Portrayed By Dark Mousy
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 27th, 1984
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Recca
Place of Birth Niigata, Japan
Occupation Professional Theif
Known Relatives Chihiro Ryobi (Mother), Daisuke Ryobi (Father), Shizuku Ryobi (Sister)
Significant Other None
Powers Stealth
First Appearance N/A


  • Mischievious - Ryobi has a tendancy to pull small pranks and in general cause minor annoyances. Though his mischief is generally just for the sake of humour and is mainly harmless, there are some who don't seem to take too well to having him jump out of a cupboard and scare the pants off them. He's never pulled a prank that anyone's been harmed in and has never had the intention of anything but a good laugh at another's expense through his mischief.
  • Loyal - Those that Ryobi considers close to him are close for life. He'll do anything short of laying down his life for a friend in need. This makes him a very dependable friend if you can put up with his mischief, and the occaisional missing item. Those Ryobi doesn't consider to be close will generally be ignored he has no loyalty to those he doesn't feel have earned it.
  • Proud - Ryobi has a very high view of himself, he doesn't mean to put anyone else down, but he tends to feel he's superior in one way or another. His pride gives him a lot of self-confidence, but can also come off as arrogant. He considers himself very honourable and finds no wrong in the mischief or theivery he partakes in. He is easily angered if someone questions his own honour, or worse that of his family.


  • Stealth - Ryobi possesses above average sneakiness and grace, that of a human in top form. He can move silently across any soft materials, and may only be heard by an especially alert human, or a creature with superior senses, on most others. Given the cover of shadows or the night's darkness he can move unseen within 30 feet of a human, unless they are already aware of an intruder. When caught in the light he cannot escape one's eyesight unless something provides a distraction for at least 10 seconds. He still has difficulties fooling animals, especially guard dogs due to their disciplined training and keen senses. He also has trouble with security devices such as cameras and laser eyes, thanks to his father's training he can usually detect that the devices are present, but cannot mask his presence from them if he must pass in front of one.


  • Stealth - Ryobi really has no peers when it comes to stealth, he's in a class all of his own. His father was strict and insisted on long hours of grace and agility training, taking care to thuroughly imbede the stealth techniques passed down from generation to generation in his family. Ryobi seemed to have a natural talent for stealth and his father insisted he had the potential to far surpass all his ancestors (Ryobi figures that was just an excuse to work him harder). Unfortunately Ryobi left Japan before he had completed his fathers lessons, so his stealth techniques are still unrefined.
  • Misdirection - Ryobi is very good at leading people astray, or focusing someone's attention where he wants it. This makes him about the worst person to ask directions, he may lead you in circles, in the wrong direction completely, or in the right direction but along the longest and most complicated path. He may also calmly explain that he does not know the way to the bank, (though he may know quite clearly where it is) while he removes you of the burden of your wallet all the while distracting your attention with his free hand.
  • Combat - Another one of the skills Ryobi's father insisted on, and thus drilled endlessly into Ryobi was self defense. Though nowhere near as adept at the family martial arts as he was at stealth training, years of practice eventually brought Ryobi to a level high enough to satisfy his father. Though his hand to hand skills may only just make par in his fathers eyes coupled with his stealth ability there would be few Ryobi feels threatened by. (Though his father would never admit it, he is unsure if even he could best his son when he reaches his potential)
  • Cooking - Seemingly the one and only skill that his mother rather than his father insisted on. Whenever his father would allow it she would take some time to teach Ryobi another new recipe. She was especially adamant when it came close to the time that Ryobi left Japan. Though he cooks mainly traditional Japanese dishes, once he left Japan Ryobi began to expand his repertoire to include some western cuisine as well.


  • Contact ~Ryobi Family~ - The Ryobi family pulls a lot of weight in Japan, and have since a time long past. His family makes sure that Recca Ryobi can keep a roof over his head and food on the table, his father foots the bill for a small apartment as well as the occaisional grocery bill if Ryobi's short on cash. His family makes sure he stays on his feet, but they also send him the job request from a US client, and he knows better than to refuse.
  • Weapons and Equipement - Ryobi has a number of small easily consealable weapons ranging from nunchuku to kodachi to shiruken, he hardly ever carries any however unless he's on a job for his family. He also has a few gadgets to help out in his stealth jobs a spray to mask odors, dark clothing and cloth masks climbing claws and a grappling hook. His father sent a number of high tech gizmos as well, things like security camera jammers, and alarm scramblers, but to be honest Ryobi is terrible with high tech equipement, he has no idea how to use it, he just keeps it hidden in his apartment.


  • Family - Ryobi is very fond of his family and has the highest respect for them, but ultimately he resents being controlled by them and can't stand being dependant. He is continuously working towards becoming independant of his family and the burglary business passed down each generation. He knows it will either take years and years of work or some incredible acts of honour and prestige in order to ever possibly repay his debt to his family, but some day he wishes to live his own life, and give up the cat-burglary… or at least choose his own clients.
  • Romance - Though not always obvious Ryobi is actually looking for someone he may be able to settle down with. Since he moved to the US he's had a bit of a hard time letting go a past girlfriend from Japan, and hasn't had much luck with the ladies as it were. He's also troubled because if he does find a girlfriend he'll have to lie to her about his family and his occupation, not that he has trouble lying it just tends to put a girl off if you tell her the truth after having been lying to her for a few years.
  • Joining a Faction - As a long term goal Ryobi would like to put an end to his burglary career, maybe he'll be able to join one of the factions as an espionage trainer. Of course he wouldn't be able to pass down all the family secrets, but he could teach the basics of stealth and recon… he just has to repay the debt to the family first.


