The Devil's Paradigm


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Summary: Eris tries to convince Kera that her power could be used to do great things. Mary, Leon, and Evelyn show up. Eris tells Mary that she believes anyone can learn to use their powers properly.

Date: May 27, 2009

The Devil’s Paradigm

Rating: PG-13

Union Park

Union park is yet another well-developed and pleasant entertainment place within town for one to go to and spend time in. The park itself is rather large and housing several attractions for an individual to browse themselves with. It holds a large playground for kids as well as benches for parents to watch them play in. Also within the park is a long jogging trail as well as a pond and several picnic areas to sit oneself down at. There's also a couple of barbecue and fire pits in which a person, or group of people can hold a party at in the outdoors.

The area is lush green and full of life. Various trees, shrubbery and flowers litter the area as they add to the attractiveness of the place. A couple of shady spots can be found to hide away from the heat of the sun, or to bask under the silvery glow of the moon and starlight at night. There's also an abundance of wildlife here, varying from squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and even opossums. It's not all too uncommon to see people lounging about the area, either having a picnic, party or simply taking the pleasure to exercise on the jogging trails. The area is rather active not only in the daytime, but also at night as well and is monitored by some few security and is kept fairly litter free.

The city is quiet. So very quiet. No sirens or cars or music. It's almost peaceful. Eventually they'll get the city running again, which means that the police will be out and about, able to respond to things more quickly.

Eris has been out and about today, trying to figure out where the police were all localized. It seems to her that they're focused around the hospital and the airport, with a small group in Madison Park with an emergency tent. She hasn't seen any around this park, however. She finds this odd, especially since she was able to gather from someone earlier that this is where the power outage seemed to start at. She walks to the center of the park and looks around. The ground and trees around this spot seem strangely tilted, almost as though they were pulled in toward the spot she is now standing on. Eris sees something and bends down to pick it up. A child's shoe, only one. She looks around. There certainly aren't any children in this park today.

With no technology whatsoever, it's hard getting calls from her clients to get new cases. It's almost a pain to actually get anything done. Things have to be done the old way, and Mary's a little on a stand-still right now with her job. What is there to do? Play the vigilante, of course! Roaming around the streets, trying to help the police when they might need it. Despite what happened, she is still an officer of the law at heart.

There hasn't been too much trouble to deal with, and so Mary has been going about gathering information, hearing the rumors and what people have to say about this. Some of her leads bring her here, to what they think was the source of this chaos. The details are a bit blurry, but still, she has nothing to lose in sparing a glance over the park, no? Here or wherever else.

Hands in her pockets, Mary strolls through the park. Slowly. Taking her time to assess and enjoy the view, try to notice if there's anything out of the ordinary.

For some reason, people seem to be staying naturally away from the park, which has a large, smooth crater in the center of it. This is where it all happened. What a wild night THAT was. Almost everywhere else around the radius of this area, chaos ensues, riots, screams and people exhibiting signs of panic and confusion. There is plenty to do for a hero in this city. But for those who are out trying to discover what happened? This would be the right place. And one of the only people who knows exactly what is going on and what happened is about, but… she doesn't look as much like the same girl. She is in costume, wearing a black cat-suit, her hair in a ponytail and spray-dyed purple and a mask over her face.. Oh.. and the rollerblades on her feet. Kera skates circles around the crater, silently pondering it.

Eris ponders the shoe for a few more minutes before a distant gun shot and some screaming cause her to look up. This would be the perfect time for her to take control of this city if she only had the means to do so. She frowns and notices someone odd nearby. Someone dressed…Like a cat? "Hey! You in the…Cat costume!" Eris trots toward Kera, discarding the shoe as she approaches. This girl seems as though she may know something about the crater…Or she's a nut job. Either way, Eris is about to find out. She has not yet noticed Mary, if she had she would probably recognize her from the skate park incident.

Hearing the gunshot, Mary arches a brow. She tilts her head to one side, trying to figure out where it came from, but it seems a bit distant. At least, it does not seem to be in the vicinity. Strange how the nature of humans come out in moments of chaos like this. Mary's eyes wander around a bit longer, making sure another gunshot doesn't occur, and she resumes her stroll in the park. She had heard about the crater, but witnessing it with her own eye definitely is something else. When she approaches the barren region, Mary spots the strange girl clad in a cat-suit. She arrives just in time to hear Eris calling out to her… And so, prudently, Mary decides to stay at a distance for now and watch from afar this encounter between the two.

