Round One Fight


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Summary: Tres, Rhiannon, John and Taylor meet up at Trinity. Tres and Rhiannon fight!

Date: April 1, 2009

Round One FIGHT!

Rating: R


The city's more dangerous elements seem always supernaturally attracted to the club's notorious basement. Speed metal, punk, militant rap and other violent bands play this level, attracting a bewildering assortment of fans from the dregs of society. Gang members dressed to the hilt and bedecked in gold stand next to punks in torn shirts and leather pants while watching long-haired metal fans compare tattoos. When they feel they need privacy, they slip off into the darkness of the Labyrinth, a huge maze which runs along the outside of the basement. In its various nooks and crannies dealers hawk their wares, couples embrace in passion and dark figures conspire. A small bar sits to the right of the stage. Below the stage is a mosh pit that has been dug into the ground.

There are four entrances, though only two are available to the general public. The most commonly used entrance feds in from the parking lot. The less commonly used entrance comes from the heavily populated ground floor. There is another bar at the south western end of the Labyrinth with four pool tables. While the lack of exits makes the basement appear to be the worst sort of fire hazard, the fact that it is made of all brick and concrete, as well as the state-of-the-art sprinkler system means that fires could do little physical damage here.

Tres sits at the bar, watching whatever band might be playing tonight. His attention though, doesn't rest on the band for too long though, before his eyes drift around the room, looking at the mismatch of people in the establishment. Sitting around him are a couple of people dressed the same way as him, sort of ghetto gangster, mixed with a touch of class. The guys around him are joking and cutting up, but Tres sorta sits there, drinking on some tequila.

The night was chilling as the wind whips through the air and tousels Tay's hair as she meanders through the thickness and pitch of night. Shadows cascade on over the horizon as deep shades of vermillion and crimson casted hues shimmer against the backdrop of a sea of midnight and ebony. Stars shimmer brightly agaisnt the cool palor of the silver moon as dropletso of crystal shards in mist form in little pools of starfire against the long stretch of concrete and asphalt. The teen had managed to slip on out of the house again and out from under Christians nose, though for sure he'd catch her eventually when she got home again as it was a rare, mind you RARE thing that she ever managed to slip by him unseen. The kid makes her way via walking this time, as well as a short bus ride as she gets off at her stop and makes her way towards the infamous parking lot that houses club Labyrinth. Making her way to the door she catches a few words with the bouncers there in greeting then finally makes her way on inside. After doing so, a few people come up to talk to her as handshakes are given, and upon closer inspection something seems to be passed between those 'innocent' hand shakes. The kid digs in her pocket after such as she flips up the top of her cellphone to check some messages. And once that's done, she finally makes her way on over towards the bar…though a somewhat odd look is given on over towards the 'tree hugger' there as the kid lightly shakes her head then takes a seat up at the bar. Ordering a simple water for now, the youth presses her full lips to the edge of the glass as she takes a few sips then reaches for her cellphone as she repockets it again and sets the glass down on the counter top.

Tres notices the two young women in the club. The one at the bar seems way to be young to be here, while Rhiannon just seems out of place. After looking the two women over, he offers a wicked grin. "Eh, look at the fresh meat boys. We got a couple of little girls to play with." He says in a loud voice, to the members of his gang sitting around him. "So, chicas. You don't belong here. Maybe you heard about the Magician here? Eh? You wanted to see my magic wand? Yeah?" Tres says looking over to Taylor. He stands up from the bar to walk over to her seat, his boys hanging back.

Rhiannon narrows her beauitiful pools of blue at the latino human trash with the sharp tongue, but decides not to go further than a glare, it's not her playgrount afterall.. Passing by him and his pack of sewer rats, she finds a vacancy at the counter and orders herself a drink. The bartender proves to be no less gruff than the resident denisens though, asking to see an ID, not just a student car and mentioning something about being past her bed time. Great evening this one is getting to be…

The side comment is definitely heard as the 'Magician' makes his way on over towards Tay with the rest of his crew. The kid can't help but crack a smrik as that amused expression slips on over the soft contours of her otherwise gentle and somewhat childlike features. The kid grips the glass of water once more with her right hand as she presses the soft petals of her full lips agaisnt the glass again. After taking a rather brief sip, and setting the cup back down on the bar top againt, she turns to face the vato with a wide, smartassed grin that seems to reach from ear to ear as she looks back on over briefly at the other young women in the pub. After doing so, she turns to face Tres once more and replies in that casual, soft, and rather sardonic tone of hers, "I belong here as much as you do, though if you're wanting to show me your magic wand, you might want to take out a magnifying glass with it so that chica over there and I can actually see it…then again, being as dim as it is, I doubt that we'd actually notice…size does matter after all…homey." The kid's soft, yet brutally smartalec grin there resides strong upon her full lips as she reaches for her glass of water again and takes another quick sip. A light wink is given on over towards Rhiannon for a moment as Tay seems to think that she has this situation under control…whether that was the truth or not, was yet to be seen.

