Rescuing The Black Demon


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Summary: Dax, Dusty, Gwen, Kera, and Mary rescue a mysterious scary mutant from a group of anti-mutant activists.

Date: May 30, 2009

Rescuing the Black Demon

Rating: PG-13

Union Park

Union park is yet another well-developed and pleasant entertainment place within town for one to go to and spend time in. The park itself is rather large and housing several attractions for an individual to browse themselves with. It holds a large playground for kids as well as benches for parents to watch them play in. Also within the park is a long jogging trail as well as a pond and several picnic areas to sit oneself down at. There's also a couple of barbecue and fire pits in which a person, or group of people can hold a party at in the outdoors.

The area is lush green and full of life. Various trees, shrubbery and flowers litter the area as they add to the attractiveness of the place. A couple of shady spots can be found to hide away from the heat of the sun, or to bask under the silvery glow of the moon and starlight at night. There's also an abundance of wildlife here, varying from squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and even opossums. It's not all too uncommon to see people lounging about the area, either having a picnic, party or simply taking the pleasure to exercise on the jogging trails. The area is rather active not only in the daytime, but also at night as well and is monitored by some few security and is kept fairly litter free.

The park is still strangely deserted considering that there isn't much to do without power. The large crater in the middle and strangely twisted trees and play equipment seem to repel people. One man seems un-repelled, in fact he came here specifically to see this. Dax ponders if he knows anyone capable of this kind of damage as he looks down into the crater. Instead of his usual club attire, Dax is wearing a pair of brown pants with a khaki shirt. He still dons his glasses though, never really going out without them.

He looks up suddenly as he hears yelling in the distance followed by a gunshot. He shakes his head and continues around the crater, hoping that whoever it was stays as far away as they sounded. He had heard that this crater was done by a mutant and that since the power outage anti-mutant activity has been on the rise. But Dax has been harboring mutants in his club since this all started and he has yet to find one who could cause such a large amount of damage.

With all the ramping chaos around town, it's not particulary smart for mutants to wander around. Thankfully for Mary, she can easily pass for a human if things don't go haywire. There's just so much time you can spend at your appartment doing practically nothing before you have to move some. The chaos does have some advantages though — the gym was pretty empty today and quiet. Since those machines don't need any electricity…

Two hours later she's off — wandering around to scavenge for some food or anything that could be worth it. Also paying attention to the rumors and any bits of information she can hear… And nothing seems good so far. Clad in a white sport top and black pants, she holds a gym bag in her right hand. Her path back home brings her here. She walks out in the open, not afraid to attract attention, since the light of the day would make it hard to be stealthy around here.

The gun shot causes her to halt and check around of her for a while, making sure it wasn't directed at her. Still… It's never a good sign to hear things like that. When she notices someone's near the crater, Mary arches a brow and she approaches casually, "It's not a good idea to hang around this place, someone might mistake you for a mutant and shoot you on sight," Mary says.

Dax glances up as he hears a voice. Someone he hasn’t met before. He finds it odd that she’s carrying a gym bag. So strange. He gives her a quizzical expression and shakes his head. “For a moment there I thought everything was back to normal…But…” He looks back down into the crater. “No one has a reason to attack me, really. I should be ok for now.” He looks off to where he heard the gunshot. “I really don’t look like a mutant, and I have anything of value on me. Besides, I can take care of myself if I need to.” He looks back at Mary. “Besides, you’re out here, aren’t you? What if someone were to mistake you for a mutant?”

Mary arches a brow, a thin smile spreading on her lips. She actually can't help but laugh a bit. She moves both hands to her side, as if to allow Dax to have a better look at her, "Everything might have broke, but I can still go to the gym.." She gives a shrug and adds, "Beside, it's better to keep yourself occupied that way. I'm still looking for a good place to bath, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.." She says casually. Her intonation makes it hard to know whether or not she was sarcastic on the last part.

Mary adjusts her bag and she says, "Someone walking through is less suspicious than someone looking around this thing," Mary says, gesturing toward the crater. She shrugs and adds, "You never know, there seems to be so much hate around town, any reason seems good to shoot someone,"

Dax shrugs. “I guess you’re right. I just now heard about it from someone who came to…” He pauses and looks at Mary. “Someone I met recently, and I wanted to check this out for myself. I heard this is where the power outage started. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be any clues around here, however. That sucks. You’d think with all the mutants I know, I would be able to find this one.” He watches Mary carefully, watching her reaction to that last sentence. Would she pull a weapon out of that bag or just back away slowly? He’s pretty sure she’s just a normal human, though perhaps a mutant sympathizer.

