"Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light."
- John Milton; Paradise Lost, BOOK II

Position Head Wizard/Game Creator
Status Active
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 9, 1982
Age 27
Staff Duties Jackass of All Trades

Basic Information

Billy is the player behind the Staffer known as Valo. A vet in the world of telnet and MU*s, He has been playing and staffing on various games for the past 15 years. He served 4 years in the U.S Navy and was stationed at NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Now living in Cordes Lakes, AZ. A writer and a poet, he also enjoys a good book or a movie. Always one for a good time, he is known to code himself various toys for his amusement, usually at the expense of another staffers. So don't be surprised if you end up on the end of one of his practical jokes.

My New Hero

Previous Experience


  • Chicago by Night (World of Darkness) - Head Wizard/Game Creator (Closed)
  • Metro (World of Darkness) - Vampire Admin
  • Realm of Dreams (World of Darkness) - Hunter/Mortal/Mortal+ Wizard/Vampire Co-Wizard
  • Shadowrun: Germany (Cyberpunk) - Builder/Coder/RPA
  • Colorado Dreams (Western) - Head Builder/Wiki Guru
  • Terre d'Ange MUSH (Kushiel) - Head Coder
  • Winter's Edge (D&D) - Builder
  • Vegas Nights (World of Darkness) - Coder/Builder
  • Strange New Worlds (Star Trek) - Wiki Guru/Coder
  • TwilightMUX (Twilight) - Coder
  • Caprica (Battle Star Galactica) - Coder


  • Star Trek: Horrizons - Mia
  • Shadowrun: Seattle - Pfester, Nicodemus and Demetrious.
  • Shadowrun: Detroit - Demetrious, Alexis
  • Shadowrun: Germany - Betty, Demetrious, Alexis, Damien, Ryan, Grunt and Valo
  • Mutatis Mutandis - Damien and Nikki
  • Marvel Maelstrom - Nikki
  • Dark Metal - Dani, Tak, Lillyana, Gaz, Rianna and Silver
  • Realm of Dreams - Portia, Damien, Dani, Corbin, Lillyana and Silver
  • NevadaMUSH/Colorado Dreams - Michael and Nicole
  • KushielMUSH - Alexander
  • HeroesMUSH - Dani and Damien
  • String Theory MUX - Nicolas
  • Terre d'Ange - Armand, Alexander and Narcisse
  • Star Trek: Legacy - Mia
  • X-Men Movieverse - Nikki
  • By Right of Blood - Tyler
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