To Catch A Predator


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Summary: Micah brings a girl to the hospital where Davian tries to steal the blood reserves. Raikov arrests him with the help of Marcus and Kera. Leon is unhappy with the arrest.

Date: June 10, 2009

To Catch a Predator

Rating: PG

Swedish Medical Center - Emergency Room

The ER is always busy, doctors and nurses brushing past to quickly reach their destinations, often carrying vital objects such as packages of blood, or carrying a patient in hopes of reaching there all the more faster. A set of doors bar the way to the outside, but does little to keep anything out as they swing freely when pushed against as doctors and emergency crew carry stretchers and patients through to the desk to be checked in by the nurses.

Once the patient is give a quick vital check and the nurse assigns a place for the patient, they are led to the main area of the ER where Doctors move from one curtained area to the next, diagnosing and helping the sick and injured. More serious cases are lead to one of 3 emergeny rooms which minor surgeries and operations can be done to save peoples lives. In here doctors play god and can almost bring people back from death.

The hospital looks like a war zone. The injured and sick are lining the halls with some of those with more severe injuries in the actual rooms. Some of the areas of the hospital are guarded by armed soldiers, these contain stashes of food and medication and only those with special passes may enter these areas.

The lobby also has a few people lining the walls, new arrivals wait in lines to be directed according to their needs. Most people are currently paying attention to a scene taking place near the front office, it appears as though one of the nurses is arguing with an officer.

"We will NOT treat that CREATURE! Get it out of here before it hurts someone!" The tubby female nurse is red with anger, yelling at the officer who looks equally annoyed. The 'creature' to which she is referring is a girl with short blue hair, pale skin, and light blue eyes. She appears to be glowing and has a bloody bandage around her shoulder. "You WILL treat this girl. She has as much a right to be treated as anyone else. And if I find that she has been mistreated then you will have to deal with me."

The girl seems a bit nervous and starts to slowly flash. "I don't know about this…Maybe I should just go back. I can be treated there." The General turns to her, "No, you need proper care, and you will receive it. I will make sure of that." Damn. He'd heard there were a few issues with the hospital admitting mutants, but to openly defy the army? Raikov has his work cut out for him.

Damn. If they like that girl on the table, they're going to /love/ what's coming in now. There's few things that would get Micah to come into such a hotbed of 'normal people' activity, especially with tensions rising as high as they are right now, but fate seems to have delivered one to the demonic looking blue skinned mutie. A small girl, maybe seven years old, is in his arms, her arm obviously broken. "Uhm…" he says, clearing his voice a little and trying to speak up. "I come in peace so… don't try to kill me." A pause in his words. "And I'd really appreciate if any, you know, dissections, lynchings or otherwise burning me at the stake could be on hold too…"

Of course, he's not alone. There's an nervous looking private and an even more nervous looking corporal escorting the mutie in. The fact that there's a four star general here? Yeah. That's not gonna help calm their nerves, both of them praying that they've done the right thing in bringing the mutie in with the injured girl. "Uhm… sir?" speaks up the corporal, trying to get the attention of the guy in charge.

As apart of the Seattle Relief, day two consists of carting in medical supplies to the hospital. Now this is something that Kera cannot do on her own, so she has enlisted some muscle. Kera pushes in a wheelbarrow packed full of various supplies, and behind her are about 5 good looking, hunky guys carrying heavy boxes of much the same thing. "Hello everyone! We've got a BIIIG surprise today! Medical supplies! Yay!" she cries out in an excited, pleasant tone, tossing up her arms, "The Seattle Relief took up a collection from outside the Dead Zone, and I'm here to deliver the first of the supplies for the hospital?" the girl starting out bright and shiny, but trailing down to quiet as she sees the scene occurring before her. "Is.. something going on?" she tilts her head.

Davian is one of the Hunky guys caring a box, he was near the dead zone when they call him over to help, he was glad they didn't know who he was so he just came along and maybe sneak into the blood bank area so he can grab a few bags to bring home with him for dinner.

And if all of this weren't enough, now two men walk through the hallway of the hospital's emergency department. The one leading them is a 20ish male with long silver hair that have two cat ears sticking out covered in silverish fur and a similarly colored tail swaying behind him slightly as he walks. His partner is a single Army officer that is armed with a 9mm. Both bear tags showing that they work in the main camp downtown.

Leon, the catboy, is currently arguing with the soldier following him, "I told you I didn't need either of you coming with me. I'll be fine. Did you listen? No. Bob #1 did but not you. If I saw a hot woman who was feeling like it would you try and watch us go at it? … Okay, bad example. Seriously though… Privacy!" The soldier doesn't grace the younger man with a response but does smile as he walks. When they reach the main room the temperature starts to fall slowly towards 70ish and Leon starts to pay unhappy attention to the commotion with the nurse and Officer.

