Taylor Deveroux
Portrayed By Michelle Trachtenburg
Theme Song "Unwell" by Matchbox 20
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 21, 1993
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Sagitarius
Aliases Tay
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Unemployed
Known Relatives Susan (Mother), Richard (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers Unknown
First Appearance N/A


  • Helpful - Not only does she not judge others, but often will take the time and effort to help those in need when others would just as easily turn their back to them. There have been numerous amounts of time in her life where she has suffered at the hands of others for simply being different, though yet this doesn't stop her from continuing to help those that need it as well as be supportive, kind and caring. Even though she may not always trust others, she still is willing to help those that she may hardly know simply for the sake of knowing that often she has been in that exact same position.
  • Willful - When others have turned their back on her, betrayed her trust as well as her friendship, she still doesn't let that get her down. She is a very strong person as well as has a nigh unshakable will. Having lived through some of the toughest times that any teenager could possibly live through, she still has made her way through life unyielding against the darkness and those that would try to hurt and stop her. Never has she been one for being angsty, dramatic or jaded, which is very odd for someone of her age, being that often others have treated her terribly in the past.
  • Courageous - Tay has a very unique personality, and is one of the very few people in life that has suffered as much as she has and still has the courage as well as strength of will to overcome all obstacles within her path.
  • Unstable - Unfortunately the girl suffers from some severe drawbacks, her own psyche fractured to a certain degree by her mental disabilities. She suffers from several disorders amongst them, schizoaffective disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder as well as Attention deficit hyperactive disorder. These disorders or at least some of them intimately tie into her own powers as she often tends to develop her own 'reality' in which she has a very hard time deciphering what is real and what isn't. Often her power comes as uncontrolled as her own mind clouds her own perception at times and has a tendency to work against her benefit. Often she has trouble in dealing with social situations as well as feeling proper emotions that most tend to feel in certain circumstances. She tends to often become the loner and stray from the most of humanity around her simply because of her own paranoia at times as well as an inability to communicate effectively. Often she has trouble in coping with situations in where others have an easier time doing. Her focus often is strayed as she has troubles multitasking as well as paying attention to that which is around her as well as the ability to comprehend what others say. Also she has troubles with taking care of herself as well as lacks any real formal education as her mind is incapable at times of taking in what others say and do, which has hampered her severely in school as well as relationships with others.
  • Kindhearted - Despite her setbacks, Tay is a very warm, caring and kind individual and never really lets her disorders get in the way of her goals. She takes life as it comes, one day at a time. She doesn't really plan for the future as that is nigh impossible for her to really accomplish, being that she severely lacks the ability to keep any regular or even strict schedule. Though despite her rather odd behavior she is none the less quick to help others out as well as has a strength of fire that burns deep within her. Never one to simply give up or let others put her down, she is definitely a hard worker. Even though she suffers from several severe setbacks, she still tries her best to get along within life as well as do good not only for herself but for others as well.
  • Intelligent - She has a good head on her shoulders and where she lacks in booksmarts, she makes up for in streetsmarts, a quick cunning, strong wit and strength of resilience. Despite her opposition to change, she has done nothing but that as through time and time again she has gone through very rapid changes within her own life as well as her own internal thoughts and how she goes about accomplishing things. Even though her life tends to be rather unstable, this doesn't stop her from continually trying to survive as well as live life to its fullest.
  • Trustworthy - Tay is incredibly loyal to those that she considers friends, never one to really lie to get her way through life, she tends to have a good heart as well as honest intentions. Where as she may not be dependable all the time due to her disorders, she is still very reliable as far as being there for someone in need. She is honest to a fault though often her honestly tends to gain her some form of resentment with others as rarely will she ever tell someone something that they simply want to hear.


  • None that are known of.


