The Mafia Mistress


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Summary: Dax meets Derek and Marilyn.

Date: June 13, 2009

The Mafia Mistress

Rating: PG

Club Seal - University District

Club Seal is one of the more popular night clubs in the University District. The club is divided into several sections. In the first room there is one massive bar that takes up an entire half of the room. Along the wall opposite from this bar are a few tables and booths for patrons to sit around. There is a stairway to the left which leads up to the second floor. On this floor there is a smaller bar and some pool tables. The room has sound insulation to keep the loud music from the dance floor from interrupting conversations, though there is a door leading to a balcony where you can look down at the dance floor below.

The dance floor itself is a massive room. There is a bar on either end of the room, each adorned with various LED and strobe devices. The middle area is a massive dance floor with a few small raised platforms for dancing. There is a disco-ball and several lasers and fog machines hanging from the ceiling. In the back of the room is a small stairwell leading up to a glass-windowed room that houses the DJ Box. The wall beneath this room is covered in mirrors.

Club Seal is known for its non-judgmental demeanor. It is known to have a mostly-gay clientele, but through efforts of the staff this club has opened up to many other groups of people. This club has come to be known as a safe place for mutants to go, and by looking around one can see that even a few of the staff members are obvious mutants. Though the club still has many gay patrons, it is no longer considered to be a club only for LGBT individuals.

Monday night is College ID night! College students get in free of charge with their University ID. Those under 21 are marked with black X's and those over 21 are given bracelets so that the bartenders know who is legally allowed to be served.

Dax can hardly believe the state of his night club. A month ago he never would have expected it to be filled with mutants hiding from crazy activists and getting regular visits from doctors and military personnel. The man sighs and rubs his temples, surveying the room from behind his ever-present sunglasses. Even in the darkness of the powerless bar he hides his eyes from those around him.

Most of the mutants are sitting around a glowing girl with short blue hair, Lydia. She had recently gone missing but was returned to him after being released from the hospital for a gunshot wound. After that Dax had forbade any of the obvious mutants from leaving the bar until the power came back. The man sighs and downs the whisky he was drinking before approaching the glowing girl.

Everyone in the room jumps slightly as the relative quiet is pierced by a loud yelp. Dax stumbles back into a table and knocks over a couple candles, causing them to go out. "Damn it Lucious! What did I tell you about laying in the middle of the floor? No one can see you without light!" The scary were-bunny just grumbles and crawls off into a corner to lay down again. Dax shakes his head and looks toward the door. The cook didn't show up today, Dax hopes he's ok.

Marilyn is a little confused. She came in to the city with high hopes. She's been running drugs for over two years, and feels secure in her position, as much as one can in such a career. She'd been in Seattle when everything just went dark. While she sustained herself for some time on supplies in her personal subspace pocket. Once those ran out, she felt that it was time to leave her hotel room. Funny, no one had interrupted her on the thirty third floor of the swanky place.

And so, she left. With nothing electrical working, it was a long way down, pausing where floor windows let light in, and carefully wandering down before she removed the locked emergency door and made it reappear somewhere within or outside of the building. She wasn't entirely sure.

Goddamn, she could use a drink. Wandering through the desolate streets made her nervous enough, and she's getting a suspicious feeling that she's likely not going to find the fellow she was supposed to meet in this forsaken city. At least for the moment, she's found Club Seal. Is the place easily accessible from the outside?

Dax sighs and picks up the downed candles, relighting them with his personal lighter. Since he has it out he wanders back to the bar and picks up a pack of cigarettes, preparing to light one. There is a deep growl from one of the corners and Lucious's eyes can be seen glinting in the darkness. "Really, Lu? Oh fine. I'll go outside." He sighs again and trudges to the front door, heading outside for his smoke. "Damn mutants with their superhuman smelling ability?" He stops as he sees the girl outside and frowns. Hopefully she didn't hear him, and if she did then hopefully she isn't a mutant hater.

Well then. She'll go in, then. "Uh, hi there, still serving, even in this blackout?" the tall blonde says, looking a bit bedraggled. No hot water, no hot shower, no hair drier. She's not looking her usual polished self.

But what she is looking for is a stiff drink, and her wallet seems to appear into her hand as she slinks in if he'll allow. She almost looks like she's taken aback as she enters. She's never seen obvious mutants before, and this is startling to her. The blonde had heard that there were such mutants, of course, but aside from some real bruisers, those with obvious mutations tend to stay out of her line of work.

