Starbucks Dimensional
Founders Zev Siegel, Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker
CEO Howard Schultz
Business Function Coffee
Opened est. 1971
Hours of Operation 5am-midnight
Location Other-dimensional

Starbucks Universal is the largest and most widely known Starbucks in the world. Somehow, due to happenings beyond anyone's knowledge, all Seattle Starbucks became one massive unit. Every Starbucks door leads to the same building, and the only exit leads to the same place. However, they still offer the same classic service as well as a few interesting unique concoctions.

Establishment History

  • 2007 - All of the Seattle Starbucks merged into a single entity.


  • Starbucks Universal looks just like any other Starbucks… only there's more of everything, by massive amounts. The barista wall is huge, there's much more seating.
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