"Oh HELL no! Get THAT demon out of here." The woman is staring at Micah with distaste, she apparently has not yet noticed Leon, but he's behind her currently. General Raikov looks severely pissed. The men with him look a little uneasy and the glowing girl is trying to hide her face. Raikov turns away from the woman to speak to his officers. "Take her away." He turns back to her, "I, General Erik Lichten Raikov of the United States Army hereby place you under arrest for contempt and failure to provide care for an injured civilian in a crisis situation. If you wish to continue providing care you can do so in the prison facility."

One of his men grabs the woman by the arm and removes her from the hospital, pulling her along as she screams in vain. The General looks around at the arrivals and delegates tasks to his men. "Smith, help this man with the little girl." He points to Micah. "And Jones, find me the next in line under that beast of a woman." He looks over at Kera. "Ah, there you are. We were expecting you. Lt. Berk will show you where those can go."

The General stoops down to speak to the glowing girl at face level. "Sorry to put you on the spot, but I want to make it so ALL people can be treated here, not just humans." He spots Leon out of the corner of his eye and beckons him over, wanting to ask about the progress of his experiments.

Micah opens his mouth to say something, then shuts it, and then glances to the corporal at his side> "Can… he do that?" comes the uncertain question, the soldier just shrugging. "He just did." After all, who is going to argue? Well. Probably a lot of people but the important thing is, no one is arguing -now-. The medical tech Smith heads over towards Micah, looking a little uneasy but hey… no way does HE want to get arrested! "Here, I'll take her…" he says, accepting the whimpering child from Micah, turning and heading to find an empty table, gurney or even litter carry to start to treat her. "Just for the record…" Micah calls after him, "I uhh, didn't do that! I found her like that!" He pauses and looks to the corporal and private, giving a bit of a shrug as if to say 'what?'

Kera looks a little conflicted as she watches everything happen. There is something in her eyes, as if the negativity is weighing rather heavily upon her, being burned into her memory and scrutinized very very carefully. She stands there, watching the woman get carted off to jail, lightly chewing her bottom lip, and one eye slightly narrows. Her lips then purse tightly and then it suddenly all goes away as one of the guys reaches out and touches her shoulder. "Kera?" he calls, snapping her out of it. She blinks and smiles brightly, looking over at the General a moment, "Lt. Berk?" she questions and looks around for him. "You heard him boys, follow the Lt.!" she waves and directs, smiling brightly once again. She walks over, looking at those who are trying to get admitted, spotting Leon, "Oh, hey! Did you get those crater measurements for me?" she asks.

Davian nods and keeps the box over his face as he walks in hope nobody will notice him seeing he's wanted right now, he watches the woman getting carted off from behind his box.

Now that Leon is being beckoned he and the soldier that follows him move towards the general at an easy pace. The nurse who is carted off passes by Leon and gives him a contemptuous look before she continues her yelling and complaining. Leon though… he seems bothered.

"General I…" he hears Kera and looks over to her. He changes his mind on how he was going to present things and says, "Hi. We're not finished with all of the measurements yet but I have the ones we have with me." He turns to the general, "I enlisted an expert last night and she is going to be doing most of the brainwork and… maybe more when she has the capability. I have yet to begin any experiments of my own though. Bob #2…" he gestures to his guard, "…wants me to get a checkup. And…" he lowers his voice to a stage whisper, "Really, she's within her rights to refuse to treat a patient…" and by now the temperature has leveled out at the 70ish temperature. Maybe that will cool some tempers.

General Raikov smiles at Leon, and looks over at Kera. "Ah, are you the genius he's speaking of? Why…You're that Singer, my sister is a fan…" He turns back to Leon , "No. She is causing too much of a scene in a place where people are supposed to be resting and healing. I will not allow her to decide who gets treated and who doesn't. We will switch her with the medical director stationed at the prison and she can treat humans there."

