University Foo



Summary: Taylor and John's first meeting

Date: March 15, 2009

University Foo

Rating: PG

University District

With the college community at large mostly centered around this area, there's no reason to not understand why a lot of the places tend to open late and stay open later. With loud music and cars roaring, people yelling and the clanging of dishes and what ever else is in the area, the din grows to incomprehensible levels at times. With newly paved roads, as well as the streets having linings of trees all up and down the main road with residential filled less by families and more by college students and teachers.

Small shops are run and owned by couples wanting to get a start. Families running the small restaurants, everything from the ethnic varieties to the Wing Dome greasy hot wings that every college student loves. With the hospital down by the college, and the public library up on the hill everything anyone could need is almost all within walking distance. The college seeming to be mostly with medical students that can all be found at the UW Hospital.

Just a haze of sunlight makes it not quite evening as the night encroaches upon the Seattle college scene. There's still the same hectic chaos that accompanies any such school locale, the students filled with energy and embodying the potential of their futures. Voices and laughter are heard at several ends of the strip, bunches of young men and women gathering out front of various eateries and bars, spending their free time together. Interspersed amongst them are a few loners, those turned inwards focusing on some bit of work, or relaxing and focusing upon the introverted aspect of themselves. One such a loner is John. With backpack slung over the back of his chair and his leg out to the side, he's slouched partially at a wrought iron table just outside one of those pseudo euro-cafes that are popping up here and there. With furrowed brow and a faint grimace he's considering the school curriculum, pen in hand and a scheduling slip upon the table he wrangles with the task of choosing his classes.

Just on the cusp of eventide, the vastness of the urban sky paints a delicate hue of deep vermillion and orangish colors as dark-greyish clouds make up the backdrop of the heavens. Stars just barely start to peek out as their flickering lights shimmer a faint illuminesence upon the horizon. The soft, silver, cheshire smile of the moon shines down liquid puddles of starfire as it's light gently pools on over the near barren streets. A cool wind breezes in from the east as it whispers a silent melody to those that pass on by. After recovering from past recent injuries, Tay makes her way on over to the local university by bus for a rather easy ride due to the hour. Once being dropped off at her destination, the kid takes a walk around the campus as the deep pools of her midnight-azure and violet mismatched eyes take in the local grounds. Making her way through the quad she seems to notice a few others staring at her as a couple of rude comments are slung in her direction by some of the other 'upper-class' socialites within the area. The youth frowns darkly for a moment or two as she looks on over in the general direction where the insults are slung behind her back. Trying to keep her focus for the most part and attempting to avoid those that make rude remarks, she continues on her way as she passes by the very table that you currently sit at. Stopping briefly, the girl looks on over at you as she dares to ask a simple question. Her tone soft, and somewhat melodic as she speaks, "Might you know where the registration building is? I haven't really been here before and I think I'm fairly lost at this point. Would be a big help to me if you could?"

AT first she might notice the faint furrow to his brow. The young man's eyes narrow a bit, a hint of confusion present and flickering over his features then nearly instantly gone. Dark brown eyes lift, gaze meeting hers for a moment and he looks as if that confusion gives way to surprise. A slight shake of his head is given as if pushing past that momentary fog, then lifts his voice, a touch gravelly as he speaks. "Hm, the registry thing." His jaw sets, again that furrow to his features. He turns in his chair, letting his gaze slip back behind him, evidently the way he came earlier. He looks back at her. "It's…" Again the pause. A space of a few heartbeats pass, then John straightens, "It's… hard to explain. I'm not a directions guy." And for a moment she might even think he's going to leave it at that, there might even be a momentary imagining of a little devil and angel upon his shoulders, one advocating he tell her to go find it herself, the other telling him he should help. Luckily the latter wins out, but not without protest. He crinkles his nose and slides his forms together, reaching for his backpack. "Ehn, I was heading back there anyways. I'll show ya." And with that said he starts to rise, which might be the first moment that his leg brace makes its presence obvious, not visually… but through the metallic clink and click of his form rising.

