Strike Two


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Summary: Davian strikes again, though fails on his hunt.

Date: March 13, 2009

Strike Two

Rating: PG 13

Union Park

Union park is yet another well-developed and pleasant entertainment place within town for one to go to and spend time in. The park itself is rather large and housing several attractions for an individual to browse themselves with. It holds a large playground for kids as well as benches for parents to watch them play in. Also within the park is a long jogging trail as well as a pond and several picnic areas to sit oneself down at. There's also a couple of barbecue and fire pits in which a person, or group of people can hold a party at in the outdoors.

The area is lush green and full of life. Various trees, shrubbery and flowers litter the area as they add to the attractiveness of the place. A couple of shady spots can be found to hide away from the heat of the sun, or to bask under the silvery glow of the moon and starlight at night. There's also an abundance of wildlife here, varying from squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and even opossums. It's not all too uncommon to see people lounging about the area, either having a picnic, party or simply taking the pleasure to exercise on the jogging trails. The area is rather active not only in the daytime, but also at night as well and is monitored by some few security and is kept fairly litter free.

It's nighttime right now in the park, and it's nearly empty, only a few people are still around, and the waning crescent moon is up giving some light in the park but most of it is still in shadows. The few security are walking around to keep the area safe, Davian is right now up a tree, he watches the few people go by but doesn't strike, he is holding something furry close to his mouth as he drains a squirrel of it blood.

Friday the 13th would've been like any other day, or at least should've. The slight, silver crescent of the moon shines brightly agaisnt a sea of black and blue. Stars shimmer in an array of starfire as they glimmer like diamonds stretched across the heavens. The wind picks up from the west as it's cool breeze washes on over the area in a faint whisper as it tickles the leaves in the trees. The air was cool, but not especially cold. Just enough to send a slight shiver through one's body as little goosebumps might form upon one's flesh. Tay was seated underneath a tree within the area. Her small back pressed on up agaisnt the thick bark as she pulls her knees up tightly to her full chest. THe kid's soft, long, golden-blonde hair falls lovingly into her gentle, youthful features. Her eyes casted in shades of mismatched violet and azure gaze on out towards the rest of the park as she watches on in silence. Her soft breathing filling the air around her in faint puffs of heated, sweet breath. Her chest rises and falls against her baggy shirt as the outlining of her breasts press against the texture of her shirt and give a perfect, rounded form. Her slender arms wrap lightly around her knobby knees as she rests her head upon her sunkissed forearms as a lost look washes on over her midnight orbs.

Davian finshs with his squirrel he let's it drop to the ground close to were the girl is siting, he din't notice her there or he wouldn't of let it go, he looks around for another squirrel seeing his hunger is still nawing at him.

There's a sudden soft *thunk* as the carcass of a squirrel falls nearby where Tay sits. The girl is surprised out of her current reverie as she quickly turns her head to notice the dead animal there on the ground beside her. Normally she would've moved quickly, but the current physical pain that she suffered from just a few nights ago grips her as she winces a bit. She moves to stand…or at least as quick as she can as her gaze turns towards the squirrel and then on up at the tree above her. "What the fu…" THough she donesn't really get to finish that statement as she spots the familiar visage of the individual that had attacked Dax just last night. She immediately starts to backpedal as her eyes go wide with a good deal of healthy fear. Quickly looking around her, she tries to pinpoint where any of the security guards might be as she makes her way quickly towards one of them…that is if she can find one. She's limping though, which might seem obvious by her unsteady gait. A good deal slower then she normaly is, she tries to make her way back away from the tree as she heads as fast as she can towards the exit of the park.

Davian blinks as he doesn't find any more squirrel but he spots something better, he jumps down from the tree and starts to run at Taylor as fast as his legs can go, in hope to catch her and have a drink of realy blood.

She simply wasn't fast enough. As much as Tay tried her hardest to flee the situation, the girl simply was't getting the momentum that she needed due to her injured state. She can hear him behind her as he runs. The soft padding of rapid beating footsteps hitting the grass sounds off her own demise right behind her. The girl starts to panic a bit as her heart pounds out her own anxiety within her chest. The feeling that it might explode any minute strikes her hard as her breath quickens along with her racing heart. Her feet drag along the grass as she tries to quicken her pace, though trying to move any faster seems to only cause her more trouble as well as enrage that pain within her more so. It's easy enough for you to come down on her as your own running puts you right up behind her. The kid seeing the situation as it is reaches inside her right pocket as she tries to grasp hold of something inside it right as you seem to practically topple upon her. She lets out a scream as she cries out into the night for any kind of help that might come her way. "HELP! Please!" Her cries echoing within the cool unforgiving air as she tries to alert whoever might be around within the general vicinity so that they might hear her.

Davian stands over you with his fangs out and there dripping with saliva, but luck is on your side this time as one of the armed security hear your yell and starts to run to you, davian looks up at them and growls like a wild animal before jumping up and runing away to get out of the park for now.

Taylor stumbles as you come upon her. Her footing lost beneath her as she lets out a rather sharp scream, and not only from her previous pain but from the pain of landing a bit wrong. Luckily the grass breaks her fall, though now she's faced off with something…well, whatever it was it looked hungry…and Tay seemed just a good a meal as anything else. As you loom down on over her with your fangs bared the girl seems a bit more in shock then anything else as she stares hard in disbelief of those fangs. "Holy…shit…" THe only soft words that escpae out of her mouth at that moment. More so bewildered and frightened at the whole incident, she looks on up at you with terror filled within her doe-like eyes. Her body frozen there for a few moments like a deer caught in headlights. Luckily someone seemed to hear her as she turns her head to look on over her shoulder at one of the security men coming towards her. Skittering back some on her small bum, she sets her right hand out from her pocket as she draws a knife just in case whoever it was that was after her decided to change his mind about feeding off of her. Though as you take off like a bat out of hell, the girl quickly pockets her knife again as she tries to get back up on her feet. Once she manages that and the security guy comes on over she quickly explains what happened as she points off in the direction that you ran.

Davian runs across the grass on the park, he growls again as he watchs anther security person trying to catch him, he takes a runing leeps and climbs up a tree like he was a monkey and jumps from branch to branch and get's out of sight at last, he's sure he will get on the news this time and curses to himself.

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