All the guys do that macho, 'Oh,' and a few, 'she roasted you hombre'. Tres's face lines with a grin, as he turns to look at the other girl. "Hey honey, the size of the wand don't matter, as long as you can handle my tongue, yeah?" He then makes a peace sign by his mouth, and runs his tongue up and down, in a very suggestive manner. "Hey hey now. We are all friends here. I was just wandering what brought you down here? Maybe you have heard about us. We are Los Diablos," he says motioning to his boys. "And I am the Magician." This time he brings his hand to his chest. "And the two of you might be lucky tonight. If you play your cards right." His face contorts into a face drawn with lust, mixed with that look of a man who might have had a few too many drinks. "Want to see my magic show?"

Rhiannon pulls her driver's license from the back pocket of her jeans and speaking of magic, it'd be a miracle if anything else could fit inside it since it's so tight against her bum. Waving it in front of the bartender's eyes along with a crumpled $10 bill she fishes out of her front pocket, she asks "good enough? see? ID and money… You want my money do you? or maybe I should take my money somewhere else?", emphasising the word 'money' each and every time, giving the subtext 'dance for me, little man, dance..!' to her words. The bartender frowns and snatches the money from her hand before warning her to behave or he'll get her sorry butt kicked out of the club, with a drink or without it. Doesn't seem like he likes getting lip, especially not from some snotty college girl. It takes a moment and he half slides a long drink over the counter to her, "thanks for nothing", she hisses back at him as she gets it, sipping some. The attention mr. magician is getting from Rhiannon right now can be measured as none, and in huge quantities.

That soft smirk continues to ride hard upon the girl's soft features as her grin still stretches from ear to ear, that smartassed look seeming to become a near permanent fixture upon her face as she responds to your tongue comment, "What? With all the shit that comes from it? No thanks hombre, not my kind of taste." A ligt wink is offered to Tres as she reaches for her glass of water again. Though as he continues to speak to her and offering to show her his famous 'magic trick' the kid tilts her head lightly to the side as she considers, "Yeah, I've heard about your litlte clique, word gets around and shit. As far as your magic trick goes…sure why the hell not. I'm up for a good amusement to kill the time with." Though if one were paying close attention, her gaze seems to shift between Tres and his 'boys' every now and then, as if maybe perhaps deeper within there's a certain and rather nesessary caution there, just in case. As Rhiannon orders her drink from the bartender Tay can't help but chuckle softly as she shakes her head then turns to keep Tres wtihin decent amount of eyesight there. She was cautious becasue she wasn't stupid. The girl very well knew and had heard of Los Diablos before…testing these guys too far could very well be deadly.

"Ah, Chica, you don't know the way I taste, but the night is still young, eh." Tres says, followed by a laugh. "For my first act," he looks over to Rhiannon. The boys in the gang quiet down, as do most of the people in the immediate area. His eyes lock on to the young girl, his attention on her fully. As the seconds pass, the glass in Rhiannon's hand jerks out of her hand, and begins to levitate. At a slow speed, the glass begins to make its way over to the Magician. "See my magic at work, smart-ass?" Tres asks, though his attention is still on the glass.