Closer inspection would reveal that she is also wearing a dark cape. Quite a contrast to the pink rollerblades that adorn her feet. She's.. quite the spectical, but probably kinda difficult to see when it gets dark. She gasps as she is called out to, and her hands lift upward defensivly, the girl skates to a circular stop, facing off against Eris. "Wh…who's th…*" Kera blinks as she sees who it is. "Oh no.." the girl skates backwards on her blades, to maintain her distance from the woman's approch. "Stay back, citizen! You really shouldn't be here. There could still be residual affects from the distortion.." she tries to sound bold and profound, striking a wide stance and holding her hand out in a stop gesture, her other hand on her hip.

“Stop? Citizen?” Eris halts for a moment to give the girl a quizzical look. She is dressed in a ridiculous fashion, almost like a kindergartener who was allowed to dress themselves for the first time. Eris begins forward once more. “Residual effects…From the distortion?” Sounds to me like this girl knows something. “What do you know? Do you know who did this?” Eris picks up her pace slightly, approaching the girl at a quicker pace. If this girl tries to skate away, Eris wants to be sure to be there before she can get away.

Information is always worth its weight of gold they say. There's no need for the two others to know about Mary's presence. As of sort, she tries to stay close enough to hear the discussion, while keeping herself partially hidden and covered. Some debris or a tree would do just nicely to lean on and listen to what those two have to say.

Eris looks down at the girl’s hand. “That power…I’ve seen it before! You’re that girl from the skating rink, aren’t you? The one who made the meteors fall?” She takes another step forward, believing Kera won’t harm her. “What do you mean you want to lose control again…Do you mean that you did this?” Eris motions around with a hand, gesturing to the city around them. There’s another gunshot, this one to the north. “This is nothing to be ashamed of. This is something wonderful.” Eris has an expression of dark delight on her face. “You said that you lost control?” She shakes her head. “If you can learn to harness that power you could use it to change the world. Change it for the better. Change it for our people.” Eris is still approaching Kera slowly, reaching out a hand as if to calm the girl.

The other gunshot hardly earns a glance from Mary. Her brows narrow slightly as she listens to Eris' speech. A girl who made the meteor fall? Control? This perks her interest and she listens careful to every words, not wanting to miss any.

"No!" Kera purses her lips, "Just stop.. I… Do you understand just what happened? I suppose.. you wouldn't. No.." she lowers her hand, though she doesn't dismiss the power. "I did something terrible, I lost control and I created a gravitational singularity. I've never done anything like that before. The distortion upset the balance; a singularity isn't supposed to exist inside the Earth's natural shielding. It overcompensated to correct the disturbance, and now.. well.. theoretically, it'll take one-thousand, twenty-four years, seven months and three days to correct itself. This is NOT something to be proud of." Kera skates down into the crater, "I don't really want to change the world.. I just want to live. But I don't have any choice from the looks of it." she shakes her head, "Everyone is all the same, people with their powers, and people who can't use their powers. They don't need saving, they need controlled.. all of them." Sounds sorta intense for a girl of her type to say. But after a second she sighs, "No.. wait. Maybe— Oh, I don't know. I just have to do something."

Eris listens intently to what the girl has to say. “A singularity? As in…A black hole? On Earth?” Eris shakes her head and listens further. “You are correct, people DO need to be controlled. But in order to allow themselves to be controlled, they need individuals who are smarter and more powerful than themselves to control them. People like us.” Eris takes another step closer. “We are the next step. We are not the ones who should be hiding in fear of the masses.” Eris points at the ground. “Look what you did on accident. If you practiced your powers no one would oppose you. You could end all war, all struggle. You could lead your people to greatness.”

Mary blinks in disbelief. A black hole? Hard to believe but still, she's seen her share of bizarre things. The woman stays out of this for now, very interested in this discussion about control, despite the particular twist Eris gives to it.