A flustered man arrives in a white lab coat. "Ah, good. Are you willing to help this poor girl? Someone shot her in the shoulder, she need the bullet removed and needs to be bandaged." The nurse nods, "We'll need to wait until morning, it's too dark to operate now…" He trails off as he notices that the girl is glowing. The General smiles, She may be able to help you out there, if you don't mind my dear?" The girl looks a bit nervous, but she holds up a hand and emit's a bright light which cuts through the gloom of the room. The nurse smiles and nods, having the other men assist him in moving her to the back operating rooms. The General turns to look at Micah, motioning him over. He is

Damn it. He isn't going to be able to just sneak out of here all sneaky like. Micah waits a second or so after the general has motioned him over before he exhales a deep breath and heads over there. He's never really had much in the way of experience with the military and honestly, has no idea what to expect from the General whatsoever. Please oh please, he thinks to himself, to order me run over by a tank or something. "Just for the record… I called the "i come in peace" when I got here…."

"Sweet! Well just make sure you get me any measurements you can, like I said, I'll need to make the best approximation on just how large the black hole was. Everything needs to be precise." she reaches out and of all things she tries to pet Leon on the ears, turning to the general afterwards "Yeah, I'm just a singer, not anywhere near a genius." she brings her hands up, smiling warmly, "I was just explaining things to Leon last night. I think I can reverse the damage, but it is just about as dangerous as it is theoretical." she mentions to him. Softly she sighs and brings her hand back through her hair, giving it a shake to fall rather impressively across her back and over her shoulder. She is pretty clean for a resident of Seattle during these times. Obviously just recently come from the outside of the Dead Zone. The volunteers she came in with are clear across the room delivering the supplies, but they don't miss that little gesture of a veritable Pantene commercial. After all, they ARE fans. "If you ever develop the ability to manuplate time-space? Don't.. trust me." she says.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. That's the sound that can be heard from the ceiling as people begin to look up, wondering just what that is. The sound stops, only for a voice to be heard from the air ducts, "Sunshine is that you?" A vent is lifted up and into the ducts as a head pokes out, glancing around the room. This is Marcus. He gives a wave to Kera, before he glances at the others here, "Uh… hi." He climbs out of the duct, but strangely he climbs out onto the ceiling… not the ground, as he brushes off dust as it rises to the ceiling. He's pretty well caked in it.

Davian places the box he was holding on a near by table. He takes a sniff at the air to smell everybody around him, his mouth water from the smell but don't want to make a scene with the army close by, he starts to sneak off but stops when somebody walks out of the air vent he glares at Marcus and moves into the crowd to find the blood.

Leon looks like he's torn between smacking Kera and asking for more. Since it's so brief he doesn't have long to dwell on the choice and ends up raise his hand to his ears afterwards to try and fixed that ruffled feeling it left. This, of course, has his escort snickering outright at the whole exchange. Finally Leon turns towards the rest of the room and jumps back when he sees Micah, "Holy sh…!" the rest of the word doesn't make it out as he's interrupted by the thumping and the strange man exiting the vent. He doesn't have a response to that… just stares.

The men around Raikov seem to tense as Micah approaches. The General seems not to notice at first until the creature speaks. He smiles at the man. "I know you did. Thank you for bringing that girl, it was a brave gesture with the current state of the city." He nods to Micah and lowers his voice, "There is a club near the university. The owner is very mutant friendly and has plenty of supplies. If you have no place else to stay, I would try there. It seems safe, and I have my men watching it. I can send an escort later if you would like."

The General turns back to Leon and Kera, "Oh? If I ever…" He looks at Kera and then shifts his eyes over to Leon, wondering if this is the mutant who caused the storm in the first place, but Leon did not want to disclose that information the other night, and if that is the case then Raikov does not want to upset her. "Um…How long do you think it will take to fix this? And do you need any supplies?" The man behind the general seems to have been thinking the same thing as the general, his expression as he watches Kera is less than friendly.

The General looks past her at a suspicious looking man who helped her carry in boxes. "Where did you…" He is cut off by the thumping and looks up to see the man on the ceiling. The man next to him and nudges him, "Sir, that could be a security risk…And I'm not sure it's such a good idea to have this many of them in a hospital. I mean?" Raikov narrows his eyes at his first officer. "These people have so far helped us…Except maybe him on the ceiling…But they are doing their best to help in this crisis. We should accept their help. We will discuss this further later."

"Well, maybe I'll look into it…" comes Micah's reply, his first instinct lately to deny but… no. He's been hiding out from the world for way to long, ever since he /got/ to Seattle. True, he sorta does have someplace else to stay, even if its not exactly nice. Or legal. Or really much else. "Just tell the girl… you know what, never mind. She knows already… hope she does good." He pauses and then as the General is busy with other people, especially with Marcus dropping in like that, Micah sneakysneaksneaks away, heading for the door.