Rhiannon narrows her eyes at Tres. Now she doesn't know much or maybe at all about the Los Diablos, growing up in the better parts of the city, but her ignorance isn't going to stop her either. Concentration schmonsentration, "give me back my drink", she hisses at Tres as she snaps the glass from his virtual hand. "You touch me or mine again and I'll play some magic on your sorry ass, you get it!?", she glares at him. Wow.. she's pretty when she's angry…

Tay is actually, and for the first time tonight, thoroughly impressed, though she does try to hide that fact between a somewhat coy smile. "Nice trick houdini, now lets see if you can do another…and dissappear. WOuld personally like to see that one myself, heh." Yeah, Tay was asking for it tonight, then again, when wasn't she mouthing off at every chance she could get? As Vato boy does his magic flyign glass trick Tay actually pays attention as it was a rare thing for a mutant to so obviously and rather bluntly show his true face within a crowd, then again, this was no ordinary crowd itself, and Tay seemed to realize that fairly well being that she's a local around here. Knowing very well that he was called the Magician for a reason, just never actually witnessing any 'miracles' herself, though now she knew why. Nodding her head a little bit that smart-assed grin finally fades somewhat from her soft full lips though it quickly comes back in strong as Rhi grabs the drink out of the air, "Seems like you have a real way with the ladies Magic Man." A light wink given back at such as she says it.

Through the line outside and through the crowd near the entrance, a young man can make his entrance with little or no fanfare. It doesn't take much effort, just a passing understanding with the bouncer and a few bucks applied in the proper quantities. Just such a young man is John. He makes his way through the initial crowd, smiling and smirking his greets as he slips between bodies towards the welcoming rest of the bar. Doesn't take too long for him to wander by, and as he does so he takes up a spot towards one end, leaning there and attempting to gain the attention of the tender before the fellow departs for another order.

Once the show ends, a few people in the crowd look terrified. There are even a few cries of mutant, and a few of the people leave. The gang around Tres almost form a barrier around him, just to prevent any that might try to attack him to keep him safe. The first comment Tres makes towards the others is towards Rhiannon. "Hey, girlie. I just wanted a drink. And your's was free." Tres says with a wicked grin. His eyes pass away from her and over to Taylor. "Ah, sweetie. I like it when the women enjoy my magic. Perhaps I can give you a private show, you know. Away from the crowd." he says in an all too suggestive manner. Tres focuses his eyes behind the counter now, and within a few seconds, a bottle of Jack Daniels makes its way into his hand. There is a sharp cry of outrage from the bartender, but the other members of Los Diablos pay the man, and quiet down any objections he might have. "Care for a drink, Sweetheart?"

Rhiannon tilts her head to the side, giving Tres a curious look and asking, "what's wrong mutant? Backing off? Are you… chicken?", the last word is spit at him with an icy gaze, "scared of a little girl, eh hombre?", she taunts mercilessly now, dishonoring him in front of his gang, something he'd have to deal personally with if he wants to retain his honor. Oh yes, she's all out for a fight, must have something against mutants.

Granted, Tay is a bit more wary being that the man openly displays an ability that could potentially cause a good fuckload of problems for her if she got a bit too mouthy. Luckily it seems that the teen is smart enough to watch herself, eventhough she might mouth off every now and then. John on the other hand? No he's not missed in the slightest, Tay just seems to know when to draw her cards is all and involving him now would be a mistake…besides, her life hadn't been threatened as of yet, though mind you if that so happend she'd be sure as shit to drag his happy ass in, kicking and screaming if needs be! Hell, he was stupid enough to save her ass once, he's more then likely to do it again! Or so the kid hopes. As Tres offers to show her a more 'private' show, the kid gives him another humored and amused look as she shakes her head then turns to take her drink within her hand again, "No thaks vato, think I'll pass on that one. Though, from the looks of it, you might have a show of yoru own with chica over there." A light thumb is pointed in the direction of Rhiannon as she grins about a mile wide with that all too present coy look upon her amused face. As John makes his way to the bar, the kid seems to notice him, but doesn't immidiately say antyhing as of yet.

With a small creak and clank from his legbrace that is probably missed with the barnoise and all, John turns to lean back against the bar with bottle in hand. He looks over sidelong towards the rampant tension and those involved, cocking an errant eyebrow and letting a half-smirk slide into place. A sip of his beer is taken and then idly his voice lifts, offering a few words hurled. "Heya, Squeaky." His gaze flicks in turn to the other participants, primarily Rhiannon and the gangsters with special guest star Tres. "Good night for it."

Tres looks over at Rhiannon. "Eh, bitch!" Tres hollars at the girl. "I don't know who the fuck you think you are talking to, but perhaps I should show you!" With that, the man holds his gaze, and oh, it is a wicked look he gives her. Sweat forms on his brow as he looks at her, his body in physical strain, his muscles twinge, and his hands are held out in her direction, almost as if they are performing an act on her. As he concentrates on her, she begins to levitate off the floor, a few inches, but enough to get her off the ground. "I AM a mutant, so what is your point? Bitch?"

