The Mutant Hideaway


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Summary: Darius, Corrie, Kera, and Marcus stop by Club Seal to find that Dax is harboring mutants and hoarding emergency supplies within. Darius offers to patch up the wounded and Kera announces that she figured out how to eventually fix the power outage.

Date: June 1, 2009

The Mutant Hideaway

Rating: PG-13

Club Seal - University District

Club Seal is one of the more popular night clubs in the University District. The club is divided into several sections. In the first room there is one massive bar that takes up an entire half of the room. Along the wall opposite from this bar are a few tables and booths for patrons to sit around. There is a stairway to the left which leads up to the second floor. On this floor there is a smaller bar and some pool tables. The room has sound insulation to keep the loud music from the dance floor from interrupting conversations, though there is a door leading to a balcony where you can look down at the dance floor below.

The dance floor itself is a massive room. There is a bar on either end of the room, each adorned with various LED and strobe devices. The middle area is a massive dance floor with a few small raised platforms for dancing. There is a disco-ball and several lasers and fog machines hanging from the ceiling. In the back of the room is a small stairwell leading up to a glass-windowed room that houses the DJ Box. The wall beneath this room is covered in mirrors.

Club Seal is known for its non-judgmental demeanor. It is known to have a mostly-gay clientele, but through efforts of the staff this club has opened up to many other groups of people. This club has come to be known as a safe place for mutants to go, and by looking around one can see that even a few of the staff members are obvious mutants. Though the club still has many gay patrons, it is no longer considered to be a club only for LGBT individuals.

Monday night is College ID night! College students get in free of charge with their University ID. Those under 21 are marked with black X's and those over 21 are given bracelets so that the bartenders know who is legally allowed to be served.

Club Seal is nothing like it was a couple weeks ago. The power outage has left the club dark and silent, but not at all empty. The staff here has been spreading the word that this was a safe place for mutants to hide, and they've gathered a wide variety. The room is lit with a large number of candles looted from a home store down the street, and the back bars are stocked with large amounts of food and medical supplies.

There are several mutants around, with blankets and pillows lining the walls of the dance floor. Some are obvious, some are not. One in particular seems to be able to emit light. She is sitting at a table with three others playing cards. Dax enters the club from a side door, coming down out of his apartment. He approaches a large black creature and begins changing a bandage on its front leg. This is the mutant he helped save the other day.

The door to the club is pushed open with an instant air of arrogance, or perhaps.. he just wanted to make an entrance. "Now, where the hell is the damn liquor? Make a man walk half a day without a drink, now that is blasphemy." Darius pauses, letting the doors swing shut behind him as he looks over the club. "Either this is a nightmare or I just walked into a world of darkness rendition of the X-men. Let me guess.. I just -happened- to stumble onto the one and only mutant hideout in the entirety of Seattle? Bloody luck."

The front door opens and a woman peers inside. She looks a bit banged up with a bruise on her chin starting to form and a few scrapes on her nose that look rather fresh. Her hair hangs down limply at the the sides of her face. Seeing others milling about, she takes a proper step in, pauses briefly as she spots the more obvious mutants in the place, then continues forward. The sight of blankets and pillows scattered about throws her as she grumbles more to herself, though her voice might carry a bit, "I thought this was a club, not a bed and breakfast. If someone tells me I just walked from the outskirts of town after getting thrown from a suddenly dead bike and I'm going to get stuck sucking on warm orange juice instead of vodka, I'm going to start booting heads…"

Black leather creaks as she limps toward what she hopes to be a bar, the clothing perhaps lending creedance to her story, as it seems a bit battered and torn and her one exposed knee appears to be bloody, though it's just likely scraped up. She holds her one hand to her chest, keeping her elbow bent as she looks around. "Is there a bartender in the house?" She's pointedly ignoring what's happening around her, seeming to be of a single mind right now.

Dax jumps up, turning to face the man who made the big entrance. Some of the people near the door seem uncomfortable and turn their heads, as if trying to hide their identities. Dax approaches the man, still holding a bit of bandaging in his hand. Dax is oddly wearing a pair of sunglasses even though the room is so dark. No one in the bar seems to think this is odd, they just watch him as he approaches the newcomer. "Who the fuck do you think you are, barging in here…like…that?" Dax slows down as he approaches the man. He's rather…attractive. "Um…Yeah, and we'd appreciate if it stayed a secret, ya hear?" There is something large and black looming behind Dax, it is the large were-Easter bunny. It blends in so well in the darkness one might not notice if not for the faint green glow of its eyes. Dax turns to face the creature. "It's fine. Go rest, I'll finish bandaging you later." He grabs the creature's arm and inspects it. "It's not bleeding, some air might do it some good."

