The Live In Doctor


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Summary: Darius stops by Club Seal. Dax offers to let him stay on the sofa upstairs if he continues to treat the mutants he has hiding in the club.

Date: June 2, 2009

The Live-In Doctor

Rating: PG-13

Club Seal - University District

Club Seal is one of the more popular night clubs in the University District. The club is divided into several sections. In the first room there is one massive bar that takes up an entire half of the room. Along the wall opposite from this bar are a few tables and booths for patrons to sit around. There is a stairway to the left which leads up to the second floor. On this floor there is a smaller bar and some pool tables. The room has sound insulation to keep the loud music from the dance floor from interrupting conversations, though there is a door leading to a balcony where you can look down at the dance floor below.

The dance floor itself is a massive room. There is a bar on either end of the room, each adorned with various LED and strobe devices. The middle area is a massive dance floor with a few small raised platforms for dancing. There is a disco-ball and several lasers and fog machines hanging from the ceiling. In the back of the room is a small stairwell leading up to a glass-windowed room that houses the DJ Box. The wall beneath this room is covered in mirrors.

Club Seal is known for its non-judgmental demeanor. It is known to have a mostly-gay clientele, but through efforts of the staff this club has opened up to many other groups of people. This club has come to be known as a safe place for mutants to go, and by looking around one can see that even a few of the staff members are obvious mutants. Though the club still has many gay patrons, it is no longer considered to be a club only for LGBT individuals.

Monday night is College ID night! College students get in free of charge with their University ID. Those under 21 are marked with black X's and those over 21 are given bracelets so that the bartenders know who is legally allowed to be served.

The club has a couple more people in it tonight than were here the day before. The big black mutant and glowing girl are playing cards at one of the tables. Most of the other hideaways seem to be out on the dance floor sleeping. Dax is behind the counter with one of the other bartenders discussing the fact that club owner seems to have gone missing. Dax frowns and looks out at the people in the room, almost unable to see in the dim room with his sunglasses on. “Well take care, then. Good luck, ok?” He gives the other bartender a hug as the other man leaves. It seems that Dax is now the only remaining member of club staff who will stay in the city. Everyone else has either gone missing or left. He sighs and pours himself a glass of sherry, wanting to save some of the stronger stuff for medical purposes. He walks over to the table where the two mutants are playing cards and sits down.

After spending most of the night last night doing rounds and patching up mutants in the club- and having a few drinks, Darius disappeared to the hospital to deal with the chaos there. Of course, the staff having been getting things done before he arrived, he has time to slip away again. Where else does he go? Club Seal, of course!

He has changed, the silk button up undershirt crimson now instead of blue- though his clothes in general are showing the signs of wear, dust… and a little bit of blood here and there from his treating- and traveling. Not quite unkempt, but almost. He pushes the doors open, much like last night, though he takes a few steps within, lets them close behind him; and grins. "Dax, mate, got a drink to spare?"

Dax lays his head on the table and mutters something about needing air-conditioning. The girl next to him nods and pats him on the shoulder. Dax sits up as he hears the doors open, turning to see who it is. “Ah, Darius, was it? Of course we can spare a drink for you. Just opened a bit of sherry if you don’t mind that. I do have stronger stuff if you’d prefer, however.” He stands and walks back toward the bar, reaching over and grabbing another glass before filling it and topping off his own. He offers some to the two playing cards, but they refuse. Dax turns back to Darius. “Thanks again for helping out last night. I feel a little better now that I have to worry about infections a little less.”

"Sherry is a bit weak for what I had in mind. I promise not to drink all your vodka." Darius moves further in the room, running a hand in a more tired gesture through his hair as he approaches Dax and the bar. His gaze looks over those gathered, inspecting each in turn in silence. "That one- did she changes the bandages on her infection this morning?" And he probably took out the bullet of the wolf's arm, or at least stitched it up for healing. "Do you know where the damn Promenade Condos are? Still can't find my apartment." He gruffs, finally catching what was said earlier. "Oh, right. Welcome. Vodka would be a better welcome."