Rhiannon sips from her drink, hardly phased, "let's play a game mutant, let's see how good you really are, sissy… Are you chickening out hombre? Want your gang to find out you're afraid to meet a girl's challenge? What'll happen next? They'll suddenly discover that you like to wear your boxers the way around? That you're a chimney cleaner? Love speaking to the microphone? Playing the flute? On good days you like to feel shit? Come on.. put me down and face me, mutant…", she says with almost a smirk.

Taylor's gaze turns to watch the hombre look as if he's about to take one awesome dump as she can't help but comment with a light chuckle, "Be careful there hombre, might pop a vein in your forehead. Look like you're squattin' on the pot something fierce." Though as Rhiannon is actualy lifted up into the air, the kid's eyes widen a bit as she's silent for a brief moment then once again that coy little smirk rides upon her soft face and she makes a side comment, because well…she has to about this point, "Damn, talk about picking up on a girl, heh." Though as Rhiannon seems to want to test the Diablo's limits the girl simply shakes her head as she reaches for that glass of water again and simply grins to herself, "Damn chica, even I'm not stupid enough to talk so much shit, and believe me…I talk alot of shit, heh." Though it's about this time that a familiar voice echoes through the rucous of the crowd at the bar….and that little cute nickname that John has seemed to dub her rings on out. A quick rasberry is offered in John's direction as though she can't help but to smile a bit more warmly as she mention on over to him, "Yeah it's good to see you too." Her drink is taken within hand again as she presses the cool edge to her lips again and takes a sip, though for now simply watching the show. Hey, it was good entertainment!

Content to observe as well, though not offer up quite as much commentary as say Taylor, John seems fine with just drinking his beer. Though when the mouthy… taller… other… the one known as Rhiannon starts to float, John leans to the side to comment askance towards another of the bar patrons. "I saw David Blaine do that once in Vegas at the Egyptian. Was great, good buffet." Perhaps it's loud enough for Taylor or somebody to hear, perhaps not.

Tres looks REALLY pissed now. He immediately drops her, though with how little off the ground she was, it shouldn't phase her that mush. The next action happens quicker than it it seems. The bottle of Jack in his hands gets launched at her. After that a glass from the counter is hurled in her direction. Then a table to her right, and a chair from her left. His face reddens, his powers are being used in great proportions. All of this within the space of a second or two. Even now, the objects are in mid-air and heading at the smart mouth Rhiannon.

Rhiannon gives a slighty bewildered look but her years of martial arts seem to pay off rather nicely as she bobs, ducks, sidesteps and leans in the right direction to avoid those hurled things while at the same time zigzagging closer to Tres, earning herself more freedom of movement since he won't be so careless as to hurl things that might hit him too. Another step closer and she finds a split second to smile to him before her foot accelerates with the speed of a drag racer towards his crotch. It's like a mini girly Bill Wallace, her foot is trying to break the speed of sound or launch his family jewels into orbit. Too bad his tonsils stood in their way…

The redecoration of furniture seems to catch Tay off guard…though the kid is at least smart enough to reposition herself behind the safest place that's possible…which at this moment is putting John, her current meat shiled in the way of harm…yes, let the gimp fight her battles for her! THough there's a small amount of love there that the teen shows as she somehow manages to keep a hold of her water in her small hand while actually showing some amount of care for her 'brother'. Looking on up and over at JOhn she gives him a brief nod as she smiles a little, "Hey gimpy, um..might want to move a bit or else mongo and barbie over there might break a stray table over you head." THough at least the girl has the sensabiltiy to help JOhn out of his seat and away from danger as she grabs his hand and thencefoth attempts to pull him in the opposite direction of where tables, chairs and ninja kicks fly to.

With a high pitched cry of, "Oh shit!", Tres is down to his knees, his hands cupping his sore and traumatized family jewels. His face immediately reddens, and tears can be seen in his eyes. He can't come up with any words right now, nor can he manage to force his powers to bear. It seems at least for the moment, that he is down for the count.

"That'll teach you you fucking mutant", Rhiannon says with a glare at the suffering human mass at her feet, adding "I spilled half my drink because of your stupid tantrum". On second thought, she tilts her glass all the way to spill the remainder of her drink (orgasm) on his head, saying "and stay down, bitch" before glaring at his gang members before any one of them decides to be smart and risk never having children. Looking around at the mess, the people and the club, she says softly, grumbling to herself "what a dump, no wonder I've never been here before" and starts walking towards the exit.

