Tabitha A. Giddings
Portrayed By Erica Durance
Theme Song "Death before Dishonor" by 5FDP
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 5th, 1981
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Sandy
Place of Birth Paris Island, SC, USA
Occupation Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security, Mutant Task Force
Known Relatives Elizabeth Young-Giddings (Mother), Lt. General Samuel Giddings, USMC (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers Psammokinesis
First Appearance N/A


  • Ambitious - Though her aspirations of following in the family footsteps of Military Tradition were cut short by her accident, Tabitha follows the motto of "Adapt and Overcome!" She has changed her career path and instead strives for the loftier ranks within her organization.
  • Confident - Tabitha is confident but not overconfident. She grew up in a Military household on various military bases across the globe and her father demanded a lot from his girls. She doesn't back down very easily and is more than willing to fight for what she believes is right and just.
  • Curious - Tabitha was never one to let ignorance of a subject get in the way. If she didn't know about something, she went and researched it. After all, any good officer knows that Intelligence is one way to make sure your enemies don't get the upper hand.
  • Discipline - Discipline was something that she was raised with all of her life so it's rooted deeply in her psyche. She wakes at the same time everyday, she exercises regularly and she keeps her space, even her office space, neat and tidy.


  • Psammokinesis - The ability to mentally manipulate sand. With this ability, one could turn any nearby sand or glass into desired weapons, or convert oneself into sand form, or even summon sand and glass from miles around to form a sandstorm or sand vortex. Should one hone this ability, however, this could lead into practicing hyalokinesis. Currently, Tabitha can form bladed weapons and objects from her body made of superdense sand. She can also assume Sand Form but only for short periods of time. Her longest record time was 10 minutes. She does have to concentrate to maintain the form so something that knocks her out will return her to her human form. In her Sand Form she can be Superdense like Granite or Marble or she can be individual grains to flow through small openings. She hasn't figured out how to take her clothes with her in that loose form yet though. Only recently has she learned that she can mentally control glass but she can't repair broken glass or create glass objects yet. Though she can make glass float or fly at amazingly fast speeds if need be.


  • Combat - Tabitha learned how to fight from a very young age. Her father had only two daughters and commanded -many- men in battle and out. He knows what goes on in a horny boys mind and was determined that his daughters knew how to take care of themselves. Years and years of hand to hand training in -various- styles from all over the world has left Tabitha potentially quite lethal without weapons. Later Military training with various weapons and even a couple of Weapons Systems has made her a decidedly deadly opponent.
  • Driving - Tabitha is a better than average driver. She has gone through various Defensive and Offensive Driving courses both in and out of the Military. She's adept with just about anything on two or four wheels and even a few things that don't have wheels at all. Though from her point of view, that Tank accident was -totally- not her fault!
  • Investigator - Tabitha is a trained investigator. Her love of mystery/crime novels as a child lead her into the Military Police and later on she was even briefly detached to work with N.C.I.S. (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). She has training in analyzing evidence, detailed observational skills, and more than rudimentary Forensic knowledge. She also has a degree in Psychology and Human Behavior from University of California, Irvine.
  • Languages - Tabitha moved regularly as a child and young adult because of her father's place in the Military. She's picked up several languages along the way. Spanish she learned in school and it's come in quite handy to be honest. French she picked up when her father was stationed as an Attache to the US Embassy in France. Italian for the same reason as French. She picked up Japanese in Okinawa and Farsi/Arabic/Hebrew when she herself was in the Military. She is in fact quite fluent in these languages and can even read and write them though her written Japanese is rusty. She can swear in quite possibly another dozen or so languages but that's more of a hobby. She's quite fond of swearing in Chinese for some very odd reason.


  • Condo - Tabitha has managed (with her mothers help) to buy a Condo in Seattle. While her mother see's it more as an investment property should her daughter decide to move elsewhere, Tabitha definitely see's it as home. It's a nicely sized two-bedroom, two-bath place with a rather small galley-sized kitchen. Considering her cooking skills, that is definitely not a downside to Tabitha.
  • Contacts - Tabitha grew up on military bases throughout the world with a three-star General for a father. She knows lots of people in the Military and even a few in the Intelligence community.
  • Vehicles - Tabitha owns a new-ish Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD SUV. This thing comes in handy when it snows. Usually she gets around town on a Buell Firebolt XR12 Sportbike.
  • Wealth - Tabitha isn't rich by most peoples standards but she does make a fair Salary working for the Agency. She can afford nice things once in a while but she's not going to be driving a Mercedes or owning her own Jet anytime soon.
  • Weapons - Tabitha likes to be armed. She usually carries her issued sidearm, a Glock 23 .40 caliber pistol with under-barrel tactical light/laser, in a shoulder holster under her left arm. Under her right arm are 2 spare 17-round magazines for the Glock 23. On her right hip, she usually carries a Collapsible Baton and a pair of handcuffs in a special holster made for such. In her pockets she usually has a folding knife or two as well as a small LED flashlight. On her left ankle she carries a Glock 27 .40 caliber subcompact pistol as a backup firearm. At home she has a Mossberg Semi-automatic Shotgun that she keeps hidden in a special clamp under her bed. Through various contacts and her own Agency, she also has access to heavier firearms and ordinance should she need it.


  • Control - Tabitha is still learning to control her powers and one of the reasons she took the job with the MTF was because there she has access to other mutants that might be able to help her control her powers better.
  • Promotion - Tabitha isn't afraid of more responsibility at work. She's totally career-focused to the detriment of many a suitor. She knows that with more training and perhaps more degrees under her belt, she can and likely will receive promotions within the Agency. Eventually she hopes that she can assume the Directors chair but that's a good way down the road.
  • Social Life - Tabitha is lonely. Though her career comes first, she would like to find someone to share her successes with. Though she's never really had any intention of having children, she's not totally opposed to the idea. Realistically though, her job and career tends to keep her from making close friends. She hopes that changes.


  • Apiphobia - This is the fear of Bee's and along with them, wasps, hornets, etc. Tabitha is rather allergic to the venom that these insects can deliver. She generally carries an Epi-Pen but after nearly dieing as a child when she and her sister accidentally knocked over one of mother's beehives….well to say the least she is a big fan of Insecticides.
  • Risk Taker - Tabitha is well aware that her training both in the military and before by her father and teachers makes her exceptionally capable of handling situations that the average citizen just can't. With the addition of her powers, well lets just say that she doesn't often wait -too- long for backup.
  • Stubborn - Tabitha is her father's daughter. The old man is quite possibly stubborn enough to cheat death and it looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it came to Tabitha. She likes to call it "being thorough" with her Investigations but others call it "being bull-headed". It all boils down to plain Stubborn. She hates giving up on things.


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