Technopathy or Cyberpathy is the psychic ability to sense and control the functions of electronic devices requiring only physical or mental contact with the device, to potentially override security codes and infiltrate an installation with ease by manipulating any electronic device, or sense the presence of electronics (even artificial intelligence) from far away. Other forms of this ability may allow any of the following:

  • Cybernetic Travel, also called Cybernetic Conversion or Digital Conversion - projection of consciousness into electronic devices (or psionic conversion of physical matter to/from digital data); may also include free-course interaction/manipulation of programs, travel in "cyberspace" and transport between any two connected digital conduits
  • Digital Mind, also called Digital Mimicry - psychic mimicry of the electronic "thought" processes of a computer hard drive, allowing memory and data gathering, analysis and processing on par with or beyond a supercomputer; one with this ability can also read bar codes and binary code like an actual language
  • Technoforming or Cybermerging - merging one's biology with a technological device, taking the best attributes of both the machine and the user to create an effective "cyborg-esque" gestalt: may include the use of nanobots which quickly reform and heal any wounds, injuries or disabilities the user has
  • Technokinesis or Cyberkinesis - the mental manipulation of electronic and digital technology so that they can be controlled without the need for physical contact, and can be made to move and function like controlled puppets (or even be made to simply function or malfunction according to the user's will)

An advanced Technopath may even be able to combine the communicating, interacting, mimicking, merging and controlling faculties of this ability to enhance their ability greatly.

This ability should not be confused with Telemetry.

Character Limit: 3

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