Three Chocolatiers


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Summary: Tyler decides to get some coffee and meets Venadia and Helen.

Date: February 22, 2009

Three Chocolatiers

Rating: G

Chocolatier's Mocha Cafe

Chocolatier's Mocha Cafe. As delicious as it is overpriced. Generally a place where folks hangout, listen to indie music and talk pseudo-intellectual psychobabble, while others sit alone, sipping at a mucho-grande-vente while they poke away at the keyboards of their laptops. The workers are exceptionally kind and 99.9% of the time get the order right. A very calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Sitting at one of the corner tables, Venadia has moved the seat so her back is against the wall. Her laptop in front of her as she type-type-types along. Sipping at some sort of mondo overly chocolated drink that has her happy.

Tyler pushes open the door to the cafe, a folded newspaper resting under one arm and makes his way towards the counter to place his drink order. As he arrives at the counter, he gives his drink order to the person working. He pays for his drink before he turns and looks over the room as he waits for his drink.

Any time anyone walks in Venadia looks up quickly. Those ice blue eyes studying each figure before ducking her head back to whatever work she's doing. Taking large sips of her chocolate drink in between typing rounds, though now and again flicking glances around the room again.

Tyler's eyes fall upon the woman in front of the keyboard for a moment as he waits, looking her over for a moment before he is interrupted by the arrival of his drink. He takes the cup and moves towards a table which coincidentally near the woman's table. As he arrives at the table, he offers the woman a smile as he sets the newspaper down along with his drink.

Venadia's cheeks color the smallest bit under the smile, nodding her head tentatively as the softest, "Hello." Her head ducking down quickly, sending her straight hair down about the sides of her face.

Tyler smiles and sits down at his table, picking up the paper as he makes himself comfortable. He glances back up at the woman and offers her a slight nod. "Hello." He says in return to her before he opens the paper and looks over the front page.

Tappity tappity tappity comes from the woman on her laptop. A long pause as she looks over what she's put on the screen, a slight pause a she furrows her brow before tappity tappity tappity comes again.

Tyler glances up at the woman as the typing is heard before he looks back to the paper as the typing stops. But his attention looks back to her again as she starts to type again. "Mind if I ask what you're typin' up?"

Venadia jumps startledly as she's spoken to. Cheeks coloring into a soft rose color, nibbling on to her bottom lip before murmuring, "Just work… I do research for a living and I Have to put it in some semblance of order."

Tyler smirks slightly as he sees her jump slightly, nodding slightly. "Research? Kinda like what ya had to do in college?" He asks as he takes up the coffee and takes a drink.

Venadia shakes her head, picking up her cup to take another drink of her uber chocolated drink before then saying as she licks a small bit of chocolate off her thumb. "Oh no… I do it as a job. Info gathering from the net. Web sites… book searches… etc."

Tyler raises an eyebrow. "People actually pay you to search the net for stuff?" He asks tilting his head. "Like on Google? Why can't they do that themselves? No offense."

Venadia smiles a bit and since, "I put it in a logical order and put it in a format they need, sometimes take info from the sites and put it in reports."

Tyler chuckles and shakes his head. "That sounds like that the people that hire you are lazy and don't want to do it themselves, but at least you can take advantage of that and make a living. Good on you." He says, raising his coffee cup towards her.

Venadia blushes softly and shrugs her shoulders, "I cost less than making their own research and development department."

Tyler laughs softly and nods. "Well, that's a good point. At least you can make a killin' off it." He says with a smirk before he sets the coffee cup and newspaper on the table. He moves to a chair that is closer to her and leans towards her, offering a hand. "I'm Tyler."

Venadia glances to the hand and then back to the man before very shyly taking the hand, "Venadia…" Giving a small hint of a smile though she does blush deeply.

Tyler smiles and holds her hand for a moment before he releases it. "Nice to meet you." He says as he retracts his hand and picks up his coffee cup again. "So, how much do you charge these guys?"