"Supplies?" she blinks, "Oh no.. I don't think any supplies in the world could assist in generating a white hole.. It's just a matter of control.. all that stuff." she speaks about this rather casually though doesn't seem too terribly incriminating, to people who don't have any inkling of the situation. "I have to do some learning very very quickly. Otherwise, it'll take 1024 years to correct itself naturally." she starts to get distracted from the thumping, arching a brow and looking around, "What IS.. that?" she blinks as Marcus appears out of the ceiling and start using is power to stay afloat. "Marcus! What are you doing? Are you trying to get yourself killed? Give these people a heart attack? Things are a little aggravated right now with Micah, Leon and the other people that were brought in. This woman was just placed under arrest for being anti-mutant. You should get down here.."

Marcus glances up at everyone and says, "Sorry… I just don't travel the way most people do… one moment." He considers the ceiling he's standing on and the floor, and performs something like a back-flip, except he twists to land safely on the floor next to Kera. "Ahh, much better." He glances at Raikov and then to the military folks. "Well, at least they're not pointing guns at me." He raises a hand to brush at the bandage on his right arm. "Just came to find some new bandages and stuff for my arm."

Leon just shakes his head at first. "Headache… is… back…" His hands raise up to massage his temples gently before looking at his friend, "Come on Jason, I'm going to find a doctor." and he and his Soldier escort start moving towards one of the exam rooms in hopes of finding his particular Doctor. Any will do though.

The General nods to the demon. "Well do be careful, and thank you again." He waves the creature off and turns back to Kera. He and his first officer know that a mutant caused the initial disturbance and now suspect the girl, since she seems to know all about everything. "A white hole? Are you sure that is safe?" He is not too well versed in astrophysics. He quirks a brow and shakes his head as Kera describes the arrest. "She was arrested for refusing to treat someone in need in a time of crisis. Basically I removed her before she caused an incident. And she'll be free to practice in the prison, she'll be released once order is restored, though I hope she does not return here."

The man next to Raikov looks a bit unpleasantly at Marcus as he falls from the ceiling, reaching to his waist for a weapon. Raikov holds out a hand to stop him and shakes his head. "Yes, please try not to make a scene, either of you. The front door works fine." He motions to the door. "And new supplies have just arrived if you need something. Unfortunately you'll need to wait in line like everyone else, however. Especially if it is not an emergency." He glances at Kera, "But someone may have some extra supplies for you should you need them." He watches Leon walk off and waves to him. "Keep me posted, and let me know if you need anything."

Davian moves through the crowd, he finds a small freezer that holds some blood, in the corner of the area, he looks around and see everbody is looking at the hanging mutant and the General so he opens it and grabs a few bags for himself. he rips one open and starts to glup down the blood in the bag making a mess of it and leting it run down hia face and clothing. Davian don't mind and throws the empty bag to the ground as he rips open another one and slurps it down too.

"Oh, I can assure you that it most certainly is NOT safe by any means. You see.." she sighs softly, about to recall something she explained the other night. "Another black hole would only intensify the existing problem. The opposite of a black hole would be a white hole. I gave Leon the explanation, where did he go?" She looks around for where Leon went, "Well anyway, theatrically it is the time reversal of a black hole. While a black hole acts as a vacuum, drawing in any matter that crosses the event horizon, a white hole acts as a source that ejects matter from its event horizon. The sign of the acceleration is invariant under time reversal, so both black and white holes attract matter. The only potential difference between them is in the behavior at the horizon. Black hole event horizons can only "suck up" matter, while white hole horizons ostensibly recede from any incoming matter at the local speed of light, so that the infalling matter never crosses. The infalling matter is then scattered and reemitted at the death of the white hole, receding to infinity after having come close to the final singular point where the white hole is destroyed. So you can see that this is just as dangerous as the former. However, I believe that reversing it at the exact place the black hole was opened, for the exact time and exact size will reverse the geomagnetic storm. Whiiich… wow, I got ahead of myself here.. Um.." she sighs and puts her finger to her head, chewing on her bottom lip.

"What we're dealing with is a regional geomagnetic storm, the likes of which that have never occurred before." she begins, "See, a geomagnetic storm is usually just a temporary disturbance of the Earth's magnetosphere caused by a disturbance in space weather. When a solar wind or some other spatial weather anomaly strikes the earth it modifies the electric currents in the ionosphere. Normal they just last about 24 - 48 hours and aren't this concentrated into one area. But the black-hole bypassed all of the Earth's natural shielding, this was something that should never have happened. The results are… well as you can see, they are pretty drastic. So it'll at least take something as strong as a black hole to even attempt to reverse it, so I theorize that a white hole will push the magnetic field the OTHER way, putting it back the way it was. Only problem is.. creating one." After she explains this, she gives a sigh of relief, "Whew.. now.." she turns to Marcus, "What's wrong with your arm? What do you do?" she asks, reaching to take his arm.

