Roller Bedlam


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Summary: Ash, Eris, Kera, and Mary are all at the skate park for various reasons. The girls end up getting into a verbal dispute with a gang of kids and things turn physical. Marcus shows up to help in the fight. Police show up and everyone scatters.

Date: May 25, 2009


Rating: PG

Inner Space Skatepark - Skate Area

The skate area is a large portion of the warehouse that has been sectioned off. This area is a massive open area. There is a large chain link fence that separates the snack bar from the skating area. The skating area is covered with ramps, rails, benches and fun boxes of all shapes and sizes. In the middle of the park, is a large circular pool with a 10' radius and is painted to look like the moon. Along one wall is a twenty foot tall half pipe that is ten feet across.

Somewhere in the park, there is an old taxi cab that has been transformed into a large fun box. The area is filled with various twists and turns. Spread throughout the area are a few gaps of various sizes. The northwestern corner of the area is decorated like the streets outside and spreads out fifty square feet. The sounds of old punk, grunge and alternative music pumps through the speakers that surround the area. There are several security cameras that are placed throughout the entire skating area.

On a normal day, this place would be packed with kids on their skateboards and rollerblades and generally hanging out. Though today there is some sort of event going on. 18 and over only today, sorry kids! Sounds like some kinda party, or perhaps a festival, or maybe.. yeah.. maybe it's just a restricted age limit to give the more adult community a chance to let loose a little and skate. It is set up more like a skating rink now, with a huge disco ball dangling in the center of the warehouse. The event has turned out a decent sized crowd, mostly the younger sort. The snack bar is open, there is music playing, people skating around and for once, things aren't as chaotic as they normally are. It's cool older folk! Have some fun!

A woman enters the room, looking around as though she's never been here before. Eris huffs and moves forward, shoving past a girl who is blocking her path. She stands along the fence and surveys the scene, ignoring the girl demanding an apology. To Eris, the protests of this girl mean as little as the yapping of a small dog. She flashes the girl a quick look to shut her up and proceeds forward. Eris is wearing a pair of black pants with tall high heeled boots. She has a green shirt with a black leather motorcycle jacket overtop. It may seem slightly warm for this outfit, but if the woman is uncomfortable she does not show it.

Seated comfortably at the snack bar is a young Korean woman accompanied by a half eaten pile of chili fries in a small paper board dish atop the bar counter. She's leaning back watching things, one arm propped behind her head to help nestle it against the support beam her chair rests up against, standing on only two legs. Her other hand holds a small grey digital camera which she holds up from time to time to take a picture of people at random. She wears flats and skates are no where to be seen in her vicinity.

Eris glowers around the room, where are all the children? There seems to be some sort of event going on, but since she's here she might as well ask around. She heads over toward a group of shady looking college-age kids in the corner. "Hey you." She looks at a kid with a green Mohawk. He looks to be the leader of this little gang. "You a regular around here? I heard there's a kid here who's really good at skating." She looks him in the eye "Unnaturally good, some say." Yes Eris is following another one of her leads. She'd overheard a couple kids speculating that someone at this park had some sort of mutant ability, and she has come to find out for herself.

The cases Mary has to handle now that she's a detective are differently a whole different then when she used to be a police officer. An old business man having some suspicions about his son being a 'bad boy' and not following in daddy's footstep. Nothing like some stalking through the street to gather enough evidence to indeed, prove him right. Or at the very least, that his son's not using his time as he should be.

Thankfully, the event that is going on in the skate park helps Mary to not stand out too much from the crowd. She stays away from the young man's group, stalking him from a distance, staying at the snack bar not to be too suspicious. Mary arches a brow and observes Eris as she approaches the group of college-students… Seems a little old to be part of this circle of kids.

"Huh? Oh, you must mean Zac." the guy with the green Mohawk nods, "Yeah, he's here. He's over there showin' off to that hot chick." he points over toward the stunt area of the skate park where a younger looking brown haired guy on rollerblades skating toward the loop where he pulls off a rather impressive stunt, almost defying gravity as he twists around at the center of the loop, skating backwards to the bottom, tossing up his arms with a grin over to a girl. This girl would be Kera, dressed casually in a half-shirt and a pink net-shirt overtop of that, jeans and pink rollerblades. She applauds enthusiastically and laughs, "Wow! That was fantastic! I wish I could skate like that." Kera slips around to skate over toward him. She isn't too bad on the rollerblades, but nothing compared to the young man. Some might recognize Kera from the news cast the other night, involving the meteor shower in the park, and the interview later on.

As Ash sits there, two guys looking a little shady and tweeked out come up toward her expectantly, shifting their eyes from side to side before tossing her an upward nod of their head and a low 'Sup?', rubbing his hand under his nose with a loud sniff. The other guy is sorta standing in the background, his hands stuffed in his pockets.

