The Anti-Amusement Park


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Special Thanks: RatFink

Summary: Anti-Mutant-Folk try to kill a mutant boy, but there is an intervention of sorts.

Date: March 16, 2009

The Anti-Amusement Park

Rating: PG (L)

Abandoned Amusement Park

Darkness seems to prevail here whether night or day as long shadows ebb and twist through the abandoned place. Upon first entry into the park, one is met with a long, chain fence in which the wires had been cut away at some point by someone, and allowing entrance into the place. Past the cut fence lies an old, rundown ticket booth. The ancient wood cracked and chipped in several places as a few stray old ticket stubs litter the ground around it. Some graffiti is tagged on to the booth of various gang symbols and 'decorations' that serve as a warning within the more dangerous motif of the place. The park itself is large and houses many attractions that once a long time ago served as a hot entertainment spot for this part of the city, though now only lies in desolation and ruin.

The ground is littered with various debris as well as some forms of used paraphernalia. A few needles, condoms, used drug bags and trash stain the floor here and there. Within the park are several rotting attractions. An old coaster, once roaring with screams of fright and enjoyment, now lies dead and silent upon its track. A few more rides reside within the park dotting here and there, though all now lie in an eerie quiescence within the abandoned place. For now the empty park seems to be used for other various means of enjoyment, whether it be a quiet place to bring a date for a good rumpage within the funhouse, or for a private spot for drug deals and the like. Sometimes other forms of degradation can be found here, as a few bums have taken up residence within the place for a good squatting spot. Every now and then the place is used for fights to be settled, or a meeting place for more nefarious uses.

The old abandoned parking lot lies in an eerie quiescence as darkness consumes the local grounds in shadowy pitch. Bare streams of light flicker from old halogen lamp posts as the source dimly lights up the park beyond. A cool, swift breeze billows in from the west as it seems to chill the very bone. All was quiet here this night…though that would change very, very soon. A crowd starts to form from the outer edges of the park as a group of gang members starts to circle around. There are about ten members in total from the count of it. Though with them they drag along another individual that has a woolen cloth tied over his head and tied firmly about his neck. The group amasses around the carrousel as one of the members rises to the bottom platform to speak to the rest…

"Brothers and Sisters alike! How long can we stand the mutant menace that fills OUR world and OUR homes! Spreading a plague to those of TRUE-blood as they infect OUR streets, OUR schools and OUR lives?! How long will we withstand their savagery!? Not too long ago there was a time when humans didn't have to fear the darkness, and now this new menace that lies upon us DARES to try to take away the very essence of our humanity! How long will we withstand it?" The group rallies together as the lot of them start to cheer and yell out with their fists raised to the air. The individual with his head covered is brought forth as the person's body starts to quiver. Sounds of screaming and pleading can barely be hard from within the crowd as this person is lifted to the platform, his hands bound behind his back in cuffs as it can be visibly seen that the person is terrified. The leader of what seems to be this unruly gang of misfits unties the cloth from around the individual's head as what can be now seen as a young teenage male. Tears lace his eyes as he starts to plead once more, "Please! I didn’t do anything wrong! I just want to go home…please!" The leader raises a hand as the crowd turns down to silence once more.

"Brothers and sisters alike, I give you the very threat to our existence! Here! A mutant stands before us and begs for his life?" The silence in-between the few moments pass as the leader continues, "We shall give you your quarry boy. Something that I think would befit all of your kind. Your kind of scum doesn’t deserve life. God hadn't made you in his image…but we will be willing to cleanse you." A dark, wicked smile erupts on over the leader's face as the he takes a gun from out of his pocket. "Now look upon us mutey boy! This is your last chance to relieve yourself of sins!" The gun is cocked as the leader pulls back the trigger. "Any last words?"

There is a clinking of chain-link fence followed by some quiet cursing. Dax seems to have gotten slightly entangled in the fence while attempting to simultaneously duck through a hole and light a cigarette. He manages to pull his coat free of the fence and flips it off before continuing forward, looking around for any sign of those he ran in to a few days back. While happening upon that man who tried to eat him may be generally bad, Dax figures that the chance of running into one of the others makes the risk worth it. He continues forward cautiously, watching the rooftops for any sign of leaping doom-folk. He has his goggles pushed up on his head, just in case.

Dax frowns and looks around, stopping behind one of the old sheds for a quick leak. He probably should have gone before he left the bar, but he was slightly preoccupied. He's about to continue on when he hears someone, no…allot of someone’s making a bit of a racket a little further in. Dax approaches cautiously, trying to stay out of sight as he does so. It takes only a moment for him to realize what's going on. He almost runs at the group, but stops himself. There are many people here, and there is only one of him.

