The Funeral Pyre And The Ice Bear


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Summary: Tyler decides to ignite the pile of the dead by the shore to prevent the spread of disease. Eris and Daniel are drawn in toward the fire, unfortunately so is a pack of feral dogs and an escaped Polar Bear from the zoo. Kera appears to save the day and/or kill everyone.

Date: June 16, 2009

The Funeral Pyre and the Ice Bear

Rating: R

Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry Terminal

Dark blue water tinged with musty greens and browns come into view at the edge of the beach, the overwhelming fishy smell and salt assails the senses. The light of night or day easily reflected upon the rippling waters, while waterline is lined in buildings and electrical lights from various residences and businesses. The road looks to be separated into four different lanes that lead up to tollbooths that people sit in their cars or walk up awaiting the ok to board the ferry.

Small places for food look to be in the area as well, a seafood place as well as a small mom and pop type burger place. While the ferry itself, fairly large and a dingy yellow in color look to be an after affect of the water spray upon the vessel. It's three levels filled with cars, people as well as an open deck area for people to be upon. Small area's with food available within it is always open for those travelers that have decided to take the transportation.

The wind from the sea is a bit strong and slightly chilly this evening, and the ocean spray from the crashing waves just adds to the chill in the air. The sun is still slightly visible as it sets over the sea, casting oranges and reds into the sky which fade into deep violet and blue above. A woman is silhouetted against the sunset, gazing out at the sea as she leans against one of the railings.

Eris breathes deep the fresh ocean air, happy to escape the stink of the festering city. The garbage and the dead have really started to make quite a stink in there. She leans forward and looks down into the water, frowning. Ever since the military has moved in she's had to keep her aggressive tendencies in check. She's happy that the military isn't tolerating the anti-mutant assault, but she'd like to get a few of the bastards herself.

Tyler moves along the water's edge, looking over the corpses that are present before his eyes move up to the ferries that are stuck out to sea, anchored off shore. He shakes his head before he starts off, taking a drag from the cigarette from his lips as he steps slowly and carefully, on hand holding onto the cigarette as the other rests within his pocket.

Eris perks up for a moment after hearing something between the crashing of the waves. She turns and sees a figure moving near the stacked dead and tips her head slightly, squinting in the failing light to try and discern the figure. Is it perhaps the death collectors, coming to drop off another body? No, someone out for a walk it seems. Eris frowns, she came here to be alone, figuring that the pile of the dead would frighten most people away.

The woman turns completely, leaning her back against the railing as the man approaches. She is wearing her usual outfit of black pants and a black coat over a green midriff. The wind blows her hair and jacket about as she watches the man approach, slightly weary of his presence. She suspects that any person wandering around this place probably has less than noble intentions.

Tyler looks at the bodies that have been stacked here before he looks around the area, seeing if anyone is there. He doesn't seem to spot Eris as he looks around before he looks back to the bodies. He lifts a hand and creates a ball of fire in his palm before he tosses it onto the bodies which start to ignite. He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out an envelope which he looks at for a few moments before he tosses it into the flames. He takes a few steps back from the bodies before he narrows his eyes and the flames burn hotter and brighter.

Eris breathes out in mild relief as it seems as though the man is disinterested or does not notice her. She is about to turn back to face the sea when she notices Tyler do something very odd. It seems as though perhaps this man is a mutant as well. She smirks and moves forward slowly, not wanting to startle a man who can apparently manipulate fire.

The woman’s high heel boots click loudly as she walks toward Tyler. She moves up near him and calls out, “Well, it’s about time. I’m really surprised General Goody Good didn’t burn them up as soon as he walked into town.” She scrunches her nose, coughing slightly from the stench.

Tyler watches the folder that he tossed into the fire as it burns, but he looks up as he hears the footsteps, the fire cooling down and dimming to normal. He looks towards the approaching woman, thinking for a moment as her face seems familiar. "Maybe this will give him the idea." He says in reply to the woman's comment.

The woman rolls her eyes. “Give him the idea? He’ll probably say he did it himself. Or he’ll say the bodies spontaneously caught by themselves. Anything to make it seem like the evil mutants didn’t deface the pile of the dead.” She coughs again and waves a hand in front of her face. “I’m Eris, by the way.” She holds out a hand to be shaken if Tyler should desire to do so. She looks at the fire behind him and points. “Handy little gift you’ve got there.” She did notice him throwing a folder into the fire earlier. “Though when I try to destroy evidence I usually use a fireplace, not a stack of corpses.”

