News: Tiny Plots

There are a few simple rules about running Tiny Plots (TP) here. If your story is not going to make any lasting changes to approved characters, or the grid at large, then feel free to run the storyline without needing to seek approval. Emit any villains (save for villain characters that a player owns here) or other NPCs as needed, as long as they stay generally in character and, again, no lasting changes occur to them (being sent to jail is not considered a lasting change).

If your storyline will result in changes to one or more characters, then the character change will need approval by App Staff. Send a +request to the queues detailing the changes and generally how they will occur. No blowing up the Newspaper building without asking nicely first.

Players may only run one Tiny Plot at a time. This is to keep players from spreading themselves too thin, and to assure that any Tiny Plot started is also a Tiny Plot finished. No TP will be approved if that player already has one outstanding. This does not affect how many Tiny Plots a player can participate in, only how many a player can run. This also does not affect plot staff members, who are assumed to be able to juggle six plots at once.

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