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Theme Song "Title" by Band
Gender Male/Female
Date of Birth Month Day, Year
Age 00
Zodiac Sign Astrological Sign
Aliases Alias
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Your Job
Known Relatives Jane Doe (Mother), John Doe (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers Powers
First Appearance N/A


  • Martyr

All possess the martyr instinct, but few act upon it. Even fewer live the life of a Martyr, but Trip is such a person. His desire for self-sacrifice stems either from a low self-esteem, a feeling of a lack of control, or a profoundly developed sense of love. Martyr's are able to endure long-lasting and severe suffering because of beliefs and ideals. At worst, a Martyr expects sympathy and attention because of his or her suffering, and may even feign or exaggerate pain or deprivation. At best, a Martyr will choose to suffer injury or even the Death rather than renounce his religion, beliefs, principles, cause or friends.

  • Fanatic

Consumed by a cause; it is the primary force in life, for good or ill. Every ounce of blood and passion he possess is directed towards it; in fact, he feels very guilty about spending time on anything else.and will let nothing stand in his way - nothing that cannot be overcome, in any case. Him and those around him may suffer, but The cause is everything - the end justifies the means

  • Deviant

There are always people who don't fit in, and he is such a miscreant. Trip's beliefs, motivations and sense of propriety are the complete antithesis of the status quo. He is not so much an aimless rebel as an independent thinker who does not belong in the society in which people are raised. He doesn't give a damn about other people's morality, but does adhere to his own strange code of conduct. Deviants are typically irreverent, and some have truly bizarre tastes and desires.

  • Bravo

You are known as a bully, a ruffian and a tough, and delight in tormenting the weak. Things must always go your way, and you do not tolerate those who cross you. Power and might are all you respect; indeed, you heed only those who can prove their power to you. You see nothing wrong with forcing your will upon others. There is nothing you like better than to persecute, antagonize, heckle and intimidate those for whom you have contempt—-and of them there are many. The emotions of kindness and pity are not completely foreign to you, but you hide from your own sense of weakness through cruelty to others. While most Bravos despise the weak, a few become their protectors.

  • Manipulator

You have always been fascinated by others. Why do people behave as they do? What thoughts and emotions affect their actions? The cognitive process that influences the choices people make intrigue you. Sometimes just asking people questions about their actions can yield important information, but often people do not truly understand their own motivations and concerns. In these cases, it is far easier to set up situations, experiments, if you will, to see how people behave. You attempt to manipulate these situations for your personal advantage, in order to discover more information about your chosen subjects. Some might call these experiments cruel, but to you it is mere scientific necessity.

  • Thrill seeker

You live for that moment of danger when the adrenalin kicks in and you feel truly alive. Skydiving, bungee jumping and leaping across roofs on a dare are all just par for the course. As a junkie is addicted to his particular brand of poison, you are addicted to danger. Unlike most, you go out of your way to place yourself in dangerous situations that test the limits of your abilities. You train and work for these situations, and then you seek them out. This is what sets you apart from the teeming masses of paranoid dullards who shuffle around, hiding from their own shadows

  • Hedonist

Have as good a time as possible. Rome may burn, but you shall drink wine and sing songs. A hedonist, sensualist, sybarite and party animal, the words austere, self-denial and self-discipline have no place in your life. You much prefer the concept of instant gratification. Still, you don't mind a little hard work as long as a good time awaits you upon completion.


  • Pyrokenisis

Pyrokinesis is the ability to mentally generate and manipulate fire. One with this ability could manipulate existing fires, and can consume his body in flame and/or hurl fire at foes. One with this ability could even ignite fires to keep them from going out or to warm them; however, they may only be able to manipulate existing fires.

For most this is something that is hard to do, But for Trip or as some know him within the resistance movement Pyre it is as easy and natural as breathing. Fire his lover and great obsession, As can be seen from some of his little works of art while honing this power. Lately it has began to manifest even more, the power growing to the point of Pyrogenesis in which one can generate fire. Allowing him to create smaller fires from thin air and his fingertips.


