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Summary: Kera visits Dax at ‘Club Seal’. They discuss the events of the previous night and dance for a short while.

Date: May 20, 2009

Return to Club Seal

Rating: PG

Club Seal

Club Seal is one of the more popular night clubs in the University District. The club is divided into several sections. In the first room there is one massive bar that takes up an entire half of the room. Along the wall opposite from this bar are a few tables and booths for patrons to sit around. There is a stairway to the left which leads up to the second floor. On this floor there is a smaller bar and some pool tables. The room has sound insulation to keep the loud music from the dance floor from interrupting conversations, though there is a door leading to a balcony where you can look down at the dance floor below.

The dance floor itself is a massive room. There is a bar on either end of the room, each adorned with various LED and strobe devices. The middle area is a massive dance floor with a few small raised platforms for dancing. There is a disco-ball and several lasers and fog machines hanging from the ceiling. In the back of the room is a small stairwell leading up to a glass-windowed room that houses the DJ Box. The wall beneath this room is covered in mirrors.

Club Seal is known for its non-judgmental demeanor. It is known to have a mostly-gay clientele, but through efforts of the staff this club has opened up to many other groups of people. This club has come to be known as a safe place for mutants to go, and by looking around one can see that even a few of the staff members are obvious mutants. Though the club still has many gay patrons, it is no longer considered to be a club only for LGBT individuals.

Monday night is College ID night! College students get in free of charge with their University ID. Those under 21 are marked with black X’s and those over 21 are given bracelets so that the bartenders know who is legally allowed to be served.

The night is still early here at 'Club Seal', the premier gay bar of Seattle. A few people have shown up to drink a bit during the club's regular 'Happy Hour' special. Girls get 1/2 off all mixed drinks, one of the new promotions to try and open the club up to a broader popularion. The main bar has a few people sitting at it, but most of the patrons appear to be college students sitting around the tables together. The dance floor is mostly deserted, and the music is turned down much further than it usually is. Once it gets a bit later, the speakers will be pumping a steady stream of deafening techno.

Dax is currently standing behind the main bar. He's wearing his usual tight jeans and black shirt, and he's still wearing those rave goggles over his eyes. He appears to be having a slight argument with the other bartender, if not he is at least quite annoyed with him. He stops bantering with the other tender to get a girl a few drinks.

Returning to the bar from the previous night on account that she was unable to enjoy the experience of the bar, Kera returns for a night out on the town. This being a milestone in her plan, her first time going out to a bar in America, and her first gay bar at that! Her domestic partnership father actually encouraged her to stick to going to gay bars. For one thing, she probably has ALOT of fans there, so she would more than likely make alot of friends there. And the main reason being.. no threat of boys being… disrespectful.

Passing the doorman, she steps inside with a rather bright smile on her face, and she looks fantastic. Dressed for the club in an amazing pink dress, her hair done up, pink lipstick and gloss, going with the rest of her make-up. She is approched by one of the patrons who dramatically gasps.

"Oh my god! You're a dead ringer! Are you doing a show somewhere." the guy asks her.

"I am? Well thank you! Mmm.. no I'm not due for a show yet, until my first video shoot. I can't wait! It's totally exciting!" the girl bounces a bit. The guy pauses, blinks and turns totally white.

" god! You're— You're really…" after a few moments he turns and runs off, "Ryan! Oh my god!" This leaves Kera just smiling, wandering over toward the bar.

"People are so fun here.." she comments to herself.

The guy Dax is bickering with seems to continue pestering him for a few minutes. Dax waves him off and continues getting drinks for some of the other patrons. He knows a couple pouring tricks, but nothing that will land him a job in Vegas or anything. The other bartender seems to not be letting up and just as Dax turns to say something back to him one of the regulars runs up and starts screaching something at him about a 'Pop Star'. Dax turns to see who he was talking about and notices Kera. He smiles and waves her over to the bar.

She recognizes a familiar face, who is her main reason for showing up tonight. Bringing her here unconsious to recover perked her interest in returning. She smiles and gives a wide, excited wave to Dax, heading over to the bar and leaning forward onto it, "Hey! So you ARE working tonight. I wasn't sure, but I came anyway. Are you doing okay? No injuries or anything?" she leans forward a bit more to peek over him, checking for holes or any other injuries. What she is expecting to see are holes, like a cartoon, but it doesn't look like it.

