The Lonely Lizard


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Summary: Dax meets William at the beach and ends up offering him a job as a bouncer at his night club.

Date: May 4, 2009

The Lonely Lizard

Rating: G

Alkai Beach

Long, sandy shores stretch on out past where the eye can see as a deep shade of azure and emerald paint the canvas of the ocean and never ending out towards the horizon. The sand is soft and clean beneath one's feet as every grain tickles against the skin in a myriad of browns and tan. The sweet smell of salty sea air tingles ones nose as the cry of seagulls echo out past the lengths of the shores. The sound of crashing waves strikes against the shoreline as the deep sea-blue of the water tumbles on over itself in a perpetual, soothing motion. Several people can be found here during the day and even night, though during the evening there are few.

Alkai beach is more populated during daytime hours and especially so during the warmer months. At nighttime it's not uncommon to see people here also, as this beach serves as one of the largest and cleanest of the public beaches within Seattle. Large ships can be seen in the distance as they make their way on over towards Harbor Island. During the warmer months the air is humid, thickening with a sweet, misty tinge. On the colder months the beach seems nearly all but vacant as the icy chill of the air freezes against the skin. Most often a gentle breeze billows in from the east as it dances upon one's flesh and whispers a soft melody. Towards the outer edges of the beach, and in the distance, is the cliff side that houses an array of caves that have been dug out from the salty water over the course of time.

It's been a few days since the giant lizard man moved into the beach. He is sunning himself almost every day. On the up side he has never smelled better! He washes in the ocean now and it keeps him salty fresh! Today he is out in the sand propped up on a dune soaking in the sunlight. Tourists take pictures of him from the distance but none dare get to close to the beach lizard. He even waves to some of them. He has a half drunk bottle of rum next to him stuck in the dune as he lays there lounging in the warm sunlight. The regulars have gotten use to him. They give him a wide berth but there is little running and screaming which is a vast improvement for him.

Ah, it's finally warm enough for Dax to visit the beach without a shirt on. Perhaps a bit too cold to swim yet, but he doesn't complain. He'll be able to tan up a bit before volley-ball season starts up again. He's currently wearing a pair of tropical swim-trunks and some sandals. He has a necklace with some animal's tooth on it and a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Dax stops to look out at the ocean before turning back to see a few tourists photographing a…Rock? No…It's a…Holy Crap! It's some sort of giant lizard. Dax moves forward a little tentatively. Based on the fact that this lizard-man is wearing clothes and seems to have a drink with him, Dax is going to assume that he's sentient. The man shrugs and moves a little closer, intending to speak with the obvious mutant if the lizard shows no obvious signs of aggression.

It's been a few days since the giant lizard man moved into the beach. He is sunning himself almost every day. On the up side he has never smelled better! He washes in the ocean now and it keeps him salty fresh! Today he is out in the sand propped up on a dune soaking in the sunlight. Tourists take pictures of him from the distance but none dare get to close to the beach lizard. He even waves to some of them. He has a half drunk bottle of rum next to him stuck in the dune as he lays there lounging in the warm sunlight. The regulars have gotten use to him. They give him a wide berth but there is little running and screaming which is a vast improvement for him.

“Mommy, he’s gonna get eated!” Dax raises a brow and waves a hand dismissively at the little girl who said that. He smiles down at the big reptile. “Hey there, Erm…Sir?” He assumes it’s a male…though reptiles don’t have breasts as a defining feature of their grouping. Dax shakes his head and smiles again, “Mind if I join ya here?” He holds up a small cooler he’s been carrying with him. “Got some brews if yer interested in it, or if ye’d prefer yer rum.” He shrugs and awaits a reply.

Ok, he seems friendly enough. Dax figured as much with all the people around. Aggressive things don’t tend to stick around so many people without much incident. He smiles and sits down in the indent. “Thanks a bunch, there.” He pops open his cooler and pulls out a beer, twisting off the cap and taking a swig. “And afraid? Nah. Figure most of the mean ones only come out at night. Well, I’ve met some of us who’re pretty nice at night, too, I suppose.” Some of us? Dax ponders for a moment and shrugs “Anyone who enjoys a sunny beach and a bottle o’ rum can’t be bad I guess.” He shrugs “I’m Dax by the way.”

"Willham" the big black lizard says as he sits up and props himself on one elbow pulling the bottle out of the sand. He looks over at the humans on the beach, "Theh nhot so shmart." He motions with his bottle laden hand. "What bhring you here? Shun and tan?" he asks.