Dax swings around the bar as Darius requests vodka. He rummages under the bar for a moment and pulls out a bottle of Stolichnaya. “There ya go, nice and strong. And I’ve got a surprise for ya, wait here.” He takes the bottle and jogs back toward where people are laying down. He returns a few moments later with the bottle now covered in a layer of frost. “I’m harboring a rather useful mutant now. One who can chill my drinks.” He chuckles and pours Darius a glass of vodka. “And yes, she changed her bandages, so did he.” He motions toward the Were-Bunny. “And…I’ve been to that area but I couldn’t really direct you without a GPS. I was only out that way once or twice. I mean, I could point you in the general direction, but that’s about it.”

There is a hum of appreciation as Dax pulls out such a fine vintage, and he watches as the other runs off to chill the bottle. He lifts a hand to press to his chest, mocking a gasp. "Ah! So kind. That ability would save so much on the electric bill." He slides onto a seat at the bar (After dusting it off some, just in case), and settles. "That, or the nearest hotel. Not looking forward to sleeping in my office again."

Dax grins. “Yeah, he’s rather useful for that, but unfortunately he can’t cool down the room. Oh well.” He shrugs and downs one of the glasses of cherry. “Yeah they’re a bit of a walk. And I mean, the hotels won’t be open. You may need to break in. Don’t think that’d be too hard, though.” He shrugs again. “I mean, you’re welcome to stay here if you’d like. If you’re not keen on sleeping on the floor there’s a sofa in my apartment upstairs.” Dax points to the ceiling, indicating that there’s another floor up above. “Have you eaten yet? We have some…Well we have food. Nothing great.”

"I walked into hell- somehow it doesn't surprise me how normal it seems to think of breaking into a hotel to sleep." Darius laughs and lifts his glass of vodka in a silent toast before he swallows it all and sets it down for a refill. "Under any other circumstance, I would say no, but considering you have the booze and interesting company in this sudden pit of a city, I can't quite say no, now can I? So! Roommates then, aye?" He lifts his glass with a chuckle. "I patch for pay?"

The man nods, adjusting his shades slightly. “Yeah. As soon as people started looting, I took out a squad of people to raid the closest food centers…and pharmacies…and home stores. So now we’ve got everything we need here.” He nods his head toward the folks in the back. “On of em went out today and raided a vending machine. Nothing good for ya, but it’s food.” He shakes his head. “Guess what I’m trying to say is, there’s no real order in the world right now. Might as well break into a random house instead of a hotel. No one’s around anyway.” He toasts his glass to Darius’s. “And yes, that sounds like a fair trade. Keep my people healthy and you can stay as long as you’d like.”

"Good trade, then. But I'll have to keep to my travels between here and the hospital. Here to hell, I still have a hospital to run." Darius sets his glass down, awaiting a refill. "I assure you the world is fine beyond Seattle. My car died on the outskirts- I had to walk into town. Still wondering why I didn't just turn back to civilization." He shrugs a shoulder and reaches into a pocket, producing a pill bottle. He takes a pair of the pills and slips them in his mouth before closing the bottle and tucking it away again. He washes them down after taking another swig of vodka. "Protein is what the body needs for sustinance. Can cook rats for that. Make sure they have proteins and they'll be fine." And even quite randomly: "I sleep in my boxers, so I hope you have blankets."

Dax nods. “Yeah, Kera mentioned that the area of effect was centralized around the city. That the power works just beyond our limits.” He ponders for a moment. “That motorcyclist too, come to think of it. Wonder if she’s ok.” Dax nods at the mention of rats. “Yeah, we’ve got some canned ravioli, tuna, and chili. Which are gross uncooked and by themselves, but we’ll survive on that until it’s gone.” He points a thumb at the were-bunny. “Toothers over there snuck out last night and gifted us with a raccoon, but I told him he could have it. I don’t really want a tapeworm or rabies or anything if I can help it.” He chuckles and refills the doctor’s glass, assuming the pills just to be vitamins. He laughs at Darius’s comment. “Oh I sleep the same, so I won’t take offense there. And I’ve got some extra sheets and stuff up there, yeah.”

