The Charred Remains


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Summary: Corrie finds herself lost and happens upon Raikov and Daniel, who offer to escort her to safety.

Date: June 20, 2009

The Charred Remains

Rating: PG

Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry Terminal

Dark blue water tinged with musty greens and browns come into view at the edge of the beach, the overwhelming fishy smell and salt assails the senses. The light of night or day easily reflected upon the rippling waters, while waterline is lined in buildings and electrical lights from various residences and businesses. The road looks to be separated into four different lanes that lead up to tollbooths that people sit in their cars or walk up awaiting the ok to board the ferry.

Small places for food look to be in the area as well, a seafood place as well as a small mom and pop type burger place. While the ferry itself, fairly large and a dingy yellow in color look to be an after affect of the water spray upon the vessel. It's three levels filled with cars, people as well as an open deck area for people to be upon. Small area's with food available within it is always open for those travelers that have decided to take the transportation.

The night seems surprisingly bright, perhaps because the moon is so radiant tonight. The crashing of the waves can be heard against the docks, and the shadows of the stranded ships cast odd shapes on the shore. There is a man standing near a large charred pile and frowning down at it, holding a large flare in his hand. General Raikov is not surprised that someone had taken the initiative and destroyed these bodies, but he'd hoped to have been able to identify them first. Now it is nothing more than a pile of blackened bones, shoes, and metal. Though the incident had happened days ago, Raikov has only recently heard about it. Since he's on patrol in the area, he has decided to see it for himself.

Once again, Corrie has found herself wandering after dark. It wasn't her intention, but she got turned around a couple of times near twilight, but then just never set herself straight. So in the moonlight, relatively new avenues and streets look completely strange to her. Sighing, she brushes some dark locks back out of her face, peering around and trying to get her bearings. Turning a corner, the light of the flare catches her eye. A person! A living person! Someone who can hopefully point her in the right direction. So, she allows her booted feet to carry her ever closer, not realizing initially that she's coming up to the ferry terminal until the shadows loom before her. She can't make out the pile of blackened bodies just yet, not putting two and two together. "Hello?" she calls out.

The General continues to ponder the pile for a few moments before turning to walk along the sea. He stops as he hears a voice and turns to meet it. He narrows his eyes and pears through the darkness, holding up his flare to cast the light a bit further. He spots the woman and notices she is not in military clothing. "Good evening. Are you a civilian? You really shouldn't be out after curfew, it's not exactly safe." He approaches her slowly. "Do you need directions?"

The woman continues to approach, booted feet thumping along the ground in the process. She shields her eyes from the bright flare to try to make out his features as she says in a more conversational tone as the distance between them closes, "Hey… yeah. Civilian who got herself lost at twilight and hasn't figured out her surroundings yet." She offers a bit of a mock-salute as she adds, "The name's Corrie. Are you here with the National Guard?" Tilting her head to one side, she looks beyond him, squinting. But she still can't figure out what that black mass is.

The general chuckles warmly and holds up a hand to shield some of the light from blinding the girl. "Corrie, you say? I am General Erik Lichten Raikov, here with the National Guard, yes. But I am actually a commander with the army." He steps forward slightly. "And yes, it is easy to get lost in this city nowadays, but this is perhaps not the safest of places to have happened upon. Apparently an escaped Polar Bear was caught here just the other day." Why is he telling her this? Perhaps so she will think twice about wandering around after curfew.

"I didn't -mean- to end up here. I was heading home, originally, but Seattle's only been my home a short time, so I got lost. It's not like I even know where the hell I -am-, much less to know that this is not the safest of places to wander into," Corrie replies, crossing her arms over her chest. She's not trying to be rude; she's just very frustrated after wandering for hours, apparently in circles if she's not run into anyone else until now. "Polar bears? Shit… does it get any worse than that? I suppose it could. But anyway…"

The General shakes his head as the girl grumbles, but he has a bemused expression on his face. "I'll be happy to help you find where you are heading. You're near the ferry now." He motions toward the shadows of the boats in the distance. "Which another reason you may not want to be here…For obvious reasons." He is apparently assuming she's heard of the bodies here. "And yes, well that attracted the bear. Luckily someone was able to detain him before he harmed anyone."