Dax smiles back at the girl. "Nope, I'm all intact and not filled with tiny meteors. Some of the guys here've been making fun of me for the news appearance last night, but other than that I'm fine." He nods his head toward the other bartender when he mentions they were bugging him. "How're you, though? Glad to see you're up and about. The newsies after you at all for a second interview by chance?" He grabs a glass and a bottle of vodka to pour himself a drink. "You want anything here? On the house fer you."

Just turning twenty-one this year, she is the legal drinking age in the state. Over in England she had already been legal. But Kera isn't much of a drinker at all. Another consious effort to make sure her powers stay in check. "Ummm. I'll take a cherry coke." she decides, after just a few moments of contemplation. "Actually, yeah. I got interviewed early this afternoon. They asked me about what happened. I told them, and then they asked me about you." Uh oh. She doesn't seem like the type of girl to lie.

Dax nods and finishes pouring his vodka sprite and grabs another glass for Kera. "I can MAKE you a cherry coke, but we don't have it on tap." Before waiting to see if that's ok with her, he mixes coke and grenadine together, garnishing with a toothpic umbrella skewering a couple cherries. "There ya go." He shakes his head. "I don't suppose you happened to be concious during my little fib, did ya? I hope they don't come knockin' on this place's door."

She lets her attention wander about the bar while he mixes the drink, "Hm?" she turns back toward him, "Fib? You told a fib?" she doesn't look as if she recalls. "Oh, they said something really strange. They told me you were my cousin…" her face just looks a little confused, making it uncertain what her next reaction will be. Will she go off on him? "That is about the most fantastic news I've gotten in a while!" she exclaims happily. "I was adopted at birth, my mom is Lily Markland, deceased singer of—" she hesitates, listening to the music. The woman singing the club song currently is actually a popular deceased artist named Lily. She's pretty mainstream. "Hey! This is one of her songs here! Awesome! It's so exciting that I get here, and I meet my cousin and don't even know it." Is she serious?

Dax sighs and shakes his head. Really? "Well…No…" He stops to listen to the song as well. "Well, yes. I know of this song. Not one of my remixes, but I like the artist." He lies. He actually hates this song, but he doesn't want to insult this woman's dead mother. "I told them that I was your cousin and that some mysterious other mutant saved us from the meteor storm so that they would not suspect either of us as being mutants. I would have done something else, but we were live on camera and it's all i could think of." He shakes his head. "But no, I'm not really your cousin."

She goes through a wide variaty of emotions within seconds. Her smile drops to a questioning expression, then confused and then one of disapointment. "You.. told them that? But.. why would you lie? I thought you were a good guy." That face she is making right now, anyone with a heart might get an 'ouch' on their soul. It's like the first time you tell a child that Santa Claus doesn't exist. "I told them the truth.. They asked me if I remembered what happened when I woke up. I told them that I didn't, I had gone unconsious before the storm stopped." Which is true. Seems like they asked the right questions, and didn't get her to spill anything incriminating. After saying this, she silent just wraps her lips on her straw and drinks her soda.

Dax drums his fingers on the bartop for a few minutes as he listens to Kera speak. "Well I had to tell them something, and I was not about to tell them that…" He leans in closer. Not that the other people at the bar don't know he's a mutant, but who knows who's around. "I wasn't going to tell them that we're mutants. Especially not on live TV. You should see what happens to mutants around here. Kidnappings, murders, you name it." He shakes his head. "And they asked if you were my girlfriend. I couldn't say yes, too many people know me from this club and know I don't date girls…So I said we were second cousins removed by marriage or some shit. Seemed like the best course of action."

She hesitates and gives Dax an odd look, "Why.. wouldn't we want to let people know we're mutants?" her tone would indicate that she generally doesn't see what the big deal about it is. "I mean, I was told by daddy that I shouldn't go around, telling about my powers but, I didn't know that crime was so high around here. Those poor broken people don't have anyway to defend themselves. To think that they would get murdered, or kidnapped is just…" she purses her lips together and closes her eyes tight. Shaking her head to dispell the images. Suddenly, she shoots her eyes open and looks back to Dax, expression completly changed, "Hey! Do you wanna dance?!" she switches gears entirely. Putting the bad thoughts behind her. On to more fun things!