Venadia blushes at the holding of her hand. Pulling it quickly to her lap, ducking her head down to keep the blush from showing as much or so she thinks. "It all depends on how much they want me to do."

Tyler nods his head as he looks at her. "Well, that's nice. You get to make your own prices. You like your job then aside from the casual distractions from random guys in little coffee shops.

Venadia's lips quirk faintly, glancing to him out of the corner of her eyes before then nodding, "I do.. I.. I normally don't work outside but it's one of those none rainy days I.. I thought I"d take advantage of it."

Tyler nods. "Yeah, that's true. It is a good day out today. Rare around here." He says with a chuckle, looking out a nearby window for a moment before he looks back at her. "You and I had the same idea then. I came out to enjoy the day."

Venadia smiles a small bit and glances out the window briefly before then glancing to your reflection in the window, blushing softly when she looks down quickly once more, "What do you do?"

Tyler shrugs his shoulders slightly as he sets the cup of coffee down on the table. "Nothing at the moment. I had gotten out of the Army not too long ago, so I'm pretty much living off that and the inheritance from my mother while I'm looking for another job."

Venadia mmmm's softly, seeming to think a long moment before asking, "What sorts of work?" Starting to tap again on the computer, though the key strokes aren't quite as quick this time.

Tyler sits at a table next to Venadia's table. A newspaper and coffee sitting on the table in front of him. He shrugs his shoulders as he looks at her. "I don't know really. I was infantry, so I don't know how much use I'd be to people now-a-days."

Venadia mmm's softly as she sips from her cocoa, "You might try Burns and Wells Fargo Security. They have a few armed security locations, finding people who have experience is always hard."

Into the cafe walks…a woman in a bright yellow summer sundress. Yes, in the rain. Unextending her bright-pink umbrella, the twenty-something figure of Helen takes a quick glance around the cafe before quickly skipping - yes skipping - over to the line, where she waits, humming to herself.

Tyler nods his head as he offers Venadia a smile. "Hmm… I'll have to look into that. Thanks alo-" He stops in mid-sentence and raises an eyebrow slightly as he watches the other woman enter the cafe and skip - yes skip - to the line. He looks back towards Venadia. "Wow."

Venadia looks to the new comer, she says nothing but bites on to her lower lip. Giving a faint smile at the man's reaction. "Not used to seeing women happy?"

Helen waits in line until its her turn, humming in place, before ordering a double-shot cappuccino mocha, before heading to an empty chair and sitting down.

Tyler shakes his head as he looks back to Helen. "No. Just not use to seeing them skip. At least not in public." He says with a soft chuckle.

Venadia's lips quirk faintly as she looks back down to her typing again, "Apparently she's in a good mood." Her gaze once again flicking back and forth to those coming and going.

Helen sets her umbrella beside the table and sips her mocha, quiet aside from the occasional humming. And tapping of her fingers against the table top.

Tyler nods his head. "Yeah. She must have hit the lottery or something like that. It's the only way that I would be skipping around in public, but that's just me." He says, taking up his cup of coffee and takes a drink.

Venadia's lips quirk and she shrugs a bit, "Perhaps." Pausing to rub at her head. She looks about to say something more when her cellphone goes off. Plucking it out of her pocket she says, 'Hello?" Looking out the window just in time to see a car pull up and her cheeks flush lightly. "Yes… yes I see. No… none of that. Okay I'll be right outside then." Closing it up she tucks the phone into her pocket and then moves to close her laptop and move to stand, "I'm being called back to the house for work on more jobs. … It.. it was nice to meet you Mr. Tyler." Comes the timid comment from her as she gathers her things.

A particularly cheerful song begins to play within the cafe, and the overly-bubbly and unreserved young woman begins doing a little jig to the music in her chair. Unfortunately, she's still holding the coffee in her left hand as she does this, and it spills on Venadia as she goes to leave.