And fortunately for Mary, her subject is pretty easy to spot. The same guy that just pulled off that pretty amazing stunt in order to impress a girl. The guy's group of friends stand off the side, grinning like scheming boys and whispering to each other, probably making lewd comments about the girl their leader is talking to and showing off for.

Ash has her camera up, about ready to take a picture when the pair of guys approach. "Hey," comes her reply, flatly, as the camera is lowered to her side, kind of disappearing from view against the side of her denim jeans. Silence. "So can I help you, or something?" The Korean shrugs her shoulders slightly.

Eris turns to watch the boy. His skills do seem impressive to Eris, but she knows little about the sport. She begins to walk away from the Mohawk boy, "Hey! What, that info's gotta be worth something', right?" Eris ignores him and continues forward, narrowing her eyes as she sees Kera. That face…She pulls a folded up printout out of her pocket and holds it up next to the girl. That's the one alright, the one from the news. She begins forward again at a determined pace, walking right out into the rink without skates on. She makes no attempt to avoid the skaters, who call out things to her as they're forced to swerve and avoid her.

Mary narrows her eyes a little. There's a little something about this woman… She can't put the finger on it, but she has a bad hunch about this. Adjusting her coat, Mary rises from her seat. She puts her hands into her coat's pocket, sparing a glance around the park before she casually strides closer to skating rink. Call it intuition, but the determined pace at which Eris seems to be going toward her 'protégé' makes her think she may have something against him… Or maybe she could hear a glimpse of a discussion between the two and get some juicy information her employer would love to hear.

The one guy that had spoke looks around again, making another sniff habitually and smoothly reaches into his pocket, pressing a fold of money against his palm before reching out to give Ash a 'handshake' "Just the usual.." he says, his buddy keeping a lookout for anyone that could possibly 'make' them.

Zac chuckles and skates a circle around Kera, waggling his eyebrows. "That was nothing. Wait till you see the next one. You'll be lovin me then." Not the most smooth of talkers, a bit too cocky and obviously the son of some rich businessman or something. Well what do you know, he is isn't it? Zac skates up close to Kera, starting to reach out and take her hand. Kera blinks, hearing the people behind her yelling, quickly spinning on her rollerblades to turn and look, not even noticing Zac's move on her and nullifying it all the same. Zac's group of friends wince and 'Ouch!' over at the sidelines, chuckling at their friend's failure.

"Hi!" Kera beams a bright smile to Eris, tossing her a wave. "You know, you really shouldn't be out here without skates on. You could get hurt, or hurt someone else. I can rent you a pair if you like!"

Mary is so far stealthy enough to go unnoticed by most, at least by Kera and the group she had been trailing. Zac blinks and looks at the older, intense woman that just blocked his game. "What the—"

Ash looks to the man's hand as she sees the money momentarily beneath the curled fingers. This, in conjunction with his words, gives her reason to pause. Her features blanch slightly before she gives both of them a compassionate look. Wordlessly and solmenly she shakes her head.

Eris narrows her eyes at Kera, not really listening to what she is saying at all. She ohold up the photo once more next to Kera's face, looking between it and the girl. She notices Zac's fumble and cocks an eyebrow as she looks down at him. Maybe he's not a mutant after all. Eris looks back to Kera and nods. "Are you this girl?" She turns the photo so Kera can see it. "The girl who witnessed the meteor shower?" She leans in close. "I need to know who that man was. The man who made it happen." She turns her head quickly as Zac says something to her. "Not now…But later, yes." What does that mean?

The trick in being stealthy is having a guinea pig taking up all the attention. In Mary's case, Eris seems to have done that just fine by passing through the skating rink with no skates. The detective opts for a slower way, but more secure. She circles around the rink, sparing a casual glance in Eris and Zac's direction. Apparently, it seems the woman didn't have anything to do with Zac but with the girl he had been trying to impress… Mary notices Eris when she holds out the photo to 'compare'. She hums to herself, frowning. Another detective? Nah, probably not… If that was the case, she'd be the worse detective she's ever seen… So blatant. Still, Mary tries to get close enough to be able to hear some of the discussion.

The two guys turn and start to slip away, dejected.

"Man that.. made it happen?" Kera looks deeply confused, tilting her head. "But.. no one made that happen. Well not really." Kera shifts her weight from one blade to the other. Zac just stares at Eris with disbelieving eyes. She blocks him and now this? But he slips back away, moving back over to his crew that welcome him with laughter. "It's kinda hard to explain. It wasn't really CAUSED by anyone, my daddy believes it's more of a 'BECAUSE of' than anything. I'm kinda used to falling stars, because they've been dropping in my backyard since I was little. But the meteor shower was something new. I'd perfer it not happen again, but that's not something I can help." Kera continues and offers a shrug to Eris. "Dax was just trying to keep the media from being too nosey I think. Really sweet of him to be so considerate, huh?" the girl gives a bright, clueless smile.