A lovely sunset stroll near the beach.. what could be sweeter or more romantic? Ah, of course, a bonfire to ward away the coming night's chill. Normally, the kind of scene most people might enjoy.. except, of course, for the bonfire being fueled by the corpses of the dead. Daniel hasn't noticed that fact quite yet.. he's too focused on walking around with a large plastic bag slung over a shoulder, eyes to the ground, searching.. wherever he finds a discarded water bottle, he rushes to pick it up and toss it into his bag. Funny, he doesn't *look* like a typical homeless person, not with his leather jacket, but, you never can tell these days. He moves slowly, almost cautiously.. and if one watched him long enough, one might notice he studiously avoids looking out at the sea, his nose wrinkling in apparent distaste at the smell of it. Another smell hits him not long after: the scent of something cooking.. Meat? A barbecue? He looks up, heading towards the fire, squinting a bit, yet to figure out the grisly sight that awaits. The sound of voices on the wind also catches his attention, and he glances at Tyler and Eris, approaching with increased caution now.

Tyler smirks as he nods towards the pile of corpses. "Yeah, but who would search a pile of corpses?" He says as he looks at the woman and her extended hand. He nods and takes it in his, giving a firm shake. "Tyler." His touch is warm to the touch, warmer than an average person.

Eris shakes her hand a bit after Tyler releases it. “My, got a fever, have you?” She smiles, letting him know she understands it is probably a side affect of his ability. “I suppose you’re right, most people wouldn’t search a pile of burned corpses. However, I suspect those bodies will be sifted through once things get back to normal. They’ll want to identify bodies and bury them properly I suspect.” She shrugs. “And you might want to be a little careful. Those mutant haters are still around, and I don’t know if your fire can reach as far as their machine guns…” She stops her sentence and looks past Tyler, having just noticed Daniel. “Ah, we have company it seems?”

Daniel stops some distance away.. close enough to be able to talk and be heard without yelling, but hardly within arms' reach, however, since it seems he's noticed the details of the fire, as well as catching snippets of the ongoing conversation. The bag full of empty water bottles clatters to the ground, and he gasps, looking a little green around the gills. "Are.. are those.. *people*?", he asks, knowing full well what the answer is, and not looking at either of the other two.

Tyler shrugs. "Not really." He says in regard to the fever comment. "Yeah, but if you can control fire, you can make sure the evidence is properly destroyed." He says after a moment before he looks towards Daniel as Eris mentions him. He raises an eyebrow at the man's question before looking at the bodies then back to the man and nods once. "Yes." He says simply.

“Uh-huh…” Eris ponders Tylers comment about controlling fire for a moment before turning to answer Daniel’s question. “Yes. The bodies of those too weak to survive the outage here. Also the bodies of those who were murdered simply because of the way they were born. Last I counted there were 13 mutants in that pile, and those are just the ones that were obviously so. Ones who couldn’t walk down the street without calling attention to themselves.” She sighs and shakes her head, “I’m sure the number is far greater. If only we could find where those bastards come together, we could strike them before they hurt anyone else.” She is of course speaking of the mutant hunters now.

Daniel gulps, slowly, and nods at the two of them.. his eyes are still locked on the smoldering pile of corpses, though Eris' words seem to almost put him at ease, if only a little. The corpses weren't made by the two standing before him. Good. "I.. I suppose.. given the circumstances.. things are.. are bad enough already. To leave corpses rotting in the sun.. when.. when no one's coming to bury them, it'd.. only breed more disease in the city.", he says, trying to rationalize things to himself. "I.. I guess.. burning is the only thing to do..", he says, and finally manages to pull his gaze away from the grisly flames and towards the other two. He blinks, slowly, his skin still looking rather greenish, as if he might puke at any moment. "M-mutants?"

Tyler nods as he looks to Daniel. "Yeah, mutants. You know, those new breeds of people with powers." He says with a chuckle as he looks to Eris then back to Daniel, wondering how long before he spews.