Normally, her words would reach Kera's mind, and make her further doubt herself, however there is a fault in her speech. Kera looks up at Eris and her expression becomes a frown. "The people who attacked me were people who had their powers. Not like the other night, they used their abilities on a group of us, because they wanted to.. Well let's just say they wanted my company." she idly skates back and forth within the crater, like a ramp at the skatepark, "You're right, I need to control my powers. I need to get stronger so that I can fix what I have caused. But not to dominate anyone, but to keep a balance. There MUST be a balance from now on."

Eris frowns at Kera. “Well, the men who attacked you probably thought that you were just an ordinary human. It is the natural order for the strong to rule over the weak.” Eris thinks for a moment. How to put this so that the girl will understand. “Those men were like cats. They thought you were a mouse, so they came after you, but it turns out that you are a lion. I am sure that once they realized your power they left you alone, did they not?” Eris shrugs. “Regardless, we should hunt them down. Mutants who do not fear to use their powers could be useful to us.” Eris is speaking as though she is already on some sort of team with Kera. “Balance will occur naturally once the strong are in control. The weak will stop squabbling over petty disputes if they fear to fight in the first place.”

Spying on the two, mostly showing interest in the conversation that is going on, Mary is leaning against a tree in the vicinity. Close enough to hear clearly what is going on. Thanks to the time of the day and her clothing, it might make it hard for the two women to notice her. Hence her having managed to stay there so long without being seen. She remains silent for now, keeping an idle eye on the two and all of her focus on listening the discussion.

Leon is not yet close enough to hear any conversations but he is approaching… granted there is a heavy limp to his step with an occasional wince when he turns. His clothes are on and are hiding his bandaged chest where he has one or more broken ribs, can't be certain, and now he's returning to where he got them. Hopefully no more wormholes, quasars, or black holes open up.

Eris frowns. “You used your powers to kill your own kind?” She seems disappointed for a moment, and then. “Well if they were truly strong they would have survived. And I have met those who would rather hide in the shadows than step forth and take their rightful place as the dominant species on this planet. Those who are weak and who would oppose or hinder the ascension of our race do not deserve to live. And if they were after you, they probably had selfish goals.” Right, because Eris is a selfless saint. “What you need to…” Eris stops as she hears someone approach. She hears Leon, but as she turns to look she spots a silhouette near one of the trees. “You, Who are you? Show yourself.” She turns to face Mary, crouching slightly and making a fist. Eris is prepared to defend herself if necessary.

And there goes the shouting.. or well someone talking very fast in a loud tone. Behind everyone walks a young woman. She wears a long black sweater like coat that falls to her knees, the hood up. Under the coat is a red top and black jeans with black boots.

Her brown hair down and it frames her face as she shakes her head repeatedly and wrings her hands together. Her mouth is moving fast and there are words coming out.. in Mandarin.

She nears Kera and her eyes widen, she shakes her hands out to the sky and begins to talk to Kera very fast. She gestures to Kera's hand and then to the sky. Her eyes don't leave the young woman. Evelyn has indeed arrived.

Leon stops now when he is at the crater that was home to the pea-sized orb of OMFGDEATH he went through the previous night. "Wow… it seemed… bigger yesterday." He really isn't paying attention to the others, he doesn't much care to and hasn't noticed Kera's features so can't realize who she is.

Alas, looks like someone has spotted her. Mary frowns as she notices Eris' fist clenching. She takes a step away from the tree, to step out of the shadows. To look harmless, she lifts her hands up from her coat, showing no hostile intentions. She doesn't have the time to answer the question though, as others approach… One of them probably catching everyone's attention with all the yelling and her movements.

"I'm not looking for trouble," Mary simply says, "Let's just say that your discussion has caught my interest…"

Kera shakes her head, "I've got to find daddy.." she says, and looks over to where Eris does, catching the shadow of Mary. This makes her a little uncomfortable. However, as Evelyn arrives and starts pointing at her and speaking in another language. Kera's eyes widen, and she looks from one side to the next. "No.. I didn't do it on purpose!" she cries, quickly turning and taking off on her rollerblades. But she leaves something in her place, a small pulse of what appears to be white light, like a star with a strobe light effect. It pulses faster and faster each second as if counting down to something. Eris might recognize this pulse from the other evening, it is the same type that struck the disco ball the other night. One can guess what is about to happen to it in about 4 seconds or so.

