The Missing Doom Bringer


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Summary: Leon and Daniel visit Dax at his club. Kera’s father appears to inquire about the whereabouts of his missing daughter.

Date: June 17, 2009

The Missing Doom-Bringer

Rating: G

Club Seal - University District

Club Seal is one of the more popular night clubs in the University District. The club is divided into several sections. In the first room there is one massive bar that takes up an entire half of the room. Along the wall opposite from this bar are a few tables and booths for patrons to sit around. There is a stairway to the left which leads up to the second floor. On this floor there is a smaller bar and some pool tables. The room has sound insulation to keep the loud music from the dance floor from interrupting conversations, though there is a door leading to a balcony where you can look down at the dance floor below.

The dance floor itself is a massive room. There is a bar on either end of the room, each adorned with various LED and strobe devices. The middle area is a massive dance floor with a few small raised platforms for dancing. There is a disco-ball and several lasers and fog machines hanging from the ceiling. In the back of the room is a small stairwell leading up to a glass-windowed room that houses the DJ Box. The wall beneath this room is covered in mirrors.

Club Seal is known for its non-judgmental demeanor. It is known to have a mostly-gay clientele, but through efforts of the staff this club has opened up to many other groups of people. This club has come to be known as a safe place for mutants to go, and by looking around one can see that even a few of the staff members are obvious mutants. Though the club still has many gay patrons, it is no longer considered to be a club only for LGBT individuals.

Monday night is College ID night! College students get in free of charge with their University ID. Those under 21 are marked with black X's and those over 21 are given bracelets so that the bartenders know who is legally allowed to be served.

The denizens of Club Seal are getting restless. So many weeks being crammed into this club has really taken its toll. The mutants hiding out stare blankly at each other. Several are sleeping and a few are staring at a deck of cards, but not playing. The only light comes from a few candles and a glowing girl sleeping in one of the booths.

Dax is laying on the counter. He may be sleeping or he might just be staring at the ceiling, but his sunglasses obscure his eyes even in the darkness. He hasn’t left the general club area in several days, worrying too much about the people within whenever he’s gone. The furthest he’s ventured in the past week is up to his apartment on the third floor.

The door opens to admit a gust of fresh air. Leon McKinnley steps into the club now in a trenchcoat, hiding the 9mm one of his escorts insisted he keep when alone. As he enters the room temperature starts to drop towards a more comfortable temperature and a large glowstick glows a bright green. His Catears are showing right now but his tail is hidden underneath the coat.

Leon walks up towards Dax, a face he knows, and reaches out to poke his side with the glowstick gently, "Hey there. Are you awake? Are you alive? … Are you drunk?" He smiles, wondering what sort of response he will get to this greeting.

A few of the mutants in the room look up at Leon as he enters. A few of them go back to their mundane tasks while about half of them look at his ears quizzically. Dax is apparently sleeping. As he is poked in the face he awakens with a start and falls off the bar to land on the floor on the other side. There is a loud yelp followed by some cursing and an annoyed growl. The large black beastly mutant stands up and glares down at Dax, who had landed on him. He folds his ears back and lumbers off a ways before collapsing somewhere else on the floor. Dax stands up and sighs, rubbing his head a little. He gazes over at Leon and stretches. “Hey there. What’s up? Jabbing random people in the face? That sounds like fun.”

Leon looks at the end of his glowstick before back at Dax, "I poked you in the side I thought. Oh well, it is kinda fun." He steps closer to you and holds up the light so you can see him better. "In any case, Hi. Remember me? We met at a bar and one thing led to another… and we ended up strolling down the road with a gianourmous Lizard."

Dax ruffles his hair and shakes his head, yawning. “Um…Maybe? I don’t know. I felt something poke me, that’s all.” He shrugs and peers at Leon. “Ah, right. William. I wonder what happened to him, haven’t seen him around since before the power went out.” He frowns slightly. “Hope nothing bad happened to him.” He shakes his head and smiles slightly. “Well, bar’s kind of closed unfortunately. I’ve got a little liquor if you want some, though.”

Leon nods at you with a smile, "I bet he's making it. Probably finding new and interesting ways to get himself into trouble to pass the time. I haven't seen him in quite a while though either." He shakes his head, "I actually was hoping for a little bit of liquid cheer but not for myself. I've not had much time for my Lady friend lately and I want to get her something special. Can you help me out any?"