  • Combat - Taylor has basic knowledge in how to defend herself as far as hand-to-hand combat goes. She spent a few years in some martial arts when she used to live with her parents, though she isn't overtly capable with it. Most often more capable of defending herself and putting up a good enough fight to cause someone enough trouble with taking her down. Also she's had only a couple of times that she's learned about guns and how to wield them, though really that was more from some of her acquaintances. She isn't entirely great at firing a gun, but she can get by if needs be. As far as melee combat goes this is what she's very familiar with as far as defending herself and being able to really harm someone. She's good with a knife and has often found herself in need of having to exercise that skill. Where she seems to lack in more booksmart things, she excels at streetsmarts and other more physical activities.
  • Computers - Tay happens to excel within this area as not only is she fluent in this skill, she also knows many aspects of it. Such things as crypto, programming, hacking, web browsing, internet use, softcode as well as hardcode and hardware and many more. She is well known over the internet on several coding channels as well as freenet and other like places, though uses several aliases to maintain anonymity.
  • Stealth - This is where Tay excels as it seems. She's renowned for being able to get around places and people without drawing attention to herself. Especially out on the streets she seems to have the gift of becoming 'just another of the crowd'. She can easily slip in through shadows as well as avoid being seen by most. This doesn't always have to deal with actual hiding, more so the fact of how she knows how to carry herself in a manner that causes others to avoid her or to simply look over her.
  • Drive - Tay is familiar with driving a normal class 'C' vehicle, though she also knows how to drive stick-shift as well as an automatic. She doesn't have a car of her own, but she is capable of driving others as well as has a driver's license.
  • Streetwise - Tay has the uncanny ability to know where to be and where not to be. Who to ask certain things of and where to stay the heck away from. She seems to get by out on the streets as well as knows who to ask for certain things. Especially in dealing with information as well as acquiring some things that most normal people wouldn't be able to.
  • Scrounge - Tay has a knack of being able to find things when she needs them. This can include objects as well as people. She's rather adept at getting around the streets and being able to find what she needs. Whether this be food for the night, shelter or something more tangible that she might need
  • Athletics - Tay happens to be gifted as far as physical prowess goes. She's not especially strong, but she is rather agile as well as tough as nails. She's incredibly fit, though because of her lack of decent nutrition she tends to lose energy now and then. She's rather gifted with sports as well as anything in dealing with using her body for more active things. She has an incredible sense of balance as well as timing and rhythm.
  • Manipulation - Tay has the gift of gab. Because of her disorders, she has had to work ten times harder then most to be able to speak with people and get them to do what she either wants or needs. Mind you that she doesn't really use this skill in a negative way, more so when she really needs someone to do something or to steer an individual in a direction that she might need them to go.
  • Thievery - Unfortunately, living on the streets doesn't offer one any real source of income, which has led Tay to more darker means of how to get food as well as surviving out on the streets. She doesn't really steal for any kind of harmful sake, more so taking what she needs when she needs it. Mind you there are some people that she simply won't steal from, especially those that seem to be down on their luck or need it more then her. She chooses her victims carefully and always seems to consider who she stealing from as well as what she takes.
  • Education - Where as Tay doesn't necessarily excel in her school studies, she does know her basic education and is smart enough to figure out the rest. She isn't exactly book smart, but she does know her basics, math, science, english, history and so on. She can definitely get by even with some amount of hassle.
  • Cooking - This is simple for Tay as she only cooks that which is easy to do so. She doesn't really know how to use the stove, but the microwave is definitely something that she uses well. She's inventive when it comes to this skill. Often cooking things that aren't meant to be cooked in certain ways, though she seems to get by well enough with doing so. She's capable of cooking for herself, though doesn't always have the energy to do so and sometimes winds up hungry.
  • Juryrig - Taylor is something of a prodigy when it comes to mechanics and electronics. She has an amazing ability to be able to work, build, break down, manipulate, break apart, rebuild, reform, repair and juryrig all sorts of mechanical and electrical devices. She has an uncanny intuition with these sort of things, and it is often very easy for her to be able to work with old and new equipment alike.