Eris holds up a hand and surveys her nails, frowning at the state of her polish. “By ‘new breed’ Tyler of course means the next stage in evolution, yes.” She looks at Daniel and sighs, waving a hand dismissively at the pile. “It’s just a pile of bodies, don’t look so squeamish. Everybody dies, everybody rots. Nothing new there. And yes, burning them is in everyone’s best interest.” The burning bodies have quite a strong odor, though. A few dogs show up, wandering from the direction of the city. They stop and sniff the air, interested in the pile. The stay back from the flames, however, seemingly deterred by the blaze.

Daniel narrows his eyes a bit as Tyler chuckles. "Mutants are people too.. as deserving of respect as anyone else.", he chides, seemingly offended by the other man's lack of respect in front of the dead, regardless of what they were. Eris' words draw a similar disapproving glare from him. "Everyone dies, everyone rots.. and everyone deserves at least some token respect. These people had friends, family, lives.. whether mutant or not, their lives were once as important to them as our lives are to any of us. Don't be so quick to dismiss that.. I wouldn't call anyone who treats the loss of life, human, mutant, or whatever, with anything less than at least some basic respect, terribly 'evolved', powers or not.", he mutters, the green tinge to his skin seeming to disappear as he speaks and gains a little more control over himself. He looks at the corpses again. "I'll let someone know they're out here.. Probably not much they can do right now, but..", he mutters, trailing off.

Tyler looks to Daniel and raises an eyebrow. "Oh yeah?" He says as he looks over the man. "I don't know if it's a good idea to let them know about them here. Let the military do what they want."

Eris rolls her eyes again at Daniel’s words. “Yes, well. It is not the place of the living to fret over the dead. I’m sure they’d want us to move on.” She glances at the pyre again. “And let someone know? About the bodies? They put them here purposefully to get them out of the city.” She gives Tyler a quizzical look. “I’d assume the military knows about them. I don’t know why they wouldn’t” She shrugs. “I guess they thought it was a good idea to put all the bodies in one place, which it was. Unfortunately they didn’t plan beyond that. I guess they hoped things would go back to normal before they degraded too badly.” There are a few more dogs milling around now. Eris looks at them distastefully “Well, at least if we run out of food there are plenty of dogs to hunt down.”

The small pack of feral dogs suddenly start barking and running back and forth, looking back toward the city. Eris just looks at them with an annoyed expression. This expression is not changed as she gazes back at Daniel. “Well I’m sure they can do DNA or dental tests on these people. It’s better than letting them fester and rot. We’d get swarms of flies and rampant disease.” She motions toward the dogs, who are now barking furiously, “Or maybe you’d rather they get eaten by their own dogs, hmm?”

As she says mentions the dogs they sprint toward the group, making distressed sounds. Eris looks a bit surprised and braces for impact, but they run right past her. She turns to follow them with her gaze before turning back to where they were a few moments ago. “What the…Is that…How is that even possible?” Eris is staring in disbelief at a large white creature which appears to have been drawn in by the smell of the pyre. It seems some of the animals from the zoo have escaped since the power went out, and where has the polar bear decided to go? To the sea, of course.

Daniel seems about to make some sort of reply, when the thing with the dogs happens.. he tenses as they come for him, but when they run past and keep going, he turns back to see what's scared them so.. and his eyes widen as he sees the polar bear. "Oh *shit*…", he mutters, dropping the bag of bottles once more, body tensing nervously. He's starting to look a little green around the gills again, nerves likely making him feel like puking after all.

Tyler starts to say something but then the dogs run past the three and he watches as they run away, an eyebrow raised slightly. "The fuck?" He says before he looks back the way they came. "Oh hell." He says, his arms starting to ignite in fire up to the elbows as he sees the polar bear.

The bear seems to be a bit weary of the flames, but the smell of the burning meat definitely has him interested. It tentatively approaches the pyre, seeming to decide that the flames are a bit too much for him. He sniffs the air and turns his attention to the three standing around. Polar bears are one of the few species of mammals that will actively hunt humans, and even though this bear was raised in captivity, his hunger seems to have awakened his latent instincts. The bear approaches the three of them at a slow gallop, apparently hoping to devour one or more of them. Chances are he’ll avoid the one with flaming arms, that sort of thing tends to scare large predators.