There is another gunshot, immediately followed by a squirrel falling off a tree, bouncing on the ground a couple of times, rolling and finally falling again, this time into the crater. A few second later, Dusty walks out of behind a bush, carrying the a shotgun (the kind that shoots one small pellet at a time, not deadly for humans, but enough to kill small mammals) in one hand, and a bucket full of dead squirrels and birds in the other. "Anoter bull's eye! That's 50 more points for aunt Dusty!", she exclaims, cheerfully, as she walks towards the crater to collect her prey. While she does so, she takes a look at the low-powered weapon she's carrying. "Too bad that that was the last shot…"

Mary arches a brow and she tilts her head to one side, "You think you can do something to 'fix' this up?" She asks, though her intonation sounds more of disbelief than anything else. Mary frowns and she glances about, "Either you're courageous or suicidal saying you have so many mutant friends," Mary says.

The last 'gunshot' seems close enough from here to cause Mary to shift her stance a bit, to prepare herself. While it didn't sound like a real gunshot (and she knows about that!), it still sounds like a weapon… When Dusty comes out to pick up the dead squirrel though, Mary seems to relax a bit.

Dax’s expression is priceless. He just stands there with his mouth open as he watches the British lady climb down into the crater to add to her bucket of dead squirrels. “Um…” Dax stops whatever he was about to say. There is another gunshot and the yelling seems a bit closer, but it still seems far enough away not to be too much of a concern. “Man, the army’s better hurry up and get here soon or we’re never gonna get this city back to normal.” He looks back down at Dusty. “Um…Who all you gonna feed with those? It’s not like you can refrigerate them.”

Dusty hunches over to collect the last squirrel and toss it into the bucket. "Oh, don't mind the refrigeration, they'll be gone before supper. These are meant to feed the whole Wildenmore-Higgins estate: Milord, Milady, servants and the estate staff. We'll probably roast them, or cook them on a spit, or maybe make tiny little meat rolls, with just a spot of salvia on them." She looks up and taps her chin. "Well, considering how Murchadh seems to be showing the symptoms of withdrawals, I'll bet you five quids that he'll call dibs on thir entrails to make tiny squirrel haggis."

Mary arches a brow and stares at Dusty for a moment. Killing squirrels for survival was a good idea, but she's surprised by the answer, "Really? I'd expect the wealthier people to have gotten out of here," Mary says. She shrugs though, before turning her attention back to Dax, "I sure hope so, before it gets even more chaotic. Wonder why it's taking so long, but without anyway to hear about the outside world it's a little dificult to know.."

Why did she even come back here? This would be the place where it all began, and bad things always seem to happen to Kera in parks. Seriously, not one good park going experience since she has been here. No picnics, romantic run-ins, memorable moments or anything. Just tragedy and disaster. So why is she here again? Noooo one knows but there is, not in costume so most likely she isn't using her powers or policing the area. She carries with her a box of some sort, carting it through the more safe paths of no-power.

No full pumping water, people having to bath off the bank or get buckets of water to bathe elsewhere. Bathing in clothes. So much fun. The Criminologist moves into the park, the strap unbuttoned over her pistol, and in general, Gwen looks.. disheveled, but with wet hair. Her clothes are slightly torn here and there- none of the police officers look to be in a complete bill of appearance.

"Why would you bet squids? And how do you make squirrel…Kera!" He sees the girl and waves to her, glad to see she's ok. "Sorry I didn't show up for your CD launch party, but…well it seems the apocalypse has struck." He shrugs and notices yet another person. This park is just teaming with females…And Dax. "But…" Dax stops saying whatever he was about to say and stares at something behind Kera. Something is running toward the group. It looks like a large dog…No, too big, but running like a dog. Maybe a bear? A black bear with long ears? It's a…"Werewolf?" Dax just stares at the creature in disbelief. No, it's not a werewolf. It has rabbit ears…Or something.

