don't have enhanced senses. For someone of his size he's surprisingly graceful, and makes little or no noise when he concentrates on staying undetected.

Guitar: While it would surprise most people to learn that someone like Wesley would take the time to foster such a hobby, he nonetheless has a keen interest in guitars - particularly accoustic ones - and can play them with quite a bit of skill. He doesn't sing often, but he isn't too bad at that either, in a raspy-voiced, modern-day-cowboy sort of fashion.

Intimidation and Torture: Having participated in some less-than-ethical 'information extraction' missions in third-world countries, Wesley knows how to make somebody believe he'll hurt them - it helps that he's a big, scary-looking bastard to begin with - and on top of that, he actually WILL hurt them to get what he wants, if it comes down to it. And he knows quite a few ways to prolong suffering for extended periods of time.


Vehicle: Wesley owns a 2006 Jaguar XKR convertible. Naturally, since it cost him a year's worth of pay or so, it's his baby - and anyone or anything that scratches, dents, or mars it is likely to end up in an emergency room. He had one of the mechanics from Def-Corp remove the speed inhibitor chip, and the vehicle can exceed 200 miles per hour. Of course, if this were discovered by the police it would mean jail time and a hefty fine for him, so he's discreet about using it.

Apartment: Wesley has a small apartment in downtown Seattle. It's nothing elaborate and he keeps it fairly bare-bones, since he's not exactly a decor hobbyist. The apartment contains a bedroom, a kitchen/living room area, a bathroom, and a space in an exterior garage.

Weapons: As a member of a federally-contracted mercenary company, Wesley is licensed to carry concealed firearms. He keeps a Glock 37 duty firearm on his person at nearly all times, usually on a chest holster. He also tends to carry a standard matte-black KA-BAR combat knife strapped to his right ankle under his pant leg.

Def-Corp: For the past thirteen years, Wesley has worked for a defense contract company (i.e. - a mercenary group) that holds a contract with the US government. Though Def-Corp has done a very good job of remaining practically invisible to mainstream media, it has been doing much of what could be called the 'dirty work' of the armed forces for nearly two decades. Over the years Wesley has acquired a number of contacts within the organization, ranging from weapons salesmen to military tacticians and explosives experts. He has remained officially off-duty from the company since his last tour in the Middle East, but he is still technically an employee.


Power: This isn't so much a distinct plan as a subconscious desire that lurks in the back of Wesley's mind by default. He's not a megalomaniac - he'd never be interested in trying to 'take over' or anything of that sort - but that doesn't mean he doesn't want power and respect. Call it a healthy spirit of ambition.

Career: Wesley has been doing merc contracting work for thirteen years, and he's growing tired of it. Not that he particularly dislikes the work itself - he simply wants to find something with better chances of advancement and reward. Mind, that doesn't mean he's looking for a cubicle job in a business firm - far from it.

Place As A Mutant: Wesley hasn't come to fully understand the impact that mutants will make on the world yet, but he knows he is one, and he's beginning to grasp the utility his powers offer him and how he can use them to his advantage. He wants to find out exaclty what the future of his kind will or could be, and use whatever he has available to tailor that future into something he'll benefit from.


Callous: Years of hardening himself to horrible things he's seen and experienced have turned Wesley into something of a cold-hearted human being. It's hard for him to relate to other people, and while he can still form meaningful relationships and doesn't have any problems 'fitting in' to society per se, he doesn't tend to consider either one of these things to be important goals - even when they are. He has a tendency to alienate people that could be potentially useful to him simply by being overly unfriendly.

Greedy: Wesley likes money. A lot. If it comes down to it, he's willing to set aside what few principles he has - and they ARE few and far between - if the dollar amount looks attractive enough to him.

Turncoat: While Wesley has never betrayed an organization or group up to this point - because it wouldn't have been particularly advantageous to do so up until now - he'd certainly do it at any point and time if the benefits outweighed the risk. He might enjoy an occupation or membership to a group, and perhaps even become fond of some of the people belonging to it - but he'd probably sell them out all the same.

Paranoid: Years spent avoiding improvised explosive devices, trying to stay alive in shoot-outs, and fearing revenge from locals whose families or friends have been killed in a war come at a price. Wesley never really calms down when he's around others, and this tends to add to his stress level. He's not prone to letting this acquired paranoia control him or make him seem any less 'together', but his lack of ability to trust others means it's that much harder for him to make any real kind of friend or ally.


Wesley James Day was born in Edmonton, Canada on June 12, 1975. His father and mother were both teachers at the local elementary school, and he had a fairly unremarkable childhood. He was an average student, and probably could have excelled - but he was uninterested in school, finding it to be prosaic and unhelpful. He did enjoy several sports, and placed twice in the individual state championships for swimming and wrestling. But when he graduated from high school he did not pursue an athletic career as his parents urged him to do - instead, he got a job as a bouncer at a gritty nightclub in downtown Edmonton. He worked there for two years, and flirted with the idea of joining the military, but something better (as far as he was concerned, anyhow) came along and dispelled that notion forever.

When he was twenty, Wesley did something he did on a fairly regular basis - kicked several belligerent drunks out of the club and on to the street. But this night, he was observed by a man named Richard Drashky, one of the higher-ups in the defense contracting company known as Def-Corp. Drashky, impressed with the efficiency with which Wesley dispensed the offenders, offered him a trial period of employment with Def-Corp, and Wesley accepted. And for the next thirteen years, Wesley worked for the mercenary company. He trained extensively in the operation of most types of firearms, and was particularly skilled with short-range pistols, shotguns, and automatic weapons. For this reason he eventually settled into a position as a 'point-man' - the first person into a combat situation, and usually the last out, doing some of the nastiest, riskiest business. Necessarily, he also acquired a knowledge of close-quarters fighting, including both skills in unarmed combat and with a knife. He travelled from Asia Minor to the Middle East and Africa, touring several countries and working in areas that the US government officially had no presence in - which meant that rules and regulations were few and far between.

After his last tour of duty in Yemen, Wesley decided to take a break. Partially he was growing tired of being a merc, but more importantly, on his last tour he discovered his own mutation - in fact, was saved by it. A Yemeni guerilla who would otherwise have hurled a fireball at him - the first demonstration of such mutant abilities he'd seen other than on news reports - suddenly had his abilities fizzle when Wesley subconsciously willed them to do so. That shock - and the fear of his fellow mercs discovering his powers - was enough to make him realize he needed some time off from his current career. He'd saved up a fairly hefty portion of his earnings and wanted to find something slightly less risky - and with more room to move up - than his current position. But he had many useful contacts within Def-Corp, and since it was based in Seattle, that was the logical place to go; big, enough room to stay out of the thick of things, but directly at the source of the resources available to him.


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