Eris frowns at the bear. “Where the hell does something like that come from? Aren’t they supposed to live in the arctic?” She gets down on one knee and slams her palm against the ground a few times. There is a series of sharp tremors below her as she hit’s the ground before a few large crystals come up between her and the bear. She had to send up a series to weaken the cement before she could break through, but now she has a short wall of crystal spikes separating her from the predator, that’s all that matters to her. A thought seems to strike Eris. “Hey! You don’t think that’s a mutant, do you?” She’s looking to Tyler. “I mean…It’s possible, right?” She starts yelling at the bear, “Hey! If you’re a mutant, we’re not your enemies. Just calm down!” It doesn’t appear to be working.

Daniel blinks as Tyler does his flaming arm thingy.. and then Eris is making a crystal shield. "Oh, great.. calm down, don't hurt it.. I.. I think maybe I can stop it.", he says, and steps forward, a queasy expression on his face. "I hate this..", he mutters to himself, and then thrusts his arms out.. from the sea, mere feet away as it is, a strong jet of water suddenly bursts, striking the bear head on. The stream is not nearly enough to slow the bear, but that doesn't seem to be Daniel's intention. With one hand, he guides the stream of water.. and with the other hand, he focuses on the bear, as the water splashing onto it begins to instantaneously phase-shift into a solid.. in a word: freeze. He's trying to trap the bear in a block of ice. Of course, considering how strong the bear is, he might not be able to get enough water to properly encase it before it breaks free and is upon them.

It's really too bad that there isn't any power, because she would have heroic Sailor Moon type music playing. "There he is! Excellent work! Keep him right there!" shouts a female voice from.. well sorta out of nowhere. Out she jumps, dressed in the black sailor outfit with pink trimming, with her hair actually.. glowing pink?(Thanks to a mutant with a cool little bioluminecent power), glitter about her face and even contacts; no surprise that they are pink too. Her hair pulled up in a ponytail tied with a black ribbon into a bow. It it an improvement from her very first costume, since she has been doing this for a while now. She leaps and blades forward quickly, starting to skate circles around the bear while doing… something. It's Ke— Er.. Starborn! Scion of Balance! "You're a really naughty bear for escaping your pen! I've been traipsing all around the city looking for you!" Energy begins to collect around her body and with her at the center, it all begins to pull inward, forming a human sized quasar that continues to circle the bear at an increasing speed, while star-like bodies and formations orbit the energy well in the center. The air within the center of her skating area begins to change.

Tyler watches the bear as Eris creates her crystal shield and Daniel actually starts to freeze the bear in a block of ice. Nothing wrong about that, less work for Tyler to do. He takes a defensive stance then he hears the woman's voice. He looks around and spots Kera—Starborn. He shakes his head. "What is this? A fucking cartoon?" He says as he watches the woman, shaking his head as he looks back to the bear, the pyre of bodies starting to grow taller, the flames starting to form a large figure and the flames that covers Tyler's arms vanish.

The bear lets out a surprised bellow and stops, shaking its head and backing up some. The water doesn't bother the bear, neither does the cold. It backs up further and shakes its head some more, spraying shards of displaced ice to the ground around it. The bear blinks and looks at the three, seemingly trying to decide if it's really worth pursuing something on fire and something that can jet water at it. As Kera appears, the bear seems to become agitated again. As she skates around and glows at the creature it stands and bellows, feeling trapped. The bear begins to attempt to swipe at the girl, charging toward her and then backing up to charge again.

Eris stands behind her crystals with her arms folded. The shards extend a bit further out of the ground so that she is now looking through the transparent rocks at the scene unfolding before her. She has no intention to attack the bear, but if it gets to close she'll definitely defend herself. For now the bear seems stunned by the water, and is this boy freezing the water as well? Fascinating. "Fire and ice? If I had to guess, I'd assume fire is more effective against an animal that lives in snow." She sees Kera arrive at that moment. "Or, you know…A black hole could work, too." She sighs and shakes her head, looking over at Tyler to shrug. Why is he making the fire so much larger? Is he planning to attack Kera? That's what it looks like to Eris. "Hey! She's handling this, if you try to do anything to that bear now, she could…do something terrible." She narrows her eyes at Tyler. The crystal wall extends slightly toward Tyler, still far away, but it has definitely grown in his direction.