Leaning to the side, John ducks low just in case something else errant flies his way. He glances aside at Taylor and gives a boneless shrug, then casually picks up the cocktail menu from the table and rights it to provide a small 'shield' of sorts against any flying debris. Clearly it will be terribly effective, then he says to Taylor, "Lovers quarrel?" Gesturing vaguely towards Rhiannon and Tres.

Still on his knees, Tres' hand raises and moves quickly. But more likely than not, no one is watching him. As his hand moves left, the button of her jeans unbuttons. With a move of his hand right, the opening is pulled apart. With a quick motion downwards, her pants and whatever underwear might be there come flying down towards the ground, hopefully revealing her ass to the room. His scowl can be seen he glares at her, her drink still dripping off of his head. "Fucking biotch!" he says quietly. The members of his gang know better than to interfere. They stand back, and try to manage crowd control. Most of the other people in the bar have either left, or have cleared a wide circle for them. They don't want in this brawl.

Rhiannon almost falls down on her face while some people cheer at the sight of a bare tush and a very well and nicely trimmed front. The cheers grow louder as Rhiannon is forced to bend down and pull her pants and tiny little panties upl giving a better glimpse of her baby smooth shaved shrine. A growl escapes her throat while she hurries out while lifting those pants up. Not a minute later, an angry engine roars from the parking lot and tires screech as a car pulls out. A young man rushes in with his hand pointing out saying "did you see the naked chick in the lotus!?" before the mess inside registers in his brain.

If Tay wasn't ducking for her life from flying tables, swinging chairs and free floating glass, she actually mihgt crack a wise ass comment or two, though being that she's hiding to save her own ass from the misfortune that befell Tres…a widely known gang member, the kid simply ducks behind the table where John is at as she closes her eyes every now and then when shards of glass fly their way. Staying down like the good and smart coward that she is, she keeps her head low and little body blocked by the table and hopefully when Tres comes to he doesn't wind up blowing up the place with his rather violent houdini act. For now though? Tay seems more then happy to hide behind that table and stay her ass down until things start to clear.

Only after the flying shards of glass, table bits and god knows whatever else come to settle down the kid finally lifts her head on up daringly as she cocks a light brow then turns to look on over at John to her side, "Honestly? I have no fucking clue what the hell to call that. Though…someone should be taping cause this shit would totally sell on Jerry Springer." And with that the girl finally rises on up as she dusts herself off from various debris and such. Looking on over and down to Vato boy there, she shakes her head a bit as she offers up some good advice, "Next time bro…infest in a piece or some shit. Cause…damn." And then it's back to the bar with her as she goes to finish off her drink in the remaining peace that comes with the aftermath.

Leaving his empty behind, John strolls over towards the bar and takes up his place that was only recently vacated. He brushes a hand over the seat, clearing off any debris, then leans back once again. A glance is given over towards the recovering Tres, then back towards Taylor. "Ya know, prolly best ta let the man have some measure of pride n'all, don't kick a fella when he's down." A boneless shrug is given as he tries to distract the bartender from calling the cops by placing an order for another beer.

It doesn't take long for one of the members of the gang to pull out some money and present it to the bartender, a rather large wad, enough to cover the damage, except for the damage to Tres' pride. Tres gets up, one hand still clutching his business. He orders two of the boys to follow after the girl and find out what they can. Obviously, this isn't finished. He makes his way back over to the bar, walking a little different than he did before, then sits down to get a drink. He looks over to Taylor. "Eh, chica. Jus' cuz dat bitch kicked me, don't mean my wand don't still work. Perhaps you can give it a kiss, and make sure it still works right, eh?"

As John offers some most likley sane and wise advice that Tay soon takes care to listen to, being that she doens't feel like having several more tables thrown about the room and especially in her direction the youth gives a light shrug as she takes hold of her glass of water again while watching Tres make his way back on over to the bar. Her soft, sarcastic grin afixes there upon her face again as she answers back in kind to his remark, "Dude…I can say one thing for sure, you've got persistance." A light chuckle escpaes from past her full lips as Tres continues to hit on her even after the most recent fight ensued. Though Tay didn't sweat it. It was something that she was used to for the most part. Shit like this often happened in places like these. And the kid was none the less used to it by now. As the girl finishes her water she orders another then looks back on over to Tres as he approaches her once more and grins lightly, "If it's any consolation, I think that you might've been in the right…maybe. She did seem to like instigating you."

