The Not-So-Successful Hunt


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Summary: Davian tries to eat Dax…But doesn't. So Dax and Tay chat for a bit.

Date: March 11, 2009

The Not-So-Successful Hunt

Rating: PG (L)

Abandoned Amusement Park

Darkness seems to prevail here whether night or day as long shadows ebb and twist through the abandoned place. Upon first entry into the park, one is met with a long, chain fence in which the wires had been cut away at some point by someone, and allowing entrance into the place. Past the cut fence lies an old, rundown ticket booth. The ancient wood cracked and chipped in several places as a few stray old ticket stubs litter the ground around it. Some graffiti is tagged on to the booth of various gang symbols and 'decorations' that serve as a warning within the more dangerous motif of the place. The park itself is large and houses many attractions that once a long time ago served as a hot entertainment spot for this part of the city, though now only lies in desolation and ruin.

The ground is littered with various debris as well as some forms of used paraphernalia. A few needles, condoms, used drug bags and trash stain the floor here and there. Within the park are several rotting attractions. An old coaster, once roaring with screams of fright and enjoyment, now lies dead and silent upon its track. A few more rides reside within the park dotting here and there, though all now lie in an eerie quiescence within the abandoned place. For now the empty park seems to be used for other various means of enjoyment, whether it be a quiet place to bring a date for a good rumpage within the funhouse, or for a private spot for drug deals and the like. Sometimes other forms of degradation can be found here, as a few bums have taken up residence within the place for a good squatting spot. Every now and then the place is used for fights to be settled, or a meeting place for more nefarious uses.

Night falls upon the cusp of the silver-slitted, Cheshire smile of the moon. Pools of reflected moonsilver trickle gently on down to the surface of the barren streets within this area as Luna’s light caresses against a sea of asphalt and concrete. Stars shimmer brightly on overhead as their diamond crusted surfaces glisten under a canopy of ebony abyssal skies. Deep colors of vermillion, orange and gold cast soft hues against the backdrop of the eastern heavens. A smooth, swift, cool wind bristles throughout the streets as it chills the flesh and causes goosebumps to rise lightly upon one's skin. The abandoned park lie in a quiet reverie of degradation and a past long gone. The rides here now broken, and unmoving as peeling paint strips off of rusted metal. The hallow sounds of the blowing wing wail like banshees as they offer up what might be heard as long lost cries of kids at play upon the ghostly setting of the atmosphere. A faint fog trickles in from the streets as it lightly coats the area in an eerie silence. Tay can be seen here within as she rests her back up against the outer walls of the funhouse. Her small back propped up against the wall as her knobby knees pull up close to her full chest. The girl's slender arms rest gently around her legs as her head rests upon her arms. Her soft violet and midnight-azure eyes cast on over the area as she quietly watches the grounds of the abandoned place. A delicate vision of pain carefully paints on over her soft features as she seems to shift lightly every now and then and has troubles keeping seated.

A figure ducks into a hole in the fence and starts across the park toward the opposite side. It is a tallish man in a brown bomber jacket and blue jeans. He stops and fishes around in his pocket for a few moments, the man pulls out a cigarette and lighter. He shields his lighter from the wind as he lights up and takes a few puffs, the glow of the flame reflecting off of a pair of sunglasses which he wears even in the twilight. After surveying his surroundings he continues in the direction he is facing. Dax has used this park as a shortcut many times in the past, but has never actually seen anyone in the area. He suspects activity probably picks up after sunset, based on the litter scattered about. He passes near the funhouse and stops, there appears to be a person sitting there. Dax rubs his chin for a moment, calculating the risk of continuing through the area. There is a possibility that the person is some vagrant crazy hobo who would attack him for drug money. Dax is about to turn around when he sees someone else approach and speak to the other. They don't SOUND like drug addicts, but Dax will remain slightly cautious for now. He proceeds forward cautiously, intending to pass them by unless they do something to catch his interest.

Argosy probably shouldn't be here - he told his mom he was going to the library, and he's going to have to watch the time closely to keep from getting in trouble again. But he's come to practice his powers, and this is a good place to do it without being seen. Seeing Taylor there as he comes in, he smiles. "Hey, Taylor - how're you doing?"

Davian is watching from the shadows, he heard a few punks and gang members hang out around here and his thirst is back with a grudge, he looks around and spots somebody near the old fun house and starts to make a move to her but stops and slips back into the shadows when somebody else appears, he mumbles to himself and stay shadowbound for now, he me think it will be wise to get the higher ground so he looks around until he spots two old food stands next to one another and he places his hands on one of the wall and his back on the other and shimmy up it then jumps from the roof of the building up a higher one and sits there watching.