Dax waves a hand dismissively behind him, not even looking back. “Ah, pay them no mind. They’ve got nothing’ better to do than gawk at what’s different. Least none of ‘em seem too frightened, that’s good. Better than it’s been, I suppose.” He takes another swig and looks up at the sun. “Yeah, work at a night-club, so I don’t see the sun too much. But the tan’s good for tips, so I try to come out when I can.” He looks over to the lizard. “Well William, I haven’t seen you around. You been here long?”

"Bechame monster. Has to hide." The big lizard explains then takes a drink, "In shewers. Nefer knew what was. Now world know. Shafe to chome out." He explains. "Ghet bach life." One pretty lady on the beach is looking at the two of them, mostly at Dax but the big reptile smiles at her and.. yeah, that's the end of that. Three rows of sharp, giant teeth, no matter how friendly are just not going to go over well with the ladies.

Dax nods, listening to the lizard speak. “Well…It certainly IS safer to be out now, but just be careful. The world is not a safe place for mutants yet. Just a month ago me and some others had to save some kid from being shot for what he was.” Dax notices William’s smile and looks around, not really paying attention to the women much. “Hmmm…You look like you could probably handle yourself better than that kid, though.” Dax takes another swig of his beer. “Well, other mutants at least are likely to treat you kindly. Just watch out for the white vans.”

White vans? That makes the lizard man turn his head back to the stranger. If only he wasn't color blind! He says, "You? Vhan?" which are two complicated questions compressed. He sits up further and digs his toes into the sand, "Nhot hurt. Shot lots." He says, "Nhot fit in van." He's seen his share of trouble being a monster like he is.

White vans? That makes the lizard man turn his head back to the stranger. If only he wasn't color blind! He says, "You? Vhan?" which are two complicated questions compressed. He sits up further and digs his toes into the sand, "Nhot hurt. Shot lots." He says, "Nhot fit in van." He's seen his share of trouble being a monster like he is.

If half his face weren’t concealed by his sunglasses, Dax’s look of puzzlement would probably convey what he is thinking. “Wait…You’ve seen the vans? Or…They shot you?” William’s last sentence seems to have been too fragmented for Dax to easily piece together. “Did they try to take you, too?” He looks around real quick. “Well…I’ve never seen them, but it seems to be a regular occurrence around here among our kind.”

The big lizard says, "Champers shoot. People wach up when in chrash for food shoot. No vans. You mohnster to?" he asks as he looks over the little man. He sees no tails of scales or wings. "Looch human, me." That could be a compliment?

Dax nods. “Oh, campers? Like out of the city they shot at you? In the city there are men in white vans who have tried to take away mutants, like ourselves.” Dax assumes William is a mutant. He may be some mythical creature, but for now Dax is going to go with mutant. He shakes his head. “No, I’m not a monster, but neither are you. I’m not a normal human, though, no.” He taps on the side of his sunglasses. “Don’t wear these to protect me eyes from the sun, I wear them to protect other people from me eyes.” Dax shakes his head. “People who look into my eyes tend to get a bit loopy.”

Loopy eyes, "Luchy." He says and he means it. Dax has no idea how bad it can be. "Not shee van yet. Nhot been public long. If take, let pholice know once beat up." He promises. "Live here, on beasch, lots people. Shafe." The beast of a man says then he takes another drink. "Nish view." He says motioning to the women down the beach. "Wife nhot be happy which me." He says and chuckles a deep resonating chuckle.

Dax frowns slightly. In comparison to William he IS lucky. Well, Dax never really thought of his powers as a burden. Perhaps a bit inconvenient at times, but nothing he hasn’t learned to live with. The man is slightly skeptical about it being safe around this many people. There’s a chance someone might do something stupid, but it seems calm for now. Dax follows William’s eyes when he mentions the view, but he seems to think the reptile man is talking about the beach. “Yeah, I’d love to be able to stare at the ocean all day.” He nods and finishes off his bottle. “Wait…Wife? You’re married?” Dax realizes it’s slightly rude to act so surprised about this…”And she’s not here with you now? Well no wonder she’s unhappy…” He hopes that was a smoothish transition.

"Three yearsh ago" the big man says, "Changh to monster. She.. Nhot know then what are." He explains. "Shays Wilham is dead, Shays she mohve on whitch life. Nhew hushband. Bhaby girl, Sindy, She almost nine now. Mished her grow up." The n, because he needs it, he turns up the rest of his rum and gulps it down. Ah.. that's better. Make the loneliness go away.