Dax furrows his brow at the girl, trying to decide what to do, but she enters before he can say anything. The man throws down his cigarette and follows the girl in. "We're not really open?that much?" He sighs and shrugs to the folks inside, who are all staring at the woman who bustled into their little haven. The blue haired girl holds up a hand and emit's a light strong enough to fill the room so that everyone can see the newcomer before smiling and dimming back down to a glow.

Dax sighs and scratches the back of his neck. "Well, I DO have alcohol if you want some. But you have to promise to keep this place secret, ok?" He walks behind the bar and bends down, picking up a few glasses. "Well, what'll it be?"

The tallish woman strides in, "Well, what do you have that's… available. Do I need to show ID, or is that optional here in this city? I mean… there are dead people. In the streets. Not what I'd counted on when I was visiting here. Regardless," she clears her throat. "Vodka and soda, perhaps?"

She takes a seat at the bar, looking over the mutated crowd. It's almost worth revealing herself, just to fit in, and there's a giddy feeling at the bottom of her stomach, but she figures a few drinks will either loosen her tongue, or simply make her not care. "And… on an off chance, might you know Evan Sanders? Supposed to own a pawn shop here, but when I found it, there was a car smashed into the front."

Dax looks over the crowd as Marilyn does, trying to watch her expression. It's hard to read people in a dim room while wearing sunglasses, so he just shrugs. He beckons over a woman and holds up a bottle of vodka. She sighs and makes a finger gun, pretending to shoot the bottle from across the room. The bottle frosts over and Dax grins, nodding to the girl, "Thanks love."

He looks back to Marilyn "No ice. Gotta make do with what we've got, eh?" He pulls out some Fanta to mix in. "Sorry, low on the soda selection here. And nope. Don't know any pawn owners. Lots of folk moved out or died. You might want to check the hospital. Or the pier. That's where they've been piling the dead."

Marilyn seems more confused and out of her element than anything else, but not terribly anxious. "I don't know what he looks like, I just had something I was supposed to give him. But if he's dead, I guess I'll have to take it back home." She watches as the frosty lady gets her drink nice and cool, "That must be handy, to be… useful like that. No ice, but this works far better. No watery residue in my drink."

Once the Fanta and vodka combination is firmly in her hand, she sighs, swishing the liquid about before taking a sip. "So… are people staying here as long as it's not lit outside?" It's a little bit of a plea.
Marilyn has reconnected.

Derek pulls open the doors to the club, looking around for a moment. He might not be recognized at first, but given time, someone may notice who he is. He makes his way further into the place, looking over some of the people that are present before he makes his way towards the bar, seeking something to drink.

Dax picks up a toothpick and chews on it a bit. He's taken up this habit since the beasty stopped letting him smoke inside. "Yeah, she's a peach. Lots of these mutants are useful in a pinch. She cools drinks, Nightlight there gives us light, we've got a cook who can boil water. And the beasty over there brings us dead things…Which we promptly toss out. " He smirks. "Yeah, mutants came here before the blackout. They knew it was safe, so they came here when things got tough. The general found out and said he'd give me lots of supplies if I kept everybody safe inside."

He shrugs and takes a bit of his own drink. "But…" He trails off as the door opens again. Lydia does her bright glow again to shed light on the newcomer. A couple people start mumbling something, but Dax doesn't pay much attention. "Um…Yeah we let non-mutants stay here, too. The head doctor or whatever for the hospital stays on my couch upstairs. Handy when these folks get banged up." He motions to the club folk, but keeps an eye on Derek.

Marilyn swirls her finger around the edge of her glass, looking over her shoulder at the newcomer for just a moment. She narrows her eyes for a moment, as if thinking about something before she turns back to the bespectacled bartender. "If I can stay here, with light and drinks, I can be useful. I can at least pay for the service. Who knows, money may or may not still be good here, right?" Another gulp of her drink vanishes into her mouth. The traditional way, she's not using her powers to make any of it disappear.

"And if need be, I can be helpful in other ways, no reason not to refuse hospitality if it is indeed being offered."

Derek slides into an empty space at the bar, looking over what is on display. As soon as he has the bartender's attention, he places his drink order. "Anything with vodka." He says with a slight smile.

Dax nods at the girl, taking another drink of his liquor. "Well, You are welcome to stay. We do have light, and food, and medical supplies and blankets. And yes I have alcohol, but if it starts to run low I'll need to save it for the doctor and the military." He shrugs, "I like to keep the best stuff for those that I absolutely need around."