Dax shakes his head. "Yes, the crime around here is pretty bad when it comes to mutants. The general population fears us and can't be trusted. You're a fairly well known face around here. You go on TV and say you're a mutant and some crazy's likely to come after you eventually." He sighs and ponders for a moment. "Wait…The broken people? As in their spirit's broken from oppression, right? Not like they're broken for having abilities?" He listens to the song for a moment. Aqua? Someone's getting fired. "Um…Maybe in a sec. I hate this song."

She was already on her way to the dancefloor. Aqua is a rather excellent song for her. One of the more heavier beat songs, it provides her with plenty of sound to convert over to usuable energy. She pauses to look back at him, "Hm? Well of course! Broken meaning that they can't use there powers! There are alot of broken people in the world, and it's usually better not to remind them about it. Don't want to make them sad or anything." she shrugs her shoulder, giving Dax a 'don't be silly' gesture as she heads over onto the dancefloor, right infront of the speaker infact.

Dax isn't quite sure what to think about that last comment. He shrugs his shoulders and watches Kera go out and start dancing to the terrible music. Dax downs the rest of his drink and says something to the other bartender before leaving the bar area. He runs up a small set of stairs into the DJ booth and sits down. The glow of a computer screen can be seen reflected in his goggles as he works on something up there. After a few minutes the 'Aqua' fades into silence and a new song fades in. It's some sort of hard techno, probably German or Russian. A few of the people in the bar area perk up and run out to the dance floor. Sure it's a bit early for Dax to start up the dance floor, but that pop was just too much for him. He sets up a particularly long playlist and heads back out onto the dance floor.

Whatever the music, Kera doesn't seem to mind the change. She just keeps dancing, soaking in the sound and moving across the floor. Her reception is pretty friendly, as the guy who encountered her earlier finds her out there again, this time with his group of friends. The group exchanges introductions and even hugs as if long time friends, much to Kera's enjoyment. Why they are excited to meet England's equivelant to American Idol, she is just excited to be meeting new people, period. So she dances with them, looking around and spotting Dax on his way over and waving him over. This bright and carefree girl is the same one that spoke about controling meteor showers and having power over cosmic occurances. Not to mention the one that seemed to transform into a small galaxy later on!

Dax amkes it over to the small crowd that Kera has attracted and exchanges a few hugs of his own. He may not be as globally popular as Kera, but in the clubs of Seattle DJ Dax is a pretty popular individual. Strangely, Dax seems a little surprised when one of the other bargoers mentions somethig about Kera's fame. He knew that the news folk had recognized her, but he thought little of it. He looks back over to Kera. "Never mentioned you were THAT famous, you know." Granted she was kind of busy trying to save them from being pelted by meteors when they last met.

"Huh?" she calls over the music, "Famous? Well.. yeah, I won the contest, but that was in England and I'm just a singer really." Only partially correct, she is a performer. Obviously one to not let said fame go to her head, or perhaps she is just ignorant to the actual power that fame could have. Ignorance seems to be a general reoccuring theme for her. "Oh! You know what? I was thinking, when my album drops, I was wondering if you'd remix a song for me? Ooh! I know!" she turns to him with a little bounce, "You should totally be on my label! Oh yay, yes! That's perfect! Please, please say you'll DJ on my label?" she reaches to tug on the front of Dax's shirt, pleading almost cutely.

Dax has never actually seen this show and has never seen Kera perform or even heard one of her songs. He shrugs "I…uh…Sure. I suppose I could remix a copy of one of your songs if you could get me some copies." He ponders that for a moment. If he can actually get on her lable it might open up a few doors for him. He sells his CDs locally in this club, but if he were given a way to export his music around the world, Dax could move on to some of the bigger clubs, maybe even go on tour. He smiles at the thought of that. "I'd be happy to try if they'd let me."

"Yay!" she tosses her hands up in the air in excitement before she jumps and gives Dax a quick hug. A cluster of photons quickly shoots up from the vicinity in this process, rising upward to the ceiling and then shattering into a confetti-like shower of brilliant light particles, making the crowd cheer and get worked up a little more to the music. Several comments coming from some of the people on the dancefloor commenting on how impressed they are with the bar's new light system. Kera looks up at the falling specks of light that eventually just vanish away once they reach the heads of the dancers. "Oh. I didn't even realize I had— Oh well, it's pretty!" she beams.