"Rub the animal in alcohol to cleanse, make sure to thoroughly cook- and you'll be fine. And actually, canned tuna isn't that bad. Add a little salt. Cures all ills. Ah, yes. Salt. That'll also help cleanse." Darius drains more of the vodka and sets it down for a refill. How much has he had to drink so far? Hopefully a double-shot glass? And he's draining them pretty easy. Yeesh. "The girl will be fine as long as she doesn't go jumping off buildings."

Dax makes a face. "I don't know. Raccoons are too adorable to eat. Also I'll save that for a last resort. Don't know if I feel like rubbing animal carcasses any time soon…We've been eating the tuna on crackers, it's not bad. But as you suggested, the crackers have salt on them so that might be why. " And yeah, I hope she doesn't…Jump off buildings." That seems like an odd thing to say. Oh well. "Oh, by the way. I've got a ferret in my living room. If he makes too much noise or something just let me know and I'll move him to my room." He finishes off his sherry and takes away the shot glass he had given Darius. "Here," He fills a bucket glass half way with vodka and does the same for himself. He reaches under the counter and grabs a couple cans of lemon soda. "In case you want it mixed." He shrugs and opens a can, adding it to his own drink.

The glowing girl eyes the soda before coming over and smiling. Dax hands her a couple cans to take back to the table with her. Once she's gone he shrugs to Darius. "Don't want to upset the nightlight."

As the larger glass is given, he shakes his head at the idea of mixing. "I prefer things in their truer forms." He lifts his glass to take a swig from, taking a moment to enjoy the taste- and the fact he still has a good bit left in the glass this time. Some small triumph. "As long as the ferret doesn't go rifling, I don't see a problem." He winces slightly as the night light comes closer- had grown a bit too acclimated to the fact of candle-lit rooms and no lights. "Right." He looks over the gathering of mutants, both normal looking and non. "This is going to take some getting used to."

Dax nods to Darius, “Yeah, well sometimes I just like a little more taste.” His speech is starting to slur just slightly. He was probably drinking before Darius even arrived. “And the…” Dax stops as he hears a loud SCHHHHHK noise followed by an angry yell. He looks over to see the wolf creature biting into a can of soda, which has exploded all over the two of them. Dax just sighs and tosses a towel at the two of them. “I keep telling him just to have someone else open the can for him…He’ll never learn.” Dax shakes his head again, “Anyway. Don’t really know how the ferret is at night. He used to make a racket, so I stuck him out in the living room to sleep. Maybe he’s over it?” Dax shrugs and takes another drink. “Yeah, actually the crowd’s been like this lately even before the power went out. They know this bar’s mutant friendly, probably why they started coming here when the power cut.”

The Doctor's speech isn't slurring, but his movements and demeanor are loosening up. But he has enough wit still left in him to know what happens to him, and vodka. Why the hell he chose that over a fine stout whiskey, is beyond him. "In Chicago, the mutant populace is very, very scarce. You maybe heard of one reported case in the news on a rare time; here I feel like I've walked into the damn comics." He lifts his glass and drains the rest in one fell swoop before sliding off of his stool. A look is given to the wolf creature before he gestures upstairs. "Mind showing me the facilities?"

Dax nods. "Yeah, hard to believe all the mutants here. I think it has to do with the media coverage up here. Mutants hear about other mutants and move up to be with their own kind." He shrugs, "Or maybe they're just more active out this way, I don't know." He perks a brow to Darius's request. "Oh, yeah. I can show you upstairs if you'd like." He finishes his drink and tosses the glasses into a sink of water. Dax walks out from behind the bar and over toward a side door. "Lydia," He calls out to the glowing girl. "You're in charge. If you need anything pull the string." He'd rigged a bell attached to a string somewhere in the club so that people downstairs could call him if he was needed. Dax turns back to Darius, "Shall we?" He heads out into the alley and unlocks a door right next to it. This door leads to the third floor apartment, where they will probably remain until morning.

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