The Missing Light


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Summary: Dax and Daniel are worried about the disappearance of one of the mutants from the club. Corrie shows up to check on them.

Date: June 10, 2009

The Missing Light

Rating: G

Club Seal - University District

Club Seal is one of the more popular night clubs in the University District. The club is divided into several sections. In the first room there is one massive bar that takes up an entire half of the room. Along the wall opposite from this bar are a few tables and booths for patrons to sit around. There is a stairway to the left which leads up to the second floor. On this floor there is a smaller bar and some pool tables. The room has sound insulation to keep the loud music from the dance floor from interrupting conversations, though there is a door leading to a balcony where you can look down at the dance floor below.

The dance floor itself is a massive room. There is a bar on either end of the room, each adorned with various LED and strobe devices. The middle area is a massive dance floor with a few small raised platforms for dancing. There is a disco-ball and several lasers and fog machines hanging from the ceiling. In the back of the room is a small stairwell leading up to a glass-windowed room that houses the DJ Box. The wall beneath this room is covered in mirrors.

Club Seal is known for its non-judgmental demeanor. It is known to have a mostly-gay clientele, but through efforts of the staff this club has opened up to many other groups of people. This club has come to be known as a safe place for mutants to go, and by looking around one can see that even a few of the staff members are obvious mutants. Though the club still has many gay patrons, it is no longer considered to be a club only for LGBT individuals.

Monday night is College ID night! College students get in free of charge with their University ID. Those under 21 are marked with black X's and those over 21 are given bracelets so that the bartenders know who is legally allowed to be served.

Club Seal seems even gloomier than it has for the past few weeks. They have a refreshed stock of food. A general had stopped by a few days ago after hearing a rumor and managed to deliver a bit of supplies to Dax. Dax offered his remaining alcohol in payment, but the man refused. Most would think that this would put the club in a heartier mood, but unfortunately it seems as though someone has gone missing.

Dax frowns over at the table where the girl used to sit. It's Lydia, the glowing girl. She went out in search of someone else who had gone missing and has not yet returned. The large black creature is pacing back and forth, stopping occasionally to look at the booth. He finally stops, "Dax, we have to go find her. It's not safe. She'll stick out now that it's dark." The bartender sighs and shakes his head. "Sorry, we can't. Especially not you, it's far too dangerous. We'll give it until dawn." Without their nightlight the room is quite dark, lit only by candles. The look of concern on Dax's face is visible through the darkness and can be seen past his sunglasses, which he wears even in the darkness.

The club's door opens, admitting a female who might or might not be familiar to some, at least in a passing, vague recognition. Corrie walks in, holding her left arm carefully close to her body, her hand lifted, forearm wrapped about her midsection more out of a way to keep it out of the way. She squints a little through the apparent gloom, trying to figure out what's different than her first visit nearly a week ago. Spotting Dax, she heads directly toward him, her booted feet thumping along the floor in her wake. "Hey…" She doesn't use his name, either because she can't remember it or didn't get it initially. "How are you guys all doing?" Is she actually stopping by to check on them?

Daniel wandered in shortly after the food supplies were delivered.. and quickly made himself useful. Skills as a chef and a surprising ability to make water boil or freeze pretty much at will has turned the basic supplies delivered into something much closer to real food. He smiles warmly as he hands another small, but filling, meal to another mutant, and as there's a pause in the food line, he glances over at the bar, catching the tail end of the conversation, and their obvious worry for the missing girl. He chews his lower lip a moment, considering, and seems about to head over, when Corrie arrives and beelines for them. He stays back, though keeps an eye on the bar area as he keeps working.

Dax pats the giant creature on the shoulder and walks back to Daniel. "Thanks again, you've really picked up spirits around here now that we can eat something other than cold canned ravioli and vegetables." He sighs and turns as the doors open. Toothers tenses up and drops on all fours, hackles up. Dax steps forward, squinting at the girl. "Oh, motorcycle girl. Good to see you're alive." He looks at her arm "But perhaps not entirely unharmed. We are alright, mostly." He looks a bit sad, the creature calms down and appears to match his concern. "Unfortunately two of us are missing, including our darling Nightlight." He gestures to where the glowing girl was the last time Corrie was here.

Shrugging with her good shoulder, 'motorcycle girl' says, "Corrie." Apparently she would appreciate not being called that again, perhaps. Looking at her shoulder before looking back at Dax, she adds, "Dislocated from being tossed. But all fixed now. It's sore and will be for a while, but Doc McHappyTimes says I'll survive." She looks around a little and then frowns. "Missing? What do you mean 'missing'? Someone didn't come in and run off with them… right?" She sounds doubtful that this would happen, but who knows? They're in rough times. "Nightlight… is that the one who was glowing? Probably a dumb question, but I haven't exactly caught everyone's names yet… people need to wear Hello My Name Is… stickers, damn it."