Argosy had planned to spend the evening practicing again, training his speed and reaction time even faster, but apparently today's going to be a test day. He'd borrowed a lacrosse stick from school, so he takes a ball from his pocket, and with the skill that had helped him lead his JV team to state, sends the rubber sphere hurtling towards the leader at blistering speed.

It's strange to think she's sneaking out when she's essentially living on her own … and, yet, that's precisely what she feels like she's doing. Lately she's been feeling more restless, more on-edge, and sleep has been an elusive thing at best. Rather than make the usual attempt at sleep, Ana has decided to get out on her own … and start walking. Perhaps she'd seen this place before and always wanted to take a peek or, more likely, she'd never imagined it was here and only stumbled upon it out of happenstance. In either case, the noise is enough to pull her attention — and the body language of those amassed is powerful enough, terrifying enough to keep it.

Her jaw tightens, gloved hands pulled into fists. Up and over the fence she goes, a silent and dark-clad figure that might easily be missed unless one were looking for her. For now, all she can do is watch … and look for others who might be here and not on the side of the gathered misfits.

Tyler is at the park, searching once again for any signs of the white vans that had paid a visit to the park several days previously. He notices the group starting to form at the carrousel, an eyebrow raised slightly in wondering as to what is going on. So, as nonchalantly as he is able, he joins the group in order to see what is going on. As he hears the words that the leader is speaking and the sight of the man bound and begging for his life, his lips turn into a small frown. He tries to remain inconspicuous. He keeps his head down, arms crossed at his chest as he watches the scene unfold before him. He glances up as he hears the gun being cocked, an eyebrow raised slightly as he waits to see the outcome which a rubber ball passes into his field of vision.

Just another routine totem hunt has brought Owen to this lovely abandoned park again, sport-goggles on and carrying a few extra little totems around ever since that run in with those men in vans the last time he was here. Poking through a pile of discarded and broken boards, he ft turns into a sa reach his ears. The frown just turns into a scowl when he hears just what's going on. Slipping his hands into his pockets, he takes hold of a pen in one pocket and heads over to see just what's going on and if he can help.

The crowd gathered doesn't seem to pay attention, or mind those that come forth to witness the 'cleansing' of the mutant 'filth'. Those that join the group aren't given two looks either way about it as the crowd seems to be ralled on up for the big finale. Some of you come closer, trying to blend in with the crowd, which seems to easy enough to do, while others hide from a distance, waiting and watching to see what happens. Something flies past the air and towards the leader as he's about to pull the trigger. The young boy closes his eyes tightly as he grits his teeth while he prepares for the inevitable…

About this time, that hard rubber ball flies through the air and over the crowd's head as it knocks the gun out of the leader's hand, missing his head though seeming to have enough of an effect either way. The gun goes off as it flies in the air, though luckily no one is shot. The leader scowls as he looks out towards the crowd and tries to spot where the ball came from. Seeing a figure in the darkness, he points on over in Argosy's direction, or abouts where he is and yells forth, "The mutant menace is upon us! Brothers and sisters…we must fight back to defend our very rights…for our very lives!"

The crowd seems stunned at first though it doesn't take too long for them to see where the leader is pointing to…even if it is rather hard to pinpoint the location. The mutant boy is left on the platform for now as the leader goes to pick up his gun…the rest of the crowd starts to make its way on over towards where Jason stands as they start to draw weapons…

Dax remains hidden behind an old barrel for a few moments, peering over at the scene. His expression is tense as he ponders the situation. There's no way he can get close enough to the leader undetected, and if he does anything to the leader, there's still everyone else to deal with. Dax surveys the crowd and notices…Mr. Glowey-Arms? What's he doing here? Dax decides to follow Tyler's lead by also slipping inconspicuously into the crowd. He keeps his eyes locked on the leader to prevent anyone in the crowd from making direct contact with him. Dax manages to make his way to Tyler. He nudges him slightly and nods without looking at him. Whether or not Tyler notices he does not know.

Dax's attention is drawn away from the leader for a moment as something in his periphery catches his eye. Some sort of small object is sailing over the crowd. Dax follows it with his gaze toward the leader, and while he was hoping it would knock him in the face, the gun is just as good to him. He turns momentarily to look back at the figure that threw the ball and then back at the leader. Dax goes against the crowd, heading toward the leader and boy with a fake look of concern, hoping anyone he passes will think he is going to help the leader.

