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Summary: Daniel and Raikov try to convince Kera to try and end the electro-magnetic storm.

Date: June 22, 2009


Rating: G

Savalion Estate

This room holds the predominate amount of living space in the estate by the looks of it. The room, hewn of stratified stone lain in long, wide slabs, ride up the walls a good 20 feet up in almost seamless line and fit. They lead to a wood trussed roof which arches over the room almost like in a cathedral, several pilings flowing up against the wall to support the beams of wood firmly.

The furnishings are sparse, but elegant. A living room is set up, with plush couches set across from coffee tables, lit by warm candles on stands perched on lamptables. A small library sits ensconced in one corner, several windows reflecting a warm glow on the area, grand fireplace nearby to lend the spot a cozy warmth to enjoy a book or a chat. An open-ended kitchen stands ready for use by anyone, pots, pans and utensils waiting for the touch of a cook. Adjacent to this, by a set of full-length windows that stands out incongruously to the stone wall slabs is the dining area, a simple wooden table of sizable dimension, places already set. A small hallway down the center of the far wall leads onwards into the estate, while a stairwell winds it's way up one wall, leading to a balcony level that travels to another room raised above the greatroom floor.

A quiet evening, relatively speaking, around the Estate now that no more help is being offered.. which comes as something of a shock to Daniel, who walks along, pulling his usual red cart full of water bottles along to donate to the aid effort. He stands there for a moment, looking confused and disappointed.. but then seems to come to a decision, and continues on to the front door of the Estate, knocking on it firmly and calling out. "Hello! Kera? Anyone home?"

After a few moments, the door opens just slightly, and Kera peeks out from the inside to see who is just standing there. "Oh. Daniel.." she comments, though not in her usual uppity manner. And she doesn't quite open the door further either. "Um.. if you're dropping off water, you can just leave it over in the courtyard. The relief crew comes by regularly to drop off supplies." Something about her certainly seems a bit distant.

Daniel smiles weakly, but hopefully, at Kera. "Well, yes, I brought some extra water, was hoping to help with the cooking as well for the volunteers as usual..", he begins, then glances about. "But, uhm.. you seem to have shut that down..", he says, and then his voice softens. "I also wanted to talk to you, if you don't mind? I get the feeling you've been having a rough time lately.."

"They all went back to the outside of the dead zone." she tells him, and the large courtyard of the estate reflects just that. The tables and the boxes have all be taken down and cleared out. "It's just me and my fathers here right now.." she turns and looks back into the estate for a moment, "I'm trying to convince them to leave out past the dead zone, but they're not budging." she then steps back and opens the door, "Bur you can come in if you like."

Daniel looks disappointed at the news about the volunteers, but he nods, stepping inside as invited. "Did.. they tell you why they're not leaving? Your fathers?", he asks, curious, pausing only to pick up a couple of water bottles. He stuffs one into his backpack, and uncorks the other one, taking a quick swig of water as he watches the young beauty curiously.

Judging from the rumors he'd heard, this is where General Raikov believes Kera lives. And judging from what he has been able to piece together, she is the mutant who caused this electromagnetic storm. He looks up the driveway to the estate and begins walking toward the door. He would like to see if she has been able to make any progress recently. He received word recently that if the city is not returned to normalcy within two weeks he will have to evacuate all civilians.

Kera is letting Daniel in her front door as the General arrives. "They said they don't want to leave me here." she tells him as he steps inside. The girl pauses, stopping just as she is about to close it and looking at who else has arrived, peering with almost a light frown. "Did.. you bring company?" she turns to ask Daniel.

Daniel frowns lightly at her first answer. "Can't blame them..", he murmurs, and parts his lips to say something more, when Kera's question stops him. "… no, I work alone, out of neccesity.", he says, and turns back to peer at the approaching man. He blinks in recognition. "That's.. the army guy.. the General, if I'm not mistaken, I saw him out by the ferry the other day, helped me walk a girl home.. What's he doing here?", he wonders, and glances at Kera, then back at the approaching General.

The General smiles warmly as he approaches the steps, stopping at the base of them before progressing further. He does not want to impose if Kera would prefer he not be here. "Good evening." He nods to the two, having met them both on prior occasions. The General only suspects each of them of being mutants, so he decides not to get into any of that quite yet. "I would like to speak with the professor of this estate, if I could." He looks at Kera, "And perhaps we should speak about some things as well." He says nothing directly to Daniel, but he offers a warm smile.

"I don't know…" she tells Daniel, the girl moves to step out of her door, putting herself between Daniel and the General, just in case. She doesn't really greet him with her usual smile, the girl's expression seems a little defeated and plain if anything. "Which one? The geneticist or the astrophysicist? They're both a bit busy right now, but.. I guess I'm available to talk." she looks back at Daniel for a moment, "But if you're here to pressure me to fix the city too, then I will save you the trouble.. I'm leaving it to nature, and just letting it return to normal after 1024 years." she informs. The girl is obviously not herself.

