Starbucks Warnings


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Summary: Selene, Tyler, and Etienne all went to Tsunami Sushi to eat. They all met there when they went to eat. They talked about Starbucks, and what they did for a living.

Date: January 28, 2009

Starbuck's Warnings

Rating: PG

Tsunami Sushi

The atmosphere is kept modern by the music playing in the background. The music they use varies from day to day, depending upon the chosen station. Some days they choose metal, some days they choose country. However, they never fall back on the classic Japanese music used at most sushi restaurants.

Even dancers need their evenings off. This is one such night for Etienne. Fortunately for Eti, it's a slow night at Tsunami Sushi. Moving to the actual sushi bar, he just takes a seat there, rather than a table. Lifting a menu, he glances over it as the waitress asks him for his drink order. "Oh, jus' a sweettea." He says, with his creole lilt.

Selene walks into Tsunami Sushi and looks around. She walks over to the bar and picks up a menu, and looks at all the food choices. She orders a water and decides on ordering an Eel roll with a side of whole grain rice. She looks to the man down the bar just a little ways from her, "Hello." she says to him offering him a smile.

Tyler steps into the sushi bar, scanning over the area as he moves to the bar, sliding on to a seat. He looks over the menu for a moment before he sets it down on the counter before he looks to the sushi chef. "I will take the Enlightenment combo platter please with hot plumb saki."

Looking up at the specialties of the day, Eti offers to the waitress. "Ah'll have a Hawaiian roll and a California roll. Oh, and an order of fried gyoza." He says with a grin before turning back to Selene. "Hi, yourself." He makes a hat-tipping motion before forgetting he's not wearing one at the moment.

Selene smiles, "My name is Selene, what is yours?" she asks offering him a hand, "Have you ever eaten here before? I haven't, figured I'd try it out while I was near here." she says looking at the man.

Tyler glances towards the two as they talk to each other before he turns back to look at the chef as he prepares the various rolls for his combo as another gets a pot of the saki for him, watching the chef work.

"Not yet. It's fairly new. May be why it ain't so busy." Etienne says with a slight shrug. "Jus' thought sushi sounded good." He nods to the other person seated at the bar itself and offers him a smile.

Selene nods, "Yeah. Could be." she says before turning to look at the other man. She grins when she sees how hot he is. "Hello there." she says with a smile looking at the other guy a little ways away from her. She picks up her water and takes a drink of it after it is sat down on the counter.

Tyler looks towards the other two, offering a nod to them. "Hey." He says to both of them. "How are you?" He asks as the pot of saki is placed in front of him along with a small cup. He looks to the person that brought it, bowing his head to them slightly. "Domo." He says to them before he looks back to the others, pouring some of saki into the cup.

"Howdy." Eti offers to Tyler when he says hi. Now that the conversation has turned in another direction, he just watches as the rolls on the other side of the counter are put together. His sweet tea arrives and he takes a sip. Wincing a little, he adds two sweetener packets and stirs them in.

Selene smiles and sits her glass of water down, "I'm good. How are you doing?" she asks looking at the man, "My name is Selene by the way." she says to to the man before looking to the chef for a moment and watches him make the food. She turns back to the man, "Have you ever been here before?" she asks with a grin.

Tyler takes a sip from the saki and smiles as he looks to Eti for a moment before Selene speaks to him. He shakes his head. "No. Never been here, but I have been to some before." He says as he chuckles softly.
Thickening his accent for a moment, "Etienne." The dancer offers to Selene. As one of his rolls gets tempura battered and fried lightly, he grins. Glancing at the other two. "Kinda quiet tonight. Fine w'me."

Selene smiles and nods, "Nice to meet you." and takes a sip of her water, "Yeah. I like it quiet as well." she says with a smile. She turns to the other man, "My name is Selene. What is yours?" she asks with a grin as she sits her water down.

Tyler looks back to Eti as he introduces himself after Selene does. He shrugs his shoulders slightly before he adds his own name. "I'm Tyler." He says to them. "It does seem quiet. Especially for a place that had just opened."