  • Housing - Tay has a few acquaintances in which allow her to crash at their home every now and then. Though this isn't anything permanent, she can still more often then not find a place to sleep throughout the night as well as stay out of more harsher weather conditions.
  • Clothes - Tay a few outfits that she's managed to acquire in which she can change her outfit. Most of her clothes though are over at some of her friends houses as she has to go make the trip back to their house in order to get what she'd like to wear. She doesn't have any real fancy outfits as she tends to live on the street, but she's still able to find a place to clean up every now and then as well as take care of herself to some degree.
  • Contacts - Something that does go for in her favor is how many contacts she has. She has contacts in all different types of groups simply because of how many people she gets to associate with out on the streets as well as in public. With no real means or incentive to stay indoors, she's managed to make a rather wide network of people that she can ask favors from as well as acquire things that some people may not be able to. She knows a good amount of groups that she's associated with in the past. Anything from the druggies, goths, gamers, military enlisted, skaters, gangs, punks, and all sorts of other connections that she's managed to acquire. Although she does keep her mutant abilities a secret she has been known to have some few connections with some mutant as well as anti-mutant groups, though mostly this only goes as far as simply information.
  • Weapons - Some few things that she does keep on her though and that she's managed to get a hold of as far as any kind of weaponry goes is a K-bar that she inherited from one of her enlisted contacts. Everything else is just menial day to day things that aren't really of any great importance. She isn't really in any kind of situation where she'd be able to own anything of value or that would be seen as valuable by others.
  • Job - Taylor has managed to acquire a job working for Christian in his field of robotics. She helps with programming, building, fixing and juryrigging all different sorts of prototypes. With this type of job she is able to acquire a rather handsome earning.


  • Academics - My character has a driving goal to be able to become something in life. Something and someone that is useful as well as be able to go to college and make something of herself. Whether it's helping others out or becoming an active member within society, she wishes to attain some form of recognizable achievements that she as well as others can be proud of.
  • Romance - Tay is a very lonely character. Sometimes she has a very hard time getting along with others as well as being able to develop a close bond with someone else. She yearns for someone to be able to understand her as well as love and care for her as who she is. She isn't necessarily looking for love, but more so hopes to achieve it at some point in time. Living the way she does gets rather lonely as she craves for someone to be able to share her life with her as well as someone to confide in and spend time with.
  • Healthy - Tay strives to be able to one day be healthy enough to live a normal life, or something close to it. Where others try their darndest to different and strange, Tay simply wants to become normal and live a well-balanced life that she can feel comfortable with and not have to worry about her disorders getting in the way of her goals.
  • Job - Tay searches for something where she can learn to be consistant in as well as striving to achieve a way to become more reliable in the work force. She's desperately trying to find something that will be easy enough for her to work at as well as more or less without any due stress. Currently she's trying to figure out how to keep a decent schedule as she has a very tough time doing so. She looks forward to the day where she can hold down a steady job and make something of herself as well as be able to survive out in the working world.


  • Schizoaffective - Tay suffers from schizoaffective disorder. This disorder is the affective symptoms of bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. She suffers from hallucinations as that affects a good number of her senses. She also has trouble keeping track of time or the ability to realize time passing. Her short term memory is also affected as she has a very difficult time remembering things that have happened recently.
  • OCD - Tay suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. This affects her in the way that she tends to procrastinate as well as often is overwhelmed by things that are very simple for others. She tends to have difficulty taking care of herself as well as doing menial tasks. When she does take on a project it normally takes her far more time and effort then a normal person could. Often she'll get caught up on obsessing over simple things such as counting as well checking things over and over again. She has a slight phobia of germs as well, though only for certain things. She has rituals that she does as well in which she'll do actions that seem to make no sense or aren't exactly logical.
  • ADHD - Tay suffers from ADHD, which is the inability to concentrate or focus on any given task at hand for long periods of time. She also suffers from bouts of mania in which cause her to do things and take actions that she normally woulnd't or that don't make much logical sense to others. She has a very hard time focusing on any length of conversation as well as she'll tend to get stuck on certain words that people will say. Often she has trouble keeping on task as well as her thoughts are cluttered and has issues with staying on a certain subject.
  • Anxiety - Tay suffers from anxiety disorder which affects her sometimes with very painful and crippling panic attacks. These attacks seem to have no rhyme or reason why they occur, but more so out of subconscious means. The attacks come and go and she has very little to no control over them as well as when and where they affect her.
  • Hallucinations - Tay suffers from hallucinations. These hallucinations tend to affect most of her senses. She never really knows when she's hallucinating or what she sees is real or not. Though most of her hallucinations aren't violent ones, simply things that she sees or hears that isn't necessarily there. Often others will consider her a liar because of things that she sees and witnesses that don't really happen.
  • Paranoia - Tay suffers from paranoia, not to extreme degrees, but enough to cause her to have trouble in trusting others as well as have any lasting relationship. Often she'll think that people are out to get her and cause her harm which often isn't the case. Also, because of her delusions and hallucinations, she fears things and beings that really don't exist within the normal everyday world. Sometimes she'll be fearful of things that often make no sense to be frightened of, though to her these things and situations are very real.
  • Shy - Tay has a shy streak to her which inhibits her from really getting close to another. She's not one to really purposely go out of her way to talk to another. And when she does meet new people, she tends to speak quietly as well as has troubles with sharing her own life with them. Often she'll try her best to stay out of view or simply away from being noticed by others. She's more so a loner and has issues with being able to work with others, though this doesn't stop her from doing so at times.
  • Unreliable - Because Tay has trouble with keeping a regular schedule, she often is seen as unreliable. It's very rare that she'll be able to make time constraints or be somewhere on time as well as being able to accomplish something if given a time limit. Because of her condition she never really knows when she'll be having a good day or a bad day as her own lifestyle is just as chaotic and unbalanced as her powers tend to be.