Daniel nods and returns the General's smile, having nothing against the man, and, if anything, seeing him as one of the few remaining forces for some semblance of good and order in the city. But when Kera speaks, he raises his eyebrows, seeming surprised at her last words. "You.. have the power to fix the city?", he asks, looking at Kera in a sort of wonder.. he didn't know up until that moment whether Eris spoke the truth or not during the bear incident, but now.. well, we'll focus on the harm she's done later, right now, though.. "… why?", he adds, after a moment. "If you can fix it.. if you can end so much suffering.. then.. why won't you?"

The General frowns. So it was true, this girl is the source of the problem, and the cure. "The astrophysicist, but that can wait if he is busy." He removes his hat and runs a hand through his hair. "Your friend is right, why would you allow people to suffer if you have the means to stop it? If you are afraid of accidentally causing more harm, I would suggest speaking with our scientists, they may be able to assist you in…Your calculations." He assumes there is some math involved in this. "We also have several psych…Guidance councilors at our base, if you need someone to speak with."

She turns to look at Daniel, and her expression drops at his words, "You too.." she whispers. "There you go again.. all of you. Looking; waiting.. just waiting and praying for someone to save you. To return the one thing we have all become so dependant upon. People only suffer because they make themselves suffer. When things went so terribly wrong initially, just what did everyone do? After the initial confusion and chaos? How many are still out there doing terrible things to others? Things they wouldn't have done had this never have happened, but are using this as an excuse to act upon their true heart's desires?" she looks between Daniel and Raikov, "What condition was the world in before this happened? What condition is the world like outside of the dead zone? The dead zone seems to have simply shown the truth in people. I'm no hero, and I know you both think just that about me. Somewhere inside you hate me for what happened. So then stop looking for me to save you. Because.. what very little I have seen and gotten to know about human nature in mass? I don't really think I like…And.. I'm not sure it really deserves to be saved.."

Daniel sighs, deeply, listening to Kera speak. "I'm sorry, Kera.. but you're wrong. First of all.. not everyone has been just sitting around waiting and hoping for things to get better, some of us are actually doing all we can to help. You know everything I've been doing, I don't think I've slept in a week.. and if I have to keep doing this for the next thousand years, I will. The General here either.. he's fighting to keep order here, but it's not easy, for anyone.", he says, and then shakes his head. "Yeah.. there's a lot of darkness out there.. I see it every day and night I'm out there.. I've been shot at, attacked, had people try to steal the food and supplies I bring to others.. but that's not all there is. There's others out there, others like me, who are using their strengths to *help*. And I'm not just talking about people with powers or without them.. I've seen entire apartment buildings organizing themselves to provide for the weakest among them, people sacrificing themselves for the good of others every single day.. Each one doing whatever little they can. Do they pray for a hero, for someone to fix this? Of course they do. But that doesn't mean they're sitting on their asses doing nothing else, Kera. Don't confuse lack of power, with weakness.", he says, firmly. "I don't know what things you've seen.. but it's obvious to me you haven't seen enough, if you're willing to abandon it all, Kera. If it's true the dead zone has shown the truth in people, then you're not looking deep enough. You're right, you're not a hero.. the heroes are the normal folks out there every day working the soup lines and bringing blankets to the elderly and trying their damnedest to survive in a situation none of them asked for.", he says, and then sighs, and looks down. "And what about the innocents? The children, the elderly, those who have no *choice* but to depend on others? Should they suffer, should they die, merely because *others* don't meet *your* standards of good and evil?", he adds, and then looks up at Kera. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound like I'm attacking you. I'm not. In the end, this is your choice, I suppose, and if you're as powerful as you seem to be? I don't think I, or the General, or anyone could really *force* you to do anything you didn't want. But it seems to me, you're making the wrong choice, for the wrong reasons, choosing to see only the darkness you've brought about.. so focused on that, that you can't notice the rays of light that you've revealed as well."

The General frowns at Kera's comment, but perks slightly at Daniel's speech. This kid could be in politics, very well thought out. He nods in agreement and adds his own argument. "We do all hope for you to fix the problem here. We hope you will fix it because we hope that you are willing to take responsibility for what has taken place in the city. Yes, things got out of hand after the power went out. That's because we could not maintain order without communication." The general shakes his head. "Not everyone is bad, my dear. Are you going to let the kind and gentle suffer because we are unable to locate and stop the wicked?" He replaces his hat. "It is my job to ensure the safety of everyone in this city, and I have done my best to do so. I did not give up because things were hard. I used my resources to help people because it is the responsibility of people with the ability to help people to do so." The General motions toward the house. "Your parents, what do they think? I know they have been trying to help with the situation. Do you think they are stupid for wanting to help? Do you think their efforts are a waste of time?" He sighs. "And besides, it's not like people will remain in this city. If things are not fixed soon there will be a mandatory evacuation of the city."

"Stop it!" she brings her hands up to the sides of her head, then drops down to her knees, wrapping her arms around her stomach, "Just stop it. I don't want this.. I didn't ask for these powers, and I didn't mean for this to happen. I just.. want to live." she shakes her head, "Why does everyone think I have the power to fix this? I keep saying that I'm not strong enough. This… this all happened because I lost control. Control I never had in the first place. Just because I know how to fix it, doesn't mean I have the power to do it right now. No amount of calculations, planning, wishing or pressuring me is going to make me able to do it. I'm just not strong enough.. No one will help me get stronger, the just.. keep pushing me.."