The kid seated against the funhouse continues to shift uncomfortably as that visage of pain seems to fill the contours of her soft face. Her nose scrunches on up a bit as the rest of her face contorts to her uncomfortableness. Eventually the girl goes to stand on up, though very, very carefully and a bit slower then one might need to. She seems in some amount of decent pain for whatever reason, which might make her a bit more subject to her stalker there on top of the roof and peering down upon her like some midnight snack. Davian goes unnoticed for obvious reasons as the man hides himself inside the shadows of night…and Tay ever unknowing of his presence. As Jason makes his way into the park proper, the young teen makes herself a bit more comfortable as she rest her upper back against the wall of the funhouse again though this time uses the wall more so for balance as well as some support. Once Jason is in sight the girl looks on up as warm cobalt and violet mismatched eyes catch the glimmer of his own smile. In return she smiles back as she greets him in a soft tone, "Hey there you. I was wondering what happened to you. I was worried for awhile there that they got you again…" Though her tone is cut short as she spots Dax walking on by. The youth casts a soft gaze on over to him as she lightly tilts her head a bit in his direction in offering of acknowledgement. A polite smile follows on quickly after as perhaps the girl was just as concerned about his presence as he was of hers.

Dax hears something scrambling about in the old food stands behind him. He looks back for a second but doesn't see anything. He shrugs and assumes the sound to have been a raccoon or something. He looks back toward the other two as something that was said catches his attention. Had she mentioned something about someone 'getting him'? He narrows his eyes behind his shades as he returns Tay's nod. "Evnin' miss. And..erm, sir." He nonchalantly tries to stall near them, seeing if they'll say more. He stoops to tie his shoe, unaware of Davian is nearby.

Davian glares from his hiding spot on top of the fun house at the people below, there's to many more he would have to get one of them alone before he's able to have his snack. Looking around he spots a old pinecone laying next to him and he grabs it and toss it as far as he can. The pinecone hits the ground and bounces some making noisy and a small dirt cloud.

Jason (Argosy) seems to be dragged away temporarily by his cell phone going off. The other teen talking on the phone briefly as Tay watches him quietly from behind soft lavender and azuremist mismatched eyes. The girl looks on over at him as he finishes his phone call. Apparently the boy seems to have to leave as she visibly limps on over towards him pressing her back off from the wall of the funhouse to give him a light hug. Whispering a gentle goodnight into his ear she watches as he takes his leave from the park proper. Leaning back against the funhouse wall once more she winces a bit as that visage of pain upon her soft, angelic face crinkles up once more from the brief spike of discomfort. Her colorful gaze lingers there upon Dax once more as he seems to visibly stall to try to listen into the conversation as the other teen takes his leave. Looking on over and up at Dax she offers a faint, though tentative smile as he seems to linger there. Nodding her head on over to him she offers on up a quick though hesitant smile. Indeed there was a certain healthy fear within the recesses of her off-colored eyes. Enough for her to seem to take care in what she does or says. Offering up a simple, polite greeting she speaks quietly to the other there nearby, "Hey there." A pause thereafter as a thoughtful expression crosses on over her face, "You need something? You look…lost, kind of." Though as Tyler makes his way into the area, the girl's eyes widen for a moment as she then furrows her brow and calls on out to him, "Hey! I remember you. Whatever happened that night? You know…a few nights ago with the vans?" The girl goes quiet again as her attention is momentarily drawn on over to the sound of a pinecone hitting the ground. Her head quickly turns in that direction as a moment of brief fear surpasses on over her silky face. The girl shifts a bit as she leans off from the wall of the funhouse and seems to concentrate on over where the sound was made. Seeming to debate something internally, the girl settles back down once more as she leans against the wall, though her attention seems a bit more cautiously attentive then anything else.

Tyler continues to move through the area, making his way to the fun house and everyone else there. He snaps his fingers and a small flame appears above his thumb and uses it to light the cigarette. He opens his hand again and the flame disappears. He exhales the smoke as he hears Tay's voice, nodding a greeting to her. "Hey. Yeah. I remember." He says, moving towards the girl.

