Staff Members

These are the current and former staff members that have worked here on MutantMUSH. Each staff member has their own pages that they can tell a bit about themselves. All information that they provide are purely voluntarily and will not be forced to reveal any information that they do not wish to give.

Current Staff Members

Former Staff Members

Special Thanks

These are the people that I would like to offer a special thanks to. While these people were not staff on our game, without their efforts, our game would not be what it is today. So, I would like to thank them very much.

  • Sarah - Sarah came to use to help with the descriptions of the grid. Without her help, it would have taken us a lot longer to open our doors to players. She agreed to help us without anything in return, but didn't accept the staff position. So, I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her help in getting us open. We couldn't have done it without you.
  • Sandi - Sandi answered an ad for coding help and helped us fix a few bugs that were plaguing our game. Without her we would still have problems that would affect our opening. I would like to thank you for all her help and also teaching me a few things along the way. Thank you.
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