"Maybe it's location. Or just fate. Weird things like that seem to happen out here. I already know I'm only goin'ta Starbucks when I got LOTS o'time." Eti chuckles, as his roll gets pulled out of the oil and cut.

Selene nods, "Yeah, that could be it. I love Starbucks one of my favorite places to go. I absolutely love their Mocha Frapuccino's. They are Amazing." she says her British accent coming out more than ever now. She smiles at him and turns to Tyler, "Nice to meet you." she turns and then watches the Chef work his magic.

Tyler chuckles and nods at Eti's comment about Starbucks. "Yeah, that happened to you too?" He looks to Selene and nods. "Nice to meet you too." He says to the woman as the last of his rolls are put onto a large plate and placed in front of him. He smiles to the chef and bows his head slightly. "Domo." He says before he starts to setup his dipping sauce. Wasabi and soy sauce.

Eti raises his eyebrow as he looks at Selene. "Have you BEEN to a starbucks here? Unless you went in the right door, you couldn't'a come out the same door you went in." He says, shaking his head with a chuckle. His own sauce is simply soy. He's not a wasabi fan. Not because of heat. Taste.

Selene shakes her head, "No. Only in London." she says to Etienne. "But thanks for the warning." she says with a smile. She looks and watches the Chef as he sits it down in front of her, "Domo origato Mr.Roboto." she says looking at the Chef taking her plate and grabbing a fork. Picking up the pepper and sprinkling a little bit onto her rice.

Tyler takes a sip from his saki just as Selene says her thanks, causing him to choke a bit on the saki, but manages to keep it in his mouth and swallows. He looks to Selene and chuckles as soon as he is able. "You should go to one here. I guarantee you that it will blow any experience you've had at a Starbucks out of the water."

Eti laughs at Tyler's response to the Starbucks. "Really. Ah mean, Ah been to some of'em back home. But these, ya come out somewhere else. And they's huuuuge." He accepts his plate and gives the sushi chef a bright grin. Nothing but pearly white.He doesn't use chopsticks, instead just lifting the slice and dipping it into the soy before eating it.

Selene smiles, "I may just go tomorrow then. I get to make my own schedule so it works out for me." she says with a grin. She turns to Tyler and asks, "Was something funny?" she says looking at him. She takes a bite of her rice then takes a drink of her water afterwards.

Tyler shakes his head as he looks to Selene and chuckles. "No. Just surprised that Starbucks made it to England. Those bastards are everywhere now." He says before he takes up the chopsticks, using two hands to get them situated before he picks up a roll and dunks it into the sauce before putting the whole thing in his mouth.

Nodding, Eti takes another slice and ponders. "Still, I wonder what happened with it. Why all the Starbucks are like that. Ah don' understand, but hey. We accept it. I just go, do my job, take my classes, and go on about my business."

Selene nods, "Yeah. They are everywhere and very popular." she says with smile. She turns to Eti, "I'm a little scared to Starbucks here, I am definitely going to get lost. I haven't been here very long and I still don't know how to make my way around town that well." she says looking at Etienne. "Where do you work?" she asks with a grin.

Tyler continues to chew his food as he looks to Selene as she speaks then looks to Eti as she asks him a question, waiting for his answer.

Eti chuckles. "Purgatory." He doesn't explain what it is just yet. Though, if anyone's lived here for very long, they'll know exactly where Eti works. Though… he could do one of several jobs. "It's really not so bad, though. As long as you got time with your coffee, it ain't bad."

Selene nods, "Sounds like it would be a fun place to go to." she says with a smile. "I have all the time in the world really. I'm a writer so I work when I feel like it." she says looking at Etienne. She turns to Tyler, "What about you? Where do you work?" she asks with a grin.

Tyler smiles as he looks to Selene and shrugs. "I'm kinda between jobs at the moment. Still looking for work though." He says with a nod after he swallows. He takes up the cup and takes another sip of it before he looks to Eti, knowing where and what Purgatory is. "What do you do there?"