The two aren't exactly whispering, so Mary can hear things pretty well. Kera still doesn't seem to notice her, as she is focused on Eris.

Ash is silent for a moment longer as she watches the two guys beginning to fade away. "Wait," the young womam says, rising slowly, putting the camera on the bar next to the half eaten fries. Reaching to her hand bag she unclasps the metal balls that hold it shut and begins to fumble through its contents. "If you need someone to talk to." The Korean extends the small business card solemnly. The name ends with the abbreviations, PMH.

Eris frowns at first as Kera seems slightly confused, but then perks up as she listens. It seems as though maybe this girl had caused the shower. “So it was you…You who caused that to happen?” Eris’s eyes light up. A mutant powerful enough to control cosmic events? Kera could be very useful to her. “The stars just fall near you? You just haven’t learned how to control it yet.” And then…”Dax? That other man on the news, that’s him right?” She’ll ask more about Dax later. If he was trying to cover for Kera, chances are he’s a mutant as well. Eris looks around quickly, not noticing Mary and glancing past Ash. She lowers her voice and leans in “I think that you are very special. You could be of great service to our people. We need to talk further, but not here.” She gestures around her. The middle of a skate park seems like a bad place to discuss such things. Suddenly, a small child runs into Eris’s leg and falls down. Eris is set off balance for a moment but composes herself again before bearing her teeth at the little girl. “Watch where you’re going, you little maggot. How’d you even get in here? It’s adults only.” The girl gasps and scrambles up, skating toward her mother. Eris looks back at Kera, the vicious expression replaced by a warm smile.

Close enough to hear the details of their discussion, Mary leans back against the one of the little barrier that seperates the rink from the rest of the park. Like this, she can keep an eye on Zac and his gang, all the while listening to the conversation between Eris and Kera. Splitting her attention isn't helping her focus, but somewhere, she's paying more attention to the discussion than Zac. After all, she doubts he'll be going too far without his gang, and a gang of young man is hard to lose.

The lead guy stops as Ash beckons him back, blinking and taking the card from her, face brightning, "Duuude! Thanks!" he nods and he turns, rushing off with the other guy. From where Ash is, Zac and his group of friends are standing there. They're discussing something, somewhat lowly. Ash can hear them pretty clearly from her position.

Kera blinks, "No no no.. not CAUSE it, BECAUSE of." she restates. "Daddy thinks I am what he calls a cosmic paradox. I was born here, but by all laws of time-space, I should be up there." she points straight up. It's obvious as to what she means. "Because of my abilities, the Earth realizes that I pose a possible threat to it's natural order and allows certain events to occur in an attempt to get rid of me. It's just a theory, but it might be true, I dunno." the girl shrugs. Thankfully, as she stars to explain this, a more upbeat song comes on. Drawing more people onto the floor. "Huh? Special? Really? Everyone keeps saying that, but I get so confused because they keep saying different things about me are special. Voice, abilities, niceness, mathmatics, education.. I still don't understand the special education thing though…" Kera pauses as Eris completly turns ferocious, the girl blinking and staring blankly. But Eris' smile makes her smile back at her. "Well, sure. I'd love to talk! I'm going to the mall later.. probably tonight, or maybe tomorrow.. Or maybe tonight AND tomorrow!" she beams.

Ash starts to turn to return to her cold fries but the words spoken nearby causes her to pause. Her jaw slackens slightly. The pause continues as a decision is weighted out, then Ash turns and approaches Zac and his group of friends. "If you do that, then you are no better than what your mind makes them out to be."

Eris listens further as the girl continues to speak. It sounds to Eris as though this girl may lead a slightly sheltered life. "Ah, well I think that maybe you're so confused because no one that's spoken to you truly understands what has been happening. And while you may be special for many reasons, it is this one reason that can help you to save our people." Who are these 'people' of whom Eris speaks, and why do they need saved? She leaves all of that out. Her smile twitches and she seems to be forcing it now. This girl talks…allot…and she seems to be out of it a little. "The mall might be a bad place. There are people who might overhear…Like here. People who." She looks around again, this time spotting Ash. Eris's expression turns fierce once more. She points at Ash. "People like her, who want to hurt you. Who would hurt you if they found you." Eris still isn't entirely sure about that, but she hates Ash all the same. It seems as though Ash hasn't noticed her, yet…So maybe she can sneak up later on and 'fix' things. But Eris's finger and vicious gaze are following Ash as she approaches Zac. Someone in the group seems to have noticed and makes a comment, pointing at Eris.