The being is tall and extremely thin. Its body is covered in black fur, except for the insides of its ears, the tuft of its tail, and the pads on its feet, which are dark green in color. Its face resembles that of a large carnivorous mammal, like that of a dog or hyena. Its eyes have a bright green ring surrounding a large black pupil, they emit a faint glow when it passes through a shadow. The ears are immense and resemble those of a rabbit or kangaroo, though the ears appear disproportionately large compared to the size of the creature's head. Its hands and feet have short, dulled claws like those of a dog, and its hind feet appear lengthened at the heel so that the creature walks on its toes. It possesses a tail with a tuft of fur at the end, like that of a lion but not quite as slender.

Whatever it is, it's running right toward the group of them. Dax holds up his hands in self defense as it approaches, but the creature seems to have just noticed him and turns quickly, running at a tangent. Whatever it is, it's running away from something, not toward the three of them. And what it is running from becomes apparent as a group of about ten humans with pipes and crowbars come into view, shouting things like "Kill it! Get that mutant bastard!" One of them has a small handgun, that must have been what the yelling was before. The one with the gun takes aim at the beast and fires, missing by a large distance. Apparently this guy is a terrible shot.

Dusty comments, "Not squids, quids. It's… pounds? Jargon for a unit of currency? It's… EEEK!" She ducks down, back against the crater's wall, her bucket clanging as it hits it. A couple of dead animals fall off in the process. "Gor blimey, a mutant carnivorous rabbit thing! Like in that Monty Python movie! He'll kill us, he'll kill us all! We're done for! Pining for the fjords! Passed on! Are no more! Ceased to be! Expired and gone to meet our maker! We're stiffs! Bereft of life! We rest in peace! Pushing up daisies! Our metabolic processes are history! Off the twig! We've kicked the bucket! We've shuffled off our mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible!" She looks up with big, large eyes filled with sheer terror, clutching her already ineffective, and now empty weapon. "WE'RE EX-HUMANS!", she says, looking between the other people present at the scene.

"Oh, hi Dax! Yeah, there's a bit of a crisis going on right now. It'll take one-thousand twenty-four years, seven months and.. fourteen days now, for the earth to correct itself. By my calculation.. in theory." she gives a little light shrug, "Unless someone can do something to possibly fix it. I'm working on it! But today I'm gonna making my way past the boundries of the field. Gonna pick up a copy of my CD, then I'll be ba—" Sounds as if she knows a little bit about what's going on, probably more than anyone else might have offered. But she pauses, blinking and looking over to where Dax is looking. Kera's lips purse together and she adopts a frown. Dusty's display causing Kera to give her an actual casual glance. Kera tends to make comments like that sometimes, and she has seen alot of crap within this week to desensitize alot of her reactions to stuff. "It isn't the mutant we have to bother about.." she remarks to Dusty, looking around for someplace to stuff the box she is carrying, tucking it under a nearby bush and sighing. "I really didn't want to do anything today.. I really didn't. Dax? Do you think you could make them stop chasing him? Please? So I don't have to do it?" she looks pleadingly over toward him.

The discussion seems more or less over for Mary. She moves the bag to adjust it on her back, preparing to leave, until she notices the animal-like creature rushing foward the group. Mary quickly shifts her stance, dropping her bag and preparing herself were the beast about to jump on her, but fortunately, it seems that this creature takes another turn and runs away from them… She spares a quick glance over to Dax, since she can't really see Dusty now, "Try not to say anything silly that could get you in trouble,"

Overhearing Kera as Gwen nears, the officer's expression falls. "Are you serious?" She looks skyward and sighs, though the creature starts rushing after them… She pulls out her weapon and sets her stance, aiming at the Anti-Mutant errants as she yells: "Stop!" Yes, the petite woman can bellow. "Stop firing and put down your weapons -now- or I will have no choice but to use force!" .. She's a human protecting mutants. Yes.

Dax is unsure what to do, but he gives Mary a sidelong glance. Right, like he’s just gonna stand by and let a mutant get killed for no reason. He glances at Kera, completely ignoring Dusty’s cries. “I can’t do anything about that gun, and there are allot of the others. I could probably deter a few if they come…” He hears the officer and nods. Alright, well that takes care of the one with the gun. Dax waves his arms and calls out to the creature. “Hey, over here!”