Dax turns his attention to Derek and swirls the toothpick around in his mouth. He shrugs again, not recognizing this person. "Well…Lucky for you that's the only thing we got chilled right now. Not that I couldn't chill something else, but Betty get's a bit pissed when I make her do it too often." He pours a third fanta and vodka for the newcomer and tops off his and Marilyn's drinks.

Marilyn says, "I do have a few bottles of champagne with me. Well… a case, actually. If Evan's dead, I'd give that to you as a gesture of goodwill for the haven here, there's no need to keep it." And frankly, she'd like to make room, and travel lightly. "No reason anyone needs to run out and get something if it's so dangerous out. I also have flashlights and such, but I tried using one and it wasn't working. I just sort of ventured out of hiding today.""

Derek smiles as his drink arrives, he takes a sip, nodding in approval. "Thank you." He says to the bartender before he looks at the mutants that are gathered and the few looks that he's getting from some people.

"Champagne?" That would be nice. A lot of the girls here just don't like the hard stuff. Might be able to bribe some folk with it, too…If you don't mind. You can stay even if you can't pay. I'm getting imbursement from the military, after all." He turns to Derek, "And you…" He tops off the mans drink "Didn't see anything here. Nothing in here but a few stray cats, got it?" He sits down his bottle and turns back to Marilyn. "Yeah, powers out all over. Ongoing electromagnetic storm. A mutant accidentally made a black hole. I know it sounds crazy, but she's trying to fix it now I hear."

The blonde on the barstool takes another gulp. That drink is getting pretty low. She'll need a refill soon. "Well, thankfully my plane was on the ground prior to the black hole opening, I suppose. But yeah… I wouldn't mind getting a reputation for being helpful, if I need to be stuck here for some time."

Her wrist tilts, moving the last bead of the bastard combination of Fanta and Grey Goose around the bottom of the glass, "And I'm sorry, I need to ask… should I know you? Because there's a girl glowing in here, and you're the one getting looks." Her gaze has settled on Derek, of course.

Derek glances back to the woman as she speaks before he looks at the woman who is glowing then back to Marilyn and shrugs. "I dunno if you should, but it seems a lot of people do." He says with a chuckle before extending a hand towards the woman. "Derek. Derek Vinyard."

The bartender nods to the girl, itching his stubbly face before refilling the three drinks. "Yeah, there was a plane landing when the power went out. Zero survivors. Well, that's what I hear. The plane was filled with dead bodies they say. No news here, just word of mouth. I have some pretty reliable sources now that I've got the doctor and the general on my good side." He smiles faintly at the girl.

"Derek…Vinyard? Aren't you a politician or something? No…You really don't look like one…" He looks up as the light get brighter for a moment. The glowing girl is beckoning him. Dax thinks she wants a drink and pours her one, walking over. She whispers something to him and looks confused when she is given a drink in return. The girl shrugs and starts drinking. Dax returns to the bar. "A singer, then? Some of my patrons know of you."

"A pleasure," she says in a neutral tone as her hand grasps Derek's. Her skin is actually quite soft, and her nails are painted a dark cranberry color, but some of the polish has chipped off. If you don't have access to your regular manicurist, such tragedies can befall you. "I don't know you, right? We don't, erm… work together, do we? I know I've seen you somewhere. Maybe boating…" Once she's corrected, of course, she sits back on her stool, and pours herself another drink. Wait a minute. Is that a bottle of champaigne? Where'd she get that? There didn't seem to be anything on the counter. And that's an awfully tall glass she's filling. She seems somewhat nervous, and mumbles something under her breath about a pawn shop.

Derek chuckles as he looks to the woman, shaking his head. "No. I don't think we work together." He says as his eyes turn to Dax as he speaks. "Yeah. I'm the singer in Negative Zero." He says with a chuckle. That's probably where you know me from." He takes another sip from his glass.

Dax turns away from the two as he washes a few glasses in cold water. He turns back around to see…Champagne? "Really? Where did you…Did you have that with you?" He seems slightly confuses but shrugs it off. "Want that chi.." His offer is cut off by a nasty glare from the frosty girl. "Never mind." He looks over at Derek and shakes his head, "Negative Zero? Oh goody." Something about that seems hollow. Maybe he dislikes that type of music.