And she is doing as others are, blending into the crowd as much as she can. When the tide shifts, she's barely able to repress a shudder at what goes unspoken by all of the people — but, repress it, she must. Ana catches a glimpse of … someone? Familiar? Familiar enough that she's able to relax just a wee bit. As he moves to the leader and the boy, she does likewise after pulling the hood of her sweatshirt up in an attempt to partially mask her face — to engage the others in combat wouldn't be wise, so best to avoid if possible. While she might not be able to fully discern Dax' intentions, she can make a fairly educated guess that he might need some assistance. A discrete waggle of fingers is made, though whether he catches it or not remains to be seen.

Tyler watches as the ball hits the leader's gun out of his hand and then as Jason is pointed out by the leader, his attention moves from the leader to the boy as the rest of the crowd does. As he sees the boy, he lets out a soft sigh as his head lowers and shakes slightly. "Son of a—" he says under his breath, letting out a sigh as he looks up. His eyes scan from person to person in the crowd to gage the overall feeling towards Argosy. As the guns are starting to come into play, Tyler's arms lower to his sides, the inside of closed fists starting to glow with a burning light.

Owen jumps when the ball goes flying and strikes the gun. Turning to see Jason, Owen has to suppress the urge to facepalm. "Gotta be kidding me…" he trails off. Making sure he's got some room to work with, Owen heads for a place he can climb up to some higher ground. "Stupid kid…" he mutters as he goes.

The shift of the crowd seems to be heading towards poor Jason as he stands there at the ready like some brave knight in shining armor, holding his lacrosse stick and waiting to take on the whole mass of the nine left coming for him. By this time the leader picks up the gun from off the platform as he turns to look back at Jason as he calls on out. A dark smirk is cast against the hard reflection of his chiseled features as he calls out with wide arms spread, "You may not be a mutant boy…and if so…then you're fucking stupid.

Go home boy before my brothers and sisters come down upon you with the might of God!" The handgun is now held in the leader's right hand as he speaks out to the rest as they descend upon poor Jason, "You're either with us, or against us, and if you're against us…God help you because no one else will." Tyler, Dax and Ana aren't even noticed as the few 'followers' stay to 'protect' the leader, while Owen climbs one of the roofs of the fun house to gain a higher position on over the crowd and gain a certain advantage. Tyler while he alights only the insides of his fists seems to still go unnoticed thankfully due to the mixing and blending in. The leader turns to the rest of you that stayed as he announces in a more dark, sinister manner, "I think it's time we say goodbye to this pathetic waste of mutant life." The gun is brought around again as he holds it to the bound boy's head. The poor kid closes his eyes again while he desperately tries to pull at the cuffs that bind his wrists.

Dax heads straight for the leader, ducking through the rest of the crowd as he does so. He hopes Tyler sees that him and will assist the kid that caused the distraction, but he doesn't waste the time to turn and look. He notices a parallel movement and turns slightly, looking down at Ana's chest. He gives the slightest of starts, not expecting it to be a female next to him. He moves his gaze up to her forehead, avoiding eye contact as best he can. Dax gives a weak smile as he recognizes her. He is unsure if this girl will be of much help, but he at least knows that she is there to assist him…Well he hopes so, anyway.

Dax reaches the bottom of the platform and looks up to the leader. He calls out with fake concern, "Hey, you ok, man? Oh geez, what the fuck's wrong with yer eyes, man?" He feigns a look of horror and squints at the leader's face. "Lemme see, looks like there's somethin' really fuckin' wrong with yer eyes." He nudges Ana's foot with his, hoping she understands and decides to play along. Dax gazes up at the leader hoping he'll look down into his eyes. Even if he doesn't look at him, he hopes it will distract him long enough for him to come up with a better plan.

"Hey, I'm not the one who's gonna get arrested when the cops show up," Jason replies, taking a shot at the first of the mob to come into range, swinging his stick to take the guy in the face.

Lucky for Dax, Ana's good about seeming indifferent to any unexpected reactions directed her way. His weak smile isn't reflected — something about the situation just doesn't seem conducive to getting the girl to smile, no matter who it might be. There's just the barest inclination of her head in his direction, a sidelong look that lingers, and then the brunt of her gaze is shifted to the leader. The nudging of her foot isn't entirely necessary, but she takes it in stride — she's really hoping whatever Dax has up his sleeve will work, since it'll make things just that much easier. She, too, looks at the leader, with eyes wide and both hands fluttering up to cover her mouth in mock-horror. See? It must be something terrible to rob this poor young woman of her breath and words. It takes a lot of effort not to look at the bound youth, the poor boy who's been tangled up in this terrible mess — but she has to hold out for just a little longer. And if Dax' plan doesn't work, she's got a backup that might work. Maybe.

