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MutantMUSH is home to those who possess supernatural powers of various types. There are some who are able to walk through walls, can teleport, can create and control the very elements themselves. The appearance of these new subspecies has come into the public awareness very recently, but is unknown just how long they have been around. The public opinion varies from acceptance to down right hate.

Anti-Mutant protest and hate groups have started to surface and have started to become more evident throughout the country. With the growth of these powers, law enforcement is at a loss for a way to control the threats that they bring. It is a constant battle to keep up with the growing threat that constantly seems to grow with each passing day. The constant struggle to keep law and order in the city. Protests, rallies and hate crimes have started to appear throughout the city as more and more mutants are revealed. The law enforcement has been forced to create the Mutant Task Force (MTF) in hopes to battle these recent string of Mutant related incidents.

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