"Well good. I don't think you'd like my job very much, but… depending on what kind of singer you are, we may or may not have supported one another." She sets the bottle down on the counter. It's a rather impressive vintage.

"Oh. It was here. Now it is, anyway. 'S pretty good, really. I'll leave your case behind the bar once I find it…. Wish we had some orange juice. Make some mimosa." She's tapping her nails nervously on the edge of the bar. "So you say no cell phones work here? None at all? We're off the grid completely?"

Derek smiles and nods. "Alternative Rock." He says before he downs his drink and looks around. "If you'll excuse me, I have to go see a man about a dog." He says, standing up and heading towards the restroom.

Dax frowns at Derek as he wanders off. "Alternative rock. What a waste of noise." He turns back. "Anyway, don't worry about the bottles. I don't want you having to risk going back out there just for that." He waves a hand dismissively. "And no. No power at all. No phones, no GPS, no nothing."

And now that glass of champagne seems to be empty. Goddamn, this girl is showing her nerves in a cliche sort of way! "Oh… no, I have 'em here. Always keep things on my person, just in case I need them. Was supposed to drop the cases off along with the other items, but now the pawn shop is in flames. I think this is a viable excuse to unload everything." She pours another glass, the bubbly drink fizzing up over the top, causing some to spill onto her fingers. She makes a very displeased sound, and licks her fingertips. No need to waste it.

And now that glass of champagne seems to be empty. Goddamn, this girl is showing her nerves in a cliche sort of way! "Oh… no, I have 'em here. Always keep things on my person, just in case I need them. Was supposed to drop the cases off along with the other items, but now the pawn shop is in flames. I think this is a viable excuse to unload everything." She pours another glass, the bubbly drink fizzing up over the top, causing some to spill onto her fingers. She makes a very displeased sound, and licks her fingertips. No need to waste it.

Dax gives the girl a confused look. "You have…a case of champagne on you? A CASE of champagne? With you right now?" He gives her a disbelieving look. "What, you got em stuffed down your shirt or something?" He frowns. "The shop's on FIRE? That can't be good. We don't have fire trucks…So we can't control it. Unless…" He looks up. "Lydia, you seen Daniel?" She shakes her head and he sighs. "Well…Hopefully it won't get too bad."

Marilyn says, "No, no, I'm sure it's out by now," Marilyn says. "I mean, there was a car in it and it was only on fire a little. Mostly smoke. This was days ago. "And I have them." There's the sound of something clinking behind the bar, as if something dropped a sort distance. "Annnnnnd, now you do. Boy, this stuff is really good," she says, licking her lips. "Seems a shame not to share, I mean… hiding out here and all. Not that I'm hiding! Not specifucally. Specifically.""

There's a crate now, right next to Marilyn's feet. Seems to be the source of the clinking sound, and she's resting her feet on it as soon as it appears, like she knew that would happen.

Dax looks slightly skeptical. "I'll still send someone to check it out later. The last thing we need is for the city to burn down." He chuckles softly and stops when he hears clinking. "You didn't bring those in by any normal means, did you? Sounds like allot?" He can't see the crate from where he is, but he heard a lot of clinking. "Perhaps you belong here anyway, hmm?"

"There'ssa girl that's like… a nightlight over there." she says. "And I'm not saying I'm not or I'm not. Wait. I am or I'm not. May or may not be. But I brought a pressie, so that should be enough. I think I have a tire iron in here somewhere to open it up. Somewhere." She closes her eyes, thinking hard. "I think this is why they tell me not to have a drinky when I'm working. Hard to concentrate on what I need."

Point and case, a large vase with a lovely Chinese pattern on it appears on the bar, teetering precariously on the edge. "Not what I want." She puts her hand on it, and it blinks out of sight, replaced by the tire iron. Save for the tire iron appears in the middle of a table a few feet away, and Marilyn just looks confused. "I thought I had… hm. Where'd that go?"

Dax quirks an eyebrow. That's an interesting power. "Hey! You can make random objects appear?" He hears a gasp as a tire iron appears in front of one of the mutants. "Could you make like…A sandwich appear? Or a pizza maybe? Oh! Or like a Thanksgiving dinner? That would be awesome." He ponders for a moment. "Ah, but you made the vase disappear again, too. So you can make things go away, too?"

