News: Villains

With the appearance of mutants into modern society, there comes with it the rise of mutants on both side of the spectrum. Those who use their powers to help better society and to help where they can along with those who would use their powers for personal gain and other dark deeds. As to what motivates a mutant to use their powers for either good or evil varies from person to person and ranges from selfishness to poverty.

Whatever the reason, these mutants have become known as villains and have caused the formation of the Mutant Task Force (MTF) and has created the issue of debate on how to restrain and punish those mutants that resort to criminal ventures and are not able to be confined easily due to superior strength, the ability to phase or teleport at will or other such means. This issue has caused the government to start looking for ways to contain these mutants with little harm to them or to those around them. Many theories and ideas are being passed around at this moment.

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