The Cafeteria Lady


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Summary: Eris and Micah happen upon each other while scrounging for food in the high school.

Date: June 2, 2009

The Cafeteria Lady

Rating: PG-13

West Seattle High - Cafeteria

The cafeteria is large, designed to hold at least half of the student body at a time. The central area is a large group of lined tables in chairs, set in neat, orderly rows. The cafeteria monitors do what they can to KEEP it that way. On one end of the cafeteria, there is a small supply shop, for those little school supplies and accessories that one may want or need. On the opposite end is the actual food service area. The food service area contains the buffet lines with whatever the food of the day is, a line that always has burgers and fries, and a line that has a salad bar for the healthier-minded students.

Funny thing about schools… most people don't worry about them in a pinch and most people don't really consider them good sources of food or safety, so when the shit hits the fan… as it has of late… not many people think "Golly gee willikers, I should head to the school." Instead, he found more graffiti here than anything, the outsides of the walls spray-painted with all sorts of tags, windows broken but inside? No one's really much bothered with more than superficial damage…
Of course, with no power, it's a bit more difficult to explore the school, especially with it being rather late at night. But that's exactly what Micah is /trying/ to do here. He's got a pretty good glow-stick and he's just found his way to the cafeteria, nostrils flaring as the stench of the rotted food wafts towards him. "Well… at least this place smells about the same…" he mutters to himself, his tail swishing at his feet.

The kitchen is dark, but there is a faint pink glow coming from inside. There is a rustelling about followed by a “DIE! Fucking disgusting creature!” A pot is thrown through one of the serving windows. A large rat scurries out of it as it hit’s the ground. “What I do for food, I swear.” It appears there is a woman in the kitchen, and she seems to be speaking with herself at the moment. “I mean really, you’d think they’d have more non-perishables in a place meant to feed hundreds of children.” All she has found so far are a few stray cans of vegetables and some pasta sauce. She picks up a pink-crystal candel holder, the reflective material causes the small flame to light up large areas of the room. Eris sees something out in the main room. Vending machines? “Jackpot.”

Micah does jump quite a bit when he hears that rather explosive outburst from the kitchen although he does at least refrain from screaming like a little girl. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me…" he mutters to himself, realizing that someone else had the same idea as he did about looting the school now. C'mon! This person couldn't wait till, say, tomorrow! You know, after he's gotten all the good stuff?

Oh well. Time to scare the bejeezus out of the looter. His pale-blue lips curl up into a light smile, that being one good thing about his appearance. He's just on his way towards the kitchen when Eris is coming out into the main room…and thus, the two meet up, Micah blinking as he comes face to face with the other looter a bit sooner. Thinking fast, he comes up with a line that is sure to be devastatingly intimidating, one that will strike fear into her heart! "Uhm… I already called dibs?"

Eris is fixated on those vending machines. Finally, something to eat. As she comes face to face with Micah she lets out a small gasp of surprise. “Oh geeze, don’t sneak up on people like that.” She gives him a curious look and pushes past him “There’s plenty for both of us, so quit whining.” Apparently his appearance doesn’t bother her in the least. She approaches one of the soda machines and inspects it for a moment. “I don’t think I’d be able to carry all of this on my own, anyway.” The woman sits down her candle and holds up a hand. A large crystal blade seems to grow out of her skin before she slams her arm down into the front of the machine, destroying the outer carapace. There is a hissing as a few of the soda bottles inside rupture, but the majority seem untouched. The blade on her arm disappears into dust as she approaches the machine, pulling out a warm Dr. Pepper.

The woman peers back at the demon after taking a swig of her soda. “Yeah, it does the trick.” She turns her attention to a snack machine next to the soda vendor. This one has a glass door, so much easier to open. Eris makes a throwing motion and a crystal spike flies out of her hand, shattering the door and allowing access to the chips and candy inside. She sighs. “This is all I’ve eaten for days. I’d kill for some cordon bleau.” She grabs a couple bags of pretzels and turns, tossing one to Micah. “So, haven’t seen you around. Granted, if you were wandering around during the day, you’d probably be killed by all the crazies.” She opens her bag and eats a couple pretzels.

Well, she certainly DOES have a few tricks up her sleeve. Or well, really, coming out of her skin. Micah's hand shoots up to snag the bag of pretzels out of midair as she tosses it in her direction. "Cordon bleu?" Yeah. He's not been raised in the rich and culture society, that's for sure. He does snap open the bag of pretzels with a practiced ease though, clearly having had more than one lunch served out of such bags.