Unfortunately, with the crowd getting in the rink and the song being a bit louder, Mary can't quite hear the rest of the discussion. She snorts faintly — though she only had mild interest, all of this was a bit awkward and she couldn't really seize well the true heart of the matter. Now that she can't really hear what the two women are saying, she returns her attention toward Zac and his group. Someone's just joined them, but by the look of it the boys didn't look up to any good. Mary stands still though, leaning against the barrier as she keeps acting to the watchful guardian.

The group of guys turn to look at Ash and then smirk to eachother, gesturing over at her and laughing to each other. "What the hell, sounds like we gotta mutant lover here." one of them snorts.

"Getting freaky with Freaks, dude that's worse than.. god!" another one covers his eyes and winces.

"Maybe we should make an example outta her. Mutant lover is just as good a start as a mutant itself." Zac, being leader of this group obviously carries some major pull with this pack. They all grin and start to mobilize, taking the long way around but their intent toward Ash.

These terms such as 'our people' and 'them' are only serving to confuse Kera further. Her misconceptions are pretty well set in her mind, so she just lets herself sorta dip wander out of the conversation for that moment. However, she pays attention as Eris speaks of Ash wanting to hurt her. "Her? She wants to hurt me?" the girl looks shocked and disappointed, as if a friend of hers just said that she hates her guts. "Nuh-uh! Really?! But why? I didn't—" she purses her lips together, watching Ash, "I'm gonna go ask her.." With a nod, Kera moves past Eris, skating her way over to Ash's vicinty with a determined look on her face. "Hey! Excuse me!" she waves her hands, skating past some of the enclosing guys, and using her blade stopper to land her right infront of Ash, "Hi! Um.. I was just wondering something.." the girl offers a small smile, "Can you tell me why you want to hurt me, please? If I did anything wrong, I'm really sorry.." seriously, apologizing for something she has no idea about.

"Hey, sweetness. You better stay away from that Mutant lover. She'll only make you sick with her dirty mutant loving hands." Zac calls out to Kera.

"Huh?" Kera blinks, confused yet again. "Mutant lover? But why would a lover of anything make me sick?"

As someone points in Eris' direction Ash turns to look, her eyes meeting with the woman's from the park. They enlarge immediately. 'Crap,' she mutters until the words of Zac's group causes her to focus on them.

Ash grinds her teeth together at the words that are spoken against her. Her eyes narrow and her nostrils flare with anger. Her tiny fists ball up tightly in preparation to give them all a fat lip. Suddenly she feels something. 'Huh'.

Ash looks down to her right fist and suddenly reconsiders. 'Uh'. The young woman's eyes enlarge as the troop begins to march forward, goosing for a fight. Ash steps backwards with a seized breath. Just then Kera skates right into the center of this. Her eyes shoot to the girl and then to the mob behind her. Feeling a surge of courage Ash stomps forward. "Go with me on this," she mutters to Kera while glaring at the troop. "Back off or the two of us will make girls out of you."

Eris's gaze is still fixed on Ash as she continues on, "Yes, she will hurt you and put you in a…No you can't ASK her. That's a terrible…"But then Eris sees the girl skating off. "Idiot! If she finds out it was you!" But the girl is now out of Eris's sight, being eclipsed by a throng of skaters. The woman takes off after her, having to stop often to avoid being run down by skaters.

Eris arrives behind Kera and gives Ash a deadly glare. She then hears what Zac has to say, gives Ash a confused look, and then slowly turns until she is facing Zac and his buddies. Her expression could kill a puppy. "What did you just say?" She leans in close to him, maybe he's not a mutant after all. She glances at Ash out of the corner of her eye. This woman was defending mutants? Why? Perhaps she had over-reacted the other day when she tried to kill her. She winks when she hears what Ash says to the boys. Yes, Eris winked at the girl she tried to massacre the other day.

Eris turns back to the group, "You don't like mutants? Well that's just fine. We don't like you back." She spits on the ground near his feet and raises her voice, causing a few people nearby to start paying attention. "You are nothing. You are SHIT. You are a step back in evolution." As she speaks, Eris walks forward toward the group of boys, who seem unintimidated by her. It is only a group of girls, after all. "To me, you are nothing but an animal. An animal to be pitied, but an animal just the same." She looks back at Ash, "And she's right. Animals need to be fixed."

From afar, Mary watches the scene unfold before her. Things are spicing up a little, but when Eris speaks out more loudly to be heard. Still that chill down her spine — Mary knew, ever since she had first laid her eyes on that woman, that she'd be nothing but trouble. It's the kind of hunch she didn't particulary like to have. Arms folded across her chest, Mary grunts a little under her breath. She would have prefered to stay out of this but she figures someone will end up doing a bad move eventually… So might as well try to stop the fire before it goes out of control.

