Teleportation is the ability to psychically move from one locale to another, by using an advanced version of spatial distortion to bend space in order to not occupy the space in between any two locations. Sometimes, a person with this ability can move short distances (i.e. from this house to this house), or intermediate distances (i.e. from this street to this street). Some people can even move vast distances (from this country to this country) or even through time by bending the space-time continuum to their will so as to relocate oneself to a different place and/or time. There are numerous types of teleportation:

  • 1. Fading- Teleportation in which you seem to slowly fade away at one point and then fade in at another point
  • 2. Shimmering- Teleportation which is accompanied by a flurry of sparkles, similar to fireworks in appearance
  • 3. Smoking- Teleportation in which you vanish in a puff of smoke (or in a smoke form) and reappear at another point
  • 4. Flaming- Teleportation in which the user is surrounded by flame at one point and arrives, surrounded in flame at another point
  • 5. Reconstitution- The molecules of the user's body quickly disassemble at one point and come back together at another
  • 6. Zapping- Teleportation is accompanied by a zapping sound and crackles of electricity or some other energyat one point, and the same at the destination point
  • 7. Blinking- Teleportation is accompanied by a blinking light and a blinking sound at one point, and the same at the destination point
  • 8. Elemental Teleportation- Teleportation is accomplished through only a certain element (Pyroportation: teleportation through fire, Hydroportation: teleportation through water, Geoportation: teleportation through earth, Aeroportation: teleportation through wind currents, etc.)
  • 9. Catoptric Teleportation- Teleportation through a mirror or some other type of reflective surface
  • 10. Bubble Teleportation- Teleportation through "bubbles" or domes of psionic energy set at the starting point and the destination point
  • 11. Trade Teleportation- Teleportation accomplished by teleporting something into one's place that takes up an equal (or greater) amount of space; can be used to trade the spatial position of any two (or sometimes more) objects or subjects
  • 12. Beacon Teleportation or Anchored Teleportation- Teleportation accomplished with a beacon, so that teleportation cannot be diverted or negated (or hindered by distance). The beacon can be reset at any time
  • 13. Teleportation Diversion- Ability to divert the destination of a subject's teleportation. The user of this power must know what the place looks like or the teleporter will just "jump" to any random location
  • 14. Spatial Anchoring- Ability to refuse to be teleported by force. The user of this ability can also prevent the teleportation and time-travel (or Dimensional Travel) of others

Character Limit: 2

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