Kera shakes her head, "I've got to find daddy.." she says, and looks over to where Eris does, catching the shadow of Mary. This makes her a little uncomfortable. However, as Evelyn arrives and starts pointing at her and speaking in another language. Kera's eyes widen, and she looks from one side to the next. "No.. I didn't do it on purpose!" she cries, quickly turning and taking off on her rollerblades. But she leaves something in her place, a small pulse of what appears to be white light, like a star with a strobe light effect. It pulses faster and faster each second as if counting down to something. Eris might recognize this pulse from the other evening, it is the same type that struck the disco ball the other night. One can guess what is about to happen to it in about 4 seconds or so.

Eris lowers her guard slightly as she sees Mary more clearly. “You were at the rink the other night. I remember you…“ Eris turns swiftly as she hears Evelyn speaking to Kera. How had she snuck up so quickly without her noticing. Eris watches for a moment and decides that this girl is probably mentally unsound. She glares at Evelyn as though she’s looking at something that’s been dead and festering for days. “You, creature. Go crawl back into whatever gutter you dragged yourself out of.” Eris doesn’t like people like Evelyn it seems. And now someone else has appeared as well. She looks over to stare at Leon for a moment, seemingly trying to decide whether or not he is a threat. At the moment he seems just a normal kid, so she’ll not push him right now.

Eris turns back to Mary. “Our discussion interested you how? You defended us at the skate park the other day, which leads me to believe you are at least a mutant sympathizer.” Eris wonders if this woman shares her view of mutant superiority. She turns quickly as she hears Kera calling out. “Wait! Where are you…” And then she sees the light. “Shit! Cover your eyes!” She pulls up her arms over her face as she yells out the warning, preparing for the brilliant flash that is sure to come.

Leon just… can't seem to get much luck lately. First a black hole and now what? Is it going to vaporize everything in a 20,000 mile radius or just make lots of sparkly light? Who knows. He covers his eyes with an arm and just gets down on the ground flat now, hoping this isn't his last few moments to live.

Lips curling into a faint smirk, Mary folds her arms in front of her chest and replies, "You've got a pretty good memory. Let's just say I tried to avoid a hassle from happening, but things didn't turn out as expected," The pulsing ball of light created by Kera catches Mary's attention. Something shiny in the night is not hard to miss after all. Though while it seems harmless at first, Eris' shout causes Mary to react instinctively, ducking over toward the tree to cover herself, like this could be some sort of bomb or flash bomb.

A pulse of radiant light emits from the sphere. Eris is aware of it even with her eyes covered. She lowers her arm once the anomaly has ended and looks around, it seems as though Kera has eluded her once more. “Damn!” Eris looks slightly pissed as she looks at the others around her. “You can get up now, it wasn’t a mine.” She calls out to Leon, noticing that he is laying flat. She turns back to Mary “Yeah, well you did prove to be pretty useful in that fight, I suppose. Wish the cops hadn’t shown up, though. Unfortunately those kids got away alive.”

Leon flicks his tail first before he starts to get up. Life! The second time in the past two days he's been surprised he had any life left. "Thank you." He brushes some dirt off of his clothes and sighs, "I should go in case any other catastrophes happen here again."

Mary spares an idle glance in Leon's direction for a moment, trying to see if he's injured from the explosion of the sphere. She then turns her gaze over to Eris and she arches a brow, "What's with that thing you've got for killing people?" Mary asks, tilting her head to the side, "They were just a bunch of kids, it hardly justifies killing them. I'm sure you gave them enough of a scare that they won't mess around like that anymore. No more bravado," She says with a snort. "Are you alright?" She asks to Leon.

Eris guesses from Leon’s words that he must know something about the anomaly that happened here the other day. But since she heard directly from the source of the disturbance, and he appears to be a normal human to her, Leon is of no further interest to the woman. She instead turns to Mary to answer her questions. “Those children will grow up to be adults. Adults who hate my people. Letting them live only gives them a chance to plot against us. Luckily for me they didn’t get a good look at my ability. They probably would have tried to find a way around it, though doing so without an ability of their own would be quite the impressive feat.”

Leon turns to Mary saying, "I'm injured but it's old. Thankyou." He doesn't even look at Eris though. He's heard this sort of talk before… Mutants deciding to rule the world! A lot of bullshit to him. "Careful you don't kill too many humans. They tend to get angry and come at people with torches and pitchforks." He starts to walk away again, albeit slowly.