Marcus glances at the General and says, "Yeah, but problem with walking about this city on street level and being a mutant… people tend to try and make you dead, sometimes even if you aren't a mutant. Rooftops and flying are so much safer… if a little grungier…" He glances at his dust covered skin and then as Kera takes his arm he just says, "I got shot not too long ago. It's still healing. I'm good and fast, but I can't totally outrun or dodge bullets." He then smiles, "You look great though, Kera, better than I do for sure." He grins although he looks back up and around the room.

It's at this point that the escort that was following Leon emerges from exam room #4 and calls out, "I need some help in here! He collapsed!" Two nurses that look like they haven't gotten a chance to stop for a break for a few days now rush towards the room while another grabs the crash cart. Plenty of medicines and non-electrical tools in it to help out. Leon is slumped down against the wall in an almost sitting position. The staff take his pulse, count his breathing, and take his blood pressure in rapid series.

A soldier patrolling the back halls stops as he hears something odd. It sounds like…Slurping. He approaches the sound and stops as an empty blood bag is tossed out the door toward his feet. He draws his weapon and slowly rounds the corner, finding Davian there drinking the blood. The look on the soldier's face is one of disgust. "Oh my god, back away from that freezer and keep your hands where I can see them."

The General in he next room seems a bit overwhelmed by Kera's explanation. His face screws up with concentration, but his eyes seem a bit vacant, as though he's attempting to envision something that he has never even heard of before. "Ok…Well the black hole luckily did not destroy the world, what about this 'white hole'? Should we evacuate the city?" He glances at Marcus and nods. "Ok, you have a point, but I've got this block pretty well sealed. Try to enter through the door next time. If nothing else the dust you brought in could be a health risk here.

At that moment it seems that a few things go wrong. Leon seems to have collapsed, and just as Raikov is about to go toward him he hears shouting. One of his officers is yelling for someone to freeze? He stops and points two more of his men to investigate the medical room.

Davian turns and growls at the guard at the door his lips are cover in blood as he drips from the corners of his mouth. "don't you know it's rude to bother somebody when he's eating?" looks for away to get out, seeing no other way he throws a half empty bag of blood at the soldier in hopes to distract him and make a grab for solider weapon.

"Shot? Marcus.. Did you get the bullet out? Is it bleeding still?" she sighs, a little exhausted already, and now further worry is placed upon her. "Hey, Ryan? Can you go get me some of the supplies we brought? Just a bandage and some gauzes and stuff.." she starts to undo the bandages that Marcus has in place currently to get a look at his wound. "You should stop flying around, using your powers and stuff like that. At least show some discretion.." she looks around and lowers her voice a little, "Get a costume?" It is then that chaos seems to break out in the hospital, the girl looking up, hearing someone shout freeze and then that Leon has collapsed.

"Oh, sir?" she calls over to Raikov while she tends to Marcus, "I theorize that the white hole will need to be placed in the exact place the black hole was. I would recommend that the park be totally cleared, BIG radius.. But like I said, the black hole is something.. of a fluke. Or at least beyond the scope of control of what is currently possible. A white hole is in the same boat."

Marcus nods and says, "Got the bullet out and tried to clean it, but I'm no doctor." That much is obvious as there is redness and such when the bandages are pulled away, it's healing, but not as much as it should be. But that's no never mind when he heads the yells of panic and such, glancing up and sighs, "What now?"

The nurses finally back off a little from Leon. He is awake and looking around with a very confused and painful look on his face. "Ow." is all he says at first. He's moved to the exam table and told to lay there for the time being while he's being asked several questions, "I have a concussion…" is all he can really get out. It seems to help though and soon they are all working on a plan of treatment which includes an icepack to the head and not moving around.

The soldier is apparently a novice, and quails backward as the bloody bag is thrown at him. "That's disgusting!" The soldier manages to not let Davian get the gun, but he does drop it on the ground. The two other soldiers appear with guns drawn. These two appear to be much higher rank than the one soldier, and they quickly survey the scene before speaking. "Keep your hands where I can see them."

The General nods to Kera and Marcus as he passes them by, letting them know he heard what they said as he approaches the blood room. He passes by Leon's room as he goes, glancing quickly and seeing that he is conscious again before continuing on. The General stops before reaching the room, watching from the sidelines with his hand on his weapon in case something goes wrong.