Dax looks over as the woman enters. "Yeah. If you both want drinks I can spare a bit, but it'll be warm and I haven't much to mix with." He walks over behind the counter, leaving the creature to loom where it was. "You OK, miss? Look a bit beat up. I can spare some medical supplies if you need them. Don't want to get an infection now."

As someone comes in behind him, Darius glances over his shoulder, shifting out of the way just in case something viol tile goes past. "Vodka. Splendid. Excellent choice." Turning back to Dax, he grins lopsided with a cant of his head. "Look, mate- I don't give a flying fuck what you have housed here. I, want a drink. That’s it." Though as the creature's wounded arm is made apparent, he stares- but at the wound, not the creature. "Laceration, might get infected. Clean it out with some alcohol and stitch it up. You'll heal right nice- less you go trying to play bouncer and tear them out." Drink? What? "Vodka- warm is fine. Double shot, if you please. Not that money is much use around here, but what you want for it, eh?"

Looking between the man who came in before her and the one who seems to be in charge, Corrie pauses briefly, arching an eyebrow at the exchange. But she doesn't get involved. Instead, she waits until alcohol is offered. Offering an approving nod toward Darius, she says, "He's right. Vodka's fine warm. That or whiskey will do." Looking around, not realizing at first that her own injuries are being addressed as she asks, "What the hell happened? I've been on the road…" And likely not been reading the news. Then she looks back and shrugs with her free arm, "I'm… I'll be fine. Alcohol will deaden any pain. I'll get washed up at some point to see what's still bleeding… and if this shoulder doesn't sort out, I'll drag my ass to the hospital, assuming it's still taking patients in all this chaos?" She snorts derisively and adds, "If not… well, guess I'm screwed, right? More reason for the vodka. Pour it up." She'll deal with cost later.

"Dook! Dook! Dook!" ducking into the doorway, a ferret wearing a pink on it's head bounces into the club, as if fleeing someone chasing it. And what do you know, someone IS chasing it. About a second later, Kera comes running in after it. "Juli! Come back here! We have to get back, daddy and daddy will ask a thousand questions and we'll never get to bed at a decent house if you don't come back!" the girl whines out after the animal, who seems more content to play chase right now. "Juli!" she calls out and brings her hand up, something akin to a small swirling solar system appears above her fingertips, shedding bright light about the area, giving much more light than is already present. She peers around on the floor, using her illumination. "Juli.. this is not the time, Dax will be so mad if you poop in his corner.."

Dax watches Darius warily. "Not a laceration, a gunshot. And the medic told him to just keep it clean and bandaged and it should be fine." Dax looks at the beast "And he's not gonna be bouncing anybody until the power's back on and that leg's fixed up." The creature mumbles something about being a quick healer and lurks back toward the dance floor where he lays down in a nest of blankets. Dax gets out three glasses and fills two with vodka and one with Jagermeister. He's apparently a heavy drinker. "I'm trying to save the whiskey for people who need stitched up when they get in here. The doc who visits doesn't have any pain killers." He pushes the glasses toward the two of them. "And all I ask in payment is your silence about this place. Neither of you saw anything here. There is no liquor, no supplies, no mutants, got it?" He takes a quick swig of his drink and ducks down behind the counter, grabbing up a few things before resurfacing. "The hospital's open, but it's low on supplies and it's quite a walk from here. Best to take some bandage and ointment with you. As long as this doesn't keep up too long I think we can spare a bit." He pushes the supplies toward the girl. The mutants in the bar watch the exchange warily. Dax doesn't seem too concerned with the two of them, so they're not terribly worried yet.

The mutants all shield their eyes as Kera creates her light. Dax looks over and smiles. "Kera! Good to see ya again. What's that? Your ferret's in he…" He doesn't finish his sentence. It seems that large black scary thing has picked up the ferrets scent and has lunged under a table after it. "HEY! NO! We do NOT eat other people's pets here!"