"It's.. the very least I can do, but I'm glad I can help, if only with this for now.", Daniel says, giving Dax a casual, but concerned, smile. He glances curiously at Corrie as she approaches and is spoken to, listening curiously to the conversation, and then, after a moment, he says "Listen.. if you need someone to go out and have a peek.. I'll go. The food can take care of itself for a while, and.. well, I can take care of myself too if I need to. I'm.. hard to hurt.", he says, a bit reluctantly, clearly not comfortable discussing aspects of his mutant nature, even around other mutants. "I'll take a look around the area, see if I can find any sign of her."

Dax smirks slightly at Corrie's responses. "Well take it easy, don't want that healing badly. And Corrie? Nice to know your name. I'm Dax, those are Lucious, Daniel, and yes Lydia was the glowing one. We call her Nightlight, but she went out to look for a new girl who ran off and hasn't come back yet." He points to the others as he introduces them. Dax looks back to Daniel, "Not yet. We'll give it a little bit and then we'll go out when it's a bit darker. It will hide us better and we can find her easier, since she glows. Also Lucious can track her scent, and he blends in better at night." He gestures to the were-bunny, who appears to have taken interest in whatever Daniel is currently cooking.

There's a nod given to Dax. "Good to be formally introduced now, Dax. And don't worry about me. I'll heal just fine." She offers a nod to each of the people she's introduced to, ending on a, "Good to meet you all," while her attention falls on Daniel as he and Dax speak. Glancing from Dax to Daniel, Corrie falls silent for the time being to allow for their conversation to happen. Perhaps she might offer to go looking for the girl, but she didn't exactly get a good look at her initially, nor does the girl know her. "I actually came in to make sure you all got some supplies from the National Guard…"

Daniel nods at Corrie. "Likewise.", he says, smiling casually, then turns back to Dax, nodding as the situation is explained. "If you're certain.. but, do count on my help, if you need it. Street's hard even when the lights are working.", he says, then chuckles a bit as the were-bunny sniffs at the food. With but a moment's thought, the pot of bubbling, boiling water that was being used to cook the food stops bubbling, and within moments, is cool to the touch. Daniel goes about plating a generous serving. "Here we go.."

Dax nods to the girl, "Yes, thank you. The General himself stopped by, said he heard we were here and sent supplies to us. Said as long as we keep letting mutants stay here he'd send us food…But?" He lowers his voice. "I'm a little worried. It's like he wants us all in one place." Behind Dax, the great black beast grins in a terrifying manner and grabs the plate, nodding a thanks to Daniel. "I hope she's?" Dax is cut off as the door opens again and a nervous looking soldier steps in. He looks around and walks up to Dax, glancing at the were-bunny nervously. "A…Are you Mr. Dax?" Dax nods. The soldier continues on "General Raikov sent me." The man hands an envelope to Dax, who frowns as he takes it. Dax opens the letter and moves toward a candle reading it and sighing with relief. "It says Lydia's been shot, but she's ok and at the hospital."

As Daniel focuses on the food, Corrie says to Dax, "Are you sure that his motives aren't pure?" Not that Corrie is so naive as to think everyone might so trustworthy, but the military has been giving supplies to human and mutant alike. Why suddenly turn against mutants? She opens her mouth to say something else but is cut off by the soldier's appearance. She looks over her shoulder at the door and tucks some of her raven-black locks behind an ear. As Dax reads the letter, she blinks and then sighs as she lowers her head. "Damn…"

Daniel frowns as he hears about the shooting. "At least.. you know she's being treated, and where she is.", he offers, smiling casually as the were-bunny devours the food. A thought seems to strike him, then. "If you're worried, though, about us being all in one place.. if you know where folk like.. I could set up a delivery system.. I can take some of the food door to door.. I can warm it as needed so long as there's available water.. hell, I can make sure they *have* drinking water, and that it's clean. No need to bring everyone here.."

Dax shakes his head, "No, this is a good thing. Lydia is in good hands and being treated for her injuries. We should be grateful." He motions to Corrie and the soldier. "Do either of you want any food? Assuming you don't mind, Daniel?" The soldier shakes his head and holds up a hand, watching the black creature carefully as it watches him from a few feet back. "Um…No I have to get back, thanks, though. The General also said that he intends to send guards this way to help protect you. He hopes to visit sometime tomorrow." The man turns and walks quickly out of the room.

Dax turns to Daniel as he mentions the delivery system. "I do worry," he looks at Corrie, "I mean, I do not doubt the general's good intentions, but whoever he posts here…I have no way of knowing how they'll act." He nods. "The delivery system might work well, though it's a bit risky. I do know of a few who are afraid to come here, though. We could try that for them at least."

Holding up her hand as well, mimicking the soldier, she replies, "Thanks, but I think I'm okay. I just… well, I wanted to check on folks here. I'll pop by again at some point, if it's okay… and just see again if I can do anything for you guys." She then offers Daniel a nod, as well as the others before saying to Dax, "I'm serious. If you can think of anything you need help with, if I'm able to, I'll see what I can do." With that, she takes a step away and heads off toward the door.