Tyler does notice Dax and smirks as he watches the man move towards the front of the group and move in on the leader. As he approaches the leader, he waits for the right moment.

Owen glances around his new perch and nods. "Good, it'll have to do," he mutters. Moving to an edge he's sure won't collapse out from under him, he flips his keychain up and a glowing blue bow flares to life. Pulling an arrow, he takes aim and waits. He's not exactly sure who to shoot at first.

"No…but you will die for being a fool." The leader of the group muses to himself softly as those dark, foreboding, cold eyes take in Jason (Argosy), as the kid tries to ward off the few first people that come heading towards him. As the first person comes into range with a knife held out, he's easily thwarted as he gets a good SMACK of a five foot long lacrosse stick into the face…and goes down quickly thereafter. The rest descend upon Jason as nearly five people come at once…from the front, to the sides and up behind him…the rest following quickly thereafter. Providing that distraction that Dax needs, the leader of the anti-mutant group is caught off guard as his attention is gained by Dax and trying to decipher what the hell he's babbling at. "What the fuck are you talking abou…" It's only known what strikes him thereafter as the leaders eyes gaze into Dax's and suddenly his arm holding the gun drops to his side…the gun falls and the leader is stuck there watching the pretty colors swirl…

Ana and Tyler are left unchecked as the two also come up on to the leader and close to the platform where he stands…while Owen is left to climb the rooftop of the fun house and gain a certain advantage point over the rest. The captive, being a poor mutant lad around the young age of maybe thirteen at best? Seems bound by the wrists as his arms are trapped behind him, and what looks like some woolen cloth hanging from his neck in what appears to be a hood that had once covered his face. While this happens about eight other, angry people descend upon Jason (Argosy) as they come flooding after him in masse, five managing to attack him at once while the rest flood around him.

Time moves slowly as for a tense moment Dax thinks the leader won't look at him. If he can just…There! Dax smirks as he hears the gun drop and tries to hold the leader's gaze for as long as he can, but he realizes that it might be difficult given the circumstances. He doesn't look at Ana, but he speaks to her in a low voice. "You, girly, I've got this guy distracted for now. Once this guy looks away we've got about thirty seconds, got any ideas?" Yes, this was the extent of Dax's plan. He frowns, even after those thirty seconds, there's a chance the leader will still not know what just happened.

With the leader distracted, Tyler turns his attention to the rest of the crowd, letting Dax and Ana do their thing. A small smirk forms over his lips as he lifts his head, the glow from his inner hands growing to cover his fists in flames. "Hey bubs, why don't you leave the kid alone?" He says to the group. "You want a mutant, here one is." He says as the flames slowly creep up his arms, moving to his elbows.

Owen decides it's time to help Jason even if he is questioning the younger mutant's sanity. Taking aim, he starts letting arrows fly towards the people attacking the teen. Aiming for arms, legs, and torsos, he's firing quickly and seems to be trying to make an escape route for Argosy or at least lighten the amount of people attacking him.

Whatever he did … well, it worked. Ana exhales sharply, her gaze drawn to the gun and then to the bound teenager. It's the gun that she goes for, picking it up; she seems to have used one before from the way she handles it, aiming it at the leader's head with an unflinching expression. There's a subtle alteration to the posture that she stole from the man, however; her finger isn't close to the trigger — though he likely won't notice it right away. Her head cocks toward Dax inquisitively: will this work? The fact that someone with flaming arms has joined the fray does not go unnoticed and it's startling enough that she blinks a few times before struggling to regain her composure. The boy needs to be released … but, for now, she'll just stand guard over him.

As the others charge him, Jason fights defensively, bringing his staff around to block the worst of the blows, and aiming blows at sensitive spots as best he can.