"Don't *hurt* it, it's just hungry!", Daniel cries towards Starborn. Is he the only person here not trying to kill the poor confused beast? Should anyone look his way, though, he doesn't look too good.. his skin is a nearly translucent green, and he's *soaked*.. even his voice sounds kind of watery. Too much water for it to be sweat from his efforts, instead, it actually looks like he's.. melting, a little. "I'm.. not trying to make it cold.. trying to *freeze* it in place..", he mutters in Eris' direction.. "It's not about the cold, it's about.. unh.. solid ice immobilizing..", he says, and then swears loudly at Starborn's spinning dance around the bear.. every time she skates close to his water stream he has to swerve it around her so as not to splash the girl. "You're.. rrg.. making this *harder*!"

Starborn looks less like a girl, and more like one of | these right now skating in a circle. Though if anyone is listening, they just might hear a pleading mutter from the figure. "Don't mess up.. don't mess up.. don't mess up.." over and over while she tries to both focus, and keep moving to prevent from being smacked by the animal. The muttering becomes a series of numbers and mentions of axies and vectors and matrixes, all the while having to dip under Daniel's splashing water. She has become a rather adept roller-blader since she came to Seattle. "There!" she shouts, and as she skates past a certain part of the circle, she leaves a fragment of energy, "And there!" she drops another in a second location, "There and there!" two more, "And that one!" one more deposit and she breaks off out of the circle, the quasar around her dying off while she comes to a spin-stop right next to Daniel, looking over a second and cocking her head, giving a bright smile, "Hi Daniel!" she beams and then claps her hands together in front of her and drops to a crouch, slamming her hands on the ground which causes a tingly sort of shockwave outward extending to the fragments she left behind. They suddenly activate and flare up, causing the space right in the center to simulate the mesosphere, where pressure is very very low as well as the temperatures. Coldest place on earth should help Daniel in immobilizing the bear in ice. All of this seems to require great focus and concentration on her part. She is already breaking a sweat. And who knows how much energy this is using up.

Tyler continues to shape the flames of the pyre as it creates a figure of a large fire dragon which steps towards the bear, the flames that were burning the bodies are gone, having been formed into the figure. He shakes his head. "Just kill the damned thing so it won't come back to kill someone else."

The bear is hidden within a bright nexus of light as the girl skates around it. Though it is not visible behind the beam of light, the struggling sounds of the bear seem to die down. When the light fades the bear appears unconscious with a layer of ice and frost across the side facing Daniel. The bear is still breathing, but he’s definitely not going anywhere for a little while.

Eris frowns at the bear. “Ok, now it’s unconscious, so we just leave it there? It’ll just wake up and eat somebody. Probably not one of us, but somebody.” She nods and looks back at Tyler’s dragon. “Maybe we should just kill it, but not with fire.” She approaches the unconscious animal. “I could make a fabulous coat with that fur…” She shakes her head and turns back to face Kera, hands on her hips. “What are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be out fixing the power situation before something else escapes from the zoo?” Hoping that the girl is distracted by the question, Eris grows a large diamond blade from her arm, pointing it down at the animal’s head. She glances back toward Kera and frowns. Daniel looks a bit odd. “Hey kid, you ok?”

The increasingly liquid Daniel blinks, almost losing his concentration as, a) the Sailor Moon-wannabe apparently knows his name (clearly he hasn't recognized Kera quite yet, not with the glowy hair, contacts, and, you know, general quasarness), and, b) She's… helping him? Either way, he pours on the power, finding it suddenly much easier to freeze the water as he's being helped by the sheer cold within that zone. He's careful with the ice, encasing the bear's body but leaving its head free so it can breathe.. he clearly doesn't want it dead. He relaxes a little, looking more and more solid again as he doesn't have to keep splashing the bear.. but then there's Tyler with his fire dragon, and Eris with her blade. "NO!", he shouts, stepping forward, taking full advantage of the cold spot Kera created to form more water into an ice-wall separating the others from the bear. He's breathing a bit heavy, but he's looking better, as he doesn't have to use too much of his power right now. "I'm fine.", he tells Eris, and continues to step forward, trying to get in between the others and the bear. "I can keep the ice frozen as long as I need to. It's just a phase-change, it's easy. So long as he's encased in water.. I can get him back to the zoo. Make sure he's locked away safe, let some of the aid organizations know to keep an eye on him, feed him.", he says, firmly, glaring at the others. "It doesn't deserve to die, it was just alone and hungry. Be careful before just condemning something to death so easily. I've heard much the same words used to refer to mutants by some of the extremists out there..", he tells Tyler. "'Just kill the damned thing before it hurts anyone else'.. how many times have anti-mutant extremists uttered those words about one of *us*? Back off.. I'm taking it back to the zoo.", he says, though despite his brave words, the young man's knees are looking a bit wobbly. He likely couldn't stop the both of them, or even one of them, if they decided to go after the bear.. not while maintaining that giant block of ice, anyway.