Marcus pages: Hey, Kera told me to ask for a invite to the scene and what it's about.
You paged Marcus with 'So far, some new folks came into the bar. There's a bunch of mutants hiding out here.'

"I'm sure the hospital is still taking patients. Quicker people die, the more room they can get, anyway. Or something like that. Circle of life." Darius shoves his hands in his pockets, shrugging a shoulder non-chalant at Corrie. "If your up and moving, you'll live." As Kera comes bursting in and through chasing the ferret, he arches an eyebrow. "Uh. Right. Zoo. Check."

"Have better light in here, maybe the medic would be able to do something beyond an associates degree." Darius snorts. At the mention of a visiting doctor, he groans and rolls his eyes. "I'm going to regret this…" He grumbles, before he turns to face Dax, and the group as a whole. "You work by my rules- go in the order I choose, due to severity, and I'll look you all over. First thing is first- more light. A surgeon could cut out a lung aiming for the stomach in this light." And if anyone asks who the hell he is: "Dr. Darius Ross, MD-PhD, and your new Dean of Medicine at the hospital. I'm your doctor's boss." A smile.

Shrugging a bit, Corrie replies, "Vodka's fine. Thanks. Keep the bottle out if you will." She pulls a couple bills out of her pocket — enough to cover at least two bottles — and tosses them on the counter. "And trust me… I'm not here to start shit-disturbing. I just want a bloody drink or fourteen to numb myself. That's all." She takes the vodka and shakes her head as she looks back toward the door to see the ferret and Kera apparently chasing it. Her eyes widen a bit as she sees the effect coming off of Kera's finger, but says nothing. After watching the large were-bunny go after the ferret, she looks at Dax and says, "I hope you've got a bit more vodka…" There's a quick glance toward Darius before she knocks back her vodka and then sets her glass out for more, if it's going to get poured. "I didn't say I was dying, did I? I walked in from the outskirts of town like this… hurts like hell, yes, but…" Yeah, but. She lets her voice trail off as she lets Darius introduces himself. "Bedside manner, much?" she asks with a bit of a smirk.

Marcus walks into the club, holding a partially bandaged and bleeding arm. Looks like he mighta got shot. His eyes pick out several familiar faces, but only one jumps out at him and that'd be Kera… but seeing as how she has her own problems right now, he looks to where the bar is… and ahah! Service… nevermind that he's not 21… he walks up to the bar and calls, "Got a medical kit around anywhere?"

"Pain and injury is always such a wonderful addition to a person's disposition, isn't it?" Darius retorts to Corrie with a rather bored look. "

"No silly, she's a she, not a he." Kera waves to Dax. She too pauses and blinks as someone makes a mad dash for her dear pet. "Juliet!" Kera gasps, hand to her mouth and all. The girl makes a rather impressive move, jumping on the table with one foot, then pushing off with the other and launch in a pretty high arch into the air. She shoulda been a cheerleader, because the flip that she does is downright acrobatic quality, "You leave my Juli alone you big bully!" she seeks to jump on the mutant's back, where she would beat her fists about his head and shoulders like a girl. The launch and the dismount might have been impressive, but the execution of punishment.. not so much. In the process of this however, Kera had dismissed the bright lights she had created.

Dax holds up a finger like he's chastising a child. "Damnit Lucious get away from that ferret or so help me!" The creature backs out from under the table and splays his ears, he glances up at Kera and gently shakes her off before slinking back toward the back of the club. A small boy, no older than seven comes up to Kera, holding a terrified looking ferret. Dax nods and looks back at Darius "We take what we can get, not many doctors are too keen on mutants." His eyes widen slightly, though it can't be seen behind his sunglasses. "A doctor, really?" He waves to Kera and the glowing girl. "Kera, Lydia, I may need your help." He turns and moves toward one of the booths, where there's a young man with a bandaged arm. There's a bit of blood seeping through the bandage still. "This one's new. Got stabbed. And we've got a broken leg over there. Aside from that there are only a few bumps and bruises." He turns back to Corrie. "And you need something done. Get an infection now when you can't get medicine and it could turn septic." And then Marcus enters. "Ah, yeah. We've got some supplies." Dax doesn't recognise him, but if he needs help he's not getting turned away. "Well his wound is fresh, maybe him first?"