"Alright… Well be careful there," Mary says with a frown. She could have sworn she saw him limping before but… It might be just her imagination. Mary turns her attention back to Eris and snorts, "I don't want to sound like a peace-lover, but this hate-hate stuff will only add fuel to the problem…" Mary shakes her head and she heaves a sigh, "I noticed the way you fought them off, you didn't need to go to such drastic measures as trying to kill them or injure them…" However, she feels like she's not going to manage to change Eris' outlook on the matter during this discussion, so Mary takes the discussion elsewhere, "Anyway, this isn't the part that interested me…" She says.

Mary takes a step forward and she arches a brow, "I'd be interested to talk about a few things with you," She says, "About the control you talked about to this girl," She adds. Never mind the mutant supremacy stuff.

Eris turns to give Leon a sneer as he speaks those words. What would he know about…Oh! He has a tail! And also it appears as though he may have the ears of some sort of animal. She calls out to him “Why do you think it’s that important? If we banded together, they wouldn’t come at us with pitchforks. Divided we are strong, united we are stronger.” She nods as he continues away. “How often are you mocked for your appearance? How often do you hide? That should not be the case. You should be free to walk proud, as nature intended you to.” She notices his slight limp. “And your injuries, are they caused by the lesser race, as well?”

Thinking that perhaps Leon will not respond to her, Eris turns to Mary’s questions. She frowns slightly. “Actually…For all my ranting I suppose I would not have actually killed them. Sometimes my frustration just gets the better of me. I have never actually taken a life, except one…” She shakes her head “But I wanted to make sure that those boys did not ever want to even think about going after another mutant again. I may go overboard, but it is to prevent retaliation against mutants who may not be so able to defend themselves as I am.” She nods to Mary’s second question. “That girl has great power. If she were able to learn to control that power, she could be a great political force. With the power that she possesses, she could end all wars and bring equality to our people.”

"I am already free to walk proud and do so." Leon states in a clearly irate tone, "And my injuries came from one of the 'superior' races. Personally though I just prefer to remember that I am a human myself, just a bit different. I don't want to kill my own kind just because they are dipshits in how they treat me. So stop trying to be Chibi-Hitler and go do something productive." He continues walking after that.

Mary listens to Leon's protest before he continues walking away. She has nothing to add on the matter, nothing to reply to him. She turns her eyes back on Eris, "I think you might have a hard time making people accept your ideals," Mary simply says, toward the way Leon reacted.

"But… Concerning that girl…" Mary adds, seeming to become more serious, "How do you intent to help her control her powers? Or are you just trying to get to her with alluring promises?" Mary asks curiously.

Eris sighs. “I suppose you are correct. I have too much hate within me. If I have any hope of uniting a front against mutant discrimination I’ll need to put aside my personal aspirations for the greater good.” But the key question is, can Eris really do that? She watches Leon move away and turns back to Mary. “The key to mastering your abilities is to figure out how they are triggered and how they are controlled. That girl can control her light pulses well enough, she must have had time to practice them.” She nods to the trees around the crater. “She did allot of damage here, and from what she told me I can assume that her powers are somehow tied to her emotional state. She needs to learn how to control her emotions if she hopes to control that power. She also needs to become familiar with it. She needs to practice that power, but away from people obviously.” Eris shrugs “And yes, I would be willing to guide her through the process if she would let me. It seems that the trees here were able to survive the black hole, probably because they are secured in the ground. I am able to secure myself to the ground in a way, so I would be a good candidate to supervise her.”

Leon doesn't stick around to listen. It's to home with him. Hopefully to a sympathetic partner, a nice and soft bed, and who knows? Maybe the electricity will be back on by the time he returns! Heh. Right.

A bemused smile forms on Mary's lips, "You'd be willing to risk your life to test that, even if it didn't work out?" She asks. Her intonation is not one of disbelief, merely an amused one. Mary takes a few idle steps closer to the crater, to have a look to the extend of the damages she has done, "What use is a power that can only cause such devastation and harm, hum? Sounds like the cold war. All you need is to have a weapon everyone fears so much nothing happens," Mary says.

