Venadia Trelamaine
Portrayed By Ali Later
Theme Song "Does he Love you" by Reba
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 1, 1981
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases vena
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Free-lance Researcher
Known Relatives Theresa Trelamaine (Deceased) (Mother), Eric Trelamaine (deceased) (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers Prophecy
First Appearance N/A


  • Shy : When it comes to crowded situations, Venadia is more likely to spend her time sitting in a corner just smiling and watching. Though she'll communicate if spoken to, she's not very outgoing on a natural scale.
  • Honesty : One of the few things that Venadia just can't help herself on is having this compulsion to be honest. Though she may try and be diplomatic, it takes a very very strong sense of self preservation to not tell the truth when compelled to do so. Unfortunately this is something that has cost her many possible friends.
  • Kind Hearted : Never one to enjoy seeing someone without a friend, even though she may not keep them, Venadia is always kind to those who have need of a shoulder to lean on. A hug, or even just a smile and welcome ear she's open to give fairly easily.
  • Loyal : What few friends she has found that understand and accept her within her own limitations she has grown very accustomed to being protective over. Not much could happen to make her change that loyalty unless it's life or death.


  • Prophecy : (Not Publically Known) It started small and seems to come in flashes. Unfortunately for her however she never remembers it. Having gotten to the point of carrying a small recorder with her that records her entire day just in case something happens she doesn't remember. Much like an Oracle it comes to her suddenly and usually in a riddle of some kind. Unfortunately for her it isn't something she can control (Staff tap or PC tap for tps available) And only a couple of people know about it (NPCs), the two curators, who have graciously agreed to keep her secret for her.


  • Ballroom Dancing : One very odd thing she learned and loves to continue with occasionally is ballroom dancing. Not one for dating normally she gets few chances to actually indulge in this love of music and dance, but she's soft on her feet, seeming to take to dancing quite easily.
  • Cooking : Well its passable but she's definately not any sort of culinary artist. She only really cooks for herself when she remembers to eat, so prepared foods have become a staple along with fruits and salads.
  • Driving : Again, she's not the best in the world but she's a safe driver, tending to stay off the highway if she can help it, but seems to have a fairly good hand on not getting into wrecks.
  • Info Gathering : As long as it can be found in a book, online, or by calling one of her contacts she can find out nearly any information if it can be found. Having a soft voice by nature this has helped immensely in making contacts. However, she hasn't ever been able to make contacts in the illegal areas, she just doesn't have the personality for that to be workable.
  • Sculpting : It's not something she does for money, but she has a love of working with clay and marble. Anything for sculpting purposes, on occassion making pieces for her friends though she has never let anyone talk her into doing it professionally, she does it because she likes to, and doesn't have the degree behind it.


  • Contact : Saul Sinn aka Sin, Nastrum Enterprises. She occassionally gets called to do freelance information gathering for this man.
  • Inheritance : When her father died he left her the majority of his holdings which equaled out to be about 300K in total. Not really touching this money unless it's needed its been sitting in a bank for about five years.
  • Research : For the last five years Venadia has been working on resources from several locations. Two different museums one in New York and one in Cairo she knows the numbers of the curators too. As well as a couple of medical places, one in Boston and one being a medical research group. A Science group as well as several teachers from the UW so that she always has someone to go to no matter the subject. On top of this she has spent money on making sure she has a top of the line computer with 25 different search engines available to her.
  • Work : For work, Venadia works privately as a researcher, as well as a typist out of her home. Again not much of a people person she's learned to work off her computer so as not having to work in an office. Being paid fairly decently she's able to afford a small bug of a car and keep it in running condition while using her resources from work to keep her apartment and main bills paid for.


  • Definately Not! : On an almost weekly basis Sin has been trying to get her to take a permanent position within his company. He hasn't quite figured out that she doesn't want that, and there's just something about him that makes her a bit wary. To say nothing of the fact it's not what she wants to do. It's not just with him though, when it comes to anyone with her researching, she just can't let herself be locked down to working with a corporate company and she knows it.
  • Friendships : Most of her friends have ended up being out of town and not even in state alot of the time. The people she talks to at the schools and museums pretty much her only contact with the outside world, and she'd dearly love to find friends who would understand, accept her and still wish to remain by her.
  • Museum Curator : If she could find a way to be an asst to a museum curator whle not having to be connected with the public in large forums she would take it in a heart beat. Her love of information gathering and history and research being taken care of three fold within one atmosphere.