"SHHhhhhhhh!" Marilyn says, putting a finger to her lips. "No, no. Can't do that. I have to have it before I can show it. I can keep things and then bring 'em out. It's like…" she pulls her hands apart, her glass resting between her knees, "It's like I have a vault, but I can't see it. I can only put things in and take them out. I have some food, but I'm not sure how good it is. Got some other stuff too, but I don't think it would be smart to bring it out. Unless this is a rave. Then maybe."

Dax shakes his head and chuckles. "I don't think anyone here would care if they found out you were…a…mu…tant…" He's distracted by a large ferocious looking creature that has begun pearing at him from over the counter's edge. "Oh, that's why you hushed…No! We don't have any food! Wait until Daniel comes back, he'll make you something." The creature makes a pathetic sound and slinks away. "Anyway, That could be useful. All I can do is make people go crazy if I look at them." He laughs at the rave comment. "Funny you should mention that. This place tends to be a rave spot…Well…When I have the power to run my equipment."

"Jeezus Chrryyst, did some of my stash leak into my drinky?" she asks, looking at the large creature. "You have to figure out ahead of time what's going to be a part of reality. That's why I never. Almost never… take a hit. I mean, I've watched people, but that's a big bear. Was that a bear?" she asks. "Is it a real bear, or the hallucinogenic kind? You were talking to it, right?"

Dax just eyes Marilyn oddly. "What are you…Talking about drugs? No! He's really there somewhere." He waves his hand toward where the creature went. "Lucious blends into the darkness. He's a lot friendlier than you'd expect from a hyena…kangaroo…lion…thing." He shakes his head. "He's just scary looking ignore him if he bothers you. And DON'T give him alcohol. That is terribly ill advised."

"Lucious? Hm. Well, I won't give him any of my things. Not the booze. I might have some frozen pizzas, though, if you can heat them up. And lots of ramen, just in case. In a case, in fact!! Can we use that?" She gulps the last of her second glass of champagne, lifting the bottle and looking at it. "Have I had enough?" she asks, "And I don't think I caught your name, did I?"

"Ramen? And Frozen Pizza? Well we can use them eventually. There's a mutant who can boil water, but he's not here now. And yes, you may have had enough to drink." He eyes the empty bottle warily. "And my name is Dax. Orion Dax, but most people call me Dax." He nods. "And if I'm not around Lydia's in charge. She's the glowing one." He points to the glowing one.

Marilyn nods and pushes the bottle away. "I usually just have one when I'm out with clients. Now I know why. Kinda worried that they're worried that I'm not back yet. But how am I supposed to get out of here, walk over the bodies all the way back to San Francisco?" she sighs.

"I'm Marilyn, but I have other IDs if I need them. And if you are here, I will defer to Lydia. Are there beds here, or do we just drift to sleep under the candlelight? I mean, it's a nice bar, but it's still a bar, and there are… things… on bar floors."

Dax smirks. "Well, I'm sure that if they know you're in the city they know you won't be able to contact you. The dead zone ends right outside of the city limits. That girl from that singing show went out there a few days back, and the military came in recently." He doesn't ask about the IDs but does respond about the beds. "Well our floors are clean. We have blankets and pillows. Most people just sleep on the dance floor, but there might be a few booths open. If you really don't want to sleep on the floor we've go some pool tables on the second floor you could try sleeping on. I'd offer you the couch in my apartment, but there's a doctor staying there. And he's…odd."

"How odd?" she asks, "I mean, he does his job, right? A lot of medical people are strange. Heck, the ones I've met… glad I'm not working with them, but I mean, there's a lot you can fit into a D-cup implant, but they seem pretty normal before and after." She looks around, "How did you get so many people to commit to staying here, anyway? I've never met other mutants that gave themselves away, unless they were bodyguards."

Dax just chuckles at the doctor comment. "I don't know. You'll know when you meet him." He shrugs. "And these people came to me. The city was terribly unsafe after the power outage but before the military arrived. These people knew the club was mutant friendly and just sort of showed up. Word spread that I'd hide anyone who needed hid and here they all are. Happy and healthy. Well…For the most part anyway."

The tall blonde gives a yawn and rests her head on the table, "Just don't let him stuff me full of anything, those stitches look like they hurt. She rests her head on her forearms, her arms, of course, on the bar. "Nightnight," she says, closing her eyes. Someone's apparently had a big day.

Dax chuckles and picks up the glasses, washing them before walking out from behind the bar. "Lydai, you need anything I'll be upstairs, ok?" She nods and he heads up for the night.

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