Tres shakes his head. "Fuckin' whore. Couldnt keep her clothes on." He says with a laugh. "So what's up with you two? My boys know I am a mutant. Hell, dey don't even care. But you guys don't seem to mind it either? You a mutie lover or something?" He asks the other two at the bar. He looks over to a bottle of tequila at the bar, and summons it near him. The bottle turns in the air, opens, and the liquid pours into his glass, before righting itself. "You want a drink too?"

Leaning there with his beer, he considers Taylor, then he in turn considers Tres. John scritches at the stubble growing along his chin then cants his head to the side as he offers the first of his words of the evening directly to the other young man. "Look, Jimmy Smits. I know things are kinda rough and tough all over. Yer young, wild, got that whole swirl of hormones flowing through your bod, it's almost like a poison. Kinda makes ya do things that ya wouldn't normally. And then get ya in front of some of your oompaloompas, bango. Bad combination." He leans to the other side, letting his gaze wander the room. A sip of his beer is taken before he adds, "Best ta just be how ya are, not let the situation dictate."

Tay can't help but laugh at John's comment as she shakes her head then answers bck in kind with a light smrik of her own, "Dude, John, you're starting to talk like Dear ol' Abby. Since when did you become a therapist for others?" A somewhat amused look is shot his way though the kid seems to be teasing him, something of a playful pasttime that she does. Then setting her drink down back on the table again she turns to look back into Tres's gaze as she comments back to his reply, "It's not that I'm a mutie lover…it's that I just don't give a shit, heh." And with that she takes a small sip of her drink and only afterwards turns to look at the mess that the club is left in for the moment.

Tres offers the drink a second longer, before replacing the bottle back on the bar. He takes a drink, and then looks at the other two. "Well, good. I am a mutant, and I still don't give a fuck." He looks over to John. "So thanks for the pep talk gimpy. Real helpful. What happened to you?" He said, shrugging off the theraputic comments.

A twitch of the lip, and John replies easily enough. "Oh, was an astronaut. Had ta crash-land, they built me up, better, faster, stronger. All that jazz." He slouches to the side, swirling his bottle a bit to build up a little foam, then takes a sip. Another look sidelong is given as he adds, "You should take that act on the road. Mebbe could open for Penn, or mebbe Teller. Whichever one doesn't talk much, should emulate that guy." There's a wry roguish gleam in his eyes, amused for the moment.

Taylor smiles a bit warmly when she hears John's comment to Tres. She doesn't say anything for the moment, perhaps waiting out her brother's reply and letting that settle there within the gangster's head. She does take a sip of her water once more, though even after Tres offers to her, or JOhn, or maybe both of them, she simply shakes her head as she turns to look back on over at Tres for a moment then actually smiles for once instead of putting on that hard smirk upon her face. "You know, you might want to keep your 'magic' down on the low. There's plenty of people that would and probably could find a use for you…and nothing that you'd most likely enjoy." A somewhat distant look casts on over her features briefly as she turns to look back on over at the back of the bar where the tender more then likely fumes.

Tres looks over to John. "Hey, I like you gimp. I do. The name is Tres." He says with a smile before looking over to the lady. "And you little hottie, who are you? As for my powers, I dare them to try. The police tried to get me, they couldn't. We mutants are a step above the rest of them. That's why they are scared of us. They don't understand us, so they fear us. As well they should!" he says before downing his drink. "We are the next step in Darwin's evolution thing. We are superior. And soon, soon the world will know it."

Taylor smirks coyly once again at John's comment as she can't help but add to that, "WEll, you were the man till you let some chick kick your ass. Don't know many men that would've likely happened to, heh." And yes, Tay had to say it. Those that knew the kid would most likely be aware of the effort that she had to make at times to keep her damn trap shut. Every now and then there comes out that brief little smart-assed commentary of hers, kinda a little bit of the peanut gallery there, or at least she seemed to server as such. THough in conjunction with John's reply she nods her heads as she tries to offer up at least some kind of advice, and what she says might strike a few as odd, being her previous interactions with John, "You might want to listen to him Tres. He might be young and still a fresh face in college, but generally he has some pretty smart things to say. Mind you….this is coming from me who's just a kid…so really I'd take my friend's advice as he seems to know his shit." As Tres introduces himself to her she's at least polite enough to reply with her own greeting, "Names….squeaky." A somewhat light, yet warm smile spreads across her face as she says it.