Dax frowns as the boy on his cell phone takes his leave. It seems that if these two were indeed speaking of something that may pertain to the disappearing mutants he had read about, he won't have such an easy time getting that information out of them now. Dax notices the girl wince and twitches ever so slightly. He is about to ask her if she will be able to make it home alright when she calls out to Tyler. This place seems to be the place for random people to happen upon each other. Dax perks up again at the girl's words. He would like to stick around and hear what they are saying, but doing so may make him look a little suspicious. If only there were some reason for him to…A sound! Dax pretends to be so much more interested in that sound than he actually is. "Hmmm…Wonder what that was." he mumbles before heading off toward the potential trap. He reaches the spot and looks down, listening the whole time. "A pinecone? Hmmm." He looks up, not seeing any trees nearby, failing to see Tyler's ability in his slightly distracted state.

Davian smiles as he watches one of them moves away from the group, he jumps from building to building to get closer, until he's right over him and watches to see if he can make his move.

Taylor eyes Dax for a moment curiously as he seems to linger for that tad bit longer. Having unanswered her questions the girl furrows her brow just a bit as her gaze lingers upon his taller figure. Though as he goes on over to seek out the mysterious pinecone, the kid remarks quietly in warning on over to him, "You might want to be careful there sir. This park isn’t the safest of places, especially so if you don't know the more common locals around here." Though as he continues on over and off towards the sound the girl gives a light shrug then looks back in time just to see Tyler spark on up his fingers with a gentle glowing orangish, red and yellow flame. The girl smirks lightly though the pain that she seems t o be in is still very hard to hide. Her youthful face contorts just a bit as her body moves with the shrug. Looking back on over and up at Tyler the kid asks him quietly in turn…her tone of voice slipping into more of a whisper as she does so, "What ever happened that night? The night with the vans. I don't…remember much of it." A gentle frown caresses lightly on over her full, supple lips as she casts her gaze downwards somewhat then back on up again into Tyler's eyes. "I wanted to know what happened to the rest of you. Obviously you seemed to get away well enough. What about that other dude?" A moment's pause before she speaks again, "Do you know what's going on with that?"

Tyler shakes his head as he exhales the smoke after taking a drag from the cigarette. "I am not sure what happened to the others, but we managed to get them to retreat, but after that, I don't know what happened. I made my escape after we pushed 'em back."

Dax had heard the girl's warning but simply dismissed it. He's fit enough that he thinks he can shove off a drunken hobo if he needs to. Besides, if anything really serious happened he had a few other tricks up his sleeve. The man stoops over the pinecone and looks back over his shoulder. He shakes his head and picks up the cone, his cigarette hanging out of his mouth as he stands back up. "Bah, like anything'd happen with so many people around." He says it to himself mostly, since he's too far away for them to actually hear him. He frowns and turns back toward the other two. "What a waste. Can't even hear them over here." He tosses the pinecone over his shoulder and up onto the building behind him, contemplating his next move.

Davian grins and moves his head some as the pinecone comes flying at him, hr goes sailing over his shoulder and he moves into pounce mode, he jumps down and tries to land on Dax in hope to stun him and make his meal easy.

Tyler's words cause the girl to slightly nod her head, though that vision of pain there upon her face does no good to hide her currently expressive thoughtfulness. The girl casts the soft gaze of her midnight-blue and violet orbs as she seems to study the ground for a moment intensely as if she might find her answer there on the hard concrete and asphalt. Looking back on up and into Tyler's eyes once more she furrows her brow as she speaks to him again. Her tone softer and muffled by the surrounding wailing of the wind as she speaks again to him. "I was thinking on that…that night with the vans. They, whoever the hell they were, were looking for someone. I'm not sure if it was Jason, the guy that got tazered, but it more so seemed that they were looking for someone else and just so happened upon us." That gentle frown settles upon her full, plush lips again as the soft pink of her tongue lightly slips on out to press upon the muscles of her mouth and delicately moistens them. "What's your name anyways? Mine's Tay…" Though the sudden ruckus from afar seems to draw her attention as she overhears heavy footfalls off on a rooftop and land on the ground. Her brow furrows once more as she exclaims in a slightly louder and curious tone, "What the fuck?" Looking on over in Dax's direction the girl notices that suddenly he's not alone as something, or someone comes flying off the rooftop of the funhouse and sailing right for the other. Quickly the girl digs her right hand into her pocket as she draws out her k-bar just in case whoever it was might come after the rest of them…though honestly she was in no position to start any kind of fight then.

Tyler nods his head. "Yeah. That's what I was thinking too. Which is why I came back here. To try to figure out what the hell was going on." He says, taking a drag from the cigarette in his hand. He exhales the smoke and looks back at the girl as she introduces herself. "I'm Tyler." He says, placing the cigarette between his lips to offer her his hand, noticing the discomfort that she seems to be in. "Are you alri—" He is cut off as she looks in Dax's direction, causing Tyler to follow suit and sees the same scene that she does. "Fuck me. They're back?" He says as he makes his way towards the two, his hands closing into fists and flames erupt from them, giving off a faint glow of light.