Dax nods. “Yeah, he’s probably just hiding out until things smooth over. I don’t know if he really uses electricity much himself.” He ponders for a moment after hearing Leon’s request, chuckling to himself as he disappears behind the bar. “Actually, I do…Somewhere…One of our new mutants can like…I don’t know. Make things appear I guess? She gave me a case of…Champagne. There it is!” He stands up and pushes an extremely expensive looking bottle across the counter. “It’s amazing. Like drinking sparkling grape juice. But it’ll tank you in no time.”

Leon blinks at the realization of the fact that a mutant made this. "That is… just incredible." He picks up the bottle to look at it. "You should hire her immediately. And… Thank you. This will mean a lot to her I'm sure." He looks up again, wearing the trench-coat that his tail and the 9mm his escort made him wear. His ears are still showing though and he is talking to Dax friendly-like. "So what are you up to here? I mean… do you just hang out here and wait for the power to come back or what?"

The cook didn't show up last night.. of course, he had a good excuse to not show up, he was busy putting his new pet back in its pen.. and wondering what to do about a certain heroine. As if he could do anything at all other than ineffectually splash at someone like *that*. Still, Daniel does make it to the club tonight, dragging a child's red pull-cart upon which is a bag stuffed to bursting with filled water bottles. He looks around, smiling tiredly at those he knows, and heads over to the bar. "Hey.. delivery.", he says, voice clearly tired.. who knows how little sleep the man has gotten lately… if he's slept at all. New *pet*.

Dax looks at Leon quizzically. “Oh, she didn’t MAKE the champagne. It’s more like…Um…The way I understand it she can make things she touches disappear and then reappear at a later time and a different place…I think.” He shrugs, “I don’t know. But somehow she came across a case of this in the past.” Dax looks around the bar, “Yeah. People show up, I talk to them. I try to stay near the bar in case any of the people need me.” He motions to all the mutants hiding out here.

The catboy smiles and nods at Dax, "I see. Well still, talented. You should hire her… or marry her." Leon shakes his head and grins at Dax, "Sorry, just kidding." He turns when Daniel arrives and looks at him, "Who's this? What's going on?" He eyes the red pull-cart curiously.

With the power out, there is obviously no type of music playing in the club that might otherwise be busy, So.. where is that hauntingly melodious voice coming from? Definitely female, and certainly talented. No words to the song but the emotion behind it is quite easy to decipher. It's coming from somewhere right outside of the bar.

Daniel pauses by Leon and Dax, and smiles a bit sheepishly. His eyes linger curiously on Leon.. before this catastrophe, he didn't spend much time around the more obvious mutants, and a guy with cat ears and a tail does stand out.. though less so than some of the others around here. Daniel himself is lucky enough to look fairly normal.. most of the time. At Leon's question, he reaches into the large plastic bag, and pulls out a water bottle. "Delivery.", he repeats, with a tired smile. He turns to Dax, and motions to the rest of the bottles. "I was planning to bring them cold, but I've been over-exerting myself enough as it is.. and I hear you already have someone here who could help you cool them down if you needed.", he explains. "If folks are hungry and you have spare food, I could set up a kitchen again, too..", he offers, always eager to help, it seems. It's around then that he notices the voice from outside, and he pauses, tilting his head, as if he could almost recognize it, but not quite. "Whu..?"

Dax looks over to Daniel as he begins passing out the water. “Ah, there you are. Toothers missed you.” He juts a thumb at the scary black mutant, who has approached Daniel for water and now stands there sniffing him. The mutant gives Daniel a curious look and backs away toward the door with his water. He lifts up one of his massive ears and presses it against the door, apparently he hears something. Dax watches this and shrugs. “He must not like the way you smell?” He turns back to Leon, “I don’t know if I’ll hire her just yet. That depends on if the power comes back on and we don’t all slowly die of boredom

Dax looks back at Daniel and yawns again. “Yeah, she’s sleeping now, but she can frost these up if anyone really wants to risk waking her up for it.” He frowns slightly. “You don’t need to cook anything, we had some army rations not too long ago. You look pretty tired, too. Why don’t you just rest tonight.” He apparently doesn’t hear Kera but Toothers is getting agitated.

Leon nods at Daniel, returning the stare that the other mutant had given him. "Well…" one of his ears twitches at hearing the music before he looks in that general direction, "At least there will be some clean water for people now." He frowns as he focuses on the area that the sound comes from and asks, "What is that noise? There isn't any electricity back yet is there?" And with that, he really hopes he doesn't stir a commotion with raising people's hopes.

