Technology Returns


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Summary: Military launches a nuclear missile and technology returns to Seattle

Date: August 15, 2009

Technology Returns

Rating: PG-13


Glamour, fortune and fame. This neighborhood says it all as tall skyscrapers tower like giant monoliths on over the main area of downtown. Sheets of dark, mirrored glass shimmer in the light whether daytime or night as their thick panels cascade rays of light off their reflective surfaces. The towers of large buildings overhead stretch high on up into the sky as they seem to disappear beyond the clouds. Hard concrete, glass and asphalt make up the main portions of this area as big-time businesses and 'suits' make their stay here. The downtown area is often filled up to the brim with heavy traffic as employees rush to get to their jobs on time. The streets often blare out the sounds of honking horns, sirens and yelling as the congestion lies thick within the area.

Hundreds of pedestrians make their way through the streets, as the weave and sway of the masses curve and wind throughout the area. Traffic lights blink on and off in an array of green yellow and red while cars rush on through the district to their destinations. The potent smell of car exhaust, fumes and espestos seem to tingle the nose with its stench. A few alleyways lie here as well as some bits of debris and garbage litter within the darkness of their narrow passageways. The Pacific Center stands here as one of the main shopping malls of the area. A huge Nike store and REI flagship also lie here as a testament to how populated this area can get. The Benroya Hall and McCaw Hall also make their presence here as some of the more prominent entertainment spots within the city proper.

It was a bit of a walk from their apartment to the downtown area, but the more they walk, the more comfortable Elizabeth gets. Stretching the legs after a month in a cell is always.. pleasant. She's walking next to Leon, holding his hand and smiling while they talk quietly- out on a stroll.

Leon walks along beside Elizabeth, tail swishing happily behind him. He holds onto Elizabeth's hand happily while he points here and there with his other hand, quietly telling her about the various things that have happened in the city lately.

Arianna leans against a long dormant cooling unit atop one of the lower rises in the downtown area. She stares off into the dead horizon, cigarette smoldering on her lips. Her arms are folded under her chest, and for the life of her she seems dead to the world.

"It is really strange… how busy this area used to be. Now.. its like a horror movie." Elizabeth shakes her head and walks just slightly closer to Leon; though outwardly it is hard to tell if it is for his protection, or hers. "Didn't you say that bar was around here somewhere?"

Leon shakes his head, "No. It's… well to tell you the truth I don't remember where it is. I only found it once. I think it is south west of here." He shakes his head, not minding her added closeness. "I don't know what to say about it being so quiet now. You're right now. Kinda creepy."

Arianna plucks her cigarette from her lips, tipping the excessive amount of ash from its tip to the street below. She pushes off the heating unit and walks towards the edge to peer down to the pavement.

In the sky above, there is a disturbance in the clouds- a trail of the swirling grey clouds being twisted and distorted in a straight line against the sky of golds of the setting sun. As the trail continues to go over Seattle- there is a minor whistling or perhaps even a hum that can be heard.

Elizabeth makes a weird face as she thinks she hears something, but shakes her head. "I bet someone is going to make a lot of money off of a movie about this." She laughs. "I demand royalties!" Trying to keep in a chipper mood despite the devastation that is all around them. Though as the whistling gets a bit louder, she looks up and blinks. "What the hell? I thought planes weren't working.."

Arianna looks up as she hears the humming sound. She frowns, as perplexed as Elizabeth by the appearance of the unidentified object. "Holy shit." She murmurs, what remains of the cigarette tumbling from her fingers. "Those fuckers…those fuckers!" Who she's talking about isn't clear but she soon dives for cover, trying to crouch under the cooling unit and hold her head. What do you do when you see the flash? Duck and cover.

Leon frowns as he starts to tune Elizabeth out. You humanism mutants thought you had a hard life. Those cat ears pick up every radio station at once it sometimes seems and that high pitched whistling isn't that fun. "Hrm. How… Nostalgic." He looks up at the cloud… too far a away for him to see what they're made of but he gives a soft sigh and squeezes
Elizabeth's hand gently whisping, "Whatever happens… I love you."

It doesn't take long for the object in question to make itself known, the item falling from the clouds to start an arch descent upon Seattle. What is it? .. Nothing else other than a military nuclear warhead sent by the military! About two miles above the surface of the city, the trail of the nuke stops abruptly, but the item itself continues to fall towards the downtown area.

Elizabeth squeezes Leon's hand tightly, looking up and watching it. She's pale- almost like she's frozen in place. "L-love you too. I guess we know why the Guard left, huh?" She winces and turns to Leon, pressing her face into his shoulder as she hugs him tight.

The nuke continues to descend at an increasing pace, and it goes THUNK into the concrete in the middle of the downtown square. Once the knocked up rocks settle… everything becomes very, very quiet. Save for the slight hissing coming from the nuke itself.

Arianna remains curled up at the base of the cooling unit, eyes squeezed shut as she waits for her death to hit her in a firey ball of doom.