Tay was fairly preceptive for her age, especially being as young as she was, though not too terribly young to the point where she might be entirely consumed in her own little universe of 'me' like most her age seemed to be. The girl seems to notice your confused look, the narrowing of the eyes and apparent inner conflict that expresses across your face. She watches you studiously as you seem to go through a myriad of emotions wihtin those several seconds of a heartbeat…time ticking thin inbetween as she waits for your answer. From the looks of it, she seemed a bit surprised herself of your decision, as most others weren't exactly the kindest towards her and especially those that she tended to deal with. Though as you do come to your decision, offering to help her, she can't help but notice the resignation there that seems to fill within your deep, brown eyes as well as the posture and demenor written across your body language. The girl lightly bites down on her lower lip as the soft, pink of her tongue gently slips on out past full lips to gently moisten against the flesh. Something that might go noticed though, as when you go to meet her eyes, the girl looks a bit downwards and away as if distracted for the moment…looking /at/ you but not directly into your own gaze. For the briefest of moments she seems a bit hesitant even at your help as if suspecting something negative might come from it…that slight bit of healthy paranoia there that she'd picked up through the years and dealing with what she had and still has to this day. Nodding her head a little bit she answers back to you in that quiet, tone of hers, her voice casual, though the fire in her eyes betraying a bit more then just simple words. "If it's not too much trouble for you? I really appreciate it." Though as you go to stand, she does seem to be perceptive enough of the clink of metal coming from your leg. She doesn't stare, but simply takes note of it, nor does she show immediate compassion or sympathy towards you…no, there was no pity in her look, but more so, and oddly enough, an understanding, though to what this held lie a mystery for now.

Slinging the backpack over his shoulder, he shoots a scrunched-eyed glance at her sidelong, then gives a single gruff nod as he murmurs, "Right then." That having been said he sets off, starting to walk with a hint of a limp to his motion. His gait is still steady, even in its movement, only the faintest hitch giving the proof of the brace upon his leg. He looks distant for a moment, some errant thought flickering past and gone unspoken. He stuffs his hands in his pockets and says, "Not to be too much of a jerk, but aren't you a bit young for the whole college gig?"

The girl moves at your own pace as she seems to allow you to set it for the both of them and seeming comfortable enough to move as fast or as slow as you please and thinking nothing more of it. Whether she noticed your limp or not is hard to tell, though most likely it'd be hard not to notice. As far as paying overtly attention to it, she doesn't do so. The whole brace and favoring your leg seemed to be just another issue in one of many lives that others had to deal with day to day. The girl had enough the experience to have enough problems of her own, let alone feel pity for another. Again, that look of deeper understanding that some things were just the way they were, everyone with their own issues and how they lived thier lives and she seemed content with that and not to try to pry into another's. As you nod your head she walks beside you, though just slightly behind a fraction. Why she does this could be hard to tell, but something within her demenor hinted at her more subtle, sumissive actions…as hidden as they were, or at least as much as she tried to do so. To your comment back to her, she actually grins in a light smirk as she looks back on over to you with that smartassed grin upon her soft, baby face. She nods her head as she replies back in that same, casual, soft tone of hers, "Probably, I guess I'm just the special flower like that." Her own little smartassed comment leaving a somewht amused look upon her face, though nothing negative towards you, more so at some inner amusement. Though to your jerk comment, she shakes her head as she looks back on towards in front of her, "Nah, I don't think it's jerkish. Quite used to it by now, heh."

"Ah, a beautiful unique snowflake and all that." And contrary to the words the tone there is a touch smug, maybe even condescending as if to think of oneself in such a way is foolish. But the faint smirk on his features and the gleam of the jester in his eyes takes away most of the sting from it. He keeps walking down the sidewalk, past a tattoo parlour and past one of the ubiquitous coffee houses.

Tay can't help but grin a bit wider at your first comment as she noddles her head a bit then answers back in that same smirk that she wore before, "Yup, just like all the other special snowflakes out there. Seems to snow a lot don't it?" Her own sarcastic tone holding her own bit of smugness to it, though still her own way of saying such might've not exactly seemed negative towards you, but more so adding a hint of dark humor to the mix of words given back and forth between the two of you. The girl walks along beside you as she looks down to her small hands for a moment then pockets them herself. Her off-colored violet and cerulean gaze staring ahead of her, and every so often back on up at you in that slight amused expression that she carries. Though as you comment about fitting in she can't help but chuckle slightly as she nods her head just a bit, "Sure as hell can try right?" A slight pause for the briefest of moments as her expression slips just a tad bit from that smartassed look that spreads across her full lips to a deeper sense of pain and sorrow, though just as quick as it came, so did it leave. Her eyes holding it back and expression putting back on that facade that she seemed to wear so well. Shaking her head a bit she responds back to your west coast comment, "I've actually lived here all my life. Just never really had any reason to go to the university." A light nonchalaunt shrug is given as she stares back in front of her again.