Eris huffs at Daniel as he tries to get in between her and the bear. “Yes, well a mutant is capable of thought. And a mutant isn’t going to try and eat a human…probably.” She frowns, not entirely sure that is true all the time. She shrugs at the boy, “They won’t have the resources to care for that animal now, not while they can hardly feed the people in this city. And bears eat meat. That requires refrigeration. Would you rather it starve slowly or die quickly?” She raises her diamond sword to the boy and catches a light glinting off of it. Eris turns slowly and faces Kera, raising an eyebrow as the girl points at her. Well this is certainly new. Eris crouches down and touches the ground with her fingertips. She closes her eyes for a moment and appears to be focusing on something before she opens them again, watching Kera as she approaches. Eris does not move, she just remains crouched with that sword of hers held out to her side. She appears to be preparing for something.

Daniel frowns at Eris, not seeming overly concerned about her crystal blade. "I can take care of feeding it. Polar bears eat fish.. I know they don't *just* eat fish, but.. if it's in the water, I can handle it. I can bring enough fish to keep it alive till the power comes back. I'm not letting it die.", he says, firmly. Yeah, as if he has enough time in the day to do his water-bottle collecting, food-delivery rounds, helping out at Kera's cooking for her staff, and now he wants to take care of a polar bear? Being a good guy is exhausting. And then Starborn and Eris start to face off, and his eyes widen. Okay, *this* he certainly can't handle.. and if the pink powerhouse lets loose with her powers, he's not sure he can protect the bear.. or himself. "Hey! Hey, stop that, both of you! No more death, not today! Hasn't *anyone* learned a goddamned thing from those bodies back there?", he says, motioning towards the still-smoldering pile of bodies. "It's not worth it! Just let me deal with the bear.. he's my responsibility, not yours.. Just.. step away, and please, go home, both of you, before it gets dark, before the really dangerous folks come out!", he pleads, looking between the two of them.

"No..more.." She remarks on some distant level. Her voice is rather firm and stern. She purses her lips tightly together, her eyes narrow further and her fingers flex and curl down. For a second, the there is a very tiny crackle in the air as if something ominous were about to open. Eris would know just what she is trying to do, but there are so many factors that currently prevent her from doing this heinous action. One being the current state of the electromagnetic storm, and the amount of energy it would require just to cause a singularity. Two being her LACK of energy at the moment to even THINK about doing it. And three.. Daniel gets in the way, making her blink and come back to her senses, wondering just what she is doing. She puts her hand down, not looking so good. "I don't.. feel 100 percent exactly…" at that last word, bringing her hand up to her head, she swoons and starts to topple forward.

Tyler dispels his fire dragon and stuffs his hands in his pockets, deciding he doesn’t want to be around if things do go to bad. He wanders off in the direction he came from.

Eris narrows her eyes further at Kera, listening to Daniel speak. “Ah yes, the pile of dead bodies. I wonder who did that in the first place. Oh right, she’s standing right over there.“ Eris turns back for a moment. “She did all of this. She destroyed the power grid and killed hundreds of people. I’d agree with the anti-mutant crazies in getting rid of her, except she’s the only one who can fix this whole mess now.“ It seems as though perhaps Eris has changed her original view of Kera. She no longer sees her as a great tool, but instead as a terrible danger. She turns back to the girl. “Don’t worry, I think I can handle her, more than most others could, anyway.” But it seems as though the girl is no longer interested in attacking Eris. Eris stands slowly as Kera begins to swoon, making no effort to stop her from falling. She did not see the black hole herself, but she is fairly certain that was the girl’s intended goal. Eris turns back to Daniel and shrugs. “Crisis averted. If you can keep that thing fed and transport it home, feel free to keep it alive. But keep in mind that if it kills anyone, that blood is on you.”

