The Oracle At Patty O'Beef's


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Summary: Venadia and Jacob interact, misunderstandings and a fearful retreat ensue.

Date: February 17, 2009

The Oracle at Paddy O'Beef's

Rating: G

Patty O'Beef's

Deep green carpeting and tables mesh with dark wood furniture and accessories. While the restaurant does have a bar, it's much like the traditional 'family' restaurant. All of the tables are large enough to seat at least four, as are the booths. The bar area itself is well-staffed. The lighting is nice, but not overbearing, being muted by the conical globes around each light.

The music over the speakers comes from a top of the pops radio station, interspersed with ads for the restaurant itself. The place itself has a menu designed to be something for everyone.

It's late evening and Venadia is sitting in one of the far back boothes. One foot tucking under her as she looks to be reading from a large book in front of her. Sipping on a soda while she says nothing to anyone, seeming to keep her back pressed up against the booth.

Perhaps a prophecy already told her about him, but here he comes for the first time. Jacob, encoated with a trench, walks into the family restaurant late into the night, more into the bar hours. He foregoes sitting at a table, and goes to the back of the restaurant, sitting at the bar nearby some booths. He removes the trenchcoat and places it onto the stool next to him before climbing onto his and taking a seat. A waitress brings him his menu.

Fortunately for the challenge, prophecies dont work that way. So she merely glances over shyly as he sits down and then looks to the waitress, "More soda please." Before then turning the page in her book, her cheeks coloring as she glances over at you and then looks away again.

The waitress comes by Jacob after taking Venadia's order, offering him a "Be right with ya hun," to which Jacob rolls his eyes behind her back. She comes back around with a refill for Venadia, then returns to the bar to see Jacob, who hands her the menu as he says, "French onion in a bowl." She takes the menu, giving him a weird look for some reason before heading off.

The woman at the booth peeks up faintly, tilting her head to one side and looking to Jacob a bit curiously before murmuring softly. "Baby reds are better." Her voice just a small whisper.

Jacob looks sidelong to Venadia as she speaks to him. In response, he rests his elbows on the counter and places his forehead in his adjoined hands to prop it up. He speaks to her now, his London accent coming through, "Sometimes it innit 'bout wha's betta, sometimes y'jus' wan' french onion in a bowl swee'eart."

Venadia's cheeks turn the softest rose in color, brshing her hair back lightly tucking it behind one ear as she flicks a glance to you faintly. Seeming to think a moment before asking in a soft voice, "Wales?

"Y'd say 'welsh'," Jacob correct compulsively before adding a shake of his head and a, "No, London." The waitress brings him water, before looking over towards Venadia, then returning to her business. Once Jacob's had a sip of water, he looks back to Venadia and asks, "American?" It may seem cruel to tease after just meeting her, but the way he works: this is how he gets to know people.

Venadia's lips quirk and she says softly, "Was actually trying to place which province, not the nationality." Her cheeks coloring lightly as her head drops down again, her hair sliding back down over the side of her face as she seems togo back to her reading.

"Ah, pardon," Jacob compulsive corrects himself, "Bromley Province, in the souf." Jacob takes his water into his hand and holds it for a moment before drinking it. "What're you readin' there?" Classic Jacob to skip by an introduction and head straight for understanding more about the way someone works.

Venadia says nothing for a moment, whether ignoring you or whatever it's hard to figure out before she murmurs, "Ancient History and Mythos of Greece."

"An' which one are you swee'eart?" Being the second time Jacob's used the word, it's likely more obvious he considers it a term you use on anyone pretty. The waitress returns now with his soup, places it down in front of him, and passes towards Venadia to check if she needs another refill. Jacob ignores the soup politely until she answers the question.

Venadia's cheeks color softly ass she glances back to ou from through her hair, "Which one am I what?" Not seeming to understand the question, shaking her head to the waitress and then loking back at you as she brings the cup to her lips slowly, letting the fizzing liquid bubble across her lips.

"Mythos of Greece, of course," responds Jacob evenly, sipping more water before lifting up his spoon and dunking the crouton into the soup a few times. "Persephone.. Hestia?" He throws away two guesses before thinning his eyes and waiting for the answer again.

Venadia's lips quirk faintly as she says, "Oracle of Delphi, Apollo." She says in a soft voice before looking back down to her book again, still ignoring the menu with the food on it in front of her.

Venadia has tucked her hair back behind her ear again, her profile still facing the book even as she turns another page in the book. Fingertips slowly brushing along the gold embossed piscturing before turning the wax covering page to recover the picture and start reading again.

A short while later, Jacob is finishing up his soup, and paying for it. He looks over to Venadia again and offers, "Well Oracle. I'm sure I'll see you around…" It doesn't really seem as if she has a choice, Jacob seems to already know the answer, but not via prophecy, of course. He doesn't leave until she has a chance to reply, of course.

Venadia's head snaps up when he calls her Oracle. For some reason a sdden row of fear showing in her eyes. She looks around them for a moment, stands up from the booth and drops down way too much money for the waitress for only having a soda, "Yes I.. I'm sure I will." S he says softly before then hugging her book to her chest and hurrying out.

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