The demonic mutant slips over to the opened soda dispensor, reaching down to pick up a Spirte that had rolled in his general direction. "That's been happening ever since… well. Ever since. So yeah… they do that. You get used to it."

Eris shakes her head, chuckling slightly. “Get used to it? Why should you have to get used to it? They should get used to you. No reason to be frightened of somebody just because of the way they look…” She eats a couple more pretzels. “Or because their genetic code isn’t as advanced as yours…” A thought comes to Eris, something she’d heard a few days back. “Say, since I haven’t seen or heard of you before, you’ve probably been in hiding I assume? Any chance you’ve heard of a mysterious ‘mutant underground’ ?” She makes air quotes with her fingers as she says ‘mutant underground’.

"You know, it's funny now how it's hard to bring that up when they're trying to burn you at the stake." Micah says the words with a wry smile that shows only a little bit of true bitterness. He reaches in to grab a few pretzels of his own, although doesn't immediately scarf them down as the subject of the mutant underground came up. "I've had a run in or two with em but no… they haven't taught me the secret handshake quite yet. Only been in Seattle for… well. Not that long, kept a low profile till…" He pauses and then looks up and makes a twirling motion, gesturing to all of the city.

The woman perks up slightly as Micah mentions the mutants. "Oh? …Oh…Well the one's I seem to meet are few and far between." She shrugs. "And if the humans try to treat you badly, just treat them badly back. They'll learn to leave us alone if enough of them die." She says it so easily one may think she's joking, but her expression tells otherwise. Eris sighs and looks out one of the windows to the darkened city. "Yeah, she'd better fix that soon. Don't know how much longer I can go without power. Granted, it keeps the police out of the picture for a while." She makes no mention of who this 'she' may be, or why the cops need to be out of the picture in the first place.

"They're not all bad… gotten some help from them when I was…" he starts but then decides he's really not into telling that story. "But there's definitely a good bunch of them I wouldn't mind kicking in the head when they're down, no." Micah pops a few pretzels into his mouth and then moves to hop onto the end of a table, his tail sliding around to curl around the can of sprite, holding it while he works on the snack bag. Eyes shift towards the broken windows, the sounds of the city still audible even if slightly muted, and then back to the girl. "Why not just leave Seattle then? Shouldn't be too far to get till you get power again… well, unless the whole /world/ is like this…" he muses on that, not really having considered that before this instant.

Eris rolls her eyes. "Well of course not all humans are bad. But I mean honestly, leave us alone or I'll kill your babies." Was that a joke? It's hard to tell with her. She follows the boy’s gaze to the window and sighs. "I'm not quite sure. I've heard a rumor that there is still power out a ways from where the black hole appeared, but I'm not sure how far it is." She shrugs. "But no, I will stay in this city until the power is back or it is deserted. Too many anti-mutant activists and too many mutants like you." She gestures to him. "I've seen a number of obvious mutants dead bodies piling up these past few days. They're going after everybody, and I'm one of the only ones who seems willing to fight back."

"Mutants like me don't survive long unless we can handle ourselves…and we have to do THAT because of shit just like -this-". Once more, Micah gestures towards the city at large. "When one of us does something like this… well. They don't go chasing after the mutie with the nice rack and the tight ass. They find the guy that doesn't look like them." He gives a little shrug and then lifts the bag up to his lips, tilting it to pour the crumbs into his mouth before crumpling the bag and tossing it to the said, hopping off of the table afterwards.

Eris sighs. “Well this,” she waves her hand around at the ceiling lights, “Was an accident. And they have no right to go after anybody, regardless of what they look like.” She shakes her head. “And while knocking out Seattle probably doesn’t help, they’re just using it as a reason to go all righteous. Believe me, they’d come after you regardless of the state of the world or the inconveniences posed by mutant existence.

Micah now takes the Sprite from where it was still looped in his tail, "I hope that you're not going to teach /me/ on when people are going to be reasonable about whether to lynch me o—-" His words are cut off as he tries to open the soda, but sadly, didn't quite give it enough time to settle.

PSSSSHHH! The soda sprays up in a foamy mess, catching Micah right in the kisser. It only lasts for a split second before he drops but it's enough, leaving his face a sticky mess. He reaches up with his other hand to wipe his blue inhuman face, "Perfect…" he mutters to himself. Eyes shift back to Eris, "Where was I again?"