The creature seems to have heard what Gwen yelled to those following him. A large ear swivels toward the group of them as he changes direction again, running toward the group at full speed. He leaps once he gets close enough, landing in all fours in the crater with Dusty. The creature seems a bit beat up, as though maybe he took a few hits from a pipe. He is panting heavily and bleeding from the front leg/arm.

The anti-mutant gang stops for a moment and looks at the cop and the others. “Give us the fucking mutant or we’ll come and take him!” The guy with the gun fires toward Gwen, he apparently doesn’t care that she’s a cop. His aim is still terrible and he ends up hitting a tree to the left of her.

Dusty casts a puzzled glance in the direction Kera's voice seems to come from. "What? But… how? I mean, have you looked at… that… /thing/?" She still cowers in fear for a few more moments, but then it seems like curiosity and just enough confidence to break the grip of fear make Dusty slowly uncurl and stand up a bit, just enough for her eyes and nose to emerge from the rim of the crater (you know, like in that 'Kilroy Was Here' doodle), to look at what is going on outside.

…and that happens just in time for Dusty to see the mutant leap over her. Dusty shrieks, downright terrified, collapses to the ground (turning on herself as she does so), the bucket clanging and losing some small game, while she sits down at the bottom of the crater, back against its wall, staring at the mutant and shaking visibly. Her mouth moves as if she was trying to say something, but the voice failed her.

This is becoming an everyday thing for her. Seems like she carries out her day defending someone from someone else trying to kill, steal or inflict harm on another person. Mutants from humans, humans from mutants.. She has come to no longer take sides, whoever is in need at the time, she will teach the opposing force a harsh lesson if she so needs. As Dax mentions being unable to do anything, Kera gives an exasperated sigh and the girl just leaves.. sorta. She walks off and disappears into the bushes away from the rest of the group. Kera is a pro with clothes, so what she is doing back there won't take her long at all…

Great. A confrontation. Just what they needed here. There's no telling how it might end up, and with some with a gun, odds are it's never good. Not only that, but apparently another person came in to protect the beast that rushed pass. Mary lifts her arms up and she shakes her head a bit. "Look, pal, we haven't done anything, so no need to yell at us or fire at us, we're not stopping you, but I think it's already too late to catch that monster, it got a good distance on you.."

Gwen doesn't flinch when the creature jumps over, but she shifts just slightly, almost wincing as the shot is fired at her. Cop, sure, but… not street cop. She's a damn criminologist! She works in a LAB! Chemist! Scientist! .. With a gun! Sure, she can fire, aim, yell all she wants. But. Yeah. Scientist. She winces at Dusty shrieks, but she keeps her attention on the Anti-Mutant group, gun still aimed. The one that fired at her gets a shot in return- a single shot aimed at the wrist, or at least somewhere on the arm to disarm. "Back off! All of you! Drop your weapons and leave!"

Dax leans over into the crater and looks at the mutant. “Hey, just stay down and we’ll try to handle things, ok? And YOU” He looks over at Dusty. “He just needs some help. Calm down and quit screaming.” Dax stands back up and sees that Kera is…Gone? Shit! Where did she go to now? He looks back at Mary. “They’re not gonna let him go, either help out or get out of here.“ Dax turns to face the approaching group and puts a hand on his glasses. “Ok…No one look at my face unless you want to lose this fight.” He says it just loud enough for those around him to be able to hear. He puts up his glasses and waits for the gang to get close enough.

The creature in the crater folds back his enormous ears and closes his eyes when Dusty screams. “Please don’t do that. I have really sensitive hearing.” He opens his eyes. “I’m not going to hurt you, I just…Why won’t they leave me alone?” He pears up over the rim of the crater, standing on two legs he’s almost eight feet tall including his ears. No wonder they attacked him, he’s a terribly obvious mutant. The creature sinks below the rim again, still panting. He presses a paw to his arm where it appears he has been shot. “I shouldn’t have run over here, now you’re all in danger.”

The man Gwen shot at yells out and grabs his side. She apparently missed slightly. He holds up his own gun and aims it at the woman again, this time actually aiming. He fires but stops running, it seems he’ll fight from the back. The other nine run forward, almost close enough to start attacking. Three have metal pipes, one has a crowbar, and one has a plank of wood. The others appear unarmed.