Dax tenses up at the hug. He's not the touchy feely type when it comes to people he barely knows. Looking upm at the sparkles he grins, waving a hand dismissively toward Kera. "Eh, don't worry about it. This place has a prety young and liberal crowd. A lot of our kind frequent and work here." He shrugs once more. "Haven't had any troubles yet. I'd pitty anyone who tried anything here, though."

"I just hope that we don't have another meteor shower" Kera starts to move a little again, sorta taken by the music. But what are the chances of a meteor shower happening twice? "Normally, I get one or two falling stars in my backyard over a few months, but that was the first meteor shower I've ever had happen." Answers that question… Kera doesn't move like a normal club going girl. She has rhythm and looks as if she might have some talent there too. "So.. do you have a boyfriend?" Kera just asks flat out of the blue, "My daddies wanted to know about you. They said that you would probably make a good friend to hang out with here in Seattle."

Dax frowns at the thought of a meteor shower happening in his club. He smirks "Well try not to have any of that happen here. I don't think our insurance covers astral anomalies." He chuckles. "Do I? No. I had a boyfriend back in college, but nothing serious since. The people around here just aren't my type I guess." He pauses for a moment. "Daddies? You mentioned that before. Are your fathers…together? Or is one like a step father or something?"

"Uh huh!" she anounces with a sense of pride, "See, they met in England, and were living there when one day, a faling star crashed into an airplane, causing a terrible wreck, My mother was actually on that flight, and so was I. Well my daddies went to investigate, and they found that I was the only survivr, so they adopted me. Least, that's what they tell me. Sorta sounds like the plot from a movie, doesn't it?" the girl wrinkles her nose casually.

Dax quirks a brow, which may look odd since he's still wearing those goggles. "That does sound slightly like the plot of a sci-fi movie, but stranger things have happened I suppose." He shrugs once more and tips his head. The music he's playing has a few more tracks programmed into it before he'll need to return to the DJ box, after which time it will actually be time for him to start the regularly scheduled rave. "So how you like the club? We're trying to get it to be more all-encompassing and less of a 'strictly gays' type of bar."

Kera's experience with such things is very minamal at best, so any club right now is appealing to her, "It's fantastic!" she exclaims, "I've only been to a club once or twice. My powers sorta thrive on it. See.. I absorb the sonic vibrations around me, and convert it into the energy I need to control my powers. Which, is what I didn't have enough of lastnight. If I get too empty… well you have seen what happens. So places like this are probably something I should be doing every night. Like excersise!" Might explain her natural gravitation for music and singing.

Dax nods. "Alright, well I'll keep it in mind that whenever you stop by I should play something extremely loud to charge you up in case some sort of galactic storm occurs again, then you can save us all." He perks up once more. The songs are coming to a close. "Hmmm…I'll need to get back to the box shortly, this mix is going to end soonish. Feel free to stick around, though. I'll be starting up all the lights and fog machines."

That actually makes her stop to think for a moment, "Yeah… I suppose I could." her hesitation would indicate that there is something wrong, judging by the zoned out, contemplative stare on her face. "Um. About that. I'd rather that people didn't like, look for me to jump and save them all the time. The less I have to use my powers, the better. I'm not a hero, not like you are. I'm just there." with a small smile, that explaination makes perfect sense in her head, but it is obviously missing some information to actually make complete sense to other people, But she doesn't dwell on it too much, "Yeah, I should probably get back home. I just wanted to come and take a look at the place when it was busy. I can probably stay longer tomorrow!"

Dax tips his head at the girl. He's about to ask her further and protest his status as a hero, but that song is close to ending. "Um…Ok, remind me to have you clarify at a later date. Right now I need to go get this rave started." He looks back to the DJ box. "Well obviously you can stay as long as you want, and feel free to come back whenever." He nods and waves to the girl. "See you soon I hope?" He begins to head back toward the DJ booth.

"Okay! Have fun!" she waves to him, "Oh! I'll get you a copy of my first single, and I'll talk to the company about putting you on the label!" she hollars out to him over the music. It's hard talking to someone's back as it is. The loudness making it that much more of a situation. However, as she yells this, several of the patrons gasp dramatically thinking how cool it is that the DJ of their bar is gonna be put on an upcoming label. Kera tosses Dax a final wave before she goes back to dancing with the guys again. They appear to be showing off a little however, probably trying to get a spot as a back-up dancer.

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