Eris backs up slightly from the soda fountain. “Um…Well if someone tries to lynch you and you’re near me, I’ll kill em off for ya, how about that?” She motions behind him where a napkin holder is still stocked from before the chaos. “Might want to clean up. You might attract ants…to your face.” She makes a face indicating she realizes how odd that sounds and turns back to the snack machine, dropping an empty pretzel bag as she does so. “What now? Reece’s?” She turns and tosses a candy bar toward Micah.

Micah turns about to spot said napkin dispenser, moving to pull out a few only to toss the first few to the ground before getting a few that are worth using. He starts dabbing at his face, "Sprite, you merciless bitch…' he mutters to himself, actually having to get a few more napkins to finish the job. Fortunately, he doesn't have any hair to soak up the soda, so it's just a matter of wiping his smooth skin off.

Once again, Micah catches the tosses snack, starting to head back towards Eris. "I've had almost three years now to worry about lynch mobs… they haven't been able to get me yet. God, the stories I could tell…" he peels open the Reese’s, taking one of the cups and looking at it. "Ahhh…peanut buttery goodness wrapped in chocolatey deliciousness. My natural prey…"

Eris raises an eyebrow before stuffing an entire peanut butter cup into her mouth. “Well you’re lucky. Don’t underestimate the creeps here, though. Without the police our lynch mobs have taken up machine guns and lead pipes. Even I’d have trouble contending with them now.” She tosses the used candy wrapper on the ground and rummages through the machine again. She ignores his comment about the candy. “So where do you stay in the city? I heard there’s a…ahem…’terrifying’ mutant living by the beach. That’s not you, is it?” She refrains from her scavenging for a moment to make little air quotes around ‘terrifying’.

Now it's Micah's turn to head towards the vending machine, reaching in to claim himself a Snicker's bar. Candy bar goodness! "And rifles. Don't forget the rifles…" Has someone already had a run in with one such mob? Maaaybe. But then again, the odds are against him to avoid it with the current situation, aren't they? The question she offers up, though, does cause him to freeze for just a second… a telling sign… before he starts opening up the candy bar. "Well, if it was me, I think you wouldn't have to ask much… I mean, I tend to stick out a bit. I…" he turns towards her with a wry grin, "I usually leave an impression."

The woman watches as he collects some food. “Ah, already met with them, then? How’d ya like their new weapons. Fun, aren’t they?” She reaches in after him and frowns, looking at the selection. She decides on a granola bar for now. “If it was you? So you don’t live there anymore? I tried looking for your old cave, but I couldn’t find any to be honest.” She shrugs. Perhaps she’s not talking about him after all. “Unless you’re pretty well hidden, but I’ve spoken to some other people who visited your cave. Like that gay bartender…What’s his name? Jax or something.”

“Cave? No, sorry, got the wrong monster for that… I'm more of a tent on the beach kind of monster when I need to be." He peels open the snickers bar while his tail slips down to wrap around a Cherry Coke this time. Once more, he doesn't open it right away…and probably going to wait a bit longer, a bit more wary this time around. He pauses though, right in the middle of about to take a bit when he says, "But…why would you have been looking for my cave?"

Eris frowns. “Wonder if the other guy’s dead then. Probably hiding actually. I mean, if I couldn’t find the cave, maybe no one else did.” She takes a bite of granola as the demon speaks. “Well I’ve been trying to locate this ‘mutant underground’ people keep talking about. And I’m also trying to make sure everybody in our community’s OK. I was planning on gathering everybody up so we could all work together for mutant equality, but it seems as though someone’s already done that.” She tosses the wrapper on the ground. “Now if I could just FIND them.”

Mutant equality? Or a mutant army? Micah has already figured out that Eris is a more militant sort of mutant but then again, she's hardly been subtle about it. "Well, if I see anyone from there again, guess I could let them know you're looking for em…" Mmmm. Munch munch. Snickerlydeliciousness. Thank god for that amongst this chaos! "But I don't know who's actually looking for them…or how they'd find you if I /was/ able to tell em."

Eris frowns once more. “Yeah, might be hard to do all that with the state of things.” She shrugs. “I don’t know. I’ll figure something out eventually or…Actually.” She looks around the room. “It seems to me that no one’s really been in this school since the power outage. If you or anyone needs to get a hold of me, have them leave a message for me in…” She looks around. “There. In that condiment stand.” Sure, it’s last minute, but who else would think to look in there? “I’ll come back and check it periodically until things get back to normal around here.”

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