“Oh…” is all he can manage. Well that really must suck. Dax really can’t think of any advice to give at this point. To show up and visit a nine year old girl as a giant lizard is perhaps not the best thing for a child’s psyche. “Um…My family acts as though I am dead, also. Well, my parents, anyway. They hang up the phone whenever I call.” Maybe it’s not the same, but Dax is attempting to empathize. “Well, I haven’t lost my erm…significant other or child. I imagine that might be worse”

The big lizard nudges Dax with an elbow the way old men do and says, "Lhest still get ghirl." He says and chuckles, yeah he is way to happy to not be drunk. "Whork bar? Nhot shingle? Bhroke in head ohr in lhove?" Everyone knows bartenders get tons of women.

Dax twitches ever so slightly, not expecting the nudge. “Hmm?” He slaps at his leg, trying to play it off as though he were just bitten by some sort of bug. “Oh, right.” Dax frowns slightly. He’s not sure he wants to come out to the drunken lizard man. He’s not quite sure what kind of a person William was before his mutation set it. “Well…You know how it is. I bartend and DJ, so everyone wants to get with me. It makes settling down hard. No one’ll trust you, ‘specially when you can’t look them in the eye.”

"Luchy" William says but again there is that sadness creeping into his voice he dashes that on the rocks of idle fantasy, "Think there evher bhe bhar for monster liche Wilham?" He would love to go dancing. The tail makes that hard as he tends to smash everything and everyone behind him when he moves very fast. "Ah mish mushic, dhancing.." He says.

“Oh, yeah I guess.” Dax takes out another bottle and opens it up. “Well my bar tends to play really loud music. Techno, mostly…Or at least when I DJ that is.” Dax ponders for a moment “Well my bar is fairly accepting…But…Well you wouldn’t meet many women there. I don’t think you’d want to bother stopping by, actually….” Dax frowns. Now he sounds like a jerk, trying to keep the giant lizard man from stopping by his club. He sighs. “I work at ‘Club Seal’.” Anyone who knows the night scene around the University knows that Club Seal has a primarily gay clientele. Perhaps William doesn’t know that. He is, after all, a large lizard who probably doesn’t go bar hopping that much.

Club Seal, that makes the big lizard man laugh. Maybe not for the reason that you would think at first but he laughs a deep drunken laugh that is almost inappropriately jolly thinking about a bar named Club Seal. "Fhunny!" he says. Yes, CAPTAIN OBLIVIOUS has no clue it is a gay bar. "Three yearsh live in hide. Wife with oher man. Nhot sure cheat or not if ghet luchy." Like he has a snowballs chance anyway but no man likes to accept the fact he is hideous.

Dax tenses up for a moment as the lizard man laughs. A few people on the beach stop and stare some more. A few seem less afraid now. After all, the guy next to the lizard man hasn’t been eaten yet. “Um, right. I thought it was a great name, too. I wanted to put a neon flashing light of a baby seal getting clubbed, but my manager thought it would be inappropriate…And also wondered what it had to do with our club.” Dax shrugs “Oh well.” He listens to William and wonders if he is talking about whether or not it is ok for him to date again. “Well…Yeah, I’d say if she’s moved on, you can too.” He isn’t quite sure what to advise next. “I mean, I walked up to you, didn’t I? There are plenty of people as accepting as me in the city, just be patient.”

Reaching up and pointing up to his own solid black eyes he says, "Yho have lhoopy eyes. " he says, meaning you can defend yourself. "Shtupid of me." He says shaking his head a little he sighs and pulls his knees up to his large chest. "Share the people out club ish ah gho." He says then he takes his bottle and starts filling it with sand one hand full at a time.

Dax frowns. Something he said seems to have upset William. “Um…Yeah, I have loopy eyes. They get me allot of money. And well, they kept me from getting shot once. And being eaten a couple of times. I wonder what ever happened to…” He shakes his head. “Um, never mind all that.” He watches William fill his bottle. “Bottles aren’t as fun when the liquor’s gone. Want a beer?” He gestures toward his cooler. “Share the people out club…?”Dax seems confused about that one.

Nodding his head William says, "Phease." Then he explains, "Share people, be shary." To illustrate he pretend lunges with his upper body towards Dax and throws up his arms extending his claws into wicked talons and making a loud inhuman roaring sound. His breath could peel paint!

Well that elicited a response from the crowd. A couple people scream, and that little girl is swooped up by her mother and carried a good distance away. Dax at first doesn’t understand, he tenses up again and his hand goes instinctively to his sunglasses. He then sees that William is just explaining. “Oh. SCARE people, eh?” He calms down and rubs his chin slightly, still looking a little pale. “Well…” Dax shakes his head. “Well I suppose that’s definitely a possibility. I’d tell you were to find other mutants, but I don’t know myself. I just happen to bump into them.”

