M/V Puyallup

M/V Puyallup


Features / ADA Information

Main Cabin Galley: Yes Car Deck ADA Shelter: No
Main Cabin Restroom: Yes Car Deck ADA Restroom: Yes
Elevator: Yes 802.11 WiFi Access: Yes

ADA Notes: The MV Puyallup has elevator access from both auto deck levels to all of the passenger cabin areas. Accessible restrooms are on the main passenger deck. If you are traveling by car and want to park near the elevator, be sure to let the ticket seller know.

Vessel Information

Class: Jumbo Mark II Class Type: Auto/Passenger Ferry
Length: 460' 2'' Engines: 4
Beam: 90' Horsepower: 13,200
Draft: 17' 3'' Speed in Knots: 18
Max Passengers: 2500 Propulsion: Diesel-Electric(AC)
Max Vehicles: 202 Gross Net Tonnage:
Max Commercial Vehicles: 60 City Built: Seattle
Auto Deck Clearance: 15' 4 Year Built/Re-built: 1999

Meaning of Puyallup: From the Puyallup language: "generous people." The Puyallup tribe had a reputation for generosity in dealing with traders and travelers. Early settler Ezra Meeker renamed his town from Franklin in 1877 looking for something unique. Besides the tribe and town, Puyallup is also used on a river and a Mt. Rainier glacier.


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