It doesn't seem to be stationary, and the singing stops abruptly. Right outside of the club, a set of hurried, running footsteps crunch past the establishment, and are soon gone as quickly as they came. But a few moments later, a second set come running, and come right up to the doorway. The door comes open and a tall man with dark hair and piercing eyes stands there and looks around. Dressed in a white lab coat with the name Savalion etched into the chest pocket. "Pumkin? Are you in here?" the man's accent thick and British. His mouth twists into a worried purse and he looks to the closest individual, "Pardon me, did a girl come through here? About so tall, pretty, bright green eyes, dark hair, probably carrying a ferret with a bow?"

Daniel smiles weakly at Toothers. "Sorry. I made a new freind yesterday, I guess I must still smell of bear.", he admits. "Which reminds me..", he adds, looking back at Dax. "Do you know of anyone who's.. uhm.. good with.. animals? There's been animals breaking loose from the zoo, and some of them are dangerous. I had to escort one of them back to the zoo yesterday, sealed him up as best I could, but, don't know if it'll hold.. I'm trying to keep some of the animals there fed as well, bringing in fish from the shore, but.. well, anyway. If you know anyone who's got any sort of.. uhm.. powers, or gifts, or.. well, you know. Animal stuff. It's not really my area.", he explains, though he's distracted by the faint voice coming from outside. And then the man in the Savalion coat comes in, and Daniel's heart sinks a bit. ".. Kera.", he mutters, making the connection between the name, the voice, and the description given. He glances back at the other two. "I should continue making my rounds out there.. I'll be back tomorrow with more water if I can.", he explains.

Dax nods, “Yeah. Water is good, otherwise we’d have to drink liquor all day and night and that would get boring eventually. Eventually. As in, maybe after our livers failed.” He looks over at Daniel, “Mutants who are good with animals? I don’t know. But I don’t really know everybody in here.“ He looks around quickly and shakes his head, “I’ll ask around tomorrow and see if I can get someone to help out. Thanks again, Daniel. I’ll see you tomorrow, I guess.”

Dax glances at the door as it opens. The person nearest to the door? That would be Toothers, the giant were-bunny with his ear pressed against the door. The creature towers over the man and looks at him quizzically. It suddenly perks up, “Ferret!?” Toothers hunches down and prepares to chase any small mammals that enter the establishment.

Leon had reached inside of the trench-coat, his fingers wrapping around the handle of the gun hidden there, when he heard the first set of the running footsteps. When the door opens he nearly draws the gun but… he just barely resists and eventually removes his hand from the gun altogether, never having brought it into sight. "Sorry sir, didn't see her." His attention moves on to Daniel though and not for the first time he wonders how big cats in the zoo would react to him. "I don't know anybody either I'm afraid." he turns and picks up the bottle of Champaign that Dax gave him, "I should head out though. It's getting late."

Dr. Savalion looks up at the towering mutant, looking a bit taken aback for a moment, "Yes. Quite.." he clears his throat, and hears Daniel mention her name, perking up and looking over to the young man, "Yes! Kera, my daughter. That's her, did she come in here? Have you seen her? I am afraid she is in danger. She took…. something from my lab, and I'm— Well.. It's not safe for her out there right now." He isn't sure who he should trust with the knowledge of the situation that he has. He doesn't want to put Kera in anymore danger than she apparently is in.

Daniel winces at Dr. Savalion's words. He glances back at Dax and Leon, then back to the other man. "Yeah, we're.. friends.", he says, a look of resignation coming over his face as the man explains the apparent situation. Daniel nods, even if privately he might be a bit more worried about anyone who runs across the young woman, rather than about her. "It's not terribly safe for anyone, really.. and unless you're armed, you might want to stay indoors.", he tells the man. "I can try and find her for you, though? Like I said, we're friends.", he explains, taking a step towards the door. No rest for the righteous, it seems.

Dax shakes his head at Toothers. “No ferrets in here.” The creature looks sad and lurks back toward the back of the room again. The bartender nods to Daniel, “Good luck there. It’ll be easy, just look for the girl dressed like a Japanese cartoon.” He smirks slightly, apparently not too worried about the girl. “See ya,” He waves to Leon and walks around the bar to the other side, stretching. “Hey, I’m sure Kera can take care of herself. She’s probably out destroying something or creating an anomaly that will cause gravity to reverse itself or something.” He shrugs and juts a thumb toward the sleeping glowing girl. “If you need anything, ask Lydia. But…I think I’m gonna head to bed now.” He waves around and heads toward one of the back doors to the club.

Leon moves towards Dr. Savalion with a sigh. Now he's heard something that really will keep him from getting home to his ladylove for a while. He sighs, "Well, I might as well help to find her. We really need her to fix this mess I think." Unfortunately, his opinion of her is lowering further and further.

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