"Oh, cripes.. did Mr. Fuzzums get lose again? It was hard enough getting the damned thing back to the zoo the firs time around..", comes a tired-sounding voice from not so far away. Accompanying the voice is Daniel, who's wandering about with a large plastic bag full of empty water bottles slung over his back. As he moves, he seems to be keeping his distance as well as possible from the edges of the ferry terminal, and away from the sea itself. He glances at Corrie, and smiles casually, apparently recognizing her, but th ebulk of his attention falls on the man he doesn't recognize. "That.. uhm… would be me. With a little help, mind you.", he tells the General, in response to his last words.

"Well, I can hear the water now… I'm not going to fall in. I'm not that dumb, honest," she reassures him, managing to not roll her eyes. Shoving her hands in her front pants' pockets, Corrie asks curiously, "-What- exactly attracted the bear?" No, she hasn't heard. News travels by word of mouth without any electrical devices and she's not really been getting around much to hear much. Hearing the new voice causes her to jump ever so slightly, turning swiftly on her heel to face the approaching Daniel. She squints, trying to make out the owner of the slightly familiar voice. "-You- took care of the bear?" she asks.

The general shakes his head as Corrie speaks. "Ah, so you haven't heard about the ferry, then?" He pauses for a moment. "Probably best that you haven't." He nods grimly and continues forward, putting out an arm as though to show he intends to escort the girl to safety. He stops as he hears Daniel speak and looks over, "Ah, is that so?" He holds up his flare again and squints at the man. "Ah, then we have you to thank for the bear? He is safe, I can assure you. I just wanted to warn this young lady about some of the dangers of wandering the streets alone at night."

"Frankly.. the bear's fairly small potatoes.. there's some true predators out there at night.", Daniel quips, then nods at both of them "I had some help.. I'm not sure I could have stopped it otherwise.", he admits, then steps closer so he can be seen in the dim light. He smiles a bit at Corrine once more. "Hey.. met you at the club the other night…", he offers, and then, to the General, he offers a hand and a tired smile. "If you're who I think you are, I owe *you* a lot of thanks.. the supplies you've kept coming in have been keeping people alive."

Frowning a bit, Corrie replies to the General, "Better that I don't know? For my own good, is it?" She doesn't sound entirely convinced but she's not fighting about it too strongly. Sighing, she replies, "Well, if you can point me toward my apartment, that would be good…" She recites the address briefly and offers a shrug. "And I explained already that I wasn't exactly wandering out here on purpose. I'm new to town and can't see worth a damn with all the lights out… got turned around at twilight and couldn't find my way back before it really got dark," she reiterates, starting to sound a little frustrated. Sighing, she runs her hand through her dark locks, then looks at Daniel. "Oh… hey. Yeah. You're the cook or something, right?" she offers up, sounding thoroughly tired with the situation she's in.

Raikov nods in response to what Daniel was saying. "Yes, well regardless I'm sure more people will be alive by the end of all of this thanks to you catching that bear." He nods again and waves a hand dismissively. "I only order the troops around and protect the supplies. I do not control when and what is delivered, I'm afraid." He looks to the girl and frowns, not mentioning the bodies still. "I am not familiar with the area, I'm afraid. I do know landmarks." He shakes his head and looks at Daniel, "Are you familiar with this address?"

Daniel nods at Corrie, looking at her a bit more curiously as he notices the situation she's in. "Yeah, the cook, when I get a chance.. delivery boy a lot of the rest of the time.", he says, and then to the General, he chuckles a bit. "If it wasn't for me, the *bear* would be dead.", he says, and sighs faintly, then, to Corrie. "I've gotten pretty good at getting around town at odd hours. I could try and walk you back home if you wanted?", he offers, tilting his head curiously.

