The Caged Beast


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Summary: Raikov visits Davian in prison and attempts to solve the blood drinking issue.

Date: June 12, 2009

The Caged Beast

Rating: PG

Seattle Police Department - Holding Cell

The holding cell is large and contains a single wooden bench that has been bolted to the concrete floor. Iron bars separate the cell from the room outside. There is a single pay phone on one wall and a toilet that sits out in the open.

The prison is dark, with the only light coming from a few candles with mirrors behind them. The cell that Davian has been placed in has comfortable blankets and a few candles outside the cell. He has been getting well cooked meals and bottled of water since his arrival the other night.

The guard on duty in this hall stands suddenly, snapping to attention. He slouches slightly as a man says "At ease." General Raikov steps into the dim light and looks into Davian's cell. He nods to the guard, "Leave us, but stay near." He pulls the guards chair near to the bars and sits down, waiting for the clink of the outer door before speaking. "How are you doing?"

Davian is sitting on the floor of the jail cell the candles inside the cell have never been lit and the food and water has been left untouched, he looks up from his dark corner at the General and let's out a soft growl. "Hungy" he waves to the plate of food left before him. "I can't eat this and you know that, I have to drink blood."

The General shakes his head as he looks down at the food. "Well, I'd heard you liked it, but I wasn't entirely sure. Have you tried eating normal food since the mutation?" He takes off his hat and runs it through his hair, "Or will I have to have the men bring you rats?" Though it may sound like a joke, his expression is serious. "I want to help you, but I can't let you go if you're just going to hurt more people."

Davian keeps looking at you and shakes his head. "No I haven't tried I don't think my body will take it." he grins at the rat commit. "maybe I can survive on animal blood if you get me try it."

The General frowns. "Maybe you can survive on animal blood? You've never tried?" He shakes his head, "How could you go around hunting humans for so long and not even try animal blood? Most is similar. I'll see what we can do. I know we've got a few stray dogs running around. I'll see if we can get you one." He pauses. "In fact…" He stands and walks off, he says something to the guards through the gate. One of them walks off. The general returns and sits back down.

Davian speaks again. "It never came up, I guess there close to being the same, but it goes cold so fast i heard." he slinks back to sitting and pokes at the food on the plate some.

The general sits patiently. "Well, before the power went out there were microwaves, ovens, plenty of ways to heat things up. And if the animals were alive when you ate them, you'd be fine. I know the butchers sell blood, too. My grandmother used to buy it for cooking." He turns and looks as a guard enters. He is carrying a small dog they'd found earlier.

"Sir, really?" The soldier looks uncomfortable.

The general nods. "He apparently can't consume normal food. He needs blood. We'll try the dog." The General looks at Davian. "We're going to put this in with you. We'll have to open the door, but don't try anything stupid. The facility is heavily armed." Raikov steps back and pulls out his gun, pointing it at Davian. "Go ahead." The soldier unlocks the door and pushes the dog inside.

Davian blinks at the General. "Your grandmother used blood in cooking? what did she cook?" he watches the dog getting push into the room his moth waters from the smell and he reaches for the dog. Davian pets and croons over the animals before biting the dog neck and drinking the blood, it's not as bad but not as filling as human but he could survive off it if he has too.

The soldier looks at Davian with disgust before slamming the door shut again. He locks it and walks off, giving the General a questioning look. The General just shakes his head at the man as he leaves and tries to keep his face passive as he watches Davian. "Blood is a common ingredient in cooking. It is used in broths and gravies. My Grandmother was German, and blood is used often in German cuisine." He frowns at Davian. "I'll have someone pick up the carcass later. Do you think it will sustain you? I cannot promise a dog every night, but I'll try to get you something."

Davian keeps lapping up the blood and nods. "it will sustain me for now but it's not filling, he stands up and looks at the General as he places the dog corpse near the door so he won't have to smell it as much, but it's all over him. "can I get a shower and some clean clothing at least, you can have a guard stand outside the showers door so I won't exscape."

The General ponders for a moment. "I can allow that. But be warned that the water here is freezing." He nods. "I'll send a few guards, too. And while you're out I'll have someone clean that." He motions toward the dog on the floor. "I believe we have a cell with a shower in it here. I will ask the warden and see if I can get you transferred."

Davian nods. "that will be fine." he looks around his cell now likes it's the first time, he moves to some of the candles and light them, when there lit he looks at the mirror to see his face. "Ack, I guess i need a haircut too and a shave, but the shave can wait I guess."

The General chuckles. "We could all use a shave, my boy. But those are low priority. I'll see what we can do about all that in the morning. We will, however, try to get you a shower and a clean cell tonight. Is there anything else you'll be needing before I head out? I suppose the head of the forces here shouldn't spend his whole night chatting."

Davian aww he wishes he would it's getting lonely and Davian hasn't talk to anybody face to face for a while, he needs to get back to it, he shakes his head. "no i guess that's it." he keeps looking at himself in the mirror like it's transfixed him there.

The General nods and stands, leaving the room. Davian will be taken to the showers in a few minutes to return to a larger cell with a shower unit inside. He can expect a few rodents or the occasional stray dog as sustenance for the next few days.

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