Mary shrugs and then glances over to Eris, "You seem to know a lot about those things… I guess you've helped your share of 'gifted' people… What sort of trigger are there on these powers generally?" She asks, arching a brow.

Eris turns to follow Mary’s gaze to the crater. “I would be willing to, yes. A power that can cause such fear in people…Yes, like the cold war, but also different. In the case of this power, it is not able to be reproduced.” She turns back to Mary. “A power so terrifying should never be used, but to threaten its use could force great change in the government. It could deter retaliation and war. The person who could control that sort of power could potentially rule the world, so long as they did not abuse that power.” She shakes her head. “However, it would only be temporary. It is one tool needed for lasting equality and tolerance.”

Eris raises an eyebrow at Mary’s further questions. “I have seen war, I have seen determination, and I have studied the mutant phenomenon. I have learned from my own experiences and from those of others that the two strongest triggers of powers are the fear of self harm, and the fear of harm to a loved one.”

Mary gives a shrug and then says, "There could always be someone else with a similar power. If there exists one, there can always be another, no?" She asks, glancing back to Eris. So far, so good, it seems, since Eris' been playing the whole interrogation rather willingly, without asking anything in return. As of sort, Mary keeps on pressing with her questions. If she can learn things she didn't know from Eris, she'll definitely take this opportunity. "You've studied this phenomenon, hum?" She arches a brow and adds, "And you believe that to control this power, you'd need to control your fears?"

The fact the Mary is asking a lot of questions is not lost to Eris, but the manner of the questions leads her to believe that this woman is not going to use the information to harm the mutant community. “From what I have seen, I assume that if that girl could learn to control her fears and emotions, she would not have to worry about accidentally creating such dangerous anomalies.” She nods “And yes, another power similar to this could emerge, but I believe that the more you hone your powers the stronger you become. She would be stronger if she was the first to properly learn to control that ability.” Eris leans to one side, putting her weight on one foot. “This particular ability seems to be specifically linked to emotions, I believe. Others are more focus oriented, such as mine. Sure, if I become emotionally distraught my powers are more likely to manifest in a dangerous manner, but that could easily be because of my lack of focus, as well.” What exactly is her power, anyway? Stabbing people and making the ground buckle?

Mary gives a slow nod of her head, slowly assimilating the information that's given to her. She folds her arms in front of her chest, thinking this through, making up her next question, "Do you know if there's any records of a power that has no particular trigger but manifests itself randomly?" She asks.

Eris nods. “I should think that that boy who just passed through here is one with such a power. I am sure that he can not control the fact that he has ears and a tail. I have also heard rumor of a large reptilian man who lives near the beach. That sort of power, the permanent sort, they seem to have no emotional attachment. Perhaps an initial trigger, but there is no reason for them to persist.” Eris ponders for a moment. “Also, that girl mentioned that things happened on accident. I believe she told me that she did not cause the meteor shower, but it happened because of her. It is possible she is somehow creating a disturbance without realizing it, however I suspect that this is also emotionally based.” Eris looks at the sky. Without time pieces, it is difficult to determine the time.

"I see…" Mary simply answers, lowering her gaze in deep thoughts. She puts her hands into her pocket, remaining silent for a moment, before she looks up at Eris, "By the way, the name's Mary. Mary Beauchamps," She takes a business card in her pocket, offering it to Eris. It's a very simple card. With Mary's number, her address and all. Apparently, she's a private detective. "This was an interesting discussion, I'd love to continue it later on… If you would. You can contact me with that number… When machines will work again, anyway…"

Mary straightens up, adjusting her coat, "I'd like to know more about what you think triggers those manifestation or how to control them," She spares a glance to Eris, lips curling into a smile, "That way perhaps I could help others or be able to prevent a catastrophe, who knows."

Eris looks down at the offered card. “My name is Eris.” She answers simply. No last name is given, but few people name their children after malevolent deities nowadays, so there aren’t too many Eris’s out there. She looks back up to Mary and smiles, her suspicions being confirmed with that last comment. “Yes, once the phones work I will try to contact you. I would be happy to answer any other questions you have.” Eris turns and faces the south. “I suppose I should start back before things get even worse. I am sure the unrest from the day is going to get worse the later it gets. Take care, Mary.” She begins heading south, waving a hand as she goes.

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