“"Pain and injury is always such a wonderful addition to a person's disposition, isn't it?" Darius retorts to Corrie with a rather bored look. "Already regretting…" He mutters, watching Marcus zip on by towards the bar. "Numbing the pain is all well and good, but too much will shut down your body's resistances to the point to where it will be doing more harm than good. Such as… speeding up the heart to spread infection. Even the tiniest one. And in the current condition, your looking at staff infections- possible streppocacus." He tilts his head, watching Corrie. "Would make you look like that poor fellow over there. So take care." And he turns his back to the woman.

As Kera goes jumping on the beast's back, he backs away, back towards the bar, and aims for one of those bottles of vodka- taking a swig from the bottle itself instead of a glass. Its chaos- who cares about propriety? "I honestly don't care if your mutant, human, immortal or a rat. As long as I get my dues. A man has to live. If you give me an interesting enough case, not that mutants aren't interesting in their own right, I may let some freebies slide. We'll talk payment later." He winks at Dax and downs a bit more vodka before he takes the bottle itself as he heads for one of the mentioned patients. "Have the woman clean out her wounds with alochol and she'll be fine." He offers in passing to Dax, about Corrie- but heads towards the most severe indicated for the time being to start his rounds.

Corrie watches a bit of the chaos, shaking her head as a little ferret seems to cause all these issues. Drawing in a deep breath, she realizes that filling her full of vodka is the least of Dax's concerns, so she doesn't even bother asking for more. Instead, she looks over at Darius and arches an eyebrow at him. "Trust me, I've had worse." She rides a motorcycle, so it's entirely possible she's wiped out pretty badly in the past. She rolls her eyes at his back and replies, "Someone's pretty full of themselves. Better watch that this one's head doesn't explode all over your club." Though, who she says this to is uncertain since Dax has already moved off. Shrugging her good shoulder, she turns on her booted heel and begins to stalk across toward the door again, apparently having had her fill already.

Kera drops off to the side of the mutant with a light 'oof', blinking at his sudden change of heart. She holds out her hands, taking the ferret from the child with a big smile, "Oh yay! She's alright! Thank you!" she hugs the animal to her, who immediatly scrambles and seeks shelter down Kera's shirt, resting comfortbaly in there as it can peek up and see from where it dove. She pulls herself up to her feet and heads over toward Dax. "Hm? Need my help? For what?" she asks, adjusting her shirt to make it more comfortable for herself as well. "Oh, I wanted to tell you, I might have figured out a way to fix all of this earlier than the 1024 years I calculated for it to restore normally. I'm working on the equation at home, but I'll have to get a bit stronger for it to work anyhow." she tell him.

Marcus sighs as they talk, but the doctor here apparently stalks off to deal with someone else first. He extends a hand to the bartender, "Just give me a bottle of something to disinfect this please? I already got the bullet out, but I'm going to get sick or infected if it doesn't get taken care of." He glances at Kera greeting her, "Hey Kera? Finally found a way to fix this all up?"

Looking up from a patient, Darius arches an eyebrow. "So this is all your fault? Why don't you feel special. Largest genocide since 9-11. Congratulations." and its back to work.

Dax follows Darius for a few minutes, giving him a curious look at the mention of payment. Eventually the doctor lets him know that Lydia's light will be sufficient. Dax leaves him to his work and turns back to Kera. "Oh? Well it'll be nice to have civilization again. How long do you think that'll take?" He motions toward Corrie. "Oh, her bike died when she got into town. I guess whatever killed the power is still active, which explains why the military's not here yet." He notices that Corrie's leaving and waves to her. "Hey! Take those bandages, and the rest of that bottle. You paid for them, you can keep 'em." He turns over toward Marcus and goes behing a counter, rummaging around and finding some rubbing alcohol. "Here. And take a drink, too. You'll need it." He places another bottle of vodka on the counter for the boy. Who cares if he's young? It'll hurt like hell. Dax seems to ignore the snide remarks of the doctor, probably not wanting to offend someone who offered them help.

Corrie stops in her tracks and looks back as Dax calls out to her. With a bit of a shrug, she calls out, "Alright… though I think others need it more than me, but… sure." She stalks back to the bar, picks up the bottle and bandages, then turns to trudge back toward the door. She pauses near the entrance to look around briefly, then, shaking her head, heads out the door, presumably to get to the hospital.