Innocently, Etienne gives a grin to Tyler. "Dancer." He runs his non-eating hand through his hair before nodding. "Writing. I don't think I'd enjoy that one." He says, finding his next bite.

Selene nods, "Yeah. It's something you have to be really good and have the patience to do. Sometimes I just can't concentrate on it so I paint." she says looking at Etienne then to Tyler, "I know how that can be. I've been trying to get a job working for the newspaper but they won't hire me." She says before turning back to Etienne, "Dancer? That's awesome. I'm not good of a good dancer." she says shrugging her shoulders.

Tyler smirks and nods. "I'd write, but then I remember that I can't write. Maybe I'll dance, but I can't dance and not with this body." He says, patting his stomach. He lets out a soft sigh. "I'll find something."

"It doesn't really matter how I dance. It matters what I look like under my clothes." Eti says with a bit of a grin as he stretches his arms up over his head. "There's always Bartending." He offers to Tyler. "As long as ya can flirt and mix a drink, ya can get good money."

Selene giggles, "Yeah that is true." she says turning to Tyler. "There you go." she says with a wink. She turns back to Etienne, "Yeah. I excersise, workout, and jog every morning and night. I hate not being in shape." she says with a grin. She goes to take a bite of her food and notices how the salt and pepper shakers, and containers aren't in order. She fixes them and puts them in order by height.

Tyler smirks as he looks to Eti. "Yeah. Maybe." He thinks for a moment before he looks to Selene. "How's my flirting skills?" He asks her before he puts on a semi-serious, semi-flirtatious look on his face. "How you doin'? If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?"

"Huh." Eti says with a chuckle as he finishes off his rolls. "Unfortunately, I gotta get myself home, soon." He runs a hand through his hair. "Gotta do some report-work before bed. Class tomorrow."

Selene nods, "That's understandable." she says with a smile to Etienne. She turns to Tyler, "Your flirting skills are good. But how would you react if I said Yes?" she says with a grin. Taking a drink of her water and turning back to Etienne, "Hope you don't have to stay up too late working on that." she says with a smile.

Tyler laughs softly and shakes his head. "I'd take ya up on it." He says to Selene with a grin before he looks to Eti. "Heading out already? Maybe I'll see you stuck in Starbucks sometime."

"Yep. Gotta get goin'." Eti laughs. He pulls out a couple of bills and place them on the counter for his payment. "Ah'm sure we'll see each other around somewhere."

Selene nods, "Okay. Take care." she says to Eti. She turns to Tyler, "Well in that case. Yes." she says with a wink. She turns and finishes her food, well what she can of it before turning back to Tyler.

Etienne has disconnected.

Tyler smirks as he looks to Selene. "Really? I take it you're not joking then." He says with a chuckle, looking her over for a moment.

Selene grins, "Not one bit." she says with a smile. "So what do you say to that?" she asks Tyler with a sly smile.

Tyler laughs softly as he looks at her for a moment and grins. "I say, wanna go back to your place or mine?"

Selene grins and looks at Tyler, "Let's go to my place." she says with a wink. "Unless you would rather go to your place. I also have a plasma T.V. so you can watch T.V. if you like as well." she says with a smile.

Tyler smiles and shakes his head. "Nope. Your place is good enough." He says with a grin before he looks to the chef. "Can I get this to go?"

Selene nods, "Okay. My place it is." she says with a smile. She pulls out a few bucks and pays for her food. She then leaves a five dollar tip for the Chef. "That was exquisite." she says giving the Chef a slight bow of her head. "Domo." she says as she turns back to Tyler.

Tyler gets his food boxed up and looks to Selene and nods. "Yes. I think it was." He says with a smile before he stands from his place, getting his To Go box and looks at her. "Ready?"

Selene smiles and nods, "Yes. Let's go." she says smiling. She stands up and puts on her jacket. She walks out towards the door. "Did you drive?" she says turning to Tyler, "If not I have my Saleen S7 out front." she says with a grin.

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