The Mutant Who Hunts Mutants


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Summary: Eris discovers and appears generally unimpressed by Davian in the abandoned park.

Date: June 3, 2009

The Mutant Who Hunts Mutants

Rating: PG-13

Abandoned Amusement Park

Darkness seems to prevail here whether night or day as long shadows ebb and twist through the abandoned place. Upon first entry into the park, one is met with a long, chain fence in which the wires had been cut away at some point by someone, and allowing entrance into the place. Past the cut fence lies an old, rundown ticket booth. The ancient wood cracked and chipped in several places as a few stray old ticket stubs litter the ground around it. Some graffiti is tagged on to the booth of various gang symbols and 'decorations' that serve as a warning within the more dangerous motif of the place. The park itself is large and houses many attractions that once a long time ago served as a hot entertainment spot for this part of the city, though now only lies in desolation and ruin.

The ground is littered with various debris as well as some forms of used paraphanalia. A few needles, condoms, used drug bags and trash stain the floor here and there. Within the park are several rotting attractions. An old coaster, once roaring with screams of fright and enjoyment, now lies dead and silent upon its track. A few more rides reside within the park dotting here and there, though all now lie in an eerie quiescence within the abandoned place. For now the empty park seems to be used for other various means of enjoyment, whether it be a quiet place to bring a date for a good rumpage within the funhouse, or for a private spot for drug deals and the like. Sometimes other forms of degradation can be found here, as a few bums have taken up residence within the place for a good squatting spot. Every now and then the place is used for fights to be settled, or a meeting place for more nefarious uses.

The night is dark, which is not really all that surprising considering the state of the city. The sound of chaos is easily heard anywhere within the city limits; dogs bark, guns fire, people scream and cry. None of this seems to bother the woman passing through the park right now. She continues on her way despite the apparent violence which sounds to be only a few blocks to the north. Eris stops for a moment to survey the park. Still no signs of mutant activity. She had heard that this was a good place to find her own kind. Perhaps the power outage had changed all of that. The anti-mutant factions have become uncontrollable, it is likely that any mutants left in the city are hiding somewhere.

Davian is glad there's no power in the city, he can go around feeding until he bloated but he don't right now he's near one of the old food booth with his head close to the bum neck.

Eris sighs and continues on her way, dissatisfied with the lack of mutant activity in the city. How could her people let the humans walk all over them like they are? She kicks a can as she takes off again, continuing on her path to the other side of the park. She looks around as she walks, pausing for a moment. Is there someone by that food booth? Looks almost like a shadow within a shadow. She approaches cautiously. “Hey, is there somebody there?” She squints in the darkness. The moon above does not shine light where she is looking, the area is too veiled in shadow.

Davian turns away from the bum, blood is all around his mouth and he let's the dead body fall to the ground and moves deeper into the shadow for you to find the corpse, he looks around and makes a leap from building to building until he reaches the rood and watches you from there.

Eris approaches the shadowed area slowly, seeing the faintest bit of movement before she enters the darkened area. It takes a moment for her eyes to adjust to this area of higher obscurity. Once her eyes have properly adjusted she moves over to the body, nudging it slightly with her foot. “Interesting…” She bends over and touches the corpse’s face. “Well, the body’s still warm, so you must still be around here still…” Eris backs up slightly, looking around her for signs of movement. For being so frail looking, the woman shows no signs of fear after finding the body.

Davian looks down from the roof and watches, he shock your not getting sick at the corpse or calling the cops, so he choose to stick around to see what you do next, he not hungry any more so your safe from getting bite yourself.

The woman walks around the building, checking inside all of the windows. “Well? I know you’re here. Come out already.” She circles the building once more, changing direction halfway around to see if the other person is just circling with her. “If you don’t come out here, I’ll be forced to do something drastic.” She stops and taps her foot on the ground impatiently.

Davian growls lightly from the back of his throat, he jumps off the roof and lands close to were your standing, he smiles showing his fangs. "now now, let's not do anything to hasty."

The woman turns to face Davian. “Ah, there we are. On the roof, were you? “ She looks up to where you were, frowning. “Didn’t think to look there…” She looks back at the man and narrows her eyes? “Not do anything hasty? This coming from the fanged man who just killed the pathetic human?” Eris shrugs. “Right. So why were you hiding from me? Do I look that frightening?” Though the woman looks fragile, she exudes an air of confidence. Something about her smile is almost frightening.

Davian grins. "though you might be a mutant hater, it seem there all over town and rounding us up, but your not dress like them so I don't have to worry and what can one human do? if you try anything i will be on you faster then you can say John Jacob Jingleheimer smith."

The woman shakes her head, leaning to one side. “I am not one of them. And they had best not come after me, if they know what’s good for them.” Eris laughs at Davian’s next comment. “Oh really? One human may not be able to contend with you,” She motions a hand toward the dead man. “But I have yet to come across anyone who could pose a threat to me.” She smirks, “And you are definitely not the first mutant I have met.”

Davian nods. "not mine too, but the last few I ran into didn't go all to well, of course I try to feed from them so it all fair of course I guess."

“You try to feed…From other mutants?” Her eyes narrow. “They are your own people, your own brethren. Why should you attack them if they have done nothing to deserve it?” She looks Davian up and down. “Well, at least it seems they are safe from you for the most part. Luckily the powers that be have not gifted you with anything too powerful if all you have managed to do it ‘attempt’ to feed from your brothers.” There is a look of distaste on Eris’s face.

Davian growls some. "food is food to me, I don't care if there human, mutant or even a space alien from Mars, and how do you know what i can and can't do?"

Eris shakes her head. “To prey on one of your own kind is an offense to our people.” She shrugs. “And I’m not exactly sure what you can do aside from apparently chew on the necks of hobos. But if you have only attempted to feed on mutants then I can assume that you are not powerful enough to overcome any of them.” She shakes her head again, “And the majority of the mutants in this city aren’t terribly powerful it seems.”

Davian shrugs. "like I said I don't giving a flaming turd about our people as you call it, when have anybody ever done some good for me? when they found out what I was my own freaking parents tried to kill me, so I ran and been running ever sense."

“I’m going to assume that your parents are human. That is why they tried to kill you. And if you sought out mutants for assistance rather than sustenance then maybe they would care about you. But it seems to me that you would currently only be viewed as a threat.” Eris steps slightly closer. “I have it on good authority that there are multiple mutant friendly areas within the city. Perhaps even some sort of mutant underground. Though I wonder how many failed meals of yours inhabit those locations.” She looks at the vampire quizzically , “Now the only question is…Do you pose enough of a threat to my people that you should be disposed of?”

Davian laughs. "disposed of me? your joking." he waves her off. "I needed a good laugh i will spare you this time for that, but don't cross my path ever again got it." he turns to walk away.

Eris sighs and shakes her head. “I’m clearly not laughing.” She stomps a foot on the ground. There is a slight tremor before a series of spiked crystals erupt from the ground in front of Davian, blocking his path. “Also, it’s not you who is deciding whether to spare me, it’s me who’s deciding whether or not to spare you.”

Davian steps back when the crystals appear in front of him and he looks around for a way to excape, he runs to faris wheel as fast as he can.

Eris huffs as the man runs off. "Well I suppose I'll let you live, then." She holds out a hand and shatters all of the crystals in front of her. "If I see you again…" she lets it hang there and turns in place, heading out the way she came.

Davian when he reaches the wheel he jumps up and grabs one of the seats that hanging there, and pulls himself up as soon as he standing in the seat he jumps up the next one he keeps doing this until he's close to the top and jumps pass the fence and runs off.

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