Daniel nods at Dax. "I can take care of it. Go alone with the food in my backpack.. one person alone will attract less attention.. and, like I said, I can take care of myself if I need to.", he says. "We'll start tomorrow.. daylight's best.", he offers, eagerly, then smiles a bit more bashfully. "The restaurant where I usually work is closed until this is over, so.. helping out gives me something to do.", he explains. As Corrie exits, he nods at her, giving a quick wave, before turning back to Dax. "I just want to be useful if I can."

Dax waves to the soldier as he leaves and turns to Corrie. "Yes, thank you for your offer and concern. You're of course welcome whenever you have a free moment, but I don't want to endanger anyone. The company is heartening enough." He waves her off also as she leaves. Dax turns back to Daniel, "Alright, I have a list of people and where they are. Some of them aren't so friendly, but hopefully they will enjoy the food and it will help them to trust us a bit more." He turns as he hears a thumping noise behind him, it seems the were-bunny has decided to lay down right in the middle of the floor. "If someone steps on your tail again, don't come crying to me."

Daniel chuckles softly. "I'll be careful. Leave the food at a distance for those who are particularly distrustful, though.. if it becomes necessary, I can always prove I'm one of them..", he says, smiling ruefully. "In any case.. everyone gets hungry, whether they're friendly or not. I'll be careful.."

Dax nods. "Yeah, like I said, I'd hate to see you hurt. People around here have taken a liking to you." He gestures around the room. The warm food and announcement that their friend is ok seems to have calmed the room. Many of the people are sleeping or chatting pleasantly. A few are reading by candlelight off to one side, but one girl approaches the two men. "Dax, I want to go visit Lydia, can I go?" The man turns to her and frowns, "I can't tell you not to go, but it sounds like she's ok. Do you think she would want you to endanger yourself just to visit her?" He shakes his head. "If you're willing to wait we can see if you can go with some of the soldiers tomorrow. Or maybe she'll even be back soon, the note says she'll be ok." The girl nods and sits down, looking a little glum. Dax walks behind the bar and pulls out a bottle of scotch. He pours two glasses and offers one to the girl, "Here, it'll help you sleep. Daniel? Care for a drink?"

Daniel wrinkles his nose. "No, thanks, I don't drink alcohol if I can avoid it.. nothing against it, mind you, just.. alcohol tends to dehydrate you. I.. that's just not so good for me. But, thanks, honestly.", he says and glances at the glum girl, trying to give her a calming smile. "She'll be fine.. and back here before we ever realize.", he offers her, as he begins to move back towards the improvised kitchen to start warming up the next batch for the next group of hungry mutants and refugees.

Dax drinks slowly with the girl, she's the one who always plays cards with Lydia. "You know, maybe someone else can play cards with you, keep your mind off things until she gets back. It'll help you practice so maybe you can finally beat her, huh?" She offers a weak smile and goes back to the booth with her drink. Dax sighs. "Things need to get fixed. People can't live like this, not for long. But so many of them are afraid to leave the city, especially with what happened here." He shrugs, "And if you ever want a drink feel free to take whatever you need. I have soda, too…I think…Unless I used it all." He looks around, "There's a little over here."

Daniel holds up an empty glass.. a moment's focus, and the insides of the glass start to mist up, then drops of pure water start rolling down the sides of the glass, condensing at an unnatural speed out of the water moisture in the air. It's not the flashiest of powers, but.. He lifts up the half-full glass now. "Thanks.. but I'm good, for now.", he says, holding up the glass by way of demonstration. He nods and agrees. "You're right, though.. every day this lasts.. the worse it gets for a lot of people.. mutant or not."

Dax chuckles and shakes his head at Daniel's show of powers. "I'm so glad the people that come to me have abilities that work well in survival situations. Unlike mine." He points to his glasses. "I make people go a little wonkey if they make eye contact with me. Good if they're trying to hurt me. Bad if I need food or clean water…or light." He sighs. "At least she's alive." He takes another drink.

"If my abilities can help others get through this.. it's all I ask for. As for you.. well, everyone needs protection sometimes. Your abilities could help with that. But.. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that.", Daniel quips, then tilts his head quietly at those last words. "Everyone here really cares a lot for her, huh? Listen.. I need to take a break in an hour. Need to go home and.. recharge a bit. I could drop by the hospital and just check in on her, on my way home? If anything's off.. I'll come right back here and let you know. If not.. well, you can assume things are okay and I got home as well."

Dax shakes his head. "Well thanks for all your help. And yes, Lydia is well loved here. I will speak with the general tomorrow it seems, and I'll be able to send someone out then." He looks back at the glum girl. "I think she'll want to see her in person anyway." He smiles a bit. "And I don't want you to go out of your way. You need rest. If anything were too bad I'm sure they would have mentioned it in the letter."

Daniel nods quietly.. it's true, he does look rather physically exhausted, a bit dry around the edges, one could say. "I suppose you're right. Sorry.. I just.. want to help.", he says, smiling ruefully. "Anyway.. I should finish up here so I can get home before it gets any later.. if you need anything? Just ask.", he says, smiling more naturally now.

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