The leader is temporarily distracted while Ana goes for the gun. Her own hand wrapping around the base of it as she takes it on up to place to the leader's temple. Dax seems to hold his gaze for that long, though it's soon thereafter that the leader's eyelids blink and the effect of holding him frozen is gone…though for the current moment he seems stunned and in a light haze as he tries to regain his own composure. The crowd on the other hand descends upon Jason…Jason is fast, super fast…but when it comes down to six people versus one? Not quite fast enough. And soon Jason very well may be under some serious danger as the group moves to restrain him and hold him…though not for long. Tyler alights his arms on fire as the six people that hold him don't do so for very long…a few of them run like hell while others are stupid enough to fight…about three of them stay…which cuts the numbers down by a good number. The leader, standing there on the platform while three attempt to keep Jason in line. One of the members takes out a gun and shoots at Tyler…and while the bullet manages to hit, it isn't fatal. The result of such most likely will be…though not for Tyler. Own on the other hand starts to draw his bow as he shoots balls of energy at the remaining three. Which two of them get shot, leaving the third to bail and run like the bitch as fast and as far as he can. The other two, one shot in the right shoulder while the other is snagged by the calf…both go down fast and in innumerable amounts of pain.

Dax shakes his head and looks over at Ana. "Excellent." He looks back up at the leader and narrows his eyes. "What the fuck's wrong with you? This is a living person. Who cares if he's different?" Dax climbs up to the platform to help the kid to his feet. "Think you can walk, kiddo?" He looks back to the leader. "What if your brother or son or cousin or best friend were dragged into such a place and attacked, how would you feel?" Dax spits at the ground at the leader's feet. He looks down at the boy's cuffs. "Got the keys to these? Hand 'em over or I'll have 'er shoot ya. Probably someplace you don't want to be shot." He smirks toward Ana.

To 'listen', she has to keep an eye on Dax while he moves; fortunately, she can pick up the gist of what he's saying by his tone and the situation itself, so the bulk of her attention is fixed on the man she's currently got at gun point. At the latter suggestion, Ana's mouth contorts into a not-quite-smile and the gun is lowered — but only to illustrate the other place she'd be tempted to shoot him. The gun goes right back up shortly after, her stance unyielding and her eyes empty.

Tyler starts to grin when he is hit by the bullet, falling back a bit, dropping to his knees. The flames do not go out as he slowly and painfully makes it back up to his feet, blood flowing from the bullet wound. His face shows obvious pain, but determination as well. "Big mistake." He says to the one who shot him before he starts to charge the man.

Owen smirks as he sees his shots hit their mark. A curse passes through his lips when he sees Tyler shot though. He checks on Jason quickly before firing another round of shots at any of the mob that remain. He's aiming to know 'em unconscious this time.

Jason grunts in pain as the three men fight to pin him to the ground, his stick getting wrested away from him. "Man, what takes the cops so long?" he gasps, as he twists and attempts to break free.

Odd isn't it? The cops never do show up and leaving out young heroes to fend for themselves…odder still that no one else dares to filter in the area…except for those few that wander by, look and scream running in fear as arrows of energy, live flames and shots of guns go off. Dax is the first to get attention from the leader though it seems that the leader might be just a bit wiser then the angry mob that followed him. Never really looking back into Dax's eyes, he stares on down at Ana as if he could rip the very fabric of existence from her. As he speaks he motions on over towards the boy as he answers back with a dark sneer, "You think that this boy is no menace? That he's so much like us? Look again…And to tell you honestly…if I knew that my kin was a mutant, like him?" A slight nod is given on over towards the boy as he continues, "I'd do him them in myself if I had too." The look of cold fury and absolute fanaticism fills within the leaders eyes. Though now as one might look on over to the bound boy's hands…indeed there seems to be something…wrong with them. There's a material bound over the hands themselves though oddly, and scarily enough that material through the course of this night seems to have been gradually rotting away…and disintegrating. "He's menace! Ask him yourself!"

Turning to look on over towards the boy now he smiles wickedly as he speaks, "Who was it that killed your mother, and your father? Don't remember? Maybe that's because you can't live with the fact of murder on your own hands?!" While holding up one hand, the leader lets his right to slip into his pocket as he throws the key on over towards Dax then answers in that persistent dark smile, "Free him…and you willingly free a murderer."

The leader continues to look on over at Ana as he seems to catch the way that she's unable to talk. He points out as he looks on over the rest of the heroes that are left to help the poor bound kid, "I bet you're all just a fucking pathetic wastes of life…just like him. You all ought to be shot and buried six feet under." Unfortunately for the three rest that are left, Tyler charges the one man as those flames seem to get a good deal hotter as it becomes hard to control his own temper…those flames rise on up and almost nearly engulf the poor bastard as he runs screaming…while his skin starts to melt off. The smell of potent burn meat fills the air near Jason while the other two that hold him run fleeing in terror. The two left that flee in terror though don't manage to make it as shots of energy snag them in the back and knock at least one of them unconscious…the other only wishing to God that he was as well as he screams in agony. Jason is left to freedom…though it'd most likely be wiser to run for it as those flames on Tyler's arms start to grow…and grow…and grow till the man himself becomes a flaming bomb and explodes in a ball of fury. Flames hotter than Hades erupt from Tyler as those that were nearby him roast in a torrent of heat. Argosy though with his super reflexes would easily manage to avoid most of the blast. The rest of our heroes are too far away luckily enough to really feel it.