  • Cleptomania - Ryobi has a wee bit of a problem, shiney objects tend to end up in his pockets and he often doesn't even realise they're there. He steals without even knowing he's doing so, sometimes it's a conscious action to take an object, but most of the time his hands just seem to move on their own, and suddenly he has a shiney new watch.
  • Liar - Although not quite pathelogical Ryobi has the tendancy to lie about almost anything. This may be due to the need to hide the nature of his family and their work. He will lie about things that have no relevance, small random things that would make no difference if he told the truth. One problem with this is that he doesn't always keep his stories straight, one day he may tell someone that his father is an insurance broker in Hong Kong, and the next that his father is deseased.
  • Short fuse - Try as his father might he could not improve Ryobi's quick temper especially over anything that implies dishonour on either himself or his family. His short temper may be brought on due to the questionable morality of his family's occupation the constant inner turmoil whether it's right or wrong. He can quickly be pushed over the edge if someone suggests the latter, or if he believes someone might suggest it.
  • Arrogant - Ryobi has a tendancy to assume that he is superior to others, he may pick out flaws he sees in them and that, in his eyes, those same flaws do not apply to him. If he sees any being using a superpower he feels he's superior because he accomplishes everything he does without such powers (Ryobi is not aware that he is in fact a mutant, and that his talent in stealth is due to his power), and if nothing else he will decide he is superior simply due to his lineage.
  • Mysterious Disappearance - Ryobi will at time go missing for days or even weeks at a time with no explanation either beforehand or uppon his return where he has gone. These disappearances are due to burglary jobs sent in by his father, depending on the difficulty of the job he may be gone for longer periods of time.


Ryobi's childhood wasn't exactly what one would call normal. Growing up as the heir to the Ryobi family was not actually as easy as it sounds, sure he had pretty much anything he needed pretty much anytime he needed. His family was well off, they never had to worry about any sort of monetary troubles, but most other families were either intimidated by them or thought they were all stuck up. Thus Ryobi had very few friends people generally didn't want anything to do with him, so he wound up being a loner, there were very very few that he could consider his friends, but those that he did he would lay his life on the line for.

From a very young age Ryobi was worked hard, having his father's rough training schedule pushed on him day after day since the mere age of four. They consisted of early morning and long hours of rigorous physical training. Ryobi was home schooled, his parents hired specific tutors for each subject, but he wasn't very interested in academic advancement, he was ultimately a lonely child. He made good friends with his neighbour's daughter, Yuuki, she was his only real friend in Japan. His mother was happy that Ryobi had made the connection with Yuuki, his father was less pleased, he found Yuuki to be of an inferior family, but he never said anything about it, he just worked Ryobi so hard he hardly had any time to see Yuuki. Despite his father's insane work schedule Ryobi still managed to keep close to Yuuki especially when his father went out on a job. At his young age Ryobi didn't understand why his father went away from time to time, he was just happy to get the time off from the exaughsting training.

Ryobi was in his early teens by the time his parents set him down to talk about the family occupation, and the family history, in other words what exactly his family was famous for. His entire family were professional theives, cat-burglars for hire as it were, everyone from his grandfather down to his younger sister. They had been for generations, starting centuries ago when his great great great… great? he didn't remember how far back it went exactly, the first famous one stole Ghengis Khan's horned war helmet or something like that, anyway the point was they went way back. Ryobi being not only the eldest son, but the only son was in line to take over the family business when the time came. He had his first burglary job at the age of thirteen and it was far from his last. It was around that same time that he began feeling more than just friendly feelings towards Yuuki.

By the age of sixteen Ryobi had accompanied his father to a number of burlaries, and he himself had taken on a few alone. His relationship with Yuuki had also developed more and more, they were seeing each other, they kept it secret from Ryobi's father, but he was suspicious, especially when Ryobi started missing training sessions to sneak out with Yuuki. His mom that it was cute, his dad disapproved of course, but did nothing to interfere. At least not until some time later.

When Ryobi was eighteen he was given a job to steal a jewel incrested bracelet from a wealthy nearby family. No problem just another job, the family was throwing a party soon he'd simply use the crowd of the party to swipe the bracelet, seemed simple enough. He had to turn down a date with Yuuki for the job, but that wasn't anything out of the ordinary. The night of the party the heist went off without a hitch, Ryobi slipped away from the crowd unnoticed and quickly slipped the bracelet into one of his hidden pockets. All that was left was to fade back into the crowd and slip away after the party, this is where the problems arose, Yuuki was at that party. Seeing that Ryobi had broken their date yet showed up at this party Yuuki jumped to conclusions and confronted him. They made a scene and Yuuki ended pushing Ryobi over, and in doing so knocked the bracelet out of his pocket sending jewels scattering across the floor. This of course brought up a huge ruckus and security arrived quickly. Ryobi managed to slip away thanks to the training he'd received, but Yuuki was taken in by the security. Ryobi wanted to clear things up with the security, let them know Yuuki had nothing to do with it, but his father stopped him… not only stopped him but sent him to the US. He never found out for sure what happened to Yuuki, he was shipped out to Seattle before he could, but he assumes she took the rap for it hopefully they went easy on her.

So Ryobi found himself in Seattle at the age of eighteen, set up with some funding and basic essentials provided by his family and some family friends. They set him up there intending to keep him out of the country until the whole thing blew over, but after word got out that a member of the Ryobi family was in the US their family started getting US clients as well, this wasn't an opportunity they could pass up, and it was decided that Recca Ryobi would stay in the US to be a contact with the US clients of the family and take on some jobs that arise there. So Ryobi has been in Seattle for about seven years, there are as of yet no plans for him to return to Japan.


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