Ever the goody-two-shoes, Daniel immediately springs forward to catch Kera as she falls. His eyes had widened as Eris spoke, not wanting to believe what he was hearing.. but considering what the other girl could *do*? Maybe she was telling the truth. It doesn't matter, though, as Kera tumbles forward, Daniel's 'damsel-in-distress' instincts kick in, and he offs a bit as he catches the girl, keeping her from tumbling completely off her feet. "Go away.", he growls at Eris as she tells him about the bear, but his eyes are on the potentially deadly pink-haired girl he's holding up. "Just go away."

She finds herself stopped mid-drop, and can barely make out that she is being held up for a moment, but she hears voices and words and she makes full sense of it. 'It.. it's true. It is all my fault' she thinks, floating in a sea of darkness in her own head. 'What have I done?' she closes her eyes, ready to weap. 'You did what should have been done. They weren't playing very nice, and they had to be punished. *giggle* But we broke the board, and that's bad. We gotta fix it so we can start playing with them alllll over. And this time, they'll play nice, even if we have to make them play nice. It'll be SOOO much fun!' she opens her eyes. "What? Who are you?" she actually says, and Daniel comes into focus, leaving her blinking. "Daniel? Where.. is Mr. Fuzzums? Is he.. okay?" she asks.

Eris gives Daniel a venomous look, but she says nothing. She also does not leave. She approaches the crystal wall she created and places a hand to it. The wall cracks and shatters before falling into dust and blowing away. The woman turns back and walks toward the Polar Bear, crouching over in and poking it in the face. “You sure the ice isn’t too tight? If it can’t expand its ribcage it won’t be able to breath.” She turns back for a moment, listening to Kera, “Mr. Fuzzums? This thing?” She juts a thumb in the direction of the bear. God, this girl gets crazier every day.

"I know what I'm doing.", Daniel lies, smoothly, in Eris' direction, returning the look.. but then the possible mass murderer in his arms stirs, and he loosens his hold a little, though still supports her gently. He doesn't move much, as it's taking all he has to just maintain the ice now that Kera's Zone of Cold is gone. As he watches her, especially with her eyes closed and her expression a bit calmer, he begins to recognize who she really is, and his expression becomes something of a mask, hard to read. "If you mean the bear, he's fine.. we're taking him home.. and then we're taking you home too.", he says, softly. "Can you stand?"

She comes to her senses and realizes that something just occurred that she can't explain. Something that is possibly horrible.. While weakened, she isn't as close to being unconscious as she normally would be, so she recovers quickly. "Oh! Oh sure, I'm fine.." she brings herself up to stand on her own two rollerblades. "I'll be alright, I just.." she takes a look around, at Eris and Daniel and the whole situation. "I.. I've got to go! Thank you for finding him! I'll leave this all to you now!" she quickly starts to skate off, away from any people right now.

Eris quirks a brow at the girl as she takes off and shakes her head, slightly worried. “She’s getting too dangerous.” She shakes her head again and turns back to Daniel. “You sure you can handle this thing by yourself? If I find it wandering around again I won’t hesitate to kill it myself.” She drops her diamond sword on the ground. It shatters into dust, much like the wall. “You can’t be a hero all the time, you know. Sometimes things have to be done for the greater good.” She turns to look at the bear again, it’s still unconscious.

Daniel's eyes are on the other girl as she skates off. "I'll take care of it.", he repeats, though whether he's talking about the dangerous killing machine, or the bear, is hard to tell. He turns slowly towards the bear, and furrows his brow in concentration. With a crackling sound, some of the ice seems to melt instantly, becoming liquid, and flows underneath the large block, making it float above a bubble of water a few inches thick. He then extends his arm slightly, and gives an experimental push with his powers: the block, on its cushion of water, moves with relative ease. He lets out a long breath, relieved that he can actually do what he was picturing in his head. He begins to 'push' the bear back into town, carefully, and mutters back at Eris. "Stay away from her, whoever you are.. something about you set her off today. I get the feeling we were all very lucky Mr. Fuzzums here wore her out. If you're right.. the city won't survive another one of.. whatever the hell it is she did."

Eris watches Daniel for a few moments, making sure he is able to handle the 1500 pound animal before she turns away. “Unfortunately, unless she does something similar to what she did that day, we’re not going to pull out of the stone age any time soon. If she gets out of hand I’ll take her out myself.” How she intends to do that, however, Eris does not say. She begins walking along the shore away from Daniel and the bear. She says nothing further as she departs.

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