Making her way through the crowd, Mary slithers all the way toward Zac's group, to interpose herself between the boys and girls, "Alright, that's enough," Mary says, straightening herself up. The woman maintains a strong composure, almost one meant to intimidate — she eyes the boys with an iced gaze filled with authority as she says, "We don't want any trouble or fight here, so calm down, there's plenty of room for everyone so we don't step on each other's toes," She then turns her head toward the trio of girls and says, "The same goes for you," The way she sounds it almost sounds like she's been hired for security… Although, she definitely doesn't look like a security officer.

"I.." Kera, confused yet again. Why do people keep doing that? What does she want her to go with her on? "Wait, we'll make…" the gears churn in her head and Kera works out the situation in her sheltered mind, "Oh! Is that your power? You can change people's genders?! Wow! That has to be… Well I dunno how to classify that." Under the assumption that everyone is a mutant, she easily translates Ash's request into this notion, "But, I can't do that. I…" It is at this time that Eris arrives and talks a little louder than Kera, interrupting. "Oh wow.." she just blinks at the girl's rant and angry motion's toward Zac. "Hey… I don't think—" But Eris continues, and Kera's softer tone gets overridden.

"Fuck! She's a mutant! And the mutant lover is actually a mutant too!? Man! Hey, sweetness, you're not too bright, get the hell away from these mutants, c'mere! Guys, get these—" Mary's interjection and arrival into the center of girls makes Zac frown, "You too honey, we're only doing the world of favor. Teach these mutant bitches that we don't like their kind." There are a total of about 7 in the group, and they're starting to draw attention from others in the establishment. They're either watching or starting to filter out quickly at the sight of the escalation.

"It was a figure of speech," she then says to Kera. "The only thing I can do is give you one heck of a shiner, if that's what you're looking to get," Ash shoots back to Zac.

"Hey now," Ash shouts moving foward to put herself in the middle of everything to stand beside Mary. One hand extends to hold back the troop, the other to keep back Erin. There's no phyiscal contact though, just good acting. "We're all intelligent here. Smarts say we all go our separate ways. Mutant or not we are all human. So let's treat one another /hu-mane-ley/, all right." The Korean looks left to Eris, then right to the troop, then back to Eris. This probably won't work but its worth a shot anyhow.

Eris glowers at the boys, she seems almost amused at their determination. The woman quirks her eyebrow at Mary as she steps in front of her. “Who are you? Why are you trying to…” And then she hears Zac speaking again. And makes a fist. Anyone looking close might notice something shiny appearing between her fingers. She looks like she’s ready to pounce, but surprisingly she holds herself back. She watches Ash closely as she gives her little speech and spits at the ground. “We’re not humans. We’re BETTER than humans.” Eris glares at the guys, but she would like to have a discussion with Ash now that she knows the truth. For now she’ll abate her rage…But if those guys move again, she’s likely to stab a few in the face.

At least one of the girl seems to be listening to her. Her gaze meets Eris' one for a moment, but she doesn't answer her question — her attention turns to Zac, as he puts some more fuel on the fire. She turns on her heels toward the group of boys and she walks in their direction, "Come on now, leave these girls alone, they aren't worth the trouble you're going to get into," She approaches Zac and glares at him for a second, attempting to approach him close enough to husher a few words low enough so he's the only one to hear it.

Marcus has shown up for the party, as the street stuff is kinda his place. Although he glances up at the disco ball with a bit of a frown… until the ruckus with the girls and boys gets his attention. Especially with the word mutant being thrown about he walks on over waving to the boys with a greeting, "Hey pukes… this how you gotta prove your manhood? Messing with girls… good looking ones not to mention." His eyes however, don't wander like many guys normally do, just giving them all a smile before he looks back to whom seems to be the leader.

Kera looks at Ash, her bright expression fading just slightly from her comment about giving Zac a black eye. "No.. don't do that.." her voice is quite low, probably inaudiable to anyone that isn't looking directly at her. She looks at Eris, brightness fading just a little more from her rant about being better than humans. "No.. we're all just.." again just as low as the first time. The tension and negativity is so thick like a heavy fog. "What's happening? I don't.. understand." And she really looks as if she honestly doesn't. Like this whole situation and place has become an alien planet that she was just thrust upon. Those standing around her might feel the air around her grow just a little odd. However, Marcus' interjection relieves a bit of that tension.

The leader, known as Zac just glares at Mary. This look is one of pure, unyielding hate, lifting from her, to the rest of the group. His lips tight while his teeth grind together. And them Marcus comes, challenging his manhood? Yeah, he has something to prove, and he has a rep to maintain with his crew. So he is the one who makes the first sudden move. "Get the fuck outta my way!" he shouts, reaching to grab and try to shove Mary out of the way. "Get em!" he barks a command, and the other guys quickly move in, reaching to grab for the nearest they can.