"That is because you have an open wound. An open bullet wound.." she frowns as she gets a look at it. Taking advantage of the chaos going on around, Kera brings herself up much closer to Marcus so that she can cover his wound with her whole palm. "This is going to hurt, but just.. try not to scream okay? Bite your lip or something to cover it up.." she tells him. She creates the smallest of quasars just above her palm, a series of stars swirling, no larger than a marble, but enough energy to start sending powerful millimeter microwaves against his wound, which the short burst would become enough to effectivly cook and cauterize his wound.

Davian grins and notices the gun at his feet and he kicks it up into his hands faster then your eyes can see, he cocks it and places the barrel of it at the solider head. "Now now gentlemen, make one move and I blow this man brains right out, so move out of the way and let me by or he will get it."

Marcus frowns, asking, "What are you…" He bites his lip as soon as he feels the pain from the cooking. “Kera… it's not nice to cook your friends… even if you are trying to help. "Please explain next time, Kera." He looks at the now-cooked and cauterized wound, shaking his head, "Sealed now, but probably still need a shot for the infection if there is any." And when Marcus hears the words from Davian, he moves, probably taking Kera with him so he can see into the room, frowning, "Oh damn it."

And once more… there is yelling from the room Leon is in. Soon though people are backing up out of the doorway trying to keep him from moving. He has the ice pack to his head and is moving slowly but is wanting to know what all the ruckus is about. "Stop fussing and let me through!" he says firmly to the people in front of him. They decide to move on to patients who want their help and the cat boy is left only to contend with his escort… who he promptly ignores. "What is going on back here…" guns. Why are there guns? Oh boy.

The soldier with the gun to his head is frozen, completely motionless for a moment. The two soldiers hesitate but keep their guns on the man. General Raikov steps around the corner, looking slightly tense. "What do you think you are doing? This is a hospital. This is a crisis situation. Why would you steal…Blood in such a place at such a time?" He shakes his head and thinks for a second. "I cannot allow you to take that gun with you. Think about it. We all know what you look like. I could have every soldier in the city looking for you within the day. That's assuming you got out of here alive if you were to harm one of my men." He steps forward a bit. "Right now, I can only assume you stole, not murdered. That is a considerably lesser offence." He nods to the threatened soldier, letting him know everything will be ok. "In short, I will not allow someone who would use a gun for personal gain take military weaponry out onto the street. If you harm him, you are dead." Would the general really sacrifice one of his men to catch a thief? Probably not. But he'll try reasoning with this man first.

"Sometimes, there isn't time to explain." she tells him, "I did warn you." she mentions to him, sounding rather casual about it, removing her hand. She too catches the threat given by Davian, whipping her head over to where it came from, turning to face him and the hostage soldier. "Marcus.." she whispers, "This would be one of those times.. Don't want anyone hurt. Can you.. get it? And then close your eyes?" whispering back at him, Kera has her hand held behind her back, the quasar still present, and above her palm, a pulse of light already starts to form where Marcus can see. She looks to make sure everyone else is looking at the gun toting maniac. With all of her power over the cosmos, she finds herself becoming a one trick pony when it comes to doing things. This trick, Marcus has been witness to before.

Davian growls and bares his fangs to the General. " do you think your pitiful solders could find me? look around, this city is in darkness and I'm betting your flashlights won't work but unlike you I can see in darkness, you don't know what it's like having to survive." he waves his free hand at the freezer of blood. "On that. being a freak, No you don't having your own family trying to kill you for your needs." He keeps the gun on the solider he leans his head close to the solider neck and gives it a lick. "He smells so good too It's hard to not take a little nibble.

Marcus studies the situation for a moment, glancing at Kera's pulse of light as he nods in understanding as he studies the man for a moment and then when his attention is on the soldier, the vampire will find the gun is abruptly twice as heavy as it was before and being pulled towards the ceiling, possibly ripping it right out of his hand but if not that, pulling the vampire with it… either way, Davian will likely loose something, the soldier or the gun.

At the same time that Marcus uses his power, Kera lets the pulse of light fly. If Davian can see in the dark, just how does he handle the light? What zooms at Davian looks like a baseball made of a white light. It doesn't hit him, in-fact it strikes the wall next to him and bursts into an overwhelmingly bright ball of concentrated light that easily fills the hospital room, overloading the olfactory senses of anyone that doesn't properly shield their eyes. A blinding flash of light.

Leon shielded his eyes from the light burst. He moves towards the vampire mutant now though slowly. Irregardless of objections or potential dangers he advances and begins turning the trigger of the gun to something that falls apart. The catboy stops when he is close enough to touch the held soldier and says clearly, "Just leave the gun and come with me to the exit. Then leave in peace. If you must attack somebody, attack somebody who isn't trying to help and protect others." He holds out his hand, "Come on."