  • Agoraphobia : Unknown to Venadia she has a mild form of agoraphobia, central mostly around being within crowds. She keeps her back to walls when she is out of her apartment, and tends to try and keep herself away from large groups. If she does have to go she keeps mostly to herself and in a corner, though never really relaxing.
  • Anger Issues : Most people would think this means she is always angry, but in her case she rarely gets angry at all. More likely to put something on her own shoulders and take the blame herself rather than getting angry. When she /does/ get angry though she lashes out verbally, never one to have learned to get angry constructively she doesn't really know how to hold herself back when she gets there so she works hard to make sure she doesn't.
  • Stress Level : Between working too hard, as well as taking on so many stresses on her own shoulders, she is known to end up making herself ill. The worst being when her stress level gets too high she'll pass out for a time, a physical and psychological way of her body saying enough is enough till she has gotten some rest. She's working on trying to find ways around this from happening as it does tend to happen at the worst of times.


Venadia was born to Eric and Theresa Trelamaine in the year 1981, on the oddest of things being right in the middle of a lunar eclipse on April First. To most this wouldn't have been that much of a big deal, but in the end it turned out to mean quite a bit. Her mother died giving birth to her, so her father ended up raising his child on his own.

Being a man of meager means he scrimped and saved every available penny to make sure she had her cance to go to school, very confused when she decided to do so at home instead of /at/ college like normal kids. During her years growing up spent alot of time in libraries, reading everything she could get her hands on. Spending alot of time when she could sneak out of school in museums during the 'slower times' of the season for them.

She was never very good at making friends, more so with the museum people than with people her own age. And though she was very exhuberant around her father, that exhuberance died when anyone else came around, however. As if she had locked away that light and just couldn't seem to bring it back out around just anyone.

She'd only dagted one or two times total in her highschool years, her longest running boyfriend Richard Bond ended up leaving her however the night before prom. He'd known she wasn't comortable going to prom but had convinced her to go, however he was wtness to her first 'attack' when it came to her ability and ended up dropping her the next night to go with her best friend. Whether it was him himself that made her decide it or her ability she has never gone beyond a single dinner since with anyone.

It was during this time she started also learning how to sculpt finding it a wonderful outlet to her anxiety she found a love of the feel of marble or clay forming into something beneith her fingers. Perhaps a way to work out some of her anger, sometimes a way to work out other emotions when work doesn't suffice.

When she moved out of her fathers house in Crown Hill / Ballard area and into Seattle she was almost instantly over come by the amount of people. Thankfully finding a place where she could stay where all her necessities were right within walking distance. This helped when it came to not having to leave her apartment often.

It was about two years after she had moved out when she was struck by one of her 'attacks'. Her audio recorder picking up as she spoke of a man close to her heart would find his end in a firey blast. It was fourty eight hours later she received the call. A faulty bit of wiring in her parents home had set the house ablaze and her father never even woke up to the flames that engulfed him and all her child hood memories. It was then she knew she had to find answers, though none have come.

Working on building her contacts with the UW college as well as deepening the contacts with those in the museums she found many jobs she did from home wrking as a free lance researcher. Under cutting many of the larger companies so as to make sure she had work coming in, though never the best with finances she managed to just barely make ends meet.

In the end the two friends from the museums agreed with one thing, that her ability of seeing things before they happened would have to be kept secret. Not having any idea what would happen if not only the anti mutant cohalition found out but any other large groups as well. Her name amongst those two being 'Oracle' not her own name but not something passed around as far as she is aware.

It was two things that happened aside from the one with her father that made them decide this. The first being to the curator in Cairo he was on the phone with her when it sounded as if she were having some sort of fit. Her voice changed oddly and she spoke of falling walls and an explosion of light bringing pain and ending of the future for the keeper of the past. Not understanding in the slightest he wrote down what he heard and it was when he was thinking of going to work two days later when he remembered what she said. Deciding to stay home which ended up saving his life. An explosion of what investigators could only explain as something radioactive had destroyed the entire back section of the museum right where he would have been had he been there.

The second time being on a conference call with the two of the museum men together, she suddenly started speaking strangely and talking of a ball of fire in the sky. Braking lines like cars from a highway and the souls of 142. Two days later she saw on the news about a plane that went down in an explosion, having tried to brake the fall to somewhere where people would live, spectators said it looked like braking lines in the sky.

Bringing her to the present…


  • Meeting Byron Fri Feb 13 2009
  • Sin offers Venadia a place to stay Saturday Feb 14 2009


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