Dax, having not heard the pinecone hit anything, half turns to look over his shoulder to see just how hard he had thrown it. He sees something large descending upon him and only manages a yelping sound before he is knocked to the ground on his back, his sunglasses and cigarette bouncing away as he lands. Dax is temporarily confused as he has the wind knocked out of him, but he quickly shakes it off. "What the bloody? Get the fuck off me!" The way he is positioned Dax can't really do much to get up at the moment, but his glasses have been knocked off. He looks up at the assailant with wild eyes; one is a vibrant green, the other is bright blue. All he needs to do is make eye contact…

Davian growls at the person under him and flash's his fangs. "ah all I need is one little bite, it won't hurt." he looks up and sees somebody ruining to him, dang maybe I can get one bite in before he's attack, he bares his fangs again and looks down as Dax to find the vain, oops that was not wise he made eye contact with Dax and is but under his powers and get's confused, he growls and jumps off and makes a mad run for the gate forgetting all about feeding.

Taylor quickly draws up her knife in her right hand as she sees Tyler headed on over towards the other two. The girl starts to slowly limp on over towards where Dax and Davian are though she's not nearly as fast as she'd normally be. Setting her knife blade out the girl eyes widen a bit as a steady amount of fear fills them. If it was the same people that had attacked the previous night before then she'd be shit out of luck as they seemed to come prepared. Though, from the looks of it, this wasn't exactly them…as whoever it was that had attacked ups and leaves just as quick as he came. The girl's brow furrows gently as she makes her way on over towards where Dax is lying down on the ground and facing on upwards…to which when she does appear by the other two, Tyler and Dax…she immediately looks down into Dax's eyes as her motions slowly come to a stop. The girl about to speak slowly lowers her knife as her eyes fixate upon the other's. Her muscles relax a bit as she simply stares for a few moments into those bright blue and emerald eyes. Though with some effort she forces herself to break eye-contact as she shakes her head and looks more to the side and on up at Tyler, "What the fuck was that? Who the hell was that?" Then comes the quick and rather frightened question afterwards, "Don't tell me they're back?" Her off-colored cerulean and violet orbs peering back on over and up at Tyler…and then on down to Dax again as she's caught once more in that long stare and falls quiet again.

Dax takes a moment to catch his breath after Davian takes off. He looks up at the sky, not noticing the other two approaching until they're right there. He unintentionally catches the girl in his delirium a couple of times, but he is so distracted by her heterochromatism that he doesn't think to break eye contact. He shakes his head and looks away from her. "Sorry, didn't mean to do that…" He sits up and reaches for his sunglasses, replacing them before he stands and dusts himself off. "Um…Thanks for coming over, I guess. What was that guy's problem, anyway? Something about a bite?" He scratches the back of his head and tilts his head toward Tyler. Dax could have sworn his hands were glowing a moment ago.

Davian keeps on running, he takes a leap onto one of the building and uses it to push himself up and over the fence, he jumps onto the street below and keeps on running.

Taylor's eyes seem transfixed by Dax's as he lies there on the floor, searching for his sunglasses. The girl's off-colored eyes seem to swirl and glimmer just a bit under the poor lighting of the park. The dim lamp posts barely making out the silhouette of their figures casted against the night long. As you finally put your sunglasses back on the girl shakes her head a bit as she closes her eyes then opens them again and gently wipes the haze out of them. "What the fuck is up with that shit? Your eyes…they're like…mesmerizing or some shit." Though as the perpetrator runs off into the night the girl's gaze falls back upon Dax as she offers her hand on out to him…though from the looks of it she might not be so steady on her feet herself there. That pained vision stretches across her soft features as she winces some slightly then steadies her footing better as she shifts lightly on her feet. "You ok man? Looks like some freak tried to eat you or something. You need me to call the police?" The girl moves her right hand as she quickly pockets the blade again then brings her hand out once more to keep that offer out to you to take it. Looking on over at Tyler seems to bug on out as well, the girl frowns lightly as she shakes her head some, "Need to talk to him more." Muttering so quietly under her breath.

Dax looked at the girls hand but decided that she looks slightly too frail to have used it to get up. He stood and brushed off some before taking her hand in a quick shake. "Erm…Name's Dax. And yeah, sorry. Looking into my eyes directly tends to make people…stop functioning properly I guess." He looks over at Tyler and frowns as he leaves, perhaps there is something he needed to take care of. "And no, don't worry about calling the police. I'll be fine. Maybe if we're lucky he'll run in front of a bus or something." He motions his head in the direction of Damian. He looks back toward the girl. "I take it he's not a friend of yours? Mr. Jumpy McJumperton there?"