As the light explodes, the men are blinded and fall back covering their eyes. They rub their eyes and quickly regain their positions, pointing their guns blindly in front of them. "Don't move or I'll shoot!" The men can't exactly see, but they're still aiming in Davian's general direction. The General reaches out to where the held soldier was and pulls him toward himself and away from danger, shaking his head to clear the stars.

Davian gasp as the gun is pulls to the celling and the trigger is vaper, he blinks but can't see anything so he's traped, he hears somebody infront of him but doesn't move.

Marcus closes his eyes and stays near Kera until he's sure he can look again, as he flings the gun away from Davian, making sure he can't get at it. He just stays there, watching to see what happens… and to keep Kera out of trouble.

Kera knows just how her light pulses work, and she knows when it is safe to look again. She also knows that the trick is not to look in the general direction of the explosion. So when it clears, she has a firm look on Davian and she reaches back to touch Marcus' arm. "Okay, now use it on him. I dunno how long he'd stay blind so.. just hold him." she whispers.

Leon reaches out closer to Davian, his hand closing around Davian's right forearm. "It's alright. I won't hurt you. Come with me and just… don't do anything that will provoke anybody. You can leave in peace if you just come with me." He gently urges the man to come by tugging on his arm a little.

As the stars fade from the General's eyes he turns to face Davian, expecting him to have escaped. He assumes that the light was caused by the man and is confused when he sees that was not the case. Raikov sees the gun on the floor and nods to his men. "He is unarmed. Take him to the detention facility." One of the men moves forward, producing a pair of handcuffs. Raikov puts a hand on Leon's shoulder, "No, we have it under control. Thank you for trying to diffuse the situation, but I believe you need to rest."

Raikov turns the held soldier around and gently shakes him by the shoulders. "You alright?" The man nods. "Try to hold your weapons better, will you?" He shakes his head and turns back to the crowd. "I don't want to know who did that, but thank you." He surveys the scene. "Is anyone injured?" He smirks slightly. "Is anyone further injured than they were a few moments ago?"

Davian is handcuffed and starts to be lead off, he looks at Leon as he is walking with sad eyes like he's saying thanks for trying.

"Never mind!" Kera chimes to Marcus, beaming a bright smile as she sees the situation is handled by the General. She sighs softly and does the Pantene thing again, the girl is suddenly joined by the hunky guys who came in with her and ironically sought shelter when stuff went down. "Kera, are you okay? You didn't get hurt did you?"

"Can I get you anything?" another asks,
"Want us to carry you home?" chimes another,
"Dude.. what? That—that was the lamest pickup line ever!"

"No, I'm alright guys, thank you for your help in carrying the supplies. I'm REALLY grateful. Might have to start back for the estate. Early day tomorrow you know." she beams, preparing to head out. The girl seems rather ignorant to the 'puppy dogs' she has trailing her right now. Mistaking their hormonal devotion for true charity. She pauses, looking over and staring at the general. "It's totally uncanny. He reminds me of daddy somehow, but totally not like him at all. Weird.. daddy has glasses anyhow." she shrugs.

Leon reaches out and grabs the general by the upper arm, claws starting to extend my reflex. The action would have probably carried more weight had he not ended up resting some of his weight on the general for support but he goes ahead and protests anyways.

"General, I demand you release that man at once. He's scared and confused and we obviously couldn't have used the blood anyways since we have no way or keeping it preserved and or typing and crossing any newly donated blood. If he needed blood so bad he would risk being caught obviously he was doing the honorable thing by coming here rather than getting it from an easy source: Somebody off the street! We're all under a lot of pressure and mutants are taking a lot more of it than most others. Please don't confuse not knowing what else to do with trying to break the law." Leon's escort you ask? Where is he? Well since Leon's being all weird he's busy flirting with one of the nurses while she works on somebody's knee.

One of the men stops as Leon grabs Raikov's arm, but the General for him to continue escorting Davian away. The General looks back at Leon. "No, my friend. He is not being arrested for stealing blood, he is being arrested for threatening a man's life." He sighs and shakes his head. "Believe me, I understand how difficult it is for you mutants, but allowing someone as unstable as him to wander the streets will just lead more human civilians to believe that you are dangerous as a people." He smiles softly at Leon. "I will not allow him to be harmed, and we will figure something out for him. Now you need to rest. I believe I heard that you have a concussion?"