Clearly, Corrie doesn't enjoy having to rely so heavily on others. She's had to do it so much as of late and it's beginning to grate on the sometimes abrasive young woman. But she doesn't want to discourage either of the men, who are just trying to be helpful, so she tempers her response accordingly. Looking between the two men, she shrugs and adds, "Only if I'm not putting anyone out. I'm sure I could find a stoop or something somewhere to crash in until the morning, then find my way home. But if you're willing… uh… I've forgotten your name…" She says this last as she focuses on Daniel.

The general nods to Daniel. "Well, if it wouldn't be an imposition, if you could direct this young woman home I would be able to get back to the base." He nods again and looks toward the city. "Well it is fortunate that the bear is safe, but I would prioritize human lives over those of an animal." He turns back to Corrie, "And sleeping on stoops might be a bad idea. Five hyenas and the other polar bear are still unaccounted for."

"Daniel.. and don't worry about it. It's about time I started to head back in anyway, find a place to hole up for the night as well.", Daniel tells Corrie, then blinks at the general. "That thing had a mate?! Shit. I'll keep an eye out..", he mutters, looking worried, then shakes his head. "Uhm.. anyway.. yeah, I never mind helping when I can.", he offers, to both of them, smiling tiredly between them.

In a low mutter, Corrie says, "I'm beginning to wonder why I bother leaving my apartment at all at this rate…" This place is cramping her style. The bloody lights are still off and her bike still won't work and there's no internet, no television, no cellphone… now she's being 'strongly urged' not to wander around, not to find a temporary sleeping space… sure, it's all for her own protection, but she's starting to get grumpy. Sighing harshly through her nose, she looks around, setting her hands on her hips. "Yeah, well… whatever. Thanks, General. Good luck with the escaped zoo," she adds, trying to offer a smile, despite feeling cranky. She then turns toward Daniel and offers a brief headnod, apparently waiting for him to show her the way.

The General nods grimly, "Yes. Still a few animals on the loose out there, so be careful, you two." He turns and looks toward the city again. "I should return to the main camp. I've been out a bit too long. Are you sure you two will be ok by yourselves? I could come with you. Or if you happen upon one of my soldiers feel free to ask them for assistance. They'll be happy to help."

"Bigger groups draw more attention.. attention is the enemy out there.", Daniel, says, the words having the tone of something he's repeated to himself or to others. "But, thank you. I'll be the first to act if it's needed, but.. probably best to travel light.", he explains, then, to Corrie, he smiles a bit. "Sorry. I.. know this sucks.", he says, half-heartedly.

Shrugging, Corrie replies to Daniel, "It's fine. Don't mean to seem so ungrateful. I'm just getting tired of having to play the part of damsel in distress so much these days. Not my usual bag, that's all." Looking back at the General, she shrugs and replies, "Bigger groups draw more attention but there are strength in numbers. I say it's up to you but we'll likely be just fine."

The General nods in agreement. "Yes, I agree with both of you. I can accompany you until our paths diverge if you'd like, then if you run into trouble just shout. My men are everywhere, I'm sure one should be within earshot." He begins toward the city, "Shall we?"

Daniel smiles at the General. "Fair enough. If trouble starts, I suppose I can cover two as easily as one, if I must.", he says, stretching a little as he does. "Let's go..", he murmurs, taking the lead if allowed. His mood shifts immediately: it's likely obvious to the General that the young man has had little or no serious military training, but his demeanor is alert, intent upon their surroundings, even if he himself seems alittle off, his skin taking on a slightly queasy, greenish tinge.

Behind Daniel, Corrie sighs and rolls her eyes a bit, obviously unimpressed by the apparent antics. "You know… I grew up in New York; I'm not completely defenseless." Even if she doesn't exactly have training, either, she's not enjoying the posturing much. She looks over at Raikov and offers a shrug, shoving her hands in her pockets again as she follows Daniel with a bit of a moping expression on her face, not having much else to add to the conversation.

The General follows the two for a bit. He is not concerned that Daniel will not be able to handle any situations, he was informed of the state of the bear when it arrived. After a short ways the General stops and looks down a side road, noticing a couple soldiers down that way. "Well, this is where we split. Take care, you two." He begins to head North, waving at the two as he leaves.

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