“The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms”

Saul Sinn
Portrayed By Alec Newman
Theme Song "The begining is the end is the Begining" by Smashing Pumpkins
Gender Male
Date of Birth Jan 27, 1985
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Codename Sin
Place of Birth Boston, MA USA
Occupation CEO Nastrum Enterprises
Significant Other None
Powers Technopathy


  • Nihilist

He believes in nothing, He doesnt believe in humanity or the human condition. About the only belief he has is in survival. He doesnt view things as good or evil but as needed or unneeded. He doesnt care what he has to do so long as he comes out on top.

  • Cynic

Has a rooted distrust and dislike of human beings and their society

  • Bon Vivant

Life is pointless, shallow and meaningless—-so have as good a time as possible. Rome may burn, but you shall drink wine and sing songs. A hedonist, sensualist, sybarite and party animal, the words austere, self-denial and self-discipline have no place in your life. You much prefer the concept of instant gratification. Still, you don't mind a little hard work as long as a good time awaits you upon completion

  • Deviant

There are always people who don't fit in, and you are such a miscreant. Your beliefs, motivations and sense of propriety are the complete antithesis of the status quo. You are not so much an aimless rebel as an independent thinker who does not belong in the society in which you were raised. You don't give a damn about other people's morality, but you do adhere to your own strange code of conduct. Deviants are typically irreverent, and some have truly bizarre tastes and desires.

  • Manipulator

You have always been fascinated by others. Why do people behave as they do? What thoughts and emotions affect their actions? The cognitive process that influences the choices people make intrigue you. Sometimes just asking people questions about their actions can yield important information, but often people do not truly understand their own motivations and concerns. In these cases, it is far easier to set up situations, experiments, if you will, to see how people behave. You attempt to manipulate these situations for your personal advantage, in order to discover more information about your chosen subjects. Some might call these experiments cruel, but to you it is mere scientific necessity.

  • Adrenaline Junky

You live for that moment of danger when the adrenalin kicks in and you feel truly alive. Skydiving, bungee jumping and leaping across roofs on a dare are all just par for the course. As a junkie is addicted to his particular brand of poison, you are addicted to danger. Unlike most, you go out of your way to place yourself in dangerous situations that test the limits of your abilities. You train and work for these situations, and then you seek them out. This is what sets you apart from the teeming masses of paranoid dullards who shuffle around, hiding from their own shadows.


  • Technopathy
  1. Digital Mind, also called Digital Mimicry- psychic mimicry of the electronic "thought" processes of a computer hard drive, allowing memory and data gathering, analysis and processing on par with or beyond a supercomputer; one with this ability can also read bar codes and binary code like an actual language
  2. Technoforming or Cybermerging- merging one's biology with a technological device, taking the best attributes of both the machine and the user to create an effective "cyborg-esque" gestalt.


  • Cybernetics

He holds a great intrest as well working knowledge of cybernetics. His main foci of study is in Artificial Intelligence, New Cybernetics, and Robotics.

  • Weapon Systems

He used to work for the Department of Defense in a think tank helping develop weapons systems with the latest military science advances in the department of technology. He uses that knowledge to help forumalate future weapons systems

  • Flight

His suit flys after several attempts and trial and error he has finally begun to get the hang of flying.

  • Computers

Where some might be called talented with computers Sin is gifted, a prodigy with the varius aspects of it. Such things as crypto, programming, hacking, web browsing, internet use, softcode as well as hardcode and hardware are like second nature to him. Things others would find difficult he finds trivial. His known handles in the land of online dreams and nightmares are Sin, Ghost, And Hate.

  • Academics

Sin is a prodigy, Having graduated from highschool at the age of 12 years old to go onto attend MIT and The John Hopkins University.. He holds doctorates in Quantum Mechanics, And Cybernetics as well as a major in Computer Forensics.

  • Finance

He is practiced with financing as his family owned one of the top power corporations in the United States, dealing with things from medical research and development to assisting with the goverments military research and development programs.

  • Manipulation

He was raised in a world of power and money, And so he has that certain air about him. He knows that he can easily manipulate others either through use of his charm and beauty or by using his position within society and his money to do so.

  • Psychology

He has taken to reading up about psychology to try and gain a understanding of it with his loosening grip upon reality.


  • Inheritance

Saul is the only living survivor of his family, He inherited their business known as Nastrum Enterprises that still remains in the top 5 list of forbes for the most annual revenue. So he is rather well off.

  • Robotic Suit

Saul has used his technopathy and the resources available from the company he holds the controlling intrest in to create a robotic suit that is very compact and able to be worn beneath his normal clothes so long as they are long sleeved and legged.

  • Sinn Manor

Saul owns a state of the art mansion just outside of Seattle in the hills, It is in a remote area that allows him his privacy and includes a seperate building on the property as well as several surrounding acres.

  • 1942 Indian

He owns a 1942 Indian Motorcycle that has had custom work done on it to make it his own.

  • Ranch

He owns a ranch like area outside of town. It includes a House with basement, Some outlying woods, And a large Barn that has been changed to serve as a recreational area of sorts.


  • Society

He wishes to form a society of like minded individuals who have grown tired of the claims that human nature is kind knowing the truth that it is bound to fall and trying to save atleast some of it before the end.

  • Family

He wishes to rekindle and form his family, wanting to find someone that either fits his own outlook or perhaps find someone and make them see his way.

  • Romance/Relationships

Sin is the guy who has it all, except a meaningful relationship be it friendship or more with anyone else. He plans to fix this small issue.


  • Cyber Psychosis

He suffers from bounts of loosing himself in the land of cybernetics and their indeed on occasions fails to truley even act like a person instead writting out things in binary or processing certain things in the way a computer would.

  • Sadism

a sexual perversion in which gratification is obtained by the infliction of physical or mental pain on others.

  • Masochism

a sexual perversion characterized by pleasure in being subjected to pain or humiliation especially by a love object.
pleasure in being abused or dominated : a taste for suffering.

  • Hedonist

He is a hedonist, at times this can cause issues with those around him and indeed be harmful for relationships.
the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life


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