"Oh! Marcus, I didn't know you were here!" she says, the girl previously too preoccupied with the ferret fiasco to really have taken notice, "Well, sorta, yeah. It sorta came to me last night when I was helping this girl that had gotten shot. I was cauterizing her wound and it just suddenly hit me. Well what we're dealing with from the looks of it, are the affects of a geomagnetic storm. They're known to knock out communications and electrical power. Well, I might be able to recreate that, and this time opposite to the one that is already going on. This should stimulate a reversal in the field already in place. Course.. I'm not strong enough to do it right now."

Marcus nods to Kera and says, "So long as it doesn't wind up with another black hole in the park… I'm good with it. Even though the thing can't get ahold of me… it's still scary as shit to even -see-." He undoes the bandages and pours some of the rubbing alcohol on the wound, which doesn't look that bad to be honest, but it still draws a hiss from the boy as it stings the wound. "Shit… that's the last time I'm getting shot… if I have a choice in it." He opens up the bottle of vodka left and raises it to his lips, taking a rather large drink, "Now that's good… thanks man." That being directed to Dax.

Dax nods as Kera explains the situation. “Right, of course. A gyro-magical storm. Well fix it soon please, if we don’t get power back then…No! You are not allowed to drink. The last time I gave you vodka you chewed up a table and pissed everywhere. You’re getting stitched without it and you’ll deal with it.” Dax has turned to speak with the big black thing now. It seems Darius had offered him a drink to dull the pain for whatever he’s about to do to the creature’s arm. Dax walks over and takes the bottle from the creature’s paw. “I’m sorry but you’ll feel better soon.” He gives a sidelong glance at the doctor as he says something snide. Dax turns back to Kera. “Do you have a ballpark here? How long are we talking? Days, weeks, months, years?” There is a sharp yelp from behind him as Darius begins stitching up the were-bunny. Dax flinches slightly but ignores it for now. He looks over to Marcus. “He’s right. You sure you won’t make it worse with another black hole?” He nods “And no prob, kiddo. You should probably still see the doc while you’re here.” He walks closer to the bar to take another swig of his drink. “And by the way. Tell anyone other than a desperate mutant that I’ve got mutants here, and they’ll never find your body.” He flashes Marcus a quick smile, but he seems not to be joking.

Marcus shakes his head and says, "No worries, no way in hell I'd lead a friggin mob this way." He takes another swig off the bottle and says, "So what do you do that's so scary?" He gives Dax an appraising look, judging for himself what might make this guy so scary.

Dax looks back at the doctor, he seems to be doing a good job with everyone. He wonders for a moment if he should get a funnel collar for the were-bunny, then chuckles to himself and looks back over at Kera. She seems preoccupied with her ferret at the moment. He'll have to introduce he to his ferret sometime. "Oh?" He turns back to Marcus. "Well that's good. In that case come back whenever you want. Or if you need food or a place to stay, we've got some blankets and stuff in the back." He gestures toward the back of the room. "And let's just say…You'd never know what happened, eh? Can't give away all my secrets, ya know?" He smiles again, still wearing his sunglasses in the darkened room.

Marcus chuckles and says, "Alright, I getcha." he glances at the were-bunny himself and shakes his head, "This reminds of that Monty-Python skit where the bunny killed half the knights. That rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile-wide! It's a killer!" He chuckles, although trying to keep his voice down so the were-bunny doesn't decide to start killing.

The were-bunny has gigantic ears. He misses little that is said in this place. He splays his ears and attempts a frown, unfortunately with his face the way it is it just looks rather menacing. "You have no idea how many times I get that in a day." He splays his ears and snaps his teeth at the glowing girl as she laughs at him. She just sticks out her tongue in reply.

Dax shakes his head at the two of them. "He's not that bad. I mean, get him drunk and he's a bit scary, but he's really quite friendly once you get to know him. They all are." He motions around the room. "I try to keep 'em as happy as I can, but I mean…All I have are cards and booze. Not much else to do when you can't even go outside." He goes behind the bar to continue chatting with Marcus and Kera while the doctor does his work. Once Darius is finished, he joins the three at the bar for a short bit before heading out himself.

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