Dusty goes completely silent and stares, unblinking, when she hears the mutant talk. Two, three, four seconds pass. "…hi. I'm Dusty. Pleased to meet you.", she finally stammers, confused and still scared. Well, if one has to quit screaming and calm down, what is better than a little conversation with the monstruosity in front of you? A little more hesitation follows, during which Dusty bites her lower lip. "Sorry if this might seem a bit tactless and impolite but I hope you'll understand the situation is, well…" Dusty sucks in, holds her breath for a bit, then finally blurts out, "…so you aren't going to eat us?"

Within her box of goodies, Kera has: One costume, colored hairspray, a bandit's mask, a bottle of glitter and one ferret. Yes, one ferret. She is taking her little friend on her journey to the next city. In record time, Kera gets herself into uniform becoming Starborn, Defender of Balance! She kisses the ferret on the head, "Be a good girl, Juliet." the sleeping ferret simply rolling over ontop of her head to sleep. She moves around to the other side to flank the opposing force, jumping out while generating two pulses of energy infront of her palms; microwaves to be exact. "I keep hoping that you earthlings will learn. This world is host to many life forms, most of which were here before you. You have no right to treat another so unfairly." She flings those pulses at some of the more firmly armed members of the the group. Fortunatly, these are just the warning. A two-second burst of the 95 GHz focused millimeter wave heats the skin to a temperature of 130 °F (54 °C) at a depth of 1/64th of an inch (0.4 mm) enoug to make it an intolerable temperature so as to make the targeted person move away. She creates more pulses just as soon as she flings the first two, and these look a liiiitle different. Probably a step up from the first two. "Leave.. now. Do not make me resort to more lethal methods. If you continue, I am afraid I have no choice but to punish you!"

Dax tenses up as two men approach, the wooden plank wielding one coming straight for him. Dax looks between the two, deciding that the one with the plank is the most dangerous of the two also the closer of the two. He turns his full attention to that one, making direct eye contact with him. He turns to face the other, but gets hit pretty hard in the face by that one. He seems slightly confused as well, strange, Dax hadn’t even looked at him yet. Dax wipes his lip and looks this second one in the eye as well. He catches something off to his left. Oh, there’s Kera. And she looks…Ridiculous.

The creature in the hole perks his ears slightly and can’t help but chuckle slightly as the girl asks if he’s going to eat her. “No, I don’t eat people.” He stands again and peers over the rim of the crater. “They’re not going to be able to take out all those angry people. It’s all my fault. I should have run the other way.” He clammors out of the hole, still a bit beaten up but it seems that he has had a chance to catch his breath. The creature lurches forward on two legs, a towering scary thing. He approaches the men near Mary and lets out a rather frightening roar/scream before continuing forward.

The man with the gun drops his weapon. The ones with pipes had been running toward Gwen, preparing to beat the crap out of her. Luckily they start screaming and drop their weapons. It seems that they are not fans of being microwaved. One near her who was unarmed gets shot in the knee, screaming out and falling over. The ones that Dax is facing seem momentarily dazed, giving him a chance to knock them out. And the two left unclipped near Mary hesitate for a moment, looking over at the black thing and then at their fallen comrades before they decide to turn and run back the way they came.

Dusty just stares, unable to say or do much, except covering her ears and instinctively drawing back a bit when the mutant towers and roars. But then, after a while, she blinks and looks around, as if snapping out of a reverie, as if some missing piece fell into place, and the world started to make at least a little sense again. "Oh, gor blimey! What's all this hodgepodge?", she finally manages to exclaim, and collects and puts the fallen squirrels and birds back into her bucket. She stands up to pull another Kilroy, slowly (no sudden movements in front of a dangerous mutant!), glancing back at the mutant just in case every now and then. And she sees all the commotion going on. "I… uh… I…" she finally acts on that 'Get out of here!' she's just heard, and she clambers up and starts to run away from the crater, hunched over.

The man on the ground has all the leissure to recover — Mary's a few steps away from him, glaring at the other two who are standing near by. The way her legs are spread and her arms placed near her waist might give the impression she is a martial artist… And well, by the way she flipped him over might all point to that. "I wouldn't do something stupid if I were you two," Mary tells them as they seem to hesitate.