Dax sneers at the leader “I’d like to see that, I really would. I’m sure you’d change your tune if it was your own child up here.” He snatches the keys and grins at the leader. “Thanks a million, bud.” He quickly undoes the boy’s cuffs and dusts him off. “I don’t care what he did. YOU are not a judge, or a jury. If this boy truly did something wrong then this is not the way to go about it.” Dax had noticed the cuffs and assumes that if the boy has done anything wrong, it was unintentional. “Alright, kiddo. How about you scamper off home, eh? And trying to stay out of dark, secluded areas is strongly advised.” He looks back to the mob, half expecting to see a bunch of guns pointed at him, but is pleasantly surprised to see that most are gone or unconscious. Tyler looks like he’s bleeding, but he seems to be alright for the most part…Until he goes all super-nova. Dax nods to Ana, “Alright, I think it’s time we split, don’t you agree?” He gives a quick salute to the leader before taking off in whatever direction the boy decides to go. Dax’ll follow him for a short ways until he’s sure the boy is safe.

"Holy crap!" Jason shouts, diving behind some convenient cover for protection against the fireball. But hey, maybe the dang fire department will respond faster than the police.

Well, that's enough of that. Ana's irritation grows, setting her mouth into a thin, bloodless line. The gun is deftly flipped in her hand and then suddenly and sharply brought down — another borrowed maneuver, perhaps culled from television — to render the leader unconscious. It's a physical 'stfu' moment, plain and simple. Poetic, really. Only once that's done does she remove the ammunition, leaving the gun itself behind and taking the bullets with her — thank goodness for wearing gloves, no? There's a look to Dax and then a nod, with everything else having been filtered out for the sake of focusing on this one task. Super-nova-ing mutants? Somehow, it's escaped her notice, much like everything else. Easier to fix on something familiar … which means she'll follow Dax and the boy for now.

Owen jumps and curses as he sees Tyler go all supernova. "Holy…" he trails off, eyes wide and bow lowered for just a moment. "Crap," he concludes simply. He's not quite sure what to do there. Dispelling the bow, he starts to get down from his perch. He's planning to check on Jason and then see if Tyler's still alive.

The leader doesn't look at Dax as he speaks and seems to know better then doing so. Dax's powers worked well on those with weaker minds….though such was not the case for this creep unfortunately. Though the pistol whipping seems to do the trick from 'relieving' him of his more…deranged outbursts for the most part. The leader goes down as the butt of the gun hits his skull, Ana's quick resolvement of the situation with the STFU Truck making it so. The boy looks ever greatfull on over towards Dax and Ana though he's careful enough to warn the two, "Don't touch my hands! Whatever you do…it's just not good." His warning hopefully being taken into account when Dax frees him from the cuffs. The boy looks on over to the now unconscious leader in a pitiful of hate and fear…just as Tyler explodes in a ball of flaming fury and seems to land there on the ground..still in flames, though they seem to start to slowly burn down and away. For now though, he's left unconscious and bleeding profusely from his right shoulder where the bullet hit him. The boy's eyes flooded with tears quickly follows suit after Dax and Ana as the three of them flee the scene…and luckily no real hand-prints left behind due to Ana's slick quick thinking. The three seem to get away and see the boy safely home while the rest, Jason and Owen are left in the park with the soon blaring sound of sirens in the near distance. Owen manages to make it down off the rooftop easily enough and shifting his bow back to normal before anyone really knows the wiser. Which leaves our dashing young Jason diving for cover to avoid the blast radius that had been Tyler's last stand.

Owen comes up behind Jason after a few moments and looks him over. "Ya did good. Crazy ass stunt but good one, kid," he offers to Jason, giving him a light joke-punch on the arm. "Get home. Now," he warns. He curses when he sees Tyler. "Don't even know this guy's name," he mutters. "See ya," he offers a mock salute to Jason before moving to pick Tyler up and carry him to the nearest hospital. Hopefully the guy's got insurance cause Owen doesn't have much cash to pay a doc.

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