Superhuman Senses

Superhuman Senses or Supersenses indicate the presence of sensory centers that work far better than those of normal humans. These include:

  • 1. Superhuman Touch or Supertouch: They can feel the minutest indentation on a page, allowing one to read by touch, detect the presence of trap-doors, feel vibrations of oncoming foes in the air or on the ground and the like; may be accompanied by the ability Superhuman Reflexes and perhaps an extra sensitivity to physical pain or discomfort
  • 2. Superhuman Smell or Supersmell: They can distinguish subjects by their scents; they can track subjects and distinguish between simultaneously-occurring smells; may be involuntarily sensitive to loud smells, aromatic attacks and nasal-based allergens (or may be able to selectively not smell an unpleasing odor)
  • 3. Superhuman Taste or Supertaste: They can taste hints of things that have been long washed-off, and tell the ingredients of a recipe or if a substance has been masked; normally accompanied by the ability a superhumanly durable tongue, Asepsis or Material Intuition; their sense of taste can work almost like a sense of smell
  • 4. Superhuman Sight or Supersight: They can see detail in subjects from further away than normal humans, and can see/react to things (bullets or fists in motion) faster; they can see in murky water and fog with less strain and see in intense light with less light-sensitivity than normal humans; they are good at speed-reading or lip-reading as well
  • 5. Superhuman Hearing or Superhearing: This could be used to hear sounds more clearly, and distinguish the presence of others by memory of sounds, even with simultaneously-occurring sounds, or fast talking: one with this ability may be involuntarily sensitive to loud noises or capable of detecting heartbeats by hearing
  • 6. Superhuman Spatial Sense, also called Spatial Sense or Proximity Sense: They can judge distances accurately, tell if an object can fit into a space, discern the speed, velocity and momentum of objects, sense when/where a subject teleports and determine the shape of things in one's proximity (if unable to see): they are incapable of suffering from vertigo

While it is common that users of this ability have all their senses beyond those of normal humans, it is possible that the possessor may only have one or two of these senses at a time. The user may not even be able to control his senses, so that he can see/hear/smell or otherwise sense on a superhuman level all the time.

Character Limit: 2 per sense

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