Time/Space Manipulation

Time/Space Manipulation also known as Reality Bending, Reality Warping, Realization, Canonization, Thought Projection or (more colloquially) Projection, is the superhuman power to change what is currently true about reality, even to the point of the normally impossible occurring. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. These include:

  • Vocifery, also known as Command is the amazing ability to speak nearly anything into existence. Almost any event or being the user of this ability speaks will come true instantly. The only hitch is that no vocifer, except God, can ever speak death, devastation, destruction or defeat on any foe or subject, thanks to the words of the first vocifer.
  • Mentifery, known also as Imagining, is the marvelous superhuman ability to think nearly anything into existence. Nearly any desire or wish of the user can be fulfilled at the simple thought of it, and can be changed, rearranged or deleted by the user's imagination.
  • Pathifery, known also as Wishing, is the powerful superhuman ability to "feel" nearly any occurrence into existence. One with this ability can induce occurrences and abilities based on emotions, simply wanting something badly enough.
  • Deus Ex Machina, known as another form of Wishing, employs the services of reality-bending entities, which are bound to the user's will; there may any number of these beings (usually only one or two), but they bend to the user's will entirely, by an oath or a debt, to give the user whatever they please.
  • Spheres of Influence are spheres of psionic energy, which are highly malleable to the effects of Vocifery, Mentifery or Pathifery; used to bend reality within a limited space (usually a literal sphere) for various effects; with enough willpower, one could expand the size of the sphere of influence, but by how much varies with the strength of the user's mind.
  • A Plane of Influence is a virtual, map-like projection of a designated area, made of psionic energy (it is highly malleable to the effects of Vocifery, Mentifery or Pathifery); reality is psychically manipulated in proportion to the manipulation or changing of this "map" (even manipulation on a worldwide or universal scale) unless the object or subject is immutable.
  • Reality Flux is the ability to cause reality to change randomly after only activating the power once. After a certain (often random) interval of time, reality would simply change to cause some new occurrence (normally in favor of the user of the ability), until the power is deactivated.
  • Reality Anchoring is the ability to prevent reality from being bent or warped within a certain radius. While this ability can prevent reality from being changed, it can only rarely undo the changes.

Of these ways (except the last) one could change the color of a subject, break a natural law or, as the name implies, bend reality changing the rules of the world into their own. The limit to these powers is usually the will of the user or the fact that God can stop reality from changing if he wishes.

  • If one possesses more than one of these faculties, then it is simply called Time Manipulation. There is no need to be specific.

Note: This power requires an exceptional application, an interview with the staff as well as needing the approval of three (3) staff members.

Character Limit: 1

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