My mother always said that she knew something was wrong with me, she just never wanted to admit to the fact that her baby girl might be sick. If I had the chance to choose to change anything in my past I still wouldn't. It was because of my past that has made me the way I am. I fear that if it was any different I wouldn't be as how I am today…and I can truthfully say that I value who I am. When I was a little child, my parents knew that something was wrong with me. I didn't act like other children did. Most of the time my parents always thought that I was daydreaming, or never really paying attention to others…how very wrong they were. What my parents', nor anyone else could see or experience, I did. Life was like one consistant acid trip for me.

Sure there'd be times when I was here, with you and with everyone else, but more often then not I just wasn't. Things that I'd see and hear, affecting my senses like no other. I could tell you that I had a pleasant life growing up, but that isn't the case. All throughout my childhood I had problems with dealing with others as well as getting along and finding friends. Most of my past has been filled with betrayal, deception and pain from others. I never really had any friends, nor do I still. Growing up was hard for me as I was disabled from birth, never really knowing what was real and what wasn't. I'm sure you could imagine the trouble that led for me. Seeing and hearing things that weren't there was definitely some feat to conquer, and still to this day I don't know how to.

As you can imagine my parents and I didn't get along well. It was why I had to leave the house at such a young age. I was 15 when I did and when I did leave the house my parents vowed to never hear or see me again. In all effects I was dead to them, which burned me pretty bad, though I eventually got over it…or at least tried to. Many times had I wound up in fights with others. Most of my life, I was treated like some kind of disease, some malice to society in where others needed to eradicate me simply because I was born a certain way. Life, as you can imagine it, wasn't that pleasant for me. Out of the house and on my own, I learned to survive without help from others.

Every now and then I'd wind up back on the streets, but even then I never ran into too much trouble, or at least to the point where my life was at risk. I learned about my powers when I was out of the house though. Still to this day it confuses me as normally it comes when I least expect it. I have to be careful what I wish for you see. That old saying means far more to me then any other, I can tell you that. There are things that have happened to me that I know must be real and some of the things that do happen, I often regret. Living out on the streets was hard on me at first, though as I grew older I learned more of the tricks to get by. Now…now all I do is hide really. Times have changed and not for the better. Groups have formed to avenge the 'curse' to humanity that my kind are.

And so you learn to hide well enough, either that or you fall prey to the forces out there that wish to eradicate a person like me. My home is no more and all that I knew and once lived is gone. Things change you see, maybe not always for the better either, but it's still change and sometimes that can be good for a person. Now I spend my time simply trying to live day to day and survive. Living in two worlds at once though can be tough on a person. Never really knowing what is real and what isn't can be difficult to say at the least. I know that my perception of things isn't like any other…and I have to be careful what I wish for otherwise it very well may happen. That's how it works you see. My parents always told me that if I wanted something bad enough that it would happen.

There is an undeniable truth in that, at least for me, but it always isn't what I'd hope it'd be. I'm sixteen now and times have gotten rougher. Every now and then I'll have to be careful with whom I'm around. I can't really trust anyone…not like how I am. I'm not a bad person…just different. And it's that difference that seems to scare others. People are afraid of what they don't understand. I hardly understand myself…perhaps that's why I fear so much. I continue to try to help others as much as I can as I was always like that. Karma is a funny thing you see and there's every truth to that old saying, what goes around comes around. Sometimes I wonder if God gave me the ability to do what I can…I'll never know for sure. All that I do know is that with such power comes corruption, and I refuse to lead down that path.