"Pleasure to meet you, Taylor." He continues that easy step along the sidewalk, a touch slower than normal but able to keep pace. A glance to the side is given at her, then his gaze wanders back ahead towards the campus itself. Around a stone wall and a bit of brush they move, heading onto the schoolgrounds proper. "See, apparently there are three types of college folks. The ones that rush it, the ones that kinda fall into it, and the ones that put it off." He crinkles his nose and stuffs his hands deeper into his pockets, "Hard to tell though, sometimes."

A second passes, another heartbeat between the time that the girl had gotten a chance to get a hint of your personality as well as demeanor. Her gaze had been cast downwards and in front of her for the most part as she walks alongside you. The soft reflection of her deep, midnight-azure and swirling violet gaze turns to look back on up and over at you once more. Her look is studious if not somewhat scrutinizing as if to catch if you mean what you say….being a pleasure to meet her, or not. After another quick pause she nods her head a little as she answers back in that familiar, soft tone of hers, "It's nice to meet you too." Though as you go on about what different types of college-goers there are, she can't help but smile a bit warmly as the edges of her full, supple lips lift on up to form a comfortable and compassionte warmth as she responds in kind, "I guess I'd be one of those that have tried to work their ass of then just to get somewhat of a sample of what would be to come….whether it's worth it or not, I still have yet to find out." Even though the walks between the bench that you sat at previously and the registration office goes somewhat at a casual pace, the girl seems to be in no rush as once more she walks easily beside you in enough comfort. Perhpas getting the impression that you really mean her no harm and simply wish to do good.

"Yeah," He scritches a nail along the stubble of his chin, letting the faint hint of a smirk flicker onto the corner of his mouth. "You did seem to have an element of the nerd to ya." Sure it's a slight jibe or jape, but the gleam of amusement in his eyes might dissipate any hint of malice. Just to be sure, however, he offers a few words to make sure that he's not… entirely misunderstood. "Not that there's anything wrong with nerds and all, they rule the world you know." He gives a solemn nod as they start to move past the great greek statue and fountain that marks the entryway to the administrative wing of the college.

Taylor does seem to catch the fact that you aren't intentionally trying to verbally attack her, and more so quickly picking up some hint of sincerity within your words as well as your non-threatening body language. Where as others might've taken offense to your certian word choices, Tay does not. Why this is, is hard to say, but for the most part the youth seems rather laxidaisical in her manners as well as personality. A soft smirk pulls on up at the edges of her warm smile as it broadens a bit in general amusement across the soft contours of her face. Unable to help chuckle lightly at your comment, she answers back in that quiet, casual tone of hers, "The nerd type eh? Heh, well not exactly what most have called me before…but it'll do." Her own humorous tone offers a certain warmth as well as care to it. A soft compassion and bearing somewhat on friendliness as much as she can towards you, or as much as you seem to be willing to take. Though as you go on talking further about it to try and seem to redeem your previous comment, she can't help but laugh a little. The sound of her voice seeming oddly like soft chimes in a warm, spring breeze. Nodding her head to you she casts a soft cobalt and lavender gaze on up and over at you as she reponds quietly once more, "There's no need to try to explain it. I know that you meant no harm it your comment. I don't tend to take things too seriously…just not enough time or effort to wish to do so, heh."

It's only a handful more of steps that lead up to the registration building, though there seems to be only a handful of students in line within the lobby. It's just outside that he pauses, drawing up short and turning to face her with that same half-smile. "All right, this's the place." He adjusts the hang of his backpack with a roll of a shoulder. Looking down at her and meeting her gaze he gives a nod first to her, then to the double glass doors. "Or at least this is where I went, if for some reason this ain't it, s'not my fault." He glances again inside, then back at her. "You good?"

Taylor chuckles softly at your last comment then simply nods her head as the quiet storm within her eyes meets your own, "Alright then, and no worries if this is the wrong place. If not then I'm sure that someone will point me in the right direction." A quiet half-smile half-smirk splays across the warmth of her face as her own grin seems to brighten up the very aspect of her gentle features. Turning back to look on over at the office and the line there she noddles her head a bit then turns to look back on up at you once more, "Well, thanks again for showing me around the place. I do appreicate it and hopefully didn't take up too much of your time." There's a slight moment that she pauses as if unsure what to say next, that is until you speak again and seem to end the little 'tour de university' there between you both. Nodding her head once more she lightly chews on her lower lip as she responds back to you in kind, "Yeah, I'm good. I'm sure I can find out what I need to from here. So um…thanks again then John. Maybe we'll run into each other again, and if not, well, then I wish you well." That soft smile caresses the quiet pleasantness of her expression as she looks on up at you once more and very briefly into your eyes. Casting her glance on over to the door where the other students are, she starts to make her way there.

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