The General Arrives


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Summary: Raikov meets Leon at the crater and offers him equipment to help

Date: June 8, 2009

The General Arrives

Rating: G

Union Park

Union park is yet another well-developed and pleasant entertainment place within town for one to go to and spend time in. The park itself is rather large and housing several attractions for an individual to browse themselves with. It holds a large playground for kids as well as benches for parents to watch them play in. Also within the park is a long jogging trail as well as a pond and several picnic areas to sit oneself down at. There's also a couple of barbecue and fire pits in which a person, or group of people can hold a party at in the outdoors.

The area is lush green and full of life. Various trees, shrubbery and flowers litter the area as they add to the attractiveness of the place. A couple of shady spots can be found to hide away from the heat of the sun, or to bask under the silvery glow of the moon and starlight at night. There's also an abundance of wildlife here, varying from squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and even opossums. It's not all too uncommon to see people lounging about the area, either having a picnic, party or simply taking the pleasure to exercise on the jogging trails. The area is rather active not only in the daytime, but also at night as well and is monitored by some few security and is kept fairly litter free.

Now that the military has arrived, the city seems to have calmed down a little. The anti mutant groups are a little less active and the body count has slowed it’s growth for the moment. Occasionally there is some shouting or a few gunshots, but they are becoming fewer each day. General Raikov had sent his men out in groups of five to patrol various sections of the city, unfortunately they will not be able to communicate with him if they need to

The General stares down into the crater, his officer’s uniform dirty and torn from his trek on foot into the city. If they are to have any hope of restoring this city to sanity, they will need to fix whatever happened here. One of the mutants he spoke with earlier mentioned that another mutant created a black hole here. He can hardly believe it. A black hole in this city, they are all lucky to be alive.

Leon arrives in the area almost silently. His manner of walking, his manner of dress, it all leads to discretion and not drawing attention. Finally his footstep makes a crunching sound as his movement stops. He is at the edge of the crater, not too far from you, and he sits down there, letting his feet dangle over the edge. His catears move every once in a while to take in sounds in different directions and his tail lays wrapped around his hips and over the edge to flap every now and then.

The general appears lost in thought, staring down into the crater and walking back and forth. He stops and runs a hand down his mouth and chin, pondering. He does look a bit disheveled. He hasn’t had time to shave or change since he got here, and has been moving non-stop for almost 20 hours.

The man hears the crunching behind him and turns swiftly, his hand reaching into the breast of his coat, probably for a weapon of some sort. He stops when he sees Leon sitting peacefully on the ground. Raikov’s eyes narrow at the boy, studying his ears as they twitch. “You there,” he relaxes his stance, no longer reaching for his weapon. “I am glad to see that you are alright. I had feared that we would arrive too late to be able to help the citizens of this city.” He glances down into the hole again, “Can you tell me anything about this? If we can understand what happened properly, we may be able to fix things.”

Leon's ears twitch and swivel slightly towards the source of the voice. His eyes turn towards you, the slit-like pupils dilating in the darkness to focus on you in greater detail. "What are you? Some kind of general or something? Get out of here before the National Guard spots you. I hear it's a serious offence to be impersonating an Army Soldier… especially now."

The man smirks at Leon, apparently not disturbed by his cat like appearance. He reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out an ID badge. “My name is General Erik Lichten Raikov of the United States Army. I have been sent to this area to attempt to restore peace and sanity to the region…and to try and resolve whatever issue is messing with the power here.”

He steps forward slightly. “I suppose the crater can wait, however. I have heard that the hospital was turning away mutants, and I have noticed that the food supply in the city seems to have dwindled. Know and spread the word that the hospital will now take anyone who needs care, and there is a supply of food near the mayor’s office. Is there anything that you need, citizen?”

Leon regards you with some scrutiny for now. After all, anybody could have an ID and such. The fact remains though, there isn't much to benefit from having that ID. He isn't asking for anything but rather is offering… the mutant man doesn't know what to make of this person. "I am aware that the Hospitals are seeing Mutants now. I went two days ago. Thank you for the information on the food though." If the general is alright with being out with a mutant after curfew, who is Leon to argue? "I could use some testing equipment. Bar Magnets, copper wire, a voltometer… that sort of thing. Maybe reagents for soil samples and some film. Blank film."