Leon sighs, "Those dumbasses. This is why I told them either orbital or out at sea. Nukes require power too. Even if they just did manage to wire it direct current it's not precise enough to successfully split an atom once it's in the emp field." He sighs, "The one thing they listened to when I spoke was nuke. How or why… ignored. We should go deal with it's ordinance so it doesn't leak radiation and so no supervillains get to it."

Out of all that Leon speaks of, Elizabeth can't help but smirk, "Supervillains? .. Suddenly I want to rename this place Gotham." She gives his hand a squeeze and starts to slowly, cautiously approach the thing. And noticing someone cowering, she calls: "Its okay! It won't go off."

The hissing continues lowly from the nuke in the coming moments, before dying off completely. For all intents and purposes, the nuke appears to be 'dead'.

Arianna starts to uncurl once it's apparent that even if her doom is approaching, it's not imminent. She crawls towards the edge of the building and then peeks over it, to where Leon and Elizabeth are standing. "…What the hell just happened?"

Leon waves up at Arianna, "Oh… we were nearly turned into vapor. Nothing major!" He gets closer to the thing, "Liz, you might want to stay back. If this thing is leaking radiation, I'll get dosed for sure but you don't have to and Lynx will have an easier time healing me than you and me." He starts looking at the casing, "And… there's a possibility that it's not completely dead or that it isn't a nuke really." The bolts on the thing seem to dissolve out of existance slowly while Leon looks at them.

"The military's dumbass nature just got validified." Elizabeth replies to Arianna, and at Leon's warning, she nods and steps back, keeping a safe distance. "Uhm, are you sure opening it is a smart idea?"

As soon as the bolts start to dissolve, the nuke begins hissing again- this time, getting louder.

"Oh, fuck it's nothing major!" Arianna replies, cowering behind the ledge. "I ain't comin' down there! Fuck that!" She shakes her head vehemently. "Who gives a shit about supervillains! Just get outta there, cat boy!"

Leon frowns, "There is still a lot of radioactive material in there. If for some reason it does go off, there's not a prayer in hell we'll escape the blast radius. Even if we get clear of the blast by some miricle the radiation will turn us into… well… mutants… if it doesn't outright kill us." The bolts reform in a haphazard way, "So if I can remove the explosive charge, we all live. If I can speed the halflife of the plutonium or uranium…. nobody gets the material back."

"Or you blow us all to bits trying it? Shouldn't it be dead completely in the EMP field?" Elizabeth fidgits, watching him, but Arianna's words make her nod a few times, agreeing: "We should get out of here. I told you we should leave!" She wrings her hands, backing up a few steps. Dead isn't exactly on her to-do list.

The nuke's hissing subsides once again when the bolts are replaced, but it doesn't go completely silent. Since it has been tampered with, the nuke isn't a very happy nuke. Once the hissing is gone completely, it starts to shake, violently. This only proceeds a sudden lash of some unseen energy that would knock all three of them on their asses; screams and things falling over in succession starting to sound all over the city.

After the shockwave; the nuke goes dead, yet again.

And it doesn't have radioactive properties; more… negative electrical energy.'

Arianna yelps as she's thrown back from the ledge of the building. She falls flat on her back, though thankfully is above any falling glass. "Fuck! I told you not to touch it!!!" She shouts at Leon as she sits up.

Leon thuds back onto the ground uncomfortably. He learned his lesson though and manages to not let himself have another concussion. "Ow." He gets up fairly quickly and looks back to the 'nuke' and manages to open the panel this time, not letting the hiss bother him. "That… was… not supposed to happen. And EMP doesn't mean electricty doesn't work, it means there's so much raw power that nothing electronic will work correctly for a while and will probably short circuit quickly." He looks inside the thing and frowns. "There's nothing radioactive in here. At all… what the hell is it?"

Like others, Elizabeth is tossed back, landing hard on her back and getting the breath knocked out of her. "Leon.." She hoarsely calls, sitting up slowly as she groans, rubbing her head. "What the fuck was that?" She hears the successive sounds going through the city and pales. "What the hell are they trying to do?! Kill us?! What the fuck was that?!" She looks at her hands and starts shaking. "Did they infect us? Some airbourne agent? Are we going to die now?"

"Sure as fuck wasn't a nuke…" Arianna replies, gingerly stepping over the side of the building so that she can descend towards the street below, being careful all the while. "I mean, not like I've ever been in a nuclear blast but I don't think y'can get the push without the boom and the face meltin'…" Nevertheless she reaches for another cigarette, and offers one to Elizabeth.

Leon frowns, "I don't think it'd be an airbourne agent that could knock you flat on your ass." He sighs, "I don't understand this… but it seems safe now. Innert even." An ear twitches. "The Military sent something to land here… and… it somehow managed to work even through the EMP Field."

Elizabeth takes the cigarette gratefully from Arianna. "Got a light?" She asks while putting it to her lips. She nods a little to Leon, forcing herself to calm down. "What the hell do they want? And what would be so dangerous about this damn thing that they sent the national guard out for?" She shakes her head. "Doesn't make sense."