"Well, no offense. But I've done been in and out of jail. And then I got these powers. I ain't gonna let them go to waste. Thanks for the advice padre, but there ain't no goin' back for me. I don't care who knows what I am, and what I can do. Eventually, I'll be able to do more, and there'll be no stopping me." Tres has that glow in his eyes like that of a maniac. There is almost an aura of evil when he talks. Tres stands, and tosses some money onto the counter. "But, I best be getting out of here. You know, things to do."

Offering a toast with his bottle, John gives farewell to Tres, "Take care of yourself, Jimmy. S'long road ta ho n'all that." He then turns his gaze back upon Taylor and offers her another shrug, as if not really having anything to really say to that. A sip of beer is taken, then he motions, "Hey barkeep, gimme 'nother." And with that the night continues. Tres and the rest of his gang make their way out the door.

Taylor tilts her head lightly to the side at Tres's comment then though she simply shakes her head as she seems to copy that boneless shrug that John often gives. Answering back to him before he leaves the kid responds in kind, "Do what you gotta do dude." Then it's back to her drink of water for the time being. Only after John and Tay are left be as Tres departs from the room the youth turns to look back on over and up at John as she grins warmly at him and speaks in that casual soft tone of hers, "Heh, Jimmy, nice. Oh, and by the way, you so owe me for saving your ass." Her own tone hints that she very well may be joking, which she most likely is given that John not too long ago stepped up for her at one time when she got herself into trouble…which she seems to do more often then not.

"Hnh?" John looks at her and cocks an eyebrow, "When'd you save my ass?" He slouches a bit further down, expression curious as he reclines, folding his arms over his chest. He lets his gaze wander the room slowly, lighting upon an individual here, a person there.

Taylor grins back on over at you as she noddles her head, "I would say that tonight, being as eventful as it was, and me so bravely taking your damsel ass out of the firefight, I deserve something for it." And now it very well may be apparent that she's only joking as the tone of her voice becomes far more playful and teasing in that respect. The girl grins wide as she picks up her glass of water and takes another drink from it. Though once she finishes she does mention as a side note, "Though you did stand up for me with that Richard prick, so I guess we're even."

"Yeah yeah, well I don't have any money on me, so yer S.O.L., kid." John crinkles his nose, looking towards the debris that's being cleared up by the barroom staff, some of the patrons looking clearly thankful that Tres and his goons are gone. He looks back at her, "And yer underage, so don't get any bright ideas, ya freako."

Taylor crinkles her brow a bit as she shakes her head then answers back in a soft chuckle, "I'm not underage. I'm age of consent anyways which is sixteen. I'm considered legal by the state, and it's not like I want to sleep with you or anything. Besides you're….you're more like a brother to me anyways." The last part she mentions a bit quieter and with that warm smile that's plastered on to her soft face. Shaking her head again she comments back in kind, "Besides, I'm only a few years younger then you as you can't be that old. Even though you act it, heh."

"I'll have you know I turn thirty next month." John sells it with a solemn nod even as he takes another sip of beer. He sets the empty down and reaches into his jacket for a wad of cash. A few bills taken out and placed on the bar for the bill. He waves a hand to the tender to get the man's attention, then slides off his seat. "So yes, I'm like way older. So yeah."

Taylor doesn't seem to be able to tell if you're necessarily lying or not though she studies you carefully as she shrugs her shoulders a bit and takes another sip of her drink. After which she comments quietly in turn, "YOu don't look thirty in any way, but, whatever. If thirty is what you want to be then do so." A light smirk does play upon her soft features once more as she watches you set down your change then start to take your leave, or at leas what seems to be you doing so. NOdding her head lightly she studies you once more as she manages a soft grin, "You know John, it's ok to care about someone. Just so you know, you don't have to shut out the entire world." Another light shrug is offered as she rests her slender arms upon the bar then stares off at the back wall in thought.

"Mmhmm, just the squeaky weirdoes." A smirk is given over his shoulder as he waves, "Seeya round, kid." And with that he slips into the crowd, then is gone.

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