The general gives Leon a curious look. “I see. Unfortunately out primary concern at the moment is getting survival supplies to those who need it. If you seek these items perhaps you can find them in a specialty store.” He replaces his ID. “I do not condone steeling, but I doubt that you will find a store that has not been broken into in this city. They will likely file for total loss anyway.” The general looks at the pit wondering if it has something to do with the requested equipment. “Also there is the issue of the electromagnetic storm. We unfortunately have no power, so even if I could give you the items you desire, they would not work anyway.”

Leon shakes his head, "That is precisely why I am wanting them. They work but they are so overwhelmed by the stronger influence that their effects can't be observed. I can overcome that particular difficulty if I have the proper components and I can run tests to narrow down what we're dealing with." He looks away from you and up into the air, "Otherwise… it is quite difficult to find the cause of all of thise in the storm above us. Granted, I don't believe we will be able to do anything about it until the mutant who's power caused this reverses it. She was… quite powerful… and quite inexperienced."

The General listens to the boy with interest, quirking a brow when he hears of his power. “That power could be useful to us in this crisis.” He begins pacing at the top of the crater again, looking down into it. “So the rumors are true then, it was a mutant. That is unfortunate.” Raikov stops and looks back to Leon. “Unfortunately the government wants this to be dealt with as soon as possible, and the general public is not too happy with the situation as you may imagine.” He ponders for a moment more. “I would like to speak with the man who did this if I could. Tell him that I mean him no harm, but I do wish to speak with him.” The General is assuming that Leon has some way of contacting him. “And I do not know that we have exactly what you need, but if your power is truly as you say it is, then go to the base camp near the mayor’s office when you are ready. I will inform the technicians I brought with me to let you use whatever you need.” He shakes his head, “Of course, I would like you to take some of my men with you when you do whatever you plan on doing. You’ll be using government property.”

Leon nods now as he looks up in the dark sky. "The mutant was a girl. She acted like she didn't even know she had powers… and then some men were trying to rape her and hurt her companions. Her emotional state probably caused a flare up and it was… like a black hole opened. I have no way of contacting her. Even if I did I would not send her to you. I really don't trust the government to not do something incredibly stupid and I'd rather not risk another black hole opening."

Raikov sighs and rubs his temples. “Alright. Well thank you for the information you have given me. You are probably right to worry about the girl if her powers manifested because of her emotional state as you mentioned.” He crosses his arms and taps his foot for a few moments. “Do not mention to any of my men that you know the identity of this girl. Do not even mention that it was a girl. I do still wish to speak with her, but you are probably right in thinking that sending her into the base is unwise. I will seek her out on my own when I can find the time.” He unfolds his arms and nods. “You are still welcome to use our equipment and men if you trust us that much. If anyone gives you trouble please ask for me.”

Leon nods once more, "I will general. Thankyou for your gestures. I hope I will be able to find out enough to help us all." One of his hands moves to his right side, holding in while his ribs decide to flare up.

The General smiles slightly, “So do I, dear boy, so do I.” He turns to look back toward camp. “I should probably get back, it’s getting dark. And you should get someplace safe. My men cannot protect every civilian in the city. We’ve been having an especially hard time once the sun goes down. Lower visibility increases the amount of violence.” He looks over at Leon over his shoulder. “Who should I tell them to wait for? Or can I just tell them ‘the man with cat ears’?”

Leon sighs as he stands and whinces as his ribs give him agony. When he's up though he looks at you and says, "The latter would probably be more of a definite identification but you may tell them to expect a Mr. McKinnley."

The General nods once more, tipping his hat. “Well, it’s been a pleasure, Mr. McKinnley. And if your wounds still bother you in a couple of days, try stopping back at the hospital. We are expecting another shipment of supplies, and we may have some pain killers by then.” He waves to the man as he begins to head back to the base. “If you need anything, my men should be able to get it for you.”

Leon sighs softly as he turns to make his way over to the direction of his home. Time to rest some more… after a short walk that is.

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