The thing is, Kera doesn't want to harm these people if she doesn't have to. And she isn't a fighter, so she doesn't jump in to get all physical and fighty with the group. She'll leave that to the experts. But perhaps she can help.. without using her powers. "I will give you all one last warning!" she tells them, "All of you depart, now! If you don't, I'll.. um.. I'll open up another black hole and let it swallow you up!" it is a bluff, but maybe it will work. And to really seal the deal, she concenetrates, making the pulses of energy she is holding start to grow and brighten for added effect.

The officer clenches her teeth, trying to bite back the pain of her wounded shoulder. Its still bleeding in the front, but there isn't a puncture in the back. Bullet's still in there. Damnitall. She starts to back up, getting closer to the Mutants, though the loud roar of the non-human appearing one makes her stumble and she falls down into a one-knee lowered position. As the Anti-Mutants start to back away, she lowers her gun, one hand moving to press against her wound and try to put pressure against the bleeding. Her weight shifts to be more seated, one leg curled, the other stretching out on the ground. This was really a bad time to be reassigned to Seattle…

Dax looks over at Kera with a bit of terror. Another black hole? No way! But he doubts she’ll do it after he’s had a moment to think about it. The two near him snap out of their daze slightly and run off. Dax replaces his glasses and surveys the scene. Everyone seems alive, though that big black mutant was bleeding it looked like. He notices Gwen and rushes over to her. “Hey! Are you alright? Thanks for helping us out.” He bends down to examine her shoulder.

The large mutant falls back on all fours and sits like a dog, looking around at the others. “Thanks allot.” He watches as the group runs off, the one with the busted knee being helped away by his friends. The creature seems to realize that he’s out in the open and makes for the crater again, crawling down below the rim and out of view from anyone on the outskirts of the park.

Kera releases the energy into the air as the threat passes. The pulse shooting up about 20 feet before exploding into a shatter of bright lights that sprinkle down onto the air like a shower of stars. Harmless of course. Kera gives a relieved 'whew' and relaxes, looking over to Dax and the others, "Is everyone okay?" she asks, tilting her head.

Dusty runs like there's no tomorrow, darting towards a way out of the park, any way out, when all of a sudden, BANG! Fireworks. Dusty dives to the ground and slides for a couple of feets, leaving a dent in the ground. A pause. She opens one eye, then the other, then she uncrosses the hands above her head. She gets up and looks down at herself. "Eeeeeeew! Grass stains! These will take forever to.." She turns sideways to the group. Someone looks wounded. What to do? Approach the bunch of mutant-friendly nuts (not quite a pleasant thought), or run off to safety? Well, mutant-friendly or not, a wounded is a wounded…

Dusty sighs. "Oh, bleedin' summer Red Cross training camps I've learnt nothing useful from but philosophical gibberish…", huffs Dusty, and heads towards the bleeding (not an expletive) woman. "Need any help, Madam?", she calls out.

With the group of anti-mutants rushing off, Mary narrows her eyes and she stands there for a moment, watching at a distance to make sure no one's sticking around. Once she's sure it's 'relatively' safe, she turns her attention to the others. First to Gwen and Dax since she can't see the beast-like mutant, "Are you injured? We should take you to the hospital.." She says. She glances over in the crater at the beast and frowns, "Guess that would make two of you to bring to the hospital.."

Dax looks up at the light display and turns back to Keara “What the fuck do you think you’re doing!? Are you TRYING to call more anti-mutant crazies out here?” He sighs. “Sorry, thanks for helping, but the last thing we need right now is another gang running out here with more guns.” He nods to Mary. “Yes, she’ll need to get to the hospital…But the mutant isn’t going to be easy to transport through the city.” Dax looks down at him. “Just a gunshot? If you think you’ll be ok until nightfall we can sneak you to that clinic. Then if you need someplace to hideout we can get to my club, I‘ve got a few mutants hiding out there and we have food and medical supplies. Anyone else who needs a place to hide, too.” He looks back over at Mary “I don’t think we’d get him there alive. There are too many people around.”

The mutant in the hole stands slightly, looking up over the crater lip. “I should be ok. I heal pretty fast, and I don’t think the bullet’s in there.” He turns to look around the park. “Maybe I could hide out in one of those buildings until nightfall…But I don’t think I’ll need to see a doctor. Just a little bandaging should do fine.”