Though in the following moments after the sounds in the distance have settled, leaving nothing but screams and yelling of people terrified in their hidden homes… there are sounds that start to pop up all over the city. Static and low at first… but almost in a domino effect..

Lights start to come back on, TVs, radio, anything and everything. Anything left on before is on now, causing a sudden stir of a million sounds at once that flood the air. Whatever happened… it apparently negated the field. Electronics are working now!

Arianna flips her lighter towards Elizabeth and lights her up first. It's only polite. "The thing could've been fuckin' mechanical." She remarks to Leon. "The military /did/ have to blow shit up before computers, y'know." But…as the world changes she at first looks fearful, stepping back from Elizabeth with the light still flickering between them. Her unlit cigarette falls from her mouth as downtown comes to life again, the streets bathed in the warm glow of lights. "…shit."

"Shit indeed…" Leon says quietly, looking out at the scenescape. "I'm gonna wash so many clothes…" he stands up, heading towards the other two as he watches everything dialing back up to working order. "Just for the record… they're fucking brilliant because none of this stuff was supposed to be able to survive that EMP field. Something a lot weirder than anybody realized was going on." He blinks, "Oh, Arianna, this is Elizabeth. Elizabeth, this is Arianna."

There is a smile of thanks to Arianna as she takes her first drag, coughing a little and laughing. "I quit years ago." She shakes her head, but the second drag doesn't make her cough. Smoking is like riding a bike, really. Elizabeth blinks owlishly as the lights start coming back on, and is suddenly glad she is still sitting. "You have got to be fucking kidding me. They're either extremely brilliant or saddeningly stupid." At the introductions she half-waves at Arianna as she looks at the lights, still stunned. "Hi."

Arianna crouches down to pick up her fallen cigarette. These things are precious. She then lights up as well, looking around at the living city with hardly any inhabitants. "Fuck, this probably means I have start paying rent again…Not that my apartment is livable anymore." She takes a drag, nodding to Elizabeth. "Hey." She greets. "You with cat boy?"

Leon pokes Arianna in the side as he moves up beside her, "Alright now. No telling about our secret encounters in the bushes now. We're over you and I." He continues poking her in the ribs playfully. After that, and the probably abusing he's about the take, he wanders over to the 'bomb' again and resumes looking at things inside of it. "I wanna know how this works…"

"Rent?" Elizabeth laughs. "They have to fix everything, first." She takes another drag and sighs as she relaxes. "Mmm? Yeah, we're together." She tosses a smile at Leon, smirking as he pokes Arianna. though as he goes for the nuke-thing again she shakes her head. "I'd leave it alone, love. Seriously. Messing with it might fuck things up again."

Arianna eyes Leon. "Stop pokin' me." She tells him, shoving lightly at his shoulder. "Besides. All those times in the bushes? I was fakin' it." She grins broadly, taking a drag from her cigarette and exhaling the smoke into the air. "Listen to yer lady, cat boy. The military's probably gonna want that shit back."

Leon sighs lightly, deciding those two are probably right. "Well if you say you were faking, she knows you fibbing now." He moves away from the 'bomb' and gives Elizabeth a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Ooo! Air Condition."

With that commentary, Liz can't help but snicker. She takes another drag from her cig and nuzzles against Leon's throat at his hug and kiss, brushing a kiss against his jaw in return. "We should get home… make sure nothing blew up with the electricity came back on."

Leon frowns. "You had to say that didn't you? Now the apartment's going to blow up and and… awww… really?" He sighs and turns his head to Arianna. "If you need any help with anything, my phone number is listed in the phone book. My fullname's Leon McKinnley." then he points towards the direction to his apartment. "This way, my lady love."

"Might be just the time to leave." Arianna remarks to the pair. "Before Uncle Sam comes barrelin' in all full of himself and decides to take out his anger at nearly losin' one of his cities on us mutants." She shrugs at Leon's offer. "Thanks. I'll keep it in mind…Not like I got a phone anymore but I'll look it up…I should see how Lynxy and Wolf are doin'…"

Elizabeth hooks her arm around Leon's and gives a wave to Arianna. "Was nice meeting you. Be safe! Hope to see you again." She takes one last drag from her cigarette before she flicks it away. She grins at Leon and nips at his jaw. "Oh come on, don't be such a sour puss. This is reason to celebrate!" And just to put emphasis on the matter, she lifts a hand in a 'gun' fashion and 'fires' at the sky… only for a stream of sparkling light to leave her and explode just like a firework in the sky. A brilliant cascade and show of various colors before it fades.

Leon grins while he walks with his head raised, "I had forgotten you could make those so beautiful…" He leans his head against her. "Alright. We can break out the Champaigne and watch movies and eat popcorn and… and… yeah." He blinks, "First though I need to fix what I did to the pool so it doesn't break it from trying to run.

Arianna waves towards the pair as she turns away, headed off towards god knows where. "Catcha later, cat boy. So long, Liz…" She trails off, her cigarette burning into the night. "Yeah. Drink somethin' cold…"

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