"We are Dangerous General." Leon states in sharp words, "Not because of our abilities though. We're dangerous because we're human. To be clear though, if you really understood how difficult it is for mutants then you might realize what it must have felt like for one of use to have a gun pointed at us by one of the people that's supposed to be protecting us. He did exactly what anybody would have done in 'our' position. We tend to be targets for people who aren't mutated and if you think it would make sense for him to trust that man to not pull the trigger out of spite you are a bloody fool." … His eyes glance at the man who was covered in blood when he caught Davian, "No pun intended."

Speak of the devil.. A rather tall, fit, blond man with glasses comes jogging into the hospital, "Kera?! Kera are you here? Are you alright?!" he calls out with worry. He sees her standing there, surrounded by the guys she left the house with and eyes the lot of them, adjusting his glasses and heading over to the girl.

"Daddy? What are you doing here?" Kera blinks a little confused.

"I thought you might need some help? I am a geneticist after all, perhaps a hospital is the best place for me right now." he nods sagely. His real reason being that his naive daughter is all alone, with 4 guys that are obviously following her because.. well she is naive and a knock-out. "What's happening here?" he eyes the situation.

Raikov frowns at Leon. "Leon, what would you have done if you happened upon someone drinking human blood? I know I would panic." He shakes his head and sighs. "And it is not I who thinks mutants are dangerous, it is the general public. I seem to recall reading a news article about people being drained of blood. Know anyone else who can do that?" He shakes his head. "Like I said, we're not going to hurt him. But this way we can be sure he won't hurt other people." The General steps away from Leon to look at the room, "Besides, he even said that he wanted to drink the blood of my soldier. That man is dangerous. Had my soldier not drawn his gun he would probably be dead right now." He turns as the geneticist enters the hospital and looks to Leon once more. "If it makes you feel better I can arrange for you to visit with him regularly so that you can be assured that he is being treated fairly. Now if you'll excuse me." He starts toward Kera's father. "If you have medical training I'm sure they will be glad to take you. Most of the top nurses are quite busy at the moment, I'm afraid."

Davian stays quiet as he is being lead away he keeps his eyes on the floor for now, the blood he has from the bag has lower his thirst for now so he's no danger from anybody.

Leon sighs and shakes his head, "Don't bother. At the rate you're throwing people in Prison and suspending civil liberties I'm sure I'll be in Jail with him soon, along with everybody else you come across." He places the ice pack to his head again and moves towards the exit, flagging down his escort on the way, "Come on. I'm leaving and if you want to keep up you'd better hurry." The escort leaves his new lady friend, phone number safely tucked away for the day when the power is back on, and starts to follow Leo with complete ignorance about the argument Leon was having with the general.

The man becomes uneasy as Raikov put him on the spot right there. His intentions being something other than what he just spoke of. He adjusts his glasses again, "Er.. yes. I should.. speak with the medical staff.. about this matter. Kera, are you staying to keep daddy company? You can be my assistant like in the lab again. Your friends can go on home. Or stay, I'd love the chance to talk with them and get to know them." he eyes the group of guys rather sternly.

"Nope! Sorry daddy! We're pretty tired, and we have to get up kinda early so.. we're all gonna head back and get to bed. But it's really nice you're helping out, I'm so proud! I'll see you later at home, k?" the girl leans in, kissing her father on the cheek and heading out, "Bye daddy!" she waves, the group of guys in tow. She pauses for a moment at the door, looking at her father, then looking at the General with a contemplative look, "Huh.." she comments and then leaves. Leaving a worried parent standing there helplessly.

The General turns back to Leon and walks back to him, reaching out to grab his shoulder and stop him. "Leon, in case you didn't notice we're in a state of crisis. I am burdened with the task of making decisions for the betterment of the majority. I am not your enemy, Leon. I had that woman taken away so that she could not influence the staff in such a way to cause mutants to be neglected. And I had that man arrested because he is a significant threat to the people of this city. If you don't believe me, go to the pier and count the bodies with bite wounds on their necks, I've heard there are quite a few. Now we've got this man who drinks human blood. What am I supposed to do, Leon?" He shakes his head. "What would YOU do, Leon? What would you do if innocent people were dieing and the man who was harming them showed up in front of you and threatened your friends? Would you let him go? Would you release him out onto the street to hurt more people? Think about it, and take care of yourself." He turns and walks back to the geneticist. He notices the exchange and looks between Kera and her father. He smiles and holds up a hand in a 'please go' sort of fashion, allowing the man to rescue his daughter.

Leon leaves now. Unhappy. Unhealthy. And annoyed at the jackass escort he is who is currently smarting off at him for irritating the general.

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