Speaking annoyingly quickly, the woman gushes, "Oh my god I'm so sorry!"

Tyler nods his head and starts to speak before he is cut off by Venadia's cell phone. He takes a drink from his coffee as he waits while the woman is on the phone. He looks back to her after her conversation ends and nods. "It's alright. It was nice to meet you too Venadia." He says, offering the woman a wave when she gets coffee spilled on her. "Oh wow." He says, setting down his cup and picks up some napkins to try to help clean it up.

Venadia blinks a bit as she looks down at her outfit now dripping dark colored coffee. Thankfully she was able to pull her case with her laptop in it away in time. "It… it's alright. it…" Taking the offered napkins as her eyes start to flick from person to person as they all look at her. Her nervousness growing by the second. "Really it.. it's fine… you know to e tapping works just as well as dancing." Struggling to give a reassuring smile, "I.. I should be going my.. my ride is here." Trying to back out.

"Oh dear my I'm so sorry. Here keep taking napkins! I'm sorry about your ride here take this towel." Helen says, grabbing a towel from the coffee shop's counter top, heedless of minor details like what the 'employees' might think, and hands it to Venadia. "Listen I'm so sorry just wait a moment and we can dry this right up!" Boy, is she talking fast.

Tyler watches Helen as she goes about getting napkins and towels for Venadia to take home as consolation prizes. "It'll be alright. I'm sure it's nothing that a run through the washer and dryer can't get out."

Venadia's hands wave, "Really it's okay… really." Blushing deeply and then nodding in silent agreement with Tyler… "Exactly.. if.. if you'll excuse me." Moving if Helen lets her towards the door just as the driver of the car outside honks again.

Helen moves aside to let Venadia towards the door, almost bouncing back and forth in place, somehow managing to look nervous and upset and happy at the same time.

Tyler gives Venadia another wave as she leaves before she looks to Helen. "Don't worry about it. Things like this happen all the time." He says before he heads back towards his table.

Helen goes to clean up her coffee off of the floor, glancing towards Tyler all the while. "So, nice day isn't it? Aside from the rain, of course."

Tyler sits back down at his table, looking back towards the woman as she speaks. "Yeah. It's a pretty nice day out, though the rain is what gives Seattle it's charm." He says before he takes up his coffee.

"It would be much nicer if the sun was more visible, of course…but you can't have everything, so no sense looking a gift….ray in the mouth, I guess." She glances towards the window. "Aw man. I guess dusk is coming soon. Rats."

Tyler raises an eyebrow slightly as he looks Helen over for a moment. "I take it you don't like the dark?" He asks after a moment or so, taking a drink from the cup in his hand before he sets it back down on the coffee table.

"Its a bit of a downer, if you know what I mean." Helen states. "The twilight itself isn't so bad though, a bit pretty." She's not talking quite as fast now, either. "Besides, I work at night."

Tyler nods his head. "That's cool. When I did work, I liked the night shift better than the day shift. It's a lot less stressful and you have a lot of time to yourself." He says with a chuckle. "What do you do?"

Helen finishes cleaning up the spill, and gets a lid for her coffee. "I'm a psychotherapist." she explains. "I used to work mostly during the day, but…something came up, so I only schedule during the night now. Easier, but less business."

Tyler nods his head. "Wow. Must be nice business, I mean when you get business. I'm sure a lot of people want to see you during the day, but doing so at night might help with those whose work would otherwise interfere."

Helen nods in response. "That is true, yes. That's mostly the business I've been getting, and the odd patient who doesn't care what time it is." She glances towards the window. "If you'll pardon me, I need to be going before night falls. I wouldn't be caught dead in this outfit in half an hour."

Tyler nods his head as he smiles to the woman. "No problem. It was nice to meet you." He says, offering a wave. "I'm Tyler by the way."

"Helen." the woman replies simply. "Nice to meet you Tyler." And with that she heads off.

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