Kera’s pleads fall on deaf ears as all of Eris’s attention is completely encompassed by the group in front of her. She turns away from the group as Marcus arrives. Who is this? She is about to say something when the group surges forward, one of them grabbing her arm. Her attention snaps back to the group as she is grabbed, her eyes going wild. “How dare you! Filthy beast!” That shiny thing in her hand becomes a small blade of pink crystal, which she stabs into the forearm that is holding her. The man yells out and falls back, the blade still sticking out of him.

A few of the patrons near the group back up, one woman screaming. “She’s got a knife! Someone call the cops!” Eris ignores the crowd and turns suddenly to the side, punching the Mohawk boy in the throat as he lunges toward Kera. He falls to the ground making weak choking noises. “Stay down!” she yells to Kera. Now that she’s found her, she doesn’t want her injured.

More person barging in — this is probably not going to help it. Unfortunately, Mary's last attempt wasn't enough to do much of anything and the unavoidable happens. Mary grunts a bit under her breath. However, when Zac gets a hold of her coat's collar to shove her out of the way, he'll find out that Mary knows how to defend herself. One of her hand quickly reaches out for Zac's own in a reflexive manner. If she's successful she'll twist his hand backward, attempting to twist his arm in an uncomfortable manner, causing her to get behind while he'd get held in one of the most basic technique of self-defense. Of course, she'll force his arm upward in an uncomfortable manner to make him know she's in control and that he hasn't picked on the good girl to mess with…

Once that done though, Mary's eyes venture around to the others of the gang, to assess how badly things might turn out.

Marcus smirks as the gang does a bum-rush on the girls and himself. As Eris stabs the one that goes for him, and punches another, Marcus is faced with his own problem, and as soon as the guy reaches for him, Marcus kicks his foot up into the guy's chest. And of course, there's girls present, gotta do something impressive. Abruptly, both Marcus and the guy he kicked are abruptly wrenched in one direction, dragging them right between the guys and girls, hopefully making it easier on them. Marcus and the guy keep going until they hit the wall of the warehouse. Marcus looks up at the girls while he stands there on the guy's chest.

"Are you insane," Ash yelps as Eris sprouts a knife and stabs of one the gang members. Before the woman can do something else the young Korean charges forward, trying to slam her shoulder into Eris as to knock her out of the fray. With a gasp she turns about as the other men charge at her. She wheels up an elbow to protect her face.

This situation she has seen before. On TV in the movies. She likes those kind of movies. But this time, things are real, and she is right in the center of it. Nothing like watching it from the screen. She was within a spot of chaos not long ago. But the meteors of the meteor shower, she could mentally affect in some way. People? Not so much. Kera just stands there, wide eyed and shocked. 'What do I do? What is happening right now? What is this? What is this feeling? What can I do? Who is wrong? Why does the girl that wants to hurt me, trying to hurt the girl who told me she wanted to hurt me? That's… blood! Is he bleeding for real? I.. I can't do anything! I could use— But if I do that I might cause—' Her mind is going a mile a minute, quickly spinning into a scrambled mess of stressful thought. 'I can't move my arms! I can't.. can't move!' Placed in a self-inflicted paralisys. And then Eris shouts for her to get down, and like an antidote, she is able to move again, and she listens, the girl moves. But she is on roller blades, and paniching, so she slips and flails her arms before falling flat on her back. At least she's down now.

People now start to panic a bit since the scream, they are certainly not sticking around anymore now that the threat of a weapon has been made. Parents grabbing their children and breaking for the door, people shouting and scattering to get out. The man Eris stabs goes tumbling down, holding his wound and rolling around. Zac is a tough guy, but more of a blowhard than anything, he is no match for Mary. The guy winces and cries out in discomfort at being wretched into a submission hold. One of the guys jumps and reaches to snatch at the covering Ash, while Marcus makes short work of another, his power tossing him away from the immediate area.

Ash weaves aside the man who snatches at her and wheels her raised elbow about, smashing it into his right ear. The woman winches a bit and follows up with a knee to the groin as the man teeters from the first blow. When the girl on the skates goes down Ash's eyes widen and she wheels about to face the next threat, placing herself between Kera and the oncoming threat.

Eris cries out as she is knocked forward on her hands and knees, not expecting to be attacked from the back. Unfortunately for Marcus, this causes her to miss his heroic feat. She looks back to Ash "Who's side are you on!?" She sees Ash move to a defensive posture and turns quickly, seeing a foot come flying toward her face. She manages to roll slightly, catching the kick in her shoulder. Eris yells out in rage, attempting to stand but it seems someone has jumped on her back and is pinning her down. Insane? Eris'll show them insane. She slams down her palms on the floor and there is a terrible cracking sound. The cement around her buckles slightly, causing the ground to shift…That's all that happens. Eris frowns. "Goddamn!" It seems that the cement here is too thick for her to force any crystals through. And her mineral stores aren't full enough to do anything major, so she begins to struggle with the kid on top of her. It seems Mohawk boy is recovering slightly and he comes toward her with a rather unfriendly expression.