  • Music

Trip is an alright musician and a damn good singer. His instrument of choice is guitar. He also seems to be not half bad at writting lyrics


Trip is a skilled artist of the street, A graffitti artist who signs all his tags with his codename of Pyre. Some may find graffitti as a waste and something used to deface property as few ever are able to truley make art from the nozzle of a spray can but for Trip he is the michelangelo of the urban artform of questionable legality.

  • Streetwise

Trip is known on the street, He has cred as a pretty good scrapper as well as a damn good tagger and skater. He apparently also has been known to deal in a few illegal things but nothing to bad really. Most know him to be a bit of a dare devil and somewhat of a mystery personally. He knows alot about the streets and has several contacts on them.

  • Skateboarding

Trip is a accomplished skate boarder, Having been a street kid since he was about 11 when the power began to manifest. He takes part in varius little skating events and could very well be able to someday go pro but currently he is content with the freedom of boarding the streets and occasionally going to the skateparks.

  • Dirty Fighting

Trip is skilled in the fighting that is seen on the streets within the varius ruffian groups of street kids. And the common turf wars over the best swuating spots.

  • Survival

Trip has spent the past 7 years living on the streets, He is skilled at surviving in a urban setting as well as proficient with making varius little improvvised traps to safe guard wherever he may be calling home at any given time.

  • Charisma

Trip may at times be rough around the edges but he knows how to charm people and in some cases even seduce them into doing what he sees fit. A good trait indeed for someone who leads the Resistance.

  • Larceny

Trip knows how to disable some security systems as well as how to pick locks. His living in the urban setting as a street kid helping him gain the knowledge to be able to make it past walls and into private properties as a means to survive.

  • Con Artist

The streets are a rough place for someone to grow up. And usually they garner skills no honest man would ever have. Such is the case with trip knowing the art of the con.

  • Stealth

Trip can be graceful when he wants, He seems to be a rather agile kid and that helps him be able to be relatively silent and stealthy when the need arises.

  • Linguistics

Trip knows spanish and gaelic.

  • Body Modification

Trip has began learning some about tattooing and body piercing. Expanding his knowledge base with his interests in the search for the alternative beauty that such modifications can provide. as well as a easy buck or two in the trip to that place.


  • Contacts

He has varius contacts spread throught the streets of seattle feeding him bits and pieces of varius things going down.

  • The Skatepark

Trip has control of the skatepark, a place located beneath a underpass holding small pools and pipes as well as a small area that seems to have been converted to give shelter to those who need it.

  • Skateboard

Trip has a custom top of the line skateboard, It is his pride and joy and is never far from his reach.

  • Knives

4 knifes, butterfly, 2 throwing and a survival knife.

  • Backpack

A black old backpack that is like a sports backpack. Several pockets and other varius things attached to it. His entire life in a bag.

  • Hideouts

Trip has 3 relatively comfortable crash spots around seattle

  • Spraypaint

Trip has several stashes hidden around town of hunders of cans of spraypaint.

  • Alternate Identity

He lives under two names both Pyre and Trip two seperate lifes..two seperate looks and appearances

  • Pit Bull Mix

Trip owns a pit bull rottwieler mix. A strong dog that has been trained to protect him and knows several command words.


  • The Mutant Resistance

To bring about the rise of Mutants, To see us be the dominant species of the planet and not have to hide in the shadows out of fear. They terrorize us and fear us and so we shall give them something to fear.

  • Information network

To form a information network on the streets so that he is in the know of varius movements and also what people are planning and doing.

  • Power

To grow my power and try to discover a method to learn other powers. To become what we are meant to be..Gods..

  • Relationship

To find someone to share my vision of the future with..To take our thrown over humanity with and laugh at them as they are tormented as they did with us…

  • Territory

To take over the entire city's underground, To take over the street gangs and unify them under my become their master and their puppeteer to do as I see fit.

  • Profession

Trip aspires to be a professional skateboarder eventually.


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