Putting his hands back down he ignores the crowd and then holds out a two fingered and one thumbed hand. The talons retracting partially into his fingers he nods and says, "Shee, nodding a little towards the crowd, "Shee, share people."

Dax shakes his head and chuckles ever so slightly. “Well…You DID suddenly roar at them all. I mean, if someone who looked like they could beat the tar out of you suddenly started acting aggressive, you’d be scared, too right?” He motions around at the crowd again. “Before you did that, they seemed fairly passive. They weren’t approaching you, maybe, but they weren’t avoiding you, either”

Chuckling the big lizard says, "Shru enough." Then he says, "Shtill love Wife. Feel bhad think others. Still chant bhleave she mharry other." He explains then he says, "Sherve her right if found other too!" sounding a little like he is looking for revenge.

Well, giving dating advice to a large reptilian man is probably the last thing Dax was expecting to do today. “Yeah, well.” Hmmm… “You know, it probably wasn’t any easier for her. Try to see things from her perspective, she may have felt that she needed to protect your daughter, right? Maybe not from you, but from how society would treat you and ultimately her. And maybe your wife felt that your daughter needed a father still.” He shakes his head. “I’m not trying to make excuses for her it’s just that…Well I guess things aren’t ever quite so black and white.” Dax shakes his head “But you shouldn’t dwell on that. You can move on now if you’re ready. If you meet someone and things seem to be going well, take that opportunity to be happy yourself. In a few years, when your daughter is older, maybe you can write to her or something, eh?” He reaches up to pat the lizard reassuringly on the shoulder.

Not use to being toughed the lizard moves away a little then catches himself doing it, "Yhou right." He say relaxing a little, "Lone long time." He explains, "What have offer?" he says, "Hoshpitil-zashon." He jokes.. well, half jokes.

Dax frowns at that. A giant lizard with abrasive scales and a bajillion teeth. “Hmmm…Well you’re friendly at least. And your girlfriend would never have to worry about being mugged while you were around, eh?” He shrugs “You manage to keep up conversation well enough, too.” He nods again “And besides, you act like you’re the only person like you out there. I’m sure there are other mutants in similar situations.”

"Other liche Wilham? Not like Wilham, not monster." William picks up a hand full of sand and lets it pour out between his large fingers. "Have nothing. Only ghood at not die." He explains, "Look schary, not die. Who pay for that? How ghet job with that? How be man having good with no job?" This lizard is kind of emo. "Man, no job, no man." He says, "Never be man for wife or nhot wife. Nhot like.." Then he motions to his lap.

“Oh really William, you’re not a monster. The world just needs to adjust to our kind is all. And I’m sure you can find work someplace. I mean…” Like what? Who WOULD hire a giant lizard man? “A bar. A night club. Nightclubs are always looking for scary looking…Er…Strong looking people to be bouncers. That pays well, and what bar wouldn’t want such an intimidating bouncer, eh?” He nods, satisfied with his swift thinking. He notices William‘s motions and quirks a brow. “And er…Don’t really know…about that.” Not sure he wants to know.

That gets the big lizzard's attention. "Rewry?!" he asks jumping up in a sudden motion and spinning to face Dax. He is REALLY looking for a job. He sees having a job as one of the main thing that defines a man. Being a bouncer would be great for him! He says, "Wilham be ahble to get shirt maybe someone make him phants if have job!" Wow, have you ever seen anyone that happy at the prospect of wearing pants?

Well that was unexpected. Dax nearly topples sideways as the lizard guy jumps up. Dax wasn’t really offering him a job…But he probably WOULD keep the hecklers at bay. “Well…I could get you a job there.” He frowns. Yeah, his boss probably wouldn’t care. Dax could get him to do pretty much whatever he wanted him to. “There is one thing you should know about my bar before you decide whether or not you’d want to work there.” Dax sighs “Club Seal is kind of…Well it’s primarily a gay bar. So you’d have to not mind that. I can tell the guys not to…Hit on you I guess.” Dax isn’t sure many people would hit on the lizard, but maybe it’ll make the prospect of working at a gay bar seem more tolerable. “And even if you don’t want to work at my bar, I know a few fashion design majors at the university who may be able to craft you some pants.

