News: +Sheet

We here at MutantMUSH encourage players to have their characters grow as people and mutants. What this means is that once approved, your +sheets are not considered final. You are always welcome to add to your +sheet with things that your character has learned or has been taught in.

This does not mean that you can freely add to your +sheet anytime that you want. There are steps that must be followed in order for you to add to your +sheet. These steps are as follows:

1. Submit a +request titled: Stat Adjustment: <stat> or Stat Addition: <stat>. Also include:

  • A brief description of the stat you wish to add.
  • Who had been there to train/teach you (if anyone).
  • How often you have been trained/taught.
  • Links to the logs that prove that you should have this stat.

2. When approved, you will be taken to a Stats Modification room where you will be able to add the new stat.

3. When finished, staff will look over your +sheet and if all is well, you will be placed back on the grid.

Note that without the proof that you have been trained/taught or learned what you wish to add, then your +request will be denied. We will not allow people to freely add stats without having been trained in it. The only exception to this is if players forget to add a stat during chargen and said stat is justified in their backgrounds. This is only to be done with the approval of Valo or Jaden.

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