Taylor casts her gaze downwards as she seems to realize that her own offer of helping you up was a bit futile at that. Furrowing her brow lightly the girl looks back on over to where Davian ran off to as you ask your question to her. Answering back to you quietly she responds in kind, "Hell, I've never even seen him before. I have no clue who that was. At first I thought it might've been the dudes with the vans, but when they struck that night they seemed far more organized and prepared then that shmuck…whoever the hell it was." Looking back on up at you, now with your sunglasses on she smiles faintly as best as she can with the amount of pain that she's in, "Well alright…probably wouldn't be too good to call the police anyways…being who and what you seem to be." Looking back on over at where Tyler left off to she seems suddenly thoughtful as she shakes her head then comments further, "The man's name was Tyler…the dude with the flaming arms. I wanted to find out what more he knew about whoever attacked the other night, though he seems to know just about as much as I do…which is very little."

Dax nods. "So he DID have flaming arms. I thought I might have been seeing things, what with having some guy pounce on me from the roof-top and all." He looks at the girl for a moment as though trying to decide something before shaking his head. "And yes, I am a mutant…Luckily. Otherwise that thing might have bitten me or something." He waves an arm idly in the direction Damian fled. "You said you were attacked by vans? Here? What did they want? They just randomly showed up here and started attacking people?"

Taylor noddles her head as you acknowledge Tyler's flaming arm trick. "Yeah, that was him. The whole 'flame on' bit. Honestly he's pretty badass…or at least seems to be." Looking back on over briefly where Tyler had left she returns her gaze back on up to you as she offers a light and friendly smile, "The eye trick is cool though…could come in useful I'd imagine." As you mention about being a mutant the girl furrows her brow a bit as she nods her head again, "Then they might be after you too. Who knows…maybe it was you that they came for. In any case…the vans, white vans, came into the park here about a couple of nights ago. No one knows why they did, or who they were, but there were about six men that came out of them and tried to shoot at us with tazer guns. They almost got my friend too though he was lucky enough to escape. The others managed to fight them off though." As you ask more questions about the vans she shakes her head as she answers back quietly, "I don't know where they came from, or why they came. Maybe some government agency or the like, but they were after someone and not necessarily my friends…at least it seemed like they were after someone else and just so happened by us."

Dax ponders Tay's words for a few moments. "Well, I apparently managed to get that guy off me…Granted he also had a half-flaming man running at him. And I certainly hope those men weren't after me. My eye trick doesn't do so well against more than one person." He shakes his head. "I've read some things in the news about disappearing mutants and the like. Perhaps the government is behind it. I wouldn't be surprised. They probably want to study us or something. If they were looking for one mutant and found a bunch more, why wouldn't they try to catch them?"

Taylor shakes her head as she answers back quietly in turn, "I don't know how they knew though about the others. Hell, I don't even know if some of them really were mutants. Tyler I know is…as is painfully obvious. Not like he really hides that fact, heh. As far as the others go though, I don't know. Though…the government is like that it seems. They know about things that most shouldn't or don't want to know about." The girl frowns lightly as she winces some more while she shifts some on her feet to maintain her balance. Looking back on up into your eyes the girl seems a bit relieved by the fact that she isn't nearly almost held helpless and vulnerable by your gaze this time…the covering of the sunglasses seemed to help out with that. As you talk about the news the kid noddles her head again as she replies, "Some really weird things have been going down as of late. I mean…besides the fact of someone going out and trying to eat people…there's the whole missing person reports that have showed up in the news. And I’d bet my money on it some of those were mutants. Whatever the government wants with them is anyone's guess. Though I'm almost sure that it's probably for experiments and the like, like you said."

Dax nods as he takes in everything the girl is saying. "Well, I guess things couldn't stay too quiet too long. The government, or some other authority, was sure to get involved eventually. Luckily you guys were able to hold your own against them this time." He frowns slightly. "I'm sure if they come back they'll be better prepared, though. It might not be so safe around this park anymore. Well, besides that hungry fellow." He nods his head toward Davian's direction again. "I think…" He looks in the direction of his apartment and then back at the girl. She looks slightly frail, but she also came running to him when he was tackled, so Dax assumes that she can probably handle herself if anything comes up. "I think I should be heading home. You'll be ok, right?" He nods and begins heading toward his home. "It was nice to meet you, take care."

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