The giant lizard blows air out of his closed lips "Phrp! Befhor monster whorked conshruction." He says, "Shwetting men nhot bohther Wilham." He says waving a hand dismissively. "Nhever been ghay bar. Be fun mahybe." He thinks his tail thumping the sand and making a poof of sand behind him.

Dax laughs at William’s comment. “Well, it’s a bit different than construction, I gotta warn ya. But the music is good and loud, the drinks are strong, and the people are generally friendly.” He finishes off his second beer, now a little warm from being in his hand so long. “I’ll need to chat with my boss before you can stop by for an interview…I don’t suppose you have a phone number?” He looks back at the lizard’s tail. Actually, I think pants might not be so hard…If we just cut a hole in the back and put a snap….” He’s thinking out loud now.

The big lizard says, "Ghreat!" he looks like he could actually break into dance right there in the sand, "Thinch chilt be better." He says about the clothing. Not trendy but not confining either. "Tell boss chan start, two days. Nheed time get undead." What could he mean by that?

Dax chuckles. “A Kilt? Probably not the safest thing to wear around drunk gay men…But I’ll talk to Jessica and see what she recommends.” He nods “And I mean, we do get a fair number of gals in there, too. They come with the guys to hang out and such, so you never know.” He gives the lizard a quizzical look. “Undead?” Like zombies? Dax hates zombies.

"Ah dead. Mishing three yhear, make Wilham dead lhegal." He says explaining he can't legally get a job until they finish the paperwork to make him a real person again. He holds up his big hands, "Nho finger phrints." He explains.

Dax rubs his chin and ponders that for a moment. “Huh. Guess I didn’t really think about that one. Well I guess I should look for you here in a few days? That gives me a chance to go over some things with the boss, too.” Dax gives William directions to the bar in case they don’t have a chance to meet here again. “And if anyone gives you trouble, say you’re a friend of Dax. They’ll leave ya be.” He nods.

Nodding the big lizard seems so happy to have a job. It's one of his main items on his check list of getting his wife back. "Wilham have no clhothes just thish." He says reguarding the loincloth, "Have shtaff shirt for Wilham's shize?" he asks thinking that would be nice to have one of those 'I work here' shirts.

Dax smiles at the lizard, happy to have made him happy. “Well, I don’t know if we have any size ‘Giant Lizard Man’, but I might be able to have a shirt made for you that says ‘Security’ or something. “ Maybe plate armor would work better. “Well, I should probably go start to make preparations, eh? I’ll need to talk to the boss and try to get some ideas from the students.”

"Shtudents?" It's a gay bar for kids? Ok, now he's concerned. Men being womanish around him he can deal with. Even men kissing other men, he can deal with it's kind of fun to watch but underage kids drinking he draws the line at, even in the big city, "Yhou not let kid in bhar?!"

Dax holds up his hands and shakes his head. “Absolutely not. I meant college students, specifically the fashion design students. We card everyone, but some of the college kids who’re underage try to sneak in. It’ll be your job as the bouncer to keep ‘em out.” Dax shakes his head. “We do occasionally have student ID night, where the kids over 18 can come in and dance, but the 21 and older folks need to be braceleted, and the younger kids get marked with black X’s on their hands so the bartenders don’t serve them. We can go over all this whenever you stop by, though.”

Grunting with approval William crosses his arms assuming his 'I'm your father and you will do what I say' pose, "ah'm ghood with khids." He says and smiles that wide really wicked grin of his. Yeah, he's going to be a great bouncer.

Dax chuckles and shakes his head. “I’m sure you are. I think you’ll work out just fine at Club Seal.” He stands up and dusts off the sand from his shorts before bending down to pick up his cooler. “Well, I need to go get things set up. Er…not just for you, I’ve got a rave tonight, need to set up the equipment before people start arriving.” He holds out his hand to shake “It was nice meeting you William.”

Looking down at the hand William doesn't take it at first. He's been so afraid of being seen by people or hurting them by accident he hasn't shaken a hand in 3 years. He carefully takes the hand and shakes it his large hand covering all of Dax's hand and some of his wrist. Even being gentle his grip is strong. As heavy lifting goes. He'll be great to have around. "Thanch you so much! Live in chave dhown beach if nhot see here chom find me there." He suggests. Cave dwelling.. he has a long way to go.

Dax nods “Will do.” He shakes his hand a little after it is released by the lizard. Yup, he’s strong enough for the job. Dax just hopes his boss doesn’t decide otherwise. Well, Dax can just keep confusing him until he agrees, he supposes. He offers a quick wave and turns to head back up the beach. “I’ll see ya real soon, ok?” And with that, he’s off toward the club.

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