Dusty admits, "…no, sorry, I don't have the medical expertise needed to extract a bullet, I'm afraid. But…" She unzips her bag, and starts rummaging into it. "I think I have a pair of… *rummage* tweezers… *rummage* somewhere…" She's startled a bit when the mutant speaks, and, subconsciously edging a little farther, she shift her weight from one foot to the other, yet she doesn't run away. "Here!", she exclaims, pulling out a pair of eyelash tweezers. "…and this might help sterilise them.", she says, pulling out one of those small, purse-sized bottles off liquor. "…don't use too much of it, please. It's… uhm… emergency rations of liquids. Not to die of thirst, you know…"

Perhaps Dax was right, but she had to get rid of if somehow. And she isn't an expert on this stuff either, a newbie at best. Though still, Dax does make her feel a little remorseful about doing what she did. But as for right now, the threat has been neutralized, so she can return to her regularly scheduled programming. She leaves everyone to their own, and she quietly slips off back into the bushes to change her outfit back, and recollect her things. After several moments, Kera reemerges, carrying her back and looking toward the exit to the park and over toward the horizon, "We gotta long way to go, Juliet.. We'll make it though!"

Mary's eyes widen and she arches a brow, "What? You think they won't treat him?" She asks with a snort, "That's nonsense. It'd be the safest place for someone like him to be at. The police are there and they can't refuse to treat a mutant…" She says, narrowing her eyes a bit in disbelief. However, Dax makes a point and Mary hums softly. She nods, "You're probably right though…" She just stands there, watching things unfold for now.

"If you can get him to your club, I could take the doctor to you. Would be easier than moving him out in the open." Gwen offers to Dax- not quite hearing the mutant's stance that he's okay. She's used to hearing that from men. So what does she do? The woman thing. Man Speak: I'm okay! (Lie Feat) Woman Speak: Ignore. She shifts her shoulder as she moves to stand up, moving her gun to holster at her hip with a wince. To Mary: "The police.. as much as I hate to say it, are not all 'for' mutants, honey. Some are good- they don't care if your human or not, but some… are very aggressive versus mutants for this happening. Seattle is not a safe place to be a mutant right now."

Dax nods to Gwen and pulls a notepad out of his pocket, jotting down a few things and handing it to her. “It’s Club Seal, near the University. We’ll probably leave after midnight and get there around one am assuming nothing goes wrong. I’ve got a few others there who could use attention, too if you wouldn’t mind.” He turns back to the others “Anyone else who needs food or a place to stay can stop by, too. It’s not the best place, but it’s not the worst.” He walks over to the rim and speaks down to the mutant. “Ready” We’ll try running for that building over there, got it?” He points to a dark building not too far away. Dax looks back to the others. “Good luck, and thanks.” He takes off toward the building.

The large black mutant jumps out of the hole and runs with Dax, reaching the building before he does. The go inside and shall hide out until night.

Dusty, seeing nobody seems interested in her offer of impromptu medical supplies, puts everything back into her purse and zips it. "Oh… uhm… okay… have… uh… fun. And safety! B…bye!", she waves, with a grin, and dashes away, pale and shaking.

As Dusty, Dax and the non-human wolf looking mutant run off, Gwen looks to her shoulder, and sighs. "At least I don't have to try to be careful with chemicals with this.." Yet. Who knows how long this is all going to last. She presses to the wound and winces. At least it stopped bleeding. She gets up to her feet and dusts herself off, and finally turns to face Kera. "Sailor Moon fan, huh?" Yes- straight faced.

*BGRRGRRRGRRRR* A sound that makes Kera wince, and it is actually coming from her. It is her stomach. She had been holding out on eating for quite a while, and it's rather gotten to her at this point. The growling causes the ferret in the box to grow back at her from inside. "I'm hungry now? This isn't starting out to be a pretty good journey.." she whines, somewhat pouting a little. She blinks and looks to Gwen as she is addressed, "Huh? Me? What do you mean?" she questions, having no idea that her hair is still sorta purple for a moment, until she notices it. "Oh… um no, it's just.. something I saw on TV."

Glancing between Dax and the beast and to Gwen, Mary bites her lips and she fetches her gym bag. "Try to get to the hospital soon, you never know," Mary offers with a smile. "I'll go with them… Just in case, since they're the ones prone to getting attacked…" She glances between Kera and then Gwen, "Try to be careful, you never know, they might come back here," She says, before she rushes off after Dax

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