General chaos and panic! That's definately no good. People are leaving and odds are that the owners of the place have called the police. Mary assesses the situation, while maintaining her submission hold on Zac. After all, close to her, it's the best way to ensure he's not going to get hurt… At least, too much. She keeps the pressure at the uncomfortable level, to prevent him from trying to buck free from her grasp, "Look, you're the only one who can stop this, call you guys off and get the hell out before the police comes in," Mary says with a snort.

She gives a shove, letting go of Zac and causing him to stumble a bit, maybe even fall after a few steps to get back his balance, "If this continues, I think your friends might end up with more than just a broken a nose," She adds with a snort. It's not so much Marcus, Ash or Kera that bothers her, but it's Eris. She thinks she noticed her having a sharp object.. A knife, perhaps? Last thing Mary wants to see is someone getting injured. So Mary slowly approaches Eris, who seems to be getting the most out of everyone.

"Owie.." Kera whines as her bum is seething with pain from the slap. She looks almost casual in her whimper, slowly rolling over onto her stomach to survey the scene. "Please, everyone stop! Why don't we all start a team skate? That'd…that'd be fun wouldn't it?" She tosses up a smile that looks like it's pretty bright, but it's simply just a mask to the negative emotions she feels and doesn't understand right now. She looks from person to person for an answer, but obviously isn't going to get it. "Please? Please? Everyone?… Please?" she is breathing a little harder, trying to keep control. Pushing up on her arms and getting to her knees, Kera's face suddenly snaps, and vexation fills her eyes, and she gets to her rollerbladed feet. "Stop it now or I'll make you st—Whoa!!" the shift of the earth makes Kera lose her balance again, flailing and peddling her feet on those wheels and ending up on her back yet again.

Zac is shoved forward, and he turns to glare at Mary. These guys really only needed one good scare to be honest, and the sudden shift of the Earth makes them suspect something freaky and mutant to happen further. They all pause in their actions and look around at each other.

"Shit! What the fuck!? Fuck, lets get the hell outta here!" Zac takes off like a coward, leaving his pack standing there not sure what to do. So, they follow their leader quickly.

Ash takes a surfing stance as the ground shakes and the cement buckles upwards causing her to lose balance and tumble backwards. She'd end up landing on her back if not for the rink's outer rail which she snags ahold of to keep upright. "What is your /prob/-lem," she yelps while glaring at Eris until the shaking and swelling subsides. Seeing that the troop is beginning to dispers, Ash does as well, heading for the snack bar counter to get her things. Police merely complicates matters.

Eris feels the weight on her back shift as the guy pinning her down decides it’s time to leave. She notices her crystal blade on the ground, probably pulled out by the kid who she stabbed it into and grabs it. She pulls herself to her feet and turns to face the gang, but it seems as though they’ve decided to run off for now. She offers a confused nod to Marcus and Mary, not exactly sure what they did, but assuming they helped.

Eris turns to the other girls. She is about to inquire as to why Ash decided to knock her down, but it seems that she is taking off. She rotates the shoulder that was kicked, squeezing it slightly with the opposite hand. It’ll be fine, but it hurts a bit. Eris looks down at the ground and makes a slight hand motion, causing the ground to shift again as she shatters the crystals below. She doesn’t want the media to pin another incident on her…Even though both were her fault. She leans down and offers Kera her hand. “We need to get out of here. I don’t feel like fighting off cops today.”

Marcus watches until all of the gang are in flight until his gaze lands on the girl with rollerblades that can't get up, and he runs over to her, asking, "Hey, are you alright?" He extends her a hand to try and help her to her feet, but his gaze is kept where he can still see what others around him are doing. Eris is one of those, and he wants to make sure that everyone gets away ok.

"That's IT!" Kera cries in her anger. But… it's directed at her rollerblades as she sits there on her butt. "These things are nothing but trouble right now! Ugh!" she sighs, her hair having fallen in her face just a little, making her blow upward to get it out. As stressed out as she was a moment ago, there is no indication that she ever was at this point. Her personality not showing any signs that she was just apart of what occured. "Okay, just… a sec.." she says to Eris, working and fumbling at the fastens to her roller blades. As she gets it undone, she starts to try and pull it off, having difficulty and then her grip slips, making her drop backward again. But rather than getting angry, she just lies there and laughs cheerfully for a moment at her misfortune. She looks up at Marcus from her position on the ground, "Yeah I'm fine!" she smiles, "My bottom hurts a little, but I'll be okay. Having a little trouble with my blades though."