I fear what I can do…what I can become and I think with that healthy amount of fear allows me to control myself to some degree. In the end I'm sure I'll see. Whatever happens now I try to look forwards to. It's a hell of a lot better then dwelling on the past…and even that I have troubles with. I remember the first time when my powers manifested. It was around the age of when I had left my parent's house. I was only fifteen at the time and often what a fifteen year old wishes for can come about in a rather interesting ways. It happened after I had gotten out of school one day. Some of the other kids within my class that had taken a disliking for me had managed to corner and surround me. They were mostly bullies and found a certain delightful pleasure for harassing me. The situation had gotten a bit fierce when one of them took out a knife and threatened to cut me with it. It was a point in my life where I had wished to be someplace, anyplace else then where I was…and rather oddly enough that very thing had occurred.

Before I realized it, I had found myself back at my parent's place for some very odd reason. All I could remember was thinking that I wanted to get out of the situation and somehow wound up within my room at home. It only dawned upon me at that moment that I was different…several other circumstances of my power catering to my very wishes, needs and whatever wants I had proved well enough to me that I very well could have everything and anything for that matter. Though I couldn't help but remember at those specific times of a saying that I had heard of from one of those 'life lesson' movies…with power comes great responsibility, and it was that very responsibility that I had to ensure happened or else I could've easily gotten lost within my own corruption. It was most likely why I had bothered to leave my parents…with the ability to have anything that I needed, I didn't really need to stay home anymore and under their strict control and oppressive ways. I knew that my powers would be efficient enough to help support me and what I needed to get by. Though…they wouldn't take care of everything. I knew that the more I depended upon them the weaker I'd become as well as realizing that there was still an amount of control that I needed to learn in order to better myself with them.

Now I find myself out and alone within the world and without help, besides the use of my abilities. Living on the streets is hard enough with the disabilities that I have, as well as learning to survive by oneself. Learning to cope with not only my disorders, but the powers that I have is even harder as well as trying to hide them. For now I just try to make my way within life and live as normal as possible…which can be a feat within itself being who and what I am. Learning to survive day to day is the key I think…and I try my best to do just that.


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William Cullen Bryant

Hey talk of short-lived pleasure-be it so-
Pain dies as quickly: stem, hard-featured pain
Expires, and lets her weary prisoner go.
The fiercest agonies have shortest reign;
And after dreams of horror, comes again
The welcome morning with its rays of peace.
Oblivion, softly wiping out the stain,
Makes the strong secret pangs of shame to cease.
Remorse is virtue's root; its fair increase
Are fruits of innocence and blessedness:
Thus joy, o'erborne and bound, doth still release
His young limbs from the chains that round him press.
Weep not that the world changes—did it keep
A stable changeless state, 'twere cause indeed to weep.

  • Wired in. Systems search…Identification number please. Identification number accepted. ACCESS GRANTED. Who am I you ask? I am an electrical stream flooding megabyte packages of information through a vast database network throughout the world spreading the freedoms of thought and words that so very few have the right to on this planet. I am one mind in billions upon billions of others that share a dream of conquest to allow information to be free for all. I am called a thief. I am called a cheater, a liar, a troublemaker, a criminal. To many I am these things. To others…I am a hero.
  • "I take myself lightly so I can fly."
  • Let me tell you a little something about the mass majority of people. The majority of people out there are idiots. They are incredibly ignorant, short-sighted, dull-witted, uncivilized, uneducated, biased, superficial, judgmental, extremely inconsiderate, very selfish and a great, great deal of many other negative verb choices that I could list on and on to fit here. Once you get over the fact that most people have to live their ordinary, pathetic, meaningless lives in the great scheme of things, with their ordinary day-to-day entrapped rituals, routines and structures, stuck within the tight confines of their tiny, little boxes of reality. And really you just learn to let go of the stress with that crap. Learn to let go of the pain and the confusion in life, your concerns and tight hold over meaningless, petty possessions, stress over finances, jobs and pointless activities in life that really have no effect on the greater scheme of the universe. You'll find that honestly? You'll live a much happier and healthier lifestyle. You just…gotta learn to let go. Go Wild.


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