Daniel winces as Kera drops to her knees, instinctively reaching out to help.. but he stops himself, and simply kneels down to try and meet her eyes. "No one will help you get stronger? Have you asked? Listen.. Kera.. I.. I know what it's like to not be strong enough to fix things.. to lose control and have it end.. terribly. Trust me, please, when I say I know that all too well." He pauses a moment. "I'm not going to ask you to fix this. You said it yourself: you can't. At least, not right now. But, if you ask for it.. I'll do whatever I can to help you get stronger. What you do with that strength is up to you. I promise not to push or ask you to fix things again.. just.. let me help. Let me show you there's more to this blackout than darkness. That's all. Maybe you'll never be strong enough to fix this. I know I'll never be strong enough to fix *my* mistake. But maybe you can be strong enough to.. help?", he says, smiling weakly, but hopefully. "Maybe this won't ever be fixed, but.. we made a good team, with the bear, remember? We saved people, good, innocent people, that day. Maybe we can work together again? I'm not asking you to be a hero, to fix things.. just.. help. It's all any of us can ever do."

The General listens to the two, stepping forward as if meaning to stop the gril from falling, but he too stops himself. He stands there and folds his arms behind his back, watching the two. "What he says is right, of course. I am sure there are many who would help you if only you asked for it. I would suggest going to the night club near the university. There are many mutants there who may be able to help you." He smiles weakly, "And though I do not know of any mutants in my division, I am sure some of my specialists can be of at least some help." He lowers his gaze for a moment, "I cannot pretend to know what you are going through, Kera, but I am not unfamiliar with it. Many people do not know this, but my own sister is a mutant. One who used to hurt people without meaning to. But we worked hard together, she and I. Now she is able to live happily without fear of harming others." He smiles weakly, "It is hard, and it takes time. But if you are willing to try hard enough then eventually you may no longer have to fear your abilities."

"A singularity is a powerful phenomenon. It is within my power to open one, but not within the scope of it. I have tried practicing every day but.. I've been pressured so much that.. I just don't believe I can do it anymore." she brings herself to sit up on her legs, and then back against the lower stair of the estate. "Everything is set, I know just what has to be done, I just.. lack the power." she looks up at Daniel and Raikov, "And the fact that there are people out there who don't want me to use my powers at all…"

I'm going to have to pick up a popsci book on astrophysics just to keep up with you, but.. I noticed you didn't say no. I'll leave it at that. Listen.. a lot of mutants have powers that could be incredibly dangerous if they get out of control. And there will always be people who believe they simply shouldn't use those powers.. but.. everything has a use. A purpose.. and that purpose depends on what we do with it.", he says, and then starts to stand. "I should get back to my rounds.. there's a few folks out there who are kind of.. nocturnal. I help bring them food.. I'm one of the few that can. And you probably want some time to yourself. But.. if it's alright with you, I'll drop by again tomorrow? Just to chat, if you want?"

The General nods at the two of them. "I am sure you can do it given time. Perhaps you have been trying too hard lately? Maybe take a few days to rest, speak to a few people, see if they have any suggestions for you. There may be something you have not yet thought of." What could that be? Raikov doesn't know. He's a General, not an astrophysicist. He smiles at the two of them. "I also should be going, I need to get back to the base. I can come and speak to your father some other time.

Kera looks up, and she starts to speak, but it is at that moment that a Japanese man, dressed in a lab coat emerges from the doorway and blinks as he sees his daughter on the ground, looking distraught, with two males in front of her. He starts spouting off some really insistent loud things in Japanese, rushing down the stairs and tossing both of the guys the 'shoo' hand as he reaches down to retrieve Kera by her arm, as if she were a child in danger. Kera blinks and starts speaking back at him in Japanese, pleading, but that only starts an argument as he ushers her into the estate.

Daniel stands, and looks to the general. "Hey.. thanks. Again. You probably don't get thanked a lot.. nature of the job. So.. thanks. And.. if there's ever anything I can do.. Well.. I'm around. Come find me.", he says, with a warm, but tired, smile. He probably wasn't kidding about the whole 'no sleep in a week' thing, considering how tired he looks. He turns back to say something more to Kera, but then she's being ushered away, and he smiles a bit sadly, but lets himself be shooed, not wanting to aggravate either Kera or her father if he can avoid it. "Tomorrow!", he mouths at Kera, and then chuckles, walking back to his cart full o' water bottles once he's outside the Estate.

The General smiles at Daniel and nods. "I do not do this job for the thanks, but I appreciate your gratitude. And remember, I have many men who can help you should you need it. Stop by and rest. I'm sure you can find others to do some of your work for you." The General smiles as the Japanese man comes out and starts shooing them away. He puts up his hands and begins to back away, speaking to Daniel as he does so. "One of my tech specialists used to work at a zoo. She can take care of that bear for you, so there's one less thing at least." He turns and begins to head back toward camp. "Remember, stop by whenever you need anything."

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