Ash is just about to go out the front door when the police come in at the same time. The youth's eyes enlarge at the sight of them coming in and immediately she backs up, putting her head down, and clasping her hands in front of herself. Playing the submissive, naive young woman role is probably the best course of action now since escape is impossible.

Eris looks around nervously. She hasn’t heard any sirens yet but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming. She grabs for Kera’s feet and produces another crystal blade, this one smaller than the first. “Hold still.” If Kera does, she intends to cut the laces off the skates so they can get out of there faster. “Thanks, there, you two.” She glances up at Marcus and Mary. “But we really need to get out of here.” She looks down at Kera, “Especially you. Don’t need any more news reports about your involvement in mutant affairs.” She seems so calm now, yet only moments before she was trying to kill a group of kids.

Eris hears something that makes her look up suddenly. “Shit!” She looks around behind her and sees two possible exits back there. She looks back to Ash and counts three confused and frightened looking police officers. She rolls to the side behind a half wall and tries to pull Kera toward her. “Think you can run? It’ll be easier than fighting them in here.” She looks down at the ground and frowns. It’s pretty badly cracked, so she might be able to break through with another crystal spike, but she’d rather be outside if she has to fight them.

Marcus glances at Eris as she tries to scatter with Kera and he glances up. He then smiles back at Kera and says, "See ya later beautiful." Marcus then waves to the officers, "So long suckers!" He suddenly flies upward, flipping to land upside down on the ceiling… or right side up to him as he runs over to a visible ventilation panel, trying to open it out of the ceiling… all this time he's praying they don't start shooting.

She manages to get the blades off of her feet finally. "Whew.. that's better." she relaxes for a moment. She hadn't really even thought about the police, as they start to rush in to take control of the scene. "But.." the girl frowns at Eris' mention of her not being included with mutant affairs. She looks over at the officers coming through the door, who obviously pay more attention to Marcus, just enough for her to get yanked to her feet, and dragged over to the wall with Eris. "Fighting them? The police? Oh no, we can't do that." she peeks out looking to see where they all are. "Here. Let me just…" she brings her hand upward before her, focusing upon it. Brilliant bright gases and energy collect, formulating a fist sized quasar round her hand, the gravity of it collecting matter and particles to form little orbiting planets and tiny specs of stellar bodies around it. "Close your eyes.." she tells Eris, thrusting her hand toward the disco ball in the center of the establishment. From the mini stellar body about her hand flies a pulse of powerful visible light that jumps for the mirrored surface. As it strikes, it sends a massive blinding light all through the warehouse, temporarily blinding the officers who can't help but look up at the ball as the pulse strikes it.

Ash fortunately has her face towards the exit, protecting her eyes from the bright glare of the pismatic disco ball. As the officers shield their faces, she takes this moment to run right between them, dashing right out the front door where their squad cars are parked empty. She quickly finds her motorcycle and with a pump of the ignition revs the engine and makes a very abrupt departure, speeding off into the afternoon without further incident.

Eris frowns as Marcus leaves them, but takes note of his face as he disappears through the ceiling. She’ll be looking for him later. She gives Kera a quizzical look before noticing what’s going on with her hand. Eris squeezes her eyes shut for a moment before she hears the officers yell something. She wait’s a moment and opens her eyes. It seems as though Mary is willing to comply with the officers, but she calls to her all the same as she darts out the closest door, hoping Kera is right behind her. Once through the door, Eris notices that the ground here is soft. She smirks and forces a sheet of crystal through, pinning the door shut whether the other girls followed her or not.

Marcus manages to get into the duct just before Kera sets off her little bit of power, seeing the light flash from behind him he says, "Damn, what a mess." He climbs through the ducts till he reaches a end that leads outside, kicking out the vent and jumping to the ground below, he gets running out just in time to see Ash take off and Eris bolting the door shut, he says, "You know they're gonna be pissed." He runs across the street to a nearby building, running straight up the wall to it's roof.

After the biggest burst of disco light probably.. ever. The officers are left rubbing the blindness from their eyes. Kera runs off after Eris, the girl giggling while she slips past the officers, scooting and circling around them as if she were playing a game of Marco Polo in the pool. "This is kinda fun!" she tells the woman as she exits behind her, the door ending up pinned shut by the crystals, "Ooh! That's really pretty! Is that your power?"

Marcus reaches the roof of the small building and glances back down to the warehouse where Eris and Kera are, just watching them for now to see if he needs to stick around and make sure one or either gets away.

"Hm? Oh, right. I should really be getting home." Kera nods affirmativly. "Daddy will probably be getting worried. I think I'll walk, seems nice enough out. I'm throwing an event on Wednesday to help restore the park that was damaged last week. Maybe I'